Defenders of A Voice for Men tell Time magazine reporter “we have to SCARE you into listening,” you “stinky … human monkey.”

The High Council of Feminism holds a meeting.

The High Council of Feminism holds a meeting.

Jessica Roy, a reporter for Time magazine covering A Voice for Men’s recent :”Men’s Issues” conference in Detroit, found herself the target of a vitriolic tirade from AVFM maximum leader Paul Elam before she even sat down to write her account of her time amongst the MRAs.

Elam, evidently incensed about a handful of sarcastic remarks that Roy tweeted during the conference, denounced her as, among other things, a “hack,” “a liar and bigot” and a practitioner of “journalistic scumtardery,” whatever that is. Commenters on A Voice for Men happily joined in the hate, denouncing her as an “airhead,” a “disgrace and a liar,” “lil’ miss hair-o’or-her-eyes,” and a “little asshole [who] will look like a right nazi in five-to-ten years time.” Amazingly, no one pulled out the c-word. Evidently AVFMers are still on their best behavior.

Roy’s “What I Learned as a Woman at a Men’s Rights Conference” appeared on on Wednesday. Far from the hack job Elam and pals were predicting, her piece turned out to be a long, thoughtful and nuanced account that, while skeptical of AVFM and its brand of hateful nonsense, displayed considerable sympathy for some of the troubled men she met at the conference, men who could benefit from a movement that truly tried to offer solutions for men in difficulty instead of encouraging them to scapegoat feminists and women.

Reflecting on her discussions with several conference attendees, Roy wrote,

When you talk to someone like 68-year-old Steve DeLuca, the legitimate need to remedy some of the issues raised by men’s rights activists becomes more evident. A Vietnam veteran who was injured in combat, DeLuca spoke movingly to me about the two brothers he lost to suicide, and the unfathomable toll the high suicide rate among men can take. There are men out there, like DeLuca and [rape survivor] Brendan Rex, who have a real stake in the movement’s success. The paranoia and vitriol of its leaders can’t possibly do anything for them.

So how did AVFM fans respond to this article? By defending their vitriol. On, several commenters denounced Roy as “bigot” and a “fascist,” and suggested that their “righteous anger” was the only appropriate response to the evils of feminism.

DennisMarkham 1 day ago  "The paranoia and vitriol of its leaders can’t possibly do anything for them."   Yes it can.  We are dealing with in irrational, incompassionate society.  When MRAs express their grievances with cool rationality or sadness, it just blows past people like you like a gentle breeze.  Only when we pack some sting does anyone actually listen.   Vitriol is the only way we've ever gotten society to listen.  The MRM has tried to be cool and calm for over 40 years and to no avail.  Maybe when you start taking male suffering seriously instead of dismissing it with "check your privilege" and "man up", that'll change.  But until then, you reap what you sow.  We have to SCARE you into listening.

Never mind that the quote Markham was responding to came from a paragraph in which Roy wrote with sympathy about the suffering of male Veterans and rape survivors.

Meanwhile, an anonymous commenter received upvotes for this, er, nuanced analysis:

Guest 1 day ago  @eltra Our hatred for fascist (mainstream) feminism is hardly rooted in misinformation.  You'd know that had you actually bothered to listen to Erin Pizzey or GirlWritesWhat speaking at the conference.   We ARE wronged because feminism is a bigoted, reverse-sexist, and female supremacist tyranny imposed on us by the male (and female) monkeys who puppeteer for popularity at the top of governments in the whole of the Western world.

In a followup comment, “Guest” doubled-down, suggesting that Roy was a “stinky twit” and a “human monkey.”

Guest 15 hours ago  Look. Based on both their ideology and their behavior, mainstream feminists ARE fascists. The reason they became POWERFUL PC fascists is because good men and good women have mostly been too faint hearted or deluded to condemn them.  Clearly, Biden, Obama and the stinky twit who wrote this article are human monkeys because they damn well do know better but the keep trotting out the same traitorous and misandrist monkey business year after year. It's time remove feminist monkeys from power and find a social cage wherein they can chatter bigoted nonsense to one another more harmlessly. That already happened to the KKK. In time, feminist bigots will also be banned from civil discourse rather than lauded as heroic victims of the patriarchy.  Vitriol is appropriate for fascist bigots who have been defecating an endless load of baseless bigoted vitriol themsexes since the monkey movement began in Seneca Falls. You also need to stop already with the false accusation of misogyny. Sadly, not all feminists are women but, happily, not all women are feminists. To loath the women and men who back Roy's officially coddled hate movement is perfectly REASONable. Be nice to see men pitch to help destroy Erin Pizzey's 'Evil Empire' so that bigots like Roy cannot mock, roidicule and silence anti-feminists and MHRMs on the pages of Time too.

Roy made clear that she learned a good deal at the conference. The defenders of AVFM’s vitriol seem to have learned nothing.

NOTE: Picture of monkey party borrowed from here.

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  1. I just posted a story of my own in the red pill share your story sectio. Of he AVFM forums. Ive been lurking for a long time and finally I decided I didn’t care if I got banned; it’d be a relief for my sanity of I was kicked out of that crazy walled garden. I dated a closet MRA for awhile and it was crazy.

    So I wrote up my story. How I’m harassed all the time, mostly; I chose not to share how my dad shouts me down and second guesses me, or how other men think catcalling is a compliment. I hope I get banned forthwith from AVFM. I don’t think I’ll change anyone’s opinion by sharing my story there.


  2. And Kay gives us an idea of how much money Elam clear in the Cop-Con:

    The Detroit protesters did win one battle in the sense that they imposed a great deal of inconvenience on participants (constant shuttling between motels and the venue), not to mention $10,000 for a police presence that wasn’t necessary, since the protesters’ objectives of causing financial and logistical hardship had already been achieved

    So… Elam gets a quick $23,000; and that’s a financial hardship.

  3. Here’s an idea, and it’s super simple. Get the fuck out of our way.

    Which means, in English, abolish feminism. Because the things feminism does, which “stand in their way” are things like making VAWA, the Ledbetter Act, Reproductive Rights, The Best Interest of the Child Model of Child Custody, Affirmative Consent, Non-consent = Rape, etc. the law/culture of the land.

    Which are the the things they are against.

    In short, Diz entire argument is, “get back in the kitchen”.

  4. throwaway: I believe these sorts of sarcastic remarks didn’t use to be considered acceptable by reporters aiming for objective, neutral, insightful reporting.

    Speaking as someone who used to practice the profession of journalism, you are mistaken; in both your understanding of what journalism is, what “objective” means, and how neutrality factors in.

    Objective doesn’t mean (no matter what groups with agendae would like you to think) one has to regurgitate the claims of anyone who wants some press as if it were factual. Objective means looking at the facts, and treating them as facts. Sometimes the facts show one side of the argument is wrong. To pretend they aren’t is to mislead the pubic.

    Neutral means the reporter ought not have a dog in the fight; or that if they do have some personal interest in what is being covered, they make it plain to both their editors, and their readers.

    Reporters are not automatons, they are people. As such they cannot be completely neutral about anything contentious about which they have knowledge; which is why the various cultural ideals the press built came to be, so the reader could have some faith they weren’t being lied to by a mouthpiece for some outside interest; masking itself as “honest reporting”.

    I also wonder just what it was she heard at this conference that was so shocking, so damaging, as to make her cry. If she truly did end up crying in response to the speeches there, I question her temperament and her fitness to be a reporter in general, much less a reporter trying to cover the men’s rights movement.

    If you question what, at a conference where women were being blamed for all the evils of the word, and their struggle for equality was being declared long over; and perverted to a power-mad tyranny destroying society and the male half of the human race; by people who have gloried in being abusive to women… a conference where one of the leading figures said doxxing and terrorising people; in particular women (and women of groups to which Roy belongs) might make someone cry, I question your basic skills of comprehension and your humanity.

    As to the last sentence about her fitness, again, you don’t know what the job entails.

  5. Brooked: Like Woody, Throwaway is questioning Roy’s professionalism because of the conversational tone of her tweets while seeing nothing amiss with the AVfM crew’s twitter bomb-throwing. That must require a whole lot of willful ignorance.

    Don’t you see, Roy is part of The Press, and needs to be held to a higher standard; JB, Esmay, et al. are Activists!, and so can be more vitriolic (but, of course, were they Feminist Activists, that would be different).

  6. In fairness there are probably a lot of messed up people in the world in need of some kind of help. Sadly a lot of them fall into some kind of cult like sphere of influence that doesn’t really help them. I guess there is just a shortage of places that will truly help people and a lot of the places that will can be horribly bureaucratic and expect people to jump through a ton of hoops before doing anything useful.

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