A Voice for Men’s Attila Vinczer is trying to “dox” me. It’s not going well for him so far.

Not Attila Vinczer

Not Attila Vinczer

This morning I found a strange message in my notifications on Twitter:

Mr. Vinczer followed up this perplexing tweet with a bunch more insinuating that I’m a “hack,” a “pathological liar,” a “criminal,” and so on — as well as some links to what he apparently sees as “dirt” about me. (More on the latter in a moment.)

Apparently Vinczer — the “Activia Director” for men’s rights hate site A Voice for Men and the son of the genius who designed that AVFM commemorative coin — was stung by my gentle criticism of his father’s coin-designing skills.

So he has decided to dox me, apparently going as far as hiring a private detective to look into my allegedly sordid life.

So far his doxing of me is not going very well, in that the “dirt” he has dug up about me is either wildly inaccurate, not particularly “infamous”– or not information about me, specifically, at all.

His most serious not-quite accusation: That I’m a criminal. His proof? He’s dug up a 2008 arrest record for some other guy named David Futrelle, roughly a decade older than me, with a different middle initial, and living nearly 900 miles away from me. This man — frankly, he seems like an embarrassment to all of us David Futrelles — was charged with the crime of “possessing stolen goods.”

In case anyone is wondering, I’ve never been arrested. Except once, by campus police, for participating in a sit-in protesting apartheid. (The charges were later dropped.)

The other, er, “information” Attila has dug up is, while actually related to me and not to some other guy, is just a teensy bit inaccurate.


Attila L. Vinczer ‏@Alvhun 9h  Who is @DavidFutrelle ? http://sic1.nguso.com/Illinois/1132/313412506/David-Futrelle.html …      Reply     Retweet     2 Favorited  David Futrelle ‏@DavidFutrelle 2h  @Alvhun Yes, you got me. "David Futrelle is a U.S. company located in 147broadst, AMFOHARE, Illinois." My phone # is indeed 773 555-4444      Reply     Retweet     Favorite     Delete  Attila L. Vinczer ‏@Alvhun 2h  @DavidFutrelle Bullseye. 3:18 PM - 15 Jul 2014 · Details Hide conversation      Reply     Retweet     Favorite  Tweet text Reply to @Alvhun   David Futrelle ‏@DavidFutrelle 1h  @Alvhun Feel free to give me a call. That number again is 773 555-4444. I'll just hanging out in my home in AMFOHARE, Illinois.

NOTE: There is no city named AMFOHARE, Illinois, nor do any real telephone numbers in the US start with 555.

He has also managed to figure out that I have (gasp!) practiced journalism.

And he’s suggested that I might be, er, the Antichrist:

But two can play at this game. So I have begun digging up information about this Attila guy. And what I have discovered so far is shocking.


David Futrelle ‏@DavidFutrelle  @Alvhun Attila Viczer, is this you? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attila  Were you the ruler of the Huns from 434 until your death in 453?

David Futrelle ‏@DavidFutrelle  @Alvhun Attila, were you responsible for "so many murders and blood-lettings that the dead could not be numbered?" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attila

He’s been pretty cagey so far about his career as Number One Hun.


David Futrelle ‏@DavidFutrelle 2h  @Alvhun Attila Viczer, did you plunder the Balkans, and attempt to conquer Roman Gaul and Rome itself, devestating northern Italy?      Reply     Retweet     Favorite     Delete  Attila L. Vinczer ‏@Alvhun 1h  @DavidFutrelle Can you be more specific professor of lies. 3:16 PM - 15 Jul 2014 · Details Hide conversation      Reply     Retweet     Favorite  Tweet text Reply to @Alvhun   David Futrelle ‏@DavidFutrelle 1h  @Alvhun You know what you did, Attila! The Roman Gauls will not forget!

And neither will I.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Attila Vinczer is not actually the “Activia Director” of AVFM. He is the “Activism Director.” Activia is yogurt that makes you poop, allegedly. He is also not Attila the Hun, as far as I know.



About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. “And that no man might be able to protect himself against spermjacking, alimony, false rape complaints, conscription, being turned down by females he wants to fuck, being passed over by a female or a job or a promotion, being ignored by domestic violence shelters, and paying for healthcare for whores, save he that was a white knight, or agreed with the gynocracy, or wrote comments agreeing with the feminist in his blog.” “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding bookmark the relevant blogsite: for it is a longer blogsite URL since the URL got changed; and his URL is http://wehuntedthemammoth.com/

  2. @pallygirl wins the internet forever.

  3. “I did a bit of a search on Peter Vinczer and Attila the Horn. It turns out the “Mint” is a very small company with 2 or 3 employees run by “an elderly man and his son” despite claiming 10 – 19 employees on their Canadian Government contract declaration.”

    As fucking stupid as this all is, could the contract declaration just be out of date?

  4. Catherine von Überwald

    Accusing people of being the Antichrist? Because they make fun of their silly coins? Really?

    Well, obviously that’s attack being the best defense strategy at work.
    The WHTM is not the one making 30 10,000 (the inflation has really gone far) pieces of silver 1 ounce of .999 silver coins.

    And 6 coins were already sold, the price of one coin can be rounded to 60$ and 10,000 will be made.
    10k x 60 = 600k
    So, that is 666


    Too funny. Thanks for all the magic, David. And everyone else in the comment section, you’re the best.

  6. I read that AMR thread. GWW is really upset that the PC Police aren’t talking about how violent blacks are. It’s almost veiled (in fact I was even wiling to give her the benefit of the doubt the first time it came up* but the subsequent uses were more overt.

    First extract And because of increasing awareness and intolerance of racism, it is not permissible to say black men are rapey and violent, or Jewish men are rapey and violent, or American men are rapey and violent or German men are rapey and violent. It has, however, become perfectly okay to say that ALL men are rapey and violent. This category necessarily includes Jews, blacks, Americans and Germans, but we can’t say that. We CAN, however, say MEN.

    second extract:And I would also draw your attention to this website. An entire website devoted to naming the problem, and the problem, kids, is male violence. Not black violence, because that would be un-PC. MALE violence.

    The most charitable thing I can say is she doesn’t see the racism in her comments… but that puts paid to the idea shes this powerful intellect. In either case it’s another black mark on the MR(h)M. Either is has racists memes in it’s core ideas, or one of it’s intellectual lights can’t see the underlying aspects of an argument, and so undermines the cause.

    The other option (sadly plausible) is that both these things are true. That core ideas of the MRM are blatantly racists, and the melted slagheap of words which could have been formed into a coherent argument were, in fact, crafted by one of the best thinkers that movement has.

    Ye Gods,and little fishes.

    P.S. Someone decided to hold her feet to the fire re Vinczer, the bobbing and weaving was incredible.

    *based on the previous evidence of her habit of torturing the english language

  7. Sparky:

    ::Reads the OP::

    ::Reads GWW’s word vomit on reddit::

    Is it me, or are these people getting more inept and nonsensical?

    I think it’s that they are hitting a certain sort of critical mass. It’s like any fandom, as you get larger, you reach out. But this isn’t “makers” or spinners, or photographers, or ficcers, or boardgamers, this is AVfM, and their ilk. They have a cause, and a religious fervor.

    So they have gotten together, and created a feedback loop. They tell each other how great they are. On top of that their cause is one for which there is a large audience willing to take part of the message (feminism sucks) as good, so they get a level of validation (see Esmay on the local Fox Channel) and they think this means they are somehow more right.

    So they are more bold, and so they look more ridiculous, because the core argument (men are oppressed) is ludicrous, and to support it requires feats of logic-twisting to render a taffy-puller inadequate.

  8. “An entire website devoted to naming the problem, and the problem, kids, is male violence. Not black violence, because that would be un-PC. MALE violence.”

    You are aware, are you not, that the US was never involved in a war until Obama became President. Well not quite, but if you look at the Presidents who took military action, obviously it is their blackness, not their maleness, that is the common thread.
    /snark (you have to SAY snark, because Poe)

    “Ye Gods,and little fishes.”
    I haven’t heard that one since my mother faded into Alzheimers almost 40 years ago.

  9. @Brooked

    I think the one on Reddit was better!

  10. @precunium

    speaking of racism someone needs to ask paul and other mras why they’re supporting a blatant racist:


  11. ::tears:: Oooh. What a moron. “Bullseye.” LOL

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