Mods and Mockers

We have moderators! To better protect this blog from terrible comments by terrible people, I’ve invited several longtime Mammotheers to be mods, and they have graciously accepted. You may know them as Kittehserf and emilygoddess, but from now on they will be known as, well, the same names but with “MOD” at the end, and they will help to enforce the comment policy and keep discussions running smoothly.

Those of you who aren’t mods, feel free to contact me or any of the other mods when you see a troubling comment or a commenter who deserves the boot. You can email whichever of us is on duty at or you can put a request for a ban (or moderation, or for an over-the-line comment to be deleted) in the comments themselves.

To make it easier for all of us mods to find these requests in the comments, please accompany your request with the words “MOD REQUEST” in all caps. Put that in the subject line of any emails you send as well.

Hopefully with more mods on board and a tougher stance on trolls we’ll be able to keep the comments a safer place for everyone. (Except asshole trolls, but they don’t count.)

I’m also bringing back Troll Challenges for some annoying commenters who might not deserve a full ban, just to see if they’re willing to follow some basic rules. Feel free to suggest Troll Challenges to me and the other mods.

EDIT: Added the new mod email address.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. You feline servants must be rubbing off on me. In all those pictures, I thought the cats looked more realistic, and there was something kind of off about the humans.

    Regarding pet portraits, this artist has been praised in a few places I’ve come across, for her ability to really capture the animals’ personalities.

  2. Oh dear. I’ve forgotten who I was looking this stuff up for. Countering MRA bullshit on violence.

    Easy read.
    Longish read.
    The discussion about how and why using the Conflict Tactics Scale results in weird conclusions is pretty good. This one would be much improved by spaces between paragraphs, I find the whole pages of unrelieved text a bit hard to take.

    Takeaway quote …

    While it might be useful to study only women who have been arrested for using nonlethal violence against a male partner, this is such a rare occurrence that it would be difficult to obtain an adequate sample.

  3. kittehserf MOD

    @Winter Walker, lol, no, her name’s Madeleine, but she always gets called Maddie or Mads. I confess I’m not a Mads Mikkelsen fan. Men with no eyebrows always look odd to me. I saw him in Unit One, years ago. He was very good, but I found Lars Brygmann much more eye-candyish (plus I liked his character better). :)


    You feline servants must be rubbing off on me. In all those pictures, I thought the cats looked more realistic, and there was something kind of off about the humans.

    What can I say?

    @mildlymagnificent – that was for historophilia.

  4. @kittehserf, And here I was having fun imagining a cat playing a James Bond villain! I think feline Bond villains would be so much more fun than human ones. Just imagine Daniel Craig being swarmed by evil kitty minions, and finally giving up the fight, overcome by the sheer cuteness! :D

    I confess, I wasn’t sure why I found Mads Mikklesen so attractive. Then I found out that he started his career as a dancer, and it all made sense. I rewatched a couple of episodes of Hannibal, keeping a conscious eye on how he moves, and ended up smitten. Being a dancer myself, I have a deep appreciation for graceful, elegant movement, and he’s got the grace and elegance nailed, even when committing gruesome acts of murder and cannibalism. I suppose that either says how beautifully he moves, or that I’m a sick, twisted little shit.

    And yes, my Molly Hadfield is named after both Molly Ringwald, and a musical Canadian astronaut. Cat names are such fun!

  5. “While I think we should look into the gap in college attendance, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem ”

    Not caught up, but I need to check something on that one, I seem to remember seeing that men are enrolling at the same rates, but women are enrolling at higher rates, relative to previous enrollment for their gender.

  6. Yep — — men are enrolling at the same rate they have been, women are enrolling more than they used to. Now, why the number of men enrolling hasn’t also increased is an interesting question, but no one is picking female applicants over them or anything like that.

  7. “You mean, people who disagree with the accepted dogma.”

    I mean stubborn people who refused to accept the evidence that does not support their world view and still they had to repeat the same point again and again…

    Yes and no. The tedious ones can be ignored, what really spawned the need for mods was an asshole questioning a regular who was sexually assaulted as to why they didn’t do something to stop it. And, of course, all the other rape apologia.

  8. kittehserf MOD

    Winter Walker, LOL! I didn’t even know Mikkelson had played a Bond villain.

    We must be about due to watch Unit One again. I’ll have to keep a lookout for how he moves. Make a change from thinking urgh no those eyebrow ridges and that awful hairdo. ;)

    Naming cats is such fun, yes! Our boy Hadji,who passed over just five years ago, was named for the writer Harold Nicolson (Hadji was his nickname). Mum and I were fans of Harold and Vita and their gardens, after watching and reading Portrait of a Marriage. I was using a kitty-patterned souvenir teatowel from Knole – Vita’s childhood home – one night when we had our tiny new kitten, and the idea came: Hadji!

  9. Congratulations to both emilygoddess and kittehserf!

    Hip hip huzzah!
    Hip hip huzzah!

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