The Vaginal Tingles of Feral Women: A selection of the worst comments on my YouTube videos so far

The reviews are in! (Note: This is not an actual video. Don't click on it and expect it to play.)

The reviews are in! (Note: This is not an actual video. Don’t click on it and expect it to play.)

As most regular readers already know, I’ve been putting up a new series of videos on YouTube, featuring animated versions of some of YouTube’s most notable woman-haters. Naturally, these videos have attracted some of the worst commenters on YouTube. For now, I’ve decided to keep the comments there more or less unmoderated, while recommending that those who want to have a conversation that doesn’t involve horrible YouTube commenters come here.

Partly that’s because I don’t have the energy to properly moderate the YouTube comments. And partly it’s because I want to see just how awful they’ll get, to see what MRAs and MGTOWs and others from their general neighborhood will say when there’s no one looking over their shoulder – whether that person is someone like me, or some MRA moderator weeding out the worst remarks so that their movement won’t look bad. (Or at least any worse than it already does.)

So far the results have been instructive. I’ve gotten  a lot of supportive comments, and even some reasonably thoughtful ones from some critics. But I’ve also gotten abusive comments and weird misogynistic manifestos.

Here are some of my favorites from the latter two categories.

And yes, I’m putting a TRIGGER WARNING on what follows. Lots of talk about rape, in particular.






This guy’s name is as charming as his comments:

Misogynistic RapeMaster 5 days ago   You are a doucebag who takes peoples words out of context in an attempt to slander them.

Later he posted this little confession:

Misogynistic RapeMaster 2 days ago   +David Futrelle I only left that comment because I knew that it would likely get the attention of you and your audience. Throw an accusation around  whether it be warranted or not and it attracts retards like you and your audience like shit attracts  flies.  Thank you for giving me a chance to personally call you a mangina piece of shit, and a doucebag. I think I am going to abandon this thread now.

This comment was posted as a response to the “John Hembling: I don’t give a fuck about rape” video. But I still haven’t figured out what this guy was trying to say:

agentssith 3 days ago (edited)   The acoustics in this echo chamber are disturbing.  I just came here to deliver a very important message for you all. Are you ready?   "Don't be that 'not-the-rapist-but-could-be' person. We need the 'non-maybe-could-be-maybe-rapists' to stop rape. It's happening everywhere! In boardrooms, your bathroom stall, in amusement parks, at family reunions, in the backseat of your car in rush-hour traffic, in your dreams, FFS! Please stop it wherever you see it! It is your DUTY to us 'not-the-raped-but-could-be-for-the-sake-of-any-argument' people. YOU OWE US. Nevermind how, YOU just owe US! Something about Jesus turned us into concubines or something. Oh, and nevermind that the 'not-the-raped-but-could-be-for-the-sake-of-any-argument' people could really be the 'not-the-rapist-but-could-be' people, but aren't on OUR say so."   Carry on, fucktards... Reply  ·  1 burds arecute 3 days ago   ...WUT?

This guy argued that Stefan Molyneux is a more valuable contributor to the human race than me in part because Molyneux works out, and I’m fat. No, really. That’s his actual argument:

magicwheel1 4 days ago   Dave, Stefan puts out an actual body of work, that is, he positively states a philosophy. And he welcomes discussion about the merits of individual arguments. You don't. You simply engage in reactive ad hominem. Such as putting a "creepy face" on your opponent. That is why even if you disagree with some of Molyneux's ideas, he is a much healthier and more valuable contributor to the human race than you are. Where are your ideas? He is positive; you are negative. He works out; you are obese. I see a link there. Reply  ·  1 Hide replies David Futrelle 2 days ago   Really? I'm fat so I'm wrong and bad?  And how is blaming women for all the evil of the world "positive?"  And, honestly the face I gave him is no more creepy than his normal face. The creepiness comes from his personality.

In his response he suggested he was merely concerned that I was unhealthy. And another dude piped up with his thoughts on my weight.

magicwheel1 2 days ago (edited)   +David Futrelle I'm aware of Stefan's body of work, and reasonably aware of yours as far as your Manbooz website goes. Trying to judge them as a whole here. Stefan has his faults but is overwhelmingly thoughtful and empowering. You make no positive contributions (I mean in the sense of "putting ideas out there" - criticisms of evil can be positive when presented as an offshoot of a total life-affirming philosophy). And while I don't think that you are bad because you are fat, I respect the ideas of those more who have the total lifestyle going for them. As the Greeks told us, body and mind are linked. I sincerely hope you elect to promote something you love rather than just take cheap shots at what you hate, and that you have a healthier lifestyle. You will benefit David! I want to see YouTubes of a sleek and smiling former Manboobz! Reply  ·  Erduk 1 day ago (edited)   +David Futrelle Wait... You're obese? Too much estrogen changes your personality. I think you have more important issues to worry about than "misogyny". Yesterday I biked 18 miles for fun and I agree with Stefan.

And here was my response to that last guy, which inspired him to double down:

David Futrelle 1 second ago   +Erduk Huh. Yesterday I ate some sherbet and was not an asshole who hates women.

Erduk 1 hour ago   +David Futrelle You think so lowly of women, you believe they can't defend themselves from verbal criticism. On the other hand, maybe you're so full of estrogen you feel personally insulted when women are criticized?  So which is it? Does your fat make you feel like a woman or do you just think women can't handle being called out on their own?

This guy apparently thinks that MRAs aren’t misogynistic enough. And thinks that contemporary society is run for the benefit of  “the vaginal tingles of feral women.”

willyswear 1 day ago   The problem with MRA's is that they believe that women could choose differently.  Women can never be responsible because they are animals that are ruled by their emotions and are unable to think critcally and rationally. This is why we need to end universal sufferage and admit that women are incapable of making choices for the greater good of civilization.  Death to Democracy, death to egalitarianism, and death to the enlightenment. We must move back to a Patriarchy that rules with a iron hand or women that are now ruled by their vaginal tingles, will cause humanity to revert back to barbarism. These ideas will become mainstream once the global economy and Western Civilization collapse due to living in a society that is operating on the vaginal tingles of feral women....

Then there were this little nugget of wisdom:

daboys1215 1 week ago   Feminist acting like spoiled brats again. Why am I not surprised?

I did enjoy this little exchange, though:

w00dyblack 1 day ago   this is just childish, dave. I like sandmans videos. and his 7k subscribers far eclipses your 149 - infact his youtube channel probably has more traffic than your shitty website. Reply  ·  3 Hide replies David Futrelle 1 day ago   Hitler had millions of subscribers to his Youtube channel. That didn't make him right. Reply  ·  w00dyblack 1 day ago   +David Futrelle Youre aware of Godwin's law, dave ? Reply  ·  1 David Futrelle 2 hours ago   +w00dyblack  Are you aware that Hitler didn't actually have a youtube channel?

Is it unfair to assume that the people leaving the most obnoxious comments are MRAs or MRA-adjacent?

Well, let’s look at them a bit more closely.

If you look at the profile page of Misogynistic RapeMaster, his list of “liked” videos consists mostly of videos by A Voice for Menners and assorted other antifeminists. True, he did also post a weird video suggesting that “Karen Straughan is actually a man who closely resembles a woman,” but I watched it, and it’s more of an absurdist transphobic joke than an attack on her. Yes, Mr. RapeMaster is a troll, but he seems to live on a diet of MRA and antifeminist propaganda.

magicwheel1 is not only a fan of Stefan Molyneux —  a self-described MRA who spoke at AVFM’s conference —  but he’s also a Karen Straughan fanboy, an avowed “red piller” and a serial fat-shamer.

Erduk describes himself as follows: “I upload video game music and waste time debating people.” But his profile doesn’t give us anything else to work with. So beyond his agreement with Molyneux and his dislike of fatties I can’t say too much about him.But I’m guessing he probably spends a lot of his “debating” time “debating” with feminists.

Daboys1215 is a giant fan of All My Children; his profile doesn’t provide any clues as to his political beliefs. But, given that in another comment he writes that he “can’t wait until Davey gets tossed out of the playpen like Chucky and Hugo,” it’s clear that he’s a reader of MRA and/or other manosphere sites.

W00dyblack’s list of “liked” videos is mostly made up of AVFM, MGTOW, antifeminist and right-wing videos. (Or at least that’s the case with the most recent hundred or so that I looked at.) Given all that, it’s kind of amazing that his comments weren’t nastier.

The other commenters don’t give out any information about themselves at all on their YouTube page.

If you ever wonder why so many MRAs and MGTOWers and others do so on YouTube, these comments, and these profiles, offer a clue. YouTube is filled with guys like this. These are their people.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. kittehserf MOD

    Checks the temperature or checks that they aren’t wearing 80s fashion?

  2. Argenti Aertheri

    The former, Puff is always wearing neon green and black, nothing to be done about it!

  3. kittehserf MOD

    LOL he has his style and he’s sticking to it!

  4. kittehserf MOD

    Which type of puffer is he, Argenti, btw?

  5. Argenti Aertheri

    In a moment of very obvious naming conventions, he’s a green spotted puffer.

  6. kittehserf MOD

    Ah! I wondered if he might be a leopard puffer – I was googling pics and saw one that looked neon green and black.

  7. I was thinking PVC. If it needs to be pierced, as well as having throughput, it’s easy to chase the holes and then bevel them.

  8. Argenti Aertheri

    Nope, just need a tube of some sort. I’ll prolly go PVC, I was just hoping for something more aesthetically pleasing.

  9. Argenti Aertheri

    Pecunium — my brother’s a plumber, and has let me borrow the official professional tools for things like that. Makes it So Much Easier. I don’t want to talk about my father using a dremel on an ikea plastic container when I discovered every last drill battery was dead. (I refused to try his method, I could wait for the battery to charge!)

  10. It’s very lulzy. It’s also just amazing to me that EVERYTHING extraordinary is due to ancient assanauts. I mean, sure, pick an unexplained phenomenon and develop a wacky theory about it, but it’s the same theory for ALL the phenomena. Even the blindingly, obviously mundane ones. There are no other possible explanations for anything, in any context, except for ancient assanauts.

    The sad thing is, they take things that have been explained very well by the much dreaded “mainstream archaeologists” and just make up a bunch of shit about them. It’s classic making up a problem to sell a solution. It also shouldn’t come as a shock that they purposely misinterpret and mistranslate religious texts to make them sound more like they’re describing aliens.

    Even though it’s a very long 3 hours and 10 minutes, I recommend the Ancient Aliens debunked movie. It’s a brilliant takedown.

    We’re here, and we’re not going away. Get used to it, and get ready for the 2nd International Conference on Men’s Issues in 2015.

    Well, someone was feeling awfully feisty today! Isn’t Woody just so adorable when he tries to be badass?

  11. Argenti Aertheri

    Thank you!!! That’s the thing I keep trying to find that explains the pyramids! *glomps WWTH* (or doesn’t, if glomps are not welcome)

  12. I don’t know what a glomp is but it didn’t hurt a bit so I’m it’s fine!

  13. kittehserf MOD

    Argenti, have a look at Anubis Presents: Alien Theorists Are Idiots. It’s true and hilarious (but then Severus Tare’s Egyptian comics are all hilarious).

  14. Even though it’s a very long 3 hours and 10 minutes, I recommend the Ancient Aliens debunked movie. It’s a brilliant takedown.

    With a caveat – it’s a bit influenced by the author’s religious views.

    Another good source of information is Jason Colavito’s site. His blog has a whole category about Ancient Aliens, and he also rips into other pseudo-historical shows like America Unearthed. Beside the blog, his site has a lot of other good stuff related to abuses of history and mythology.

  15. Say there were these ancient aliens, it’s annoying that they would just come here and do engineering works. What would have been better would be if they had pointed out calculus (not using anything like Newton’s style) and improved medicine – informing people about the germ theory of disease would have been an excellent start. Information on efficient hydrogen fuel cells would have been useful too.

    But no, just apparently pyramids, desert lines, and South American temples. /rolls eyes

  16. On that old article of mine, obviously theanitifeminist is misrepresenting it, like everything else of mine he’s dug up. That said, there are real issues with that particular piece, specifically the sometimes glib language and the the fact that I went along with some of the victim-blaming logic of the book I was reviewing. Obviously I wouldn’t write that article today. It was 18 years ago, and my beliefs have very definitely changed. I didn’t realize back then the extent and the absolute perniciousness of victim-blaming narratives.

    The two points I was trying to make in that piece that I still think are worth making: 1) It’s important to be aware of the tendency of abusers to present themselves as victims. 2) Demanding that all victims be perfect human beings in every way in order to be considered true innocent victims — particularly if this means that they have to fit some arbitrary “moral code” — is itself a form of victim blaming. As we can see every time a rape survivor is attacked as a “slut.”

  17. kittehserf MOD

    Speaking of abusers, thank the gods that Rolf Harris was found guilty on all twelve charges.

    Interesting comment (in the Hun of all places) yesterday that he never tried to defend himself by saying “I would never do that.” It was all “I couldn’t have done it, because I wasn’t in such-and-such a place at the time” – didn’t do him any good, especially when photographic evidence was produced to show that yes, he was at this place, and that place, and had met this person, and that person …

    The repulsive man was even drawing the jurors while he was in the dock. The judge confiscated the sketches, fortunately.

  18. @ Argenti – Thanks, I did read it, and yes, the Feral Cheryl site is a lot more appealing – and more pro-green – than the publicity it garnered first time around implied.

    There was a lot of debate at the time as to whether it was an attack on environmentalists (apparently not, according to the creator), and whether it was suitable as a toy, plus a lot of comment as to whether her genitals were pierced or not.

    Personally, wild, barefoot, environmentally aware and not Barbie seem pretty good characteristic to me.

    There may still be a few left to buy…

  19. @ Kittehserf – goodness yes. What a horrible case, but at least there’s been a proper trial while it was still possible.

    And now there’s stuff about Savile taking Harris on a tour of Broadmoor while the inmates were getting changed for bed.

  20. kittehserf MOD

    And now there’s stuff about Savile taking Harris on a tour of Broadmoor while the inmates were getting changed for bed.

    Holy shit.

    Harris could be away a very long time. There are more charges likely to be brought against him, I gather.

  21. Mr. Futrelle,

    The Feminist High Council held an emergency Star Chamber session after learning about your potentially problematic review of the book “The Trouble With Blame” by Sharon Lamb. We were concerned that you may have failed to uphold all Radical Feminist Protocol and Language Requirements as per your Male Feminist Blog agreement with the FHC. As you know, failing to fulfill those requirements would force us to either censure, shut down and/or think bad thoughts about the FHC-approved website currently known as “We Hunted The Mammoth”.

    We have studied the article in question and considered your explanation. In light of the article’s age and your outstanding service in our secret war for female supremacy and global male gendercide, we have decided to let you off with a warning and not suspend WHTM at this time.

    However, you yourself have admitted that the article fails to take into “the extent and the absolute perniciousness of victim-blaming narratives”. In light of this breech in protocol we, after much debate, have decided on a suitable punishment. We now personally scold you with a hearty “tsk-tsk” and order your cats to think poorly of you for a period lasting between 48-72 hours, depending on their feeding schedule and availability of desired snacks. We and your cats encourage you to about what you have done and what you can do better in service of radical feminism.

    Yours In Sisterhood,
    The Feminist High Council
    A Secret Bunker, CA USA

  22. Besides the “I couldn’t have abused someone in Cambridge because I was never in Cambridge” defence (scuppered by film evidence of him in Cambridge), the Harris case also had a lot of attacks on his accusers, especially his daughter’s friend who he’d groomed and abused since she was 13. Stuff straight out of the Villifying Rape Accusers Handbook – she’s only saying this for the money, she must have enjoyed it at the time really (Rolf took her on a Caribbean holiday with his family, the lucky girl! – and abused her there), it’s just “buyer’s remorse” – all that stuff.

    Fortunately the jury seem to have seen through that.

  23. @brooked
    “Yours In Sisterhood,
    The Feminist High Council
    A Secret Bunker, CA USA”

    Love the whole thing :) . Thanks for the laugh.

  24. Fortunately the jury seem to have seen through that.

    That’s because they’ll have heard all the evidence. Curiously, despite their reputation for prurience and sensationalism, the mainstream British media are very coy and almost prudish when it comes to reporting really graphic sexual material, even in the context of a very high-profile trial.

    When Max Clifford, Harris’s immediate predecessor as a celebrity sexual abuser, was jailed for eight years, my original reaction was to think that that was a very harsh sentence for what appeared on the basis of reports from the trial to be little more than sexual harassment. But the full judgement made it graphically and distressingly clear that the case was about a lot more than that, and I suspect the Harris judgement (which should be published shortly after sentencing, possibly as soon as Friday) will be equally revelatory – and equally disturbing.

  25. kittehserf MOD

    Wetherby – I read the jury hadn’t heard all the evidence, like Harris downloading child porn and having instructions in his diary for how to clear his browsing history.

    brooked, that letter was PERFECT. All hail the Borg Feminist Hivemind!

  26. Wetherby – I read the jury hadn’t heard all the evidence, like Harris downloading child porn and having instructions in his diary for how to clear his browsing history.

    I don’t think that evidence was directly relevant to any of the formal charges against him (which is why it wasn’t aired in court) – but the fact that he was found guilty on all twelve of them suggests that what was presented in court must have been pretty damning.

  27. kittehserf MOD

    Ah, gotcha.

    I wonder if he’ll be tried on other charges?

  28. I am relieved to hear the verdict of the High Council.

    Has the cat thing started yet? I can’t tell.

  29. kittehserf MOD

    You don’t know if you cats are thinking poorly of you, David?

    This may require an extension of the sentence for inadequate, nay, neglectful, care for one’s furry overlords.

  30. Bummer, I just noticed the error in the third paragraph, it really hinders the overall realist feel of the letter.

    However, you yourself have admitted that the article fails to take into account “the extent and the absolute perniciousness of victim-blaming narratives”.

    I have to say I’m pretty pleased with it, I definitely amused myself with the cat stuff at the end.

  31. *realistic feel


    I understand why not being able to edit our comments is a good thing, but staring at uncorrectable writing errors really sucks at times.

  32. Argenti Aertheri

    Brooked — I approve this sentence, though I hope his cats go easier than my brother’s did to me, she used my hand, and the attached arm, to chew on and scratch. And all I did was rotate her back onto the bed when her pushing herself into my petting hand was gonna result in her falling of the bed when I stopped! (I know, I know, how dare I stop petting her)

    WWTH — a glomp is kinda like a tackle hug, but less tackle to the floor and more bear hug.

    Kitteh — of to check your link!

  33. Argenti Aertheri

    Proving brooked’s point, that should be off, not of.

  34. I wish I’d found this thread earlier – all the discussion of “feral females” was wonderful. I must confess, before I’d read all the possible racist and classist connotations, I though of feral cats, and how resourseful, independent, and all round cool they are, and decided to declare myself a Feral Female. The term appeals to my grown-up Riot Grrl heart. And it’s true. Nobody’s managed to domesticate me yet. My apartment’s a mess and I don’t care. I had ice cream for breakfast and I don’t care. I take pride in doing what (and who) I want when I want, and I don’t care what people think of that. Oh, and my vaginal tingles are very closely monitered, since I’m prone to yeast infections.

    Argenti: AXOLOTLS!!! SQUEEEE!!!
    Those are some awesome amphibians. <3

  35. Thanks everyone, especially you David for your reply about the article on the anti-feminist site and for those who gave links to the entire article.

  36. I’m so grateful to you, Dave. Because, honestly, it’s getting pretty fucking tiring being a woman these days.

    I don’t mean that in an atrocious “It’s so hard to be this beautiful” sort of way. Just, simply, as a human with a pair of tits. I’m past angry at the way people talk to and about “my interests” as a 30-something not-man. I’m unable to muster up much ire about how my best friend’s dad enjoys telling me how I should lose weight and smarten up before it’s too late to get a husband.

    A new pet hate has started to emerge recently; how “women’s interest” programming on the BBC (for example, but it’s everywhere, from news coverage to radio shows) must ONLY EVER be presented by a woman (most recent example: what women did for the punk movement). Like, it’s permissible now for women to have and explore and talk about their experiences and what they’ve brought to society’s rich cultural table over the years, but it’s ONLY for them – men, piss off – who do you think you’re talking to, anyway?

    The two greatest feminists I’ve ever met are men. One is my best friend (gay man, fyi) who is also something of a sci-fi geek and rants furiously online about the portrayal of women in his fave genre. The other is a 38 year old Aussie fellow who has, by this point, more or less given up on men at large ever being able to figure it out. But still likes to bring the fight to weird places like online gaming chat rooms from time to time. I love them both, not just because of their gender politics, but it sure is nice to have people with a penis taking the fight up for me sometimes.

    Truth is, I’m trying to single-handedly raise a son with autism. And, of every challenge that faces us, it’s my boobs that seem to be the biggest problem for us. Sexism is endless, constant, wearing and unconsciously offered, and misogyny is often close at heel (single mother = slut who couldn’t keep a man). I still get tutted at by doctors when they ask after my son’s father and I shrug and give the reply I’ve learned closes the subject down fastest and in the least painful fashion: “Who cares?”

    I’m just so tired of it. Not even that angry any more. Not even when I see “feminist movements” that seem to limit their definition of feminism to the young and pretty. Not even when a taxi driver casually remarks that my son needs a father because a woman just can’t raise a boy by herself. Not even when a guy into Game dating stuff (I can’t remember the acronym) who I play games with online drops me like a hot potato when he learns I’m over thirty, even though he’s on the other side of the world and isn’t ever going to meet me anyway.

    So thanks for taking it up, and doing it so honestly.

    Now I’m off to go be a be-penised pirate in a video game before bed. Not because I particularly fancy having a penis, but because the game developer didn’t realise they should be offering people a choice about that. And yet, annoyingly, made a game I enjoy playing anyways.



  37. This piece of writing is in fact a pleasant one it assists new the web visitors,
    who are wishing in favor of blogging.

  38. emilygoddess - MOD

    I kinda feel bad mocking spam comments like that one, since they seem to be written by non-native speakers. It’s handy for identifying them (as is hovering over their nym to see what they’re selling), and it’s funny when they’re obviously just C&P’d nonsense, but that one’s just poor English.

  39. That comment kind of reminds me of the inoffensive nonsensical English you sometimes see on Japanese products like bento boxes and notebooks. The kind that’s vaguely related to whatever it is, but that’s really there for decoration.

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