Red Pillers: Making Thor a feeemale will accelerate our society’s plunge “down the rabbit hole of feminization.”

Thor and fellow Norse gods prepare for battle.

Thor, Captain America and other Norse gods prepare for battle.

Huh. So Thor — you know, that dude in the comic books based extremely loosely on Norse mythology — is going to be replaced by a woman. No, for reals. Marvel comics announced it  on The View. No, that’s for real  too.

I wonder what the alpha dogs over in the Red Pill subreddit might think of this?

This has to be a joke. Is our society seriously going to continue plunging down the rabbit hole of feminization by shifting the balance between men and women?  Answer: Yes!  YOU GO GRRLLLLLLL.  By the time they are done men will be whining, effeminate little boys, lesbianism will be legally required, and vaginal intercourse will be outlawed as patriarchal rape.  The only penetration women will get will be from their magic hammer. At least the concept would make an interesting porno-movie. I can't think of any other use for it except as a flagrant in your face move. Somebody once said the purpose of political propaganda is to humiliate rather than to actually persuade and this fits it completely.  I guess it's better than having a gay relationship between Thor and Tony Stark but still.....

Huh. I figured they probably would hate it, but not “yet another step down the slippery rabbit hole of feminization that leads inevitably to mandatory lesbianism and the outlawing of PIV sex” hate it.

Let’s see if we can find some more nuanced takes on it. Hey, here’s a comment that starts off, well, calm at least:

Invalidity 4 points 10 hours ago (?|?)  Don't misinterpret the message: This is absolutely not similar to how advertisers and politicians cater to women. In those fields, they cater to women because it benefits their purposes (monetary and politically).  This adoption of a female character to replace an existing male character is much similar to Engineering companies making a push to inject a feminine essence that is missing from those areas. But this benefits them in no particular way. These areas are void of women and females because they are unpopular with female genders altogether. The males in these fields are trying so desperately to bring them one step closer to females, but they fail miserably because they failed the test presented to them.Wait, “women and females?”

How about this one? This dude starts off by not blaming feminism.

n4cer126 1 point 9 hours ago (?|?)  This has nothing to do with feminism whatsoever this time, this is an example of omega male supplication at it's ugliest. The creative types at Marvel are unable to think of any other way to appeal to women in their personal lives so they perform this act of creative castration. This is little different than those schmucks who put together these grandiose public marriage proposals, it reeks of insecurity.  If the universe is in any way just this will crash & burn & teach these losers a lesson

Ah, I should have seen that coming. Everything that’s not the fault of feminism is always the fault of omega dudes trying to get laid.

Woah, I can’t believe my eyes! A commenter is actually suggesting that some of the other Red Pillers might be giving off the impression that they hate women. Oh, he got downvoted.

PenguinWorld -8 points 10 hours ago (?|?)  We don't hate women, it just really seems like we do      permalink     save     give gold  [–]HalfwySandwch 8 points 10 hours ago (?|?)  How is this woman hating?  It would be just as ridiculous if Wonder Woman was a dude.      permalink     save     parent     give gold  [–]lexsird 1 point 8 hours ago (?|?)  How would that play out? Wonder Man? Wonder Dude? Wonder Man, prince from the Amazonian kingdom...wait...can't have that. Wonder Man from ...what? Prince from the male dominate kingdom of ...about any kingdom ever. Shit, that would piss of the feminazis, so beta-bois aren't going to do that.      permalink     save     parent     give gold  [–]HalfwySandwch 1 point 8 hours ago (?|?)  Still called Wonder Woman... either a Trans chick to dude, who keeps the moniker. Or a non-transitioning trans dude to chick, who calls hemself Wonder Woman.

That got ugly in a hurry. I did not see the transphobia coming.

This guy, meanwhile, thinks the only haters here are the man-haters who think it’s ok to make the God of Thunder a girl.

mordanus 1 point 9 hours ago (?|?)  This is more of a man hating issue. People see a masculine role model and say "Hey let's make that a girl instead." You think that the strongest of the norse gods is fine being a female? You think that taking a male's defining attribute (strength) and throwing that to females instead is cool? Yeah not man hating at all...

Seriously. I mean, it’s one thing to make Thor a young doctor named Donald Blake. That’s fine. Or have him put on tights and a cape and  join up with an assortment of superheroes to fight the forces of evil in this and I don’t know how many other comic book universes as well as in a couple of films. But make him a female? Clearly that strains credulity.

The Red Pillers demand utter realism in their comic books involving Norse gods in tights.

Note: Thanks to Reddit’s own ShitRaditzSays for pointing out this lovely Red Pill discussion.



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  1. Phoenician in a time of Romans

    @pend. : @seraph4377 It’s interesting how out of DC’s big three WW is the one who has the most traditional warrior type mentality.

    WW is the only one who grew up in her natural culture, which acculturated her to become a warrior. Supe and Bats both grew up as outsiders.

  2. Neither Supes or Bats comes from a warrior culture either so even if they hadn’t been outsiders WW probably still would have been more skilled as a fighter.

    At least I’m pretty sure Krypton wasn’t a warrior culture kind of depends on who’s writing it I suppose. I keep conflating Krypton with Invincible’s parody of Krypton.

  3. @WWTH: Yes, that had me curious as to why all the gang members were latino (not familiar enough with US culture to know if that’s an okay term to use or not), especially because it’s meth and I thought that most of the supply would be USA-manufactured, because manufacture is simple. The whole way through the series’, I kept thinking this was an odd racist anti-latino angle. In particular, those characters were presented as (1) easily able to be outwitted by Walt, even though he and Jesse were a two-man operation and (2) their chemists (also latino) were incapable of making meth at anywhere near the purity that Walt could. Making meth isn’t difficult, and if they wanted high purity I would have thought that they could simply change their own production methods to get it.

    And as I suspected the method that Walt used for manufacture, that produced the distinctive blue tint, indicates a *lower* level of purity just as the drug cartel chemists would have known:

    I agree with Jesse being the hero. Walt was a complete shit. I liked Skyler. WTF was up with all the purple?

  4. Pallygirl, I’m in a different area of the country, but Latino is generally considered the politically correct version in my region.

    The racially insensitive jerks (locally) call people of Latino descent ‘Mexicans’. Whatever you do, don’t do that. Unless, you know, they actually tell you they really are from Mexico, and love their country of origin.

    Then that’s okay, because they identify as Mexican.

    I’m sure there are a few places that think Latino or Latina are insulting, in which case Hispanic is probably the next best alternative. I generally try to avoid Hispanic, because it kind of feels heavy with the colonialism, to me.

    But, I’m not a Latina, so if someone who is feels otherwise, I’d actually be really grateful for the input.

  5. RE: Shiraz

    I’m I the only one who can’t do online fandoms?

    I’ve never been good at online fandom. My saturation point is too low, so basically any fandom of size will have me sick of it in no time flat. Plus I’m awful at fanart and fanfic, so *shrug*. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on something, since folks get so passionate about it.

    RE: Cathherine von Uberwald

    About the New 52: I hate it.

    Ditto. Look what they did to Amanda Waller! (My favorite female character in the DC universe. Guy Gardner’s my favorite male, and he seems to be managing okay so far, but still, AMANDA WALLER.)

    RE: seraph4377

    Part of his problem, if you want to call it that, is that his fighting style is based on not hurting people.

    Man, now I want to see Superman doing aikido.

    RE: pendraegon

    Archie has become way more heroic than most superheroes in the last few years.

    I KNOW RIGHT? When Archie is making you look staid, that’s sad. And yeah, Marvel has been doing way better than DC. A shame, since my favorites are all DC, but… man.

    RE: Falconer

    In many ways, Animated!Starfire is who I think of when I think of Starfire.

    Ditto. Comics!Starfire’s design is AWFUL.

  6. BABBBIEESSS!! My mother walked in just as I was squeeing to thank me for making coffee, which I found out was her reason for coming in once the “awwww are those Falconer’s twins?!?” settled down.

    As for Breaking Bad, having seen none of it I fell down a wiki hole and yep, I was rooting for Jesse.

  7. @LBT What they did with Waller was just a fecking travesty. Oh noes a strong heavy black woman! Can’t have that! I was really hoping that Guy was going to end up being the lantern they decided to portray as homosexual when DC announced that on of earth’s would be. Sooooo disappointing when they chickened out and made it alternate universe Alan Scott.

    @Argenti I watched the first few seasons because the fiancee was really into it but eventually got so tired of disliking everyone on the show. I couldn’t even bring myself to root for Jesse, he may not have been the vile waste of carbon the Walter was but he was so complicit in all the nastiness that went down that his character was ruined for me.

  8. Seraph. You know, it never occurred to me that when Wonder Woman was ret conned into being made from clay, she could be classified as a magical golem for purposes of punching out Supes. (Even with the new “daughter of Zeus” I suppose she could be.)

    Given her explicitly matriarchal/female superior original origin, I’m surprised more MRAs don’t actively hate on her, actually.

  9. And a bit of fun news for fans of weird comics. Jhonen Vasques is involved in a new animated project Very Important House Which makes me high pitched bouncy squeal level excited.

  10. For all that Wonder Woman grew up in her own culture (depending on the era), and is an ambassador and activist, she sure is wrapped in the US flag.

    @Howard Bannister: It’s good to hear your opinion on Miles Morales. I will definitely add his Spidey books to my wish lists.

    @pendraegon: I got the first Rat Queens trade off of Comixology. I liked it in general, but it gets crude and violent. It seemed like it was built on girls can too swear and drink and fuck and kick your ass and I’m not sure how much mileage you can get from just that.

  11. Thanks to everyone on behalf of my babies! They are getting big. S has sprouted three out of her four eye teeth all at once, and A has evolved beyond the need for sleep.

  12. What a useful and not-at-all inconvenient adaptation XD

  13. Jhonen Vasques = squee! (Literally even)

    As for Jesse, maybe the shit about him online is overly favorable? Either that or I still have a soft spot for “he’s not a baddie, he’s redeemable” (score so far on that is 0, as yep for Kingdom Hearts, but nope I’m giving up hope for Sasuke *sigh*). It wasn’t “hey, he’s a morally good person” so much as “he could turn his life around”…also, well, he seems less vile than “pre-soberity” Hugo. Fucking. Schwyzer. Yeah, HFS isn’t a murderer, but he did the shit he did without the likes of Walt saying it was okay. ‘Course, I haven’t seen the show, so apply enough salt for a marine fish tank!

  14. Catherine von Überwald

    Ditto. Look what they did to Amanda Waller! (My favorite female character in the DC universe. Guy Gardner’s my favorite male, and he seems to be managing okay so far, but still, AMANDA WALLER.)

    @LBT What they did with Waller was just a fecking travesty. Oh noes a strong heavy black woman! Can’t have that! I was really hoping that Guy was going to end up being the lantern they decided to portray as homosexual when DC announced that on of earth’s would be. Sooooo disappointing when they chickened out and made it alternate universe Alan Scott.

    I agree. There was no reason to slim down Amanda Waller. Or to make here young.
    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with young and slim women. But representation is important. There are a lot of young and slim women in comics. Women who are heavy, older, widowed, have children and make even super-powered people tremble? Nowhere near as many.

  15. @Falconer I kind enjoy the juvenile humor for an extended time myself. There are certain advantages to be an overgrown six year old. :)

    @Argenti I know right! He’s also talking about working on a animated Squee! short! Which results in happy bounces from me. I think you’re right about Jesse being the more redeemable character, but with Meth being such an issue in the area I come from I tend to have very little sympathy for anyone who’d sell it. It’s a personal issue of mine that makes it so hard to empathize with any character on the show really.

    @Catherine I was never a huge fan of the whole Suicide Squad thing (just the name alone is enough to make me cringe and tremble a bit really) but yeah the whole adolescent sexual fantasy feel of the new 52’s changes is so, so very off putting.

  16. LOL, so these PUA idiots want to focus on the masculinity of a comic book character. How alpha of them. According to them, I’m an omega pile of sewage, and even I don’t care about silly things like this!

  17. Btw, I should ask you this, since so many of you seems so knowledgeable about comics: The new 52. IS IT A REBOOT OR NOT? I don’t get it.

    I mean, the crisis events were never real reboots, even though people often call them that. They were huge cataclysmic events that affected the multiverse in ways so that some events turned out to never have happened and some people’s back stories were changed etc. It was often complicated, but they weren’t actual reboots.

    I thought, however, that the new 52 was supposed to be an actual bona fide reboot. I read the formation of the JLA and JLI and the stories in Action Comics about Supes early career… Okay, I got that the later was supposed to serve as a prequel for the other titles with Supes in them, and that most titles featured their respective heroes after they’d already been heroing for a couple of years or so. But I thought that it was a REBOOT. So that, for instance, the reason Barbara Gordon is Batgirl in the New 52 is that, well, she decided to become Batgirl, and all that being shot by the Joker and being a super-duper-hacker in a wheelchair never happened.
    And then I found out that all that did happen. She’s back at Batgirl because she got the mobility of her legs back, not because she was never disabled in the first place.

    So IS IT A REBOOT OR NOT? I’m completely confused!!!

  18. It’s a full reboot. After the fustercluck that was the Infinite Crisis and so many years of interconnected continuity craziness DC basically admitted even they were confused by it all and hit the big red reset button.

    Characters like Barbara get to restart their careers, some of them might follow similar or same paths others will be completely unrelated to the older story lines. I’d guess we’ll get Oracle back eventually since she’s always been pretty popular, whether it’ll be due to a Killing Joke repeat though, well who knows.

  19. Re Jesse in Breaking Bad, he is an addict, whereas Walt is not. That Jesse does bad stuff while taking meth is understandable, but Walt is the one who has committed the worst activities (from memory). Jesse is theoretically redeemable, Walt is not.

    I also viewed the entire series as a warning to stay the fuck away from meth. Just like Trainspotting was an anti-heroine movie.

  20. LOL typo: heroin not heroine.

  21. cassandrakitty

    You know when Trainspotting came out there were people who accused it of glamorizing heroin use? I was all, yeah, that scene where the one guy shits himself all over the bed and then ends up splattering his date’s parents with it was so glamorous = truly, it’s a recruiting film.

  22. Wut? I must say, Ewan McGregor was pretty hot in that movie. Still, I see no glamorizing of heroin. That baby crawling on the ceiling *shudder*

    That movie does have the best soundtrack. It introduced to me to Lou Reed when I was in high school.

  23. kittehserf MOD

    If we’re talking superheroes, we simply must include Wolverine Cat. (Credit to Tony! The Queer Shoop at Pharyngula for mentioning this.)

  24. So glad someone explained the horror of what they did to Wonder Woman in the new 52 already. That was just terrible. (Also agree w/everything stated about Starfire and Amanda Waller. WW was just closest to my heart)

    As to her dating Superman, I was one of the ones who had a problem with that too (not as much of a problem as with the other stuff, obviously). Her falling for Steve Trevor was nice because she was clearly stronger than him and even (had she remained with the Amazons) of higher social standing. She clearly fell for something about him as a person even though he’s just a normal human. I guess it plays into the ‘women are nuturing’ trope, but it seemed almost subversive to me to have a positive couple portrayed in which the woman was stronger than the man and both were ok with that.

    I think the relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman kind of has him lose something too. I read this gret opinion bit I’ll have to find again about how Superman is an adult fantasy compared to Batman that was written before the new 52 & this relationship, but it explains kind of what I mean. In it, Superman is analyzed as more ‘adult’ because he’s not always special (this isn’t talking about his powers). When he is not ‘on duty’ as Superman, he’s a normal working man. He’s a successful reporter, but in a very human way. Batman is an ultra rich playboy when not caped out. Superman’s love interest of Lois Lane is intelligent and ambitious also in a very normal human way. Batman is surrounded by superheroes and villains who are all ‘more than’ normal and his usual love interests are drawn from that pool.

    Also, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are the big three of DC and the main leaders of the JLA and for some reason, it is so rare in US culture to have a mixed group like this without romantic relationships getting put in.

    I may have overthought the whole thing though. In general, superheroes dating superheroes makes sense. I just don’t like this pairing.

  25. I then watched Wolverine Cat: Troll hunter. :)

  26. Sorry that was way longer than intended

  27. kittehserf MOD

    pallygirl, so did I.

    I think Wolverine Cat: Troll Hunter must be David. Or maybe one of the mods. (Hey, I can dream.)

  28. wewereemergencies

    Hey uh pendraegon? You seem new and welcome, but just a heads up: we don’t use “crazy” or “insane” or any variations thereof here. Ever. It’s a difficult thing to catch yourself at, and we’re not going to like ban/hate you for missing it a few times, but please just be aware of it.

  29. Oh my grad hurts. Just read at Wikipedia that DC calls the new 52 a “soft” reboot as opposed to a hard one… And that’s why SOME pre-52 stuff like “the killing joke” is still in continuity, whereas other pre-52 stuff never happened. Soft reboot! Well, THAT certainly explains everything! Or not.

  30. My apologies wewereemergencies I didn’t even think about that I was typing and I should have. I’ll do my best to keep it from happening again.

  31. Oh, it was supposed to be “my HEAD hurts” above. Stupid autocorrect…

  32. @ lightcastle – we know for a fact that Dracula’s magical nature allowed his fangs to penetrate Supes’s skin (it was a really, really bad idea for him to bite a being whose every cell is charged with solar energy, but it didn’t take a lot of effort). I suppose “golem” or “demigoddess” should work at least as well as “vampire”, but I don’t know if anything has ever been made of it.

  33. @ Falconer it’s no coincidence that Wonder Woman is wearing essentially the American flag.

    According to Moviebob’s summary, she started out as a patriotic heroine. Basically, the Amazons were female warriors descended from women who escaped the patriarchal world of men, wearing their bracelets as a symbol to remind them of the oppression they left behind. A man crash lands in the Amazon territory and meets Diana. Diana goes out into our world and joins in the fight against the Nazis for women’s rights and American Freedom™. Well, that’s the gist of what I was told. No need to take the word of a Fake Geek Girl.

  34. I came to comics during the Batman/Wonder Woman phase. The Supes/Wonder Woman thing threw me for a loop but, like pretty much any pairing (when it comes to me) I got used to it pretty quick

  35. Man, now I want to see Superman doing aikido.

    So do I, now.

    Of course, he’d still have to hold back. If he didn’t, anyone he throws will either go splat, or, if they’re too invulnerable to go splat, leave a trail of destruction as they bounce.

  36. @ Brittersweet – That’s certainly how it started. Of course, they’ve had to update it a few times since WWII. I think the most recent explanation (before the New 52 anyway) is that a (female!) pilot from the outside world crashed on Themyscira, and the Amazons mistook the American flag on her uniform for personal heraldry, so when Diana went out into the Man’s World, she wore the flag as her costume to honor that pilot.

  37. kittehserf MOD

    @ lightcastle – we know for a fact that Dracula’s magical nature allowed his fangs to penetrate Supes’s skin (it was a really, really bad idea for him to bite a being whose every cell is charged with solar energy, but it didn’t take a lot of effort).

    Takes me back to The Pernicious Parasite episode from the old TV Superman cartoons.

  38. Just saw this:

    Kitties in costume :)

  39. kittehserf MOD

    Oh that little marmie in the gingham! ::melts::

  40. RE: pendraegon

    I was really hoping that Guy was going to end up being the lantern they decided to portray as homosexual when DC announced that on of earth’s would be.

    I actually would like it better if Guy had at least some interest in girls at some point, since I really enjoyed his relationship with Ice. (Though I feel a little guilty about it, since he was such a dick.) But as The DC Universe Woke Up Gay put it… “Guy Gardner didn’t wake up gay, because the Writers didn’t have that much imagination.” Alas, Bi Gardner looks like he’ll never be. (But seriously, I would be ALL OVER THAT. Uh, long as there wasn’t creepy Hal/Guy subtext.)

    Amanda Waller, though, I kinda hope remains single. She just seems too… indomitable to really put up with comic book relationship bullshit. (Unless she found a guy who was willing to get the hell out of her way.)

    Aaaaand I found out that now Guy’s a Red Lantern with a truly godawful pornstache. *goes to crawl under desk and cry* So now DC has ruined BOTH my favorite characters! Nooo.

    RE: Catherine von Uberwald

    Women who are heavy, older, widowed, have children and make even super-powered people tremble? Nowhere near as many.

    Yeah, and you know what? I loved that I could read about her (well, before the reboot) and not get the uncomfortable feeling the artist was jerking off under the desk, you know?

    RE: seraph4377

    Of course, he’d still have to hold back.

    Well, yeah. But he’d have to do it LESS. Also I’d just like to see a superhero who doesn’t punch.

  41. Making Thor a woman won’t accelerate society’s plunge, but it is certainly stupid. While I understand the intention of making comic books more “feminist” or whatever, this shit goes straight into Poe’s law territory. It’s so ridiculous, it’s like something out of The Onion.

    It’s a publicity stunt to piss off male comic book fans and get some buzz going, and it worked.

  42. Making Thor a woman won’t accelerate society’s plunge,

    What plunge?

    but it is certainly stupid. While I understand the intention of making comic books more “feminist” or whatever, this shit goes straight into Poe’s law territory. It’s so ridiculous, it’s like something out of The Onion.

    You’re willing to suspend your disbelief to buy that the Norse Gods are real and Thor fights with a magic hammer. But having Thor be a woman temporarily is beyond the pale? Even though he’s been a frog before? Explain your reasoning because I don’t get it.

    It’s a publicity stunt to piss off male comic book fans and get some buzz going, and it worked.

    Oh no! Some (by no means all) male comic book fans have their knickers in a twist over a story about magical beings!!! We can’t have that. Somebody call the whaaaaambulance!!!
    This is an emergency of the highest order! After all, nothing must offend the delicate sensibilities of misogynistic nerds. That is worse than Hitler!

  43. cassandrakitty

    Frogs make more credible gods than women, apparently.

  44. cassandrakitty

    (How did the frog hold the hammer? Why not make him a raccoon – at least they have hands.)

  45. Oh ick, maistrechat, when I clicked on your link the webpage served me up a meme of some bespectacled scrawny dude in a red karate gi with the legend [VIOLENCE] “She wouldn’t go with me to poundtown. Now she won’t be going to any town.”


    @cassandrakitty: Apparently it was a frog with skillz, and it wasn’t the only one. There was the Thor frog, and he made himself a friend who’d been turned into a frog by a g***y curse (sigh). When Thor regained his mammalhood, Curse Boy was granted a hammer and apparently calls himself Throg now.

  46. @Falconer Sorry about that. I’m guessing it was one of the random memes that appears on the right side? I just double checked and I’m not seeing anything like that.

    Agreed that that’s gross. I’ve never used that site before, and I certainly won’t be using it again.

  47. cassandrakitty

    Anyway, to summarize, what all these dudes having tantrums are really saying, from my perspective, is that the imaginary sense of superiority over women is the only thing they have in their lives that makes them feel OK about themselves and allows them to get through the day. Which is why they find the idea of anyone taking that delusion away from them so threatening. If they’re not innately superior to women then what do they have to feel good about? Not much.

  48. Re Superman and Aikido: Everyone has to “hold back” because a lot of the techniques can be use to cripple people. There is a story told of O-Sensei being send a request to do a command performance for Emperor Hirohito, and saying he couldn’t, because to perform in front of the Emperor he would have to hold nothing back, and if he did that he would end up killing people.

    The Emperor sent a reply that it would be perfectly acceptable for a demonstration to be done at less than 100 percent energy, if that was required to not kill people.

    I recall being asked by an MMA practitioner to demonstrate a move (this was a dude who also taught Army Combatives, i.e. hand to hand combat where killing people is actually part of the idea), so I decided to go with tsuki kotegaeshi. I’d always seen/done it in the slower mode.

    This guy wasn’t holding back, and instead of spinning him around and corkscrewing him to the ground he just flipped in the air and slammed down (at which point I spun him around and pinned him).

    I need to get back to the dojo. After we get back from the honeymoon.

  49. I see the MRA redditor chose to delete some (most, actually) of his comments. At first I thought the remaining comments were from some other redditor, but the screenshots make it clear he just chose to make it opaque as to what he’d been saying. I suppose he thought that would make the anthropologist look worse?

    What they think makes for good reasoning/argument is like love… it passeth all understanding.

  50. If these guys really read superhero comics, they’d know that it’s really not that uncommon for a hero to lose zir powers or die or disappear and someone else step in and take zir place. They always come back eventually though – it’s pretty much a given that Thor’s gonna be back swinging the hammer again after some time.
    The way they act about this makes it pretty clear that they’re not even that into superhero comics.

  51. @LBT I honestly can’t imagine Guy not being a terrible boyfriend regardless of the relationship. I did like him with Ice as well but that may just be because I have a fondness for anyone with cold based powers.

    The new design for Guy is admittedly terribad, he’s well suited for the red ring though I think, especially now that Red Lanterns are capable of more than monosyllabic threats. At least they didn’t go back to the whole Warrior identity. :)

  52. @seraph:

    I suppose “golem” or “demigoddess” should work at least as well as “vampire”, but I don’t know if anything has ever been made of it.

    Me neither. I’ve never really liked the “made from clay” version of her origin (even though it was the first one I encountered), but then I’m also torn on the whole “mythic” side Perez made so popular in the reboot anyway. (I go back and forth on the “blessings of the gods” thing.)

    I am thinking about picking up Sandifer’s book on her, though, since he tends to take an interesting long-view analysis of things and is clearly a fan.

    I do think one of the reasons her origin and powers get messed with more than Supes and Bats is that her story was more attached to a specific time. (Supes just needs to be found by simple farm folk, and Bats just needs to lose his parents to crime. I think you can boil hers down to “Exiles choosing to re-engage with the world” – but the original version of that is so directly linked to WWII and WWII being a good enough reason to forsake isolationism, that it has always exerted a lot of narrative gravity.)

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  54. This may have already been mentioned (268 comments atm and I haven’t read them all) but in the actual real Norse mythology of Thor he dresses up as a woman (Freya) with Loki dressed as the bridesmaid and sets off to get married to the giant who stole his hammer. He stays in drag for the entire ceremony and feast until the point where Mjolnir is given to “her” as a wedding gift, at which he shows himself to be Thor and it all goes a bit Michael Bay.

    I wonder how many of the redpillers are aware of that aspect of the “strongest of the Norse gods!”

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