Coming Attractions: We Hunted the Mammoth announces new animated video series!

Ok, so, yeah, the rumors are true. I am a cat.

But the important thing here is that I’m starting up a new series of (barely) animated videos to explore the one part of online misogyny-land I have generally avoided up until now: YouTube.

Well, internet “radio” shows, podcasts and so on are fair game as well. Basically anything that involves these people talking into a microphone and putting it online.

My videos will be highlight some of the best of the worst of this stuff, and, as I say in the video, distil it into bite-sized morsels instead of the half-hour ordeals that MRAs and men going their own way and girls who write WTF tend to put forth with such alarming regularity.

Plus they’ll be animated in amusing and possibly slightly disturbing ways.

I’m also serious about needing some help.

Like I said, I hate watching their stupid fucking videos. I mean, reading this stuff I can handle. But listening to these assholes blathering on interminably, so full of anger, in their smug, ignorant voices is about as entertaining to me as dental work. I’m going to force myself to do it, but I’m not going to like it.

But I know there are a few of you out there who are actually willing to subject yourselves on a regular basis to this crap. And so I ask of you: if you’re one of them, and you run across something in one of these videos that is so astoundingly terrible that you would like to see it rendered in cartoon form, drop me an email (my last name at manboobz dot com) or leave a link in the comments below.

It’s especially helpful if you can include a rough time-stamp so I can find the particularly egregious bits. See, I’m not interested in analyzing their entire videos here. Only the brief revealing moments where they let something truly astounding slip. I’m also looking specifically for contradictions: if one of these guys or gals says something in one video that directly contradicts something they say in another.

Also, and I didn’t mention this in the video, but this may be your great chance to become a talking kitty, or some other interesting and/or adorable animal!

If you want to volunteeer your voice talents for a future video, let me know! I may come back to some of you who already helped with that last video project, and reach out to some of the rest of you who volunteered after all the slots were filled. I’ll post more about this when I get into making these videos.

This could also be your kitty’s great chance to become a talking kitty! If you have adorable pics of your cat or some other animal that might work well for a video, send me your pics, or link me to them online, and I may use one or more of them in a future video! I’m also looking for interesting photos to use as backdrops. And weird pics in general.

Oh, and if any of you have experience running your own channels on YouTube, I’m interested in any advice you can give on promotion, handling comments, and all that jazz. The last time I put videos on YouTube I sort of felt that they could, and should, have had a lot more viewers than they ultimately did.

Onward and upward.

Together, we can do this.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. RE: lensman

    I once auditioned for the Katawa Shoujo fandub.

    My kid sibling really likes Katawa Shoujo!

    RE: David

    I don’t have any pets, thus no photos. I have some cool landscape photos from my travels in New Zealand, though, if you need backgrounds!

  2. Here are a few that I’ve got on my computer at the moment. Some of these might be too dark or blurry, but there are a few where he’s making some good expressions

  3. I’m the worst at getting pics of my pets looking straight ahead. When I make the dogs sit and stay for a photo, they hang their heads pitifully because I’m on the floor, but not cuddling them and that’s mean. The cats just don’t understand why they aren’t supposed to rub on the thing between our faces. ‘m still going to try, because they are so cute, but I doubt I’ll get anything useful. I can pitch in in other ways, but alas, my menagerie is not good at modeling. I’ve never written a transcript, but I can try. I can lend my voice and can probably get my husband and daughter (who are actually sort of brilliant with voices) to contribute.

    Just a thought David, but have you considered new labels for the link lists?
    The “boob” reference will be lost on new readers.

  4. David, I’v sent you an email

  5. @lensman, @LBT:

    I enjoyed some bits of Katawa Shoujo more than others. I didn’t really connect with Shizune, for instance.

    OTOH, I got Rin’s happy ending and walked around for days with a vicarious mix of glow and melancholy.

  6. RE: Falconer

    Sneak likes… oh hell, what’s the name of the track sprinter girl? Emi? We didn’t get very far into the game; never played a VN before and also was using a different computer. We didn’t even get to Track Girl’s ending! But it was cute and it actually helped me deal with being disabled. (We were playing it right as our disability paperwork was pushed through, so were dealing with the idea of our health issues as being a chronic, long-term thing.)

  7. magnesium, excellent! there are a couple in there that are perfect.

    fruitloopsie, what address are you sending the emails to? I’m not gettng them, futrelle at manboobz dot com should work.

  8. You might find the Tru Shibes Youtube channel useful. It has a series of 1-4 minute long videos that show Stefan Molyneux saying abhorrent things and contradicting himself.

  9. @LBT

    Make sure your kid sibling has the adult scenes turned off at the options menu!

    Katawa Shoujo is very unique Visual Novel and it deals with its subject matter in a surprisingly respectful way. Emi (the sprinter girl) was by far my favorite route as it had plenty of humor and some good underlying advice about relationships. A word of warning though… her bad ending will hit you hard (though not in the way you imagine). Make sure you have a chat with the Science teacher and her mum!


    Shizune’s route was also my least favourite mainly because she appeared to be a highly egotistical, self-absorbed, perfectionist jerkass. At the very least they gave her a good excuse (a more egotistical, self-absorbed father) and showed that this type of behaviour had some very negative consequences to her social life.

    I recently played a leaked beta in which Shizune’s route was radically differect and much darker. Apparently the main reason that Shizune’s route was the way it was is that it had to drastically re-written in a short amount of time.

  10. @LBT: Yeah, the track runner is Emi. I thought she was cute and sweet. They’re all cute and sweet in their own ways. Rin flirts with being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl because her dialogue almost always seems to be at a tangent to whatever Hisao is saying, but her route is wrenching and she, the most of any of them, earns her happy ending.

    @lensman: The idea of treating everything in life like a SRS BSNS competition just made me exhausted. Although it was nice that, in every route, Shizune and her translator (Mika?) are seriously concerned about Hisao.

    Also, what’s up with that tea shop? How does it stay open when no one comes to it but a few local students?

  11. RE: lensman

    Make sure your kid sibling has the adult scenes turned off at the options menu!

    Oh yeah, for sure.

    Make sure you have a chat with the Science teacher and her mum!

    I will make sure zie knows; zie would hate to get a bad ending.

    RE: Falconer

    Also, what’s up with that tea shop? How does it stay open when no one comes to it but a few local students?

    They are very, very DEVOTED tea drinkers!

  12. The reason Karen/GirlWritesWhat likes this project is because she sees dollars signs via additional YouTube views. It’s rather disingenuous. Donotlink helps for blogs, but do you really want to link YouTube channels and help fund a hate movement by giving them views?

    There has to be a way to do this project while minimizing any financial gain hate groups may potentially receive. I have some ideas on how to gather evidence without adding to the number of video views, which leads to viewers watching or clicking the embedded advertisements. Interaction with the advertisements is what generates income.

    Phase 1
    -Make a list of MRA/PUA/FRA/MGTOW/anti-feminist YouTube channels that post awful shit.

    Phase 2
    -Assign one volunteer per channel to simply check the index of video uploads and look at the titles, without watching or clicking any.
    -Make a list of videos that just scream awful. Do not watch or hyperlink any videos.
    -Similar videos appear in the sidebar. Take down the title and author of any other hateful videos of interest.
    -Should such a list be posted or kept in e-mails?

    Phase 3
    -Assign several video titles per volunteer.
    -Use search function to find video.
    -Watch, breathe deeply, and gather quotes, awful audio, screen caps, or video grabs using software like “Camtasia Studio”, a very old program I have. Maybe there’s something better.
    -Share flagrant bits of captured content (with timestamps!) over e-mail and file sharing, so no one else has to watch their shit.

    Phase 4

    Also, how much of someone else’s video or audio can you include without being slapped with copyright claims and having it removed? You could make some “reply” videos to critique other videos, or write monologues and animations ridiculing awful people/quotes without directly posting their content.

  13. Just checking to see if you got the pic I sent of my cat, Cassandra. I sent it on Monday with the subject “Movie Casting”.

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