Dean Esmay Vs. the Princess Studies Professor

A Voice for Men’s media blitz continues apace. On Sunday, fresh on the heels of his colleague Robert O’Hara’s often cringeworthy Al Jazeera interview, AVFM “managing editor” Dean Esmay appeared on the unfortunately named “Let it Rip,” a news show on the local Fox affiliate in Detroit, to discuss that upcoming “Men’s Issues” conference we’ve been hearing so much about.

The excitable Esmay, wearing a tie at least a foot longer than necessary and facing off against a far more polished Heather Dillaway, a feminist sociologist from Wayne State University, did not exactly dispel the notion that the Men’s Rights movement isn’t ready for its close up just yet.

Esmay robotically rattled off an assortment of the sort of phony “factoids” that go over well only in the echo chambers of the Men’s Rights movement, and responded to questions not with answers but with rapidly regurgitated talking points — at one point declaring, to the bemusement of Prof. Dillaway and the rest, that

Ideological feminism is a multi-billion dollar hate industry funded by lies about rape and domestic violence, and they are the cause of a lot of very civil-rights trashing laws like the Violence Against Women Act even though we know that domestic violence is not a gendered issue.

Yes, he did say “a lot of very civil-rights trashing laws.”

Esmay also set forth a few arguments that he seemed to have made up right there on the spot, and which probably could have used a bit more workshopping. When the female half of Fox News’ tag team of hosts asked him “do you think you’re at a disadvantage because you’re a man,” he replied

I think many men are at a disadvantage specifically for a man. I’m certainly a working-class man. You see me sitting here with a missing tooth cause I can’t afford to fix it. This lady [gesturing at Dillaway] probably makes four times what I do.

Never mind that whatever differences there might be between their salaries have prety much nothing to do with gender and everything to do with class, and education, and probably most of all with the fact that Esmay is working for a dude who’s evidently bogarting all the donations for himself. Never mind that women still earn less than men for the same work. (And yes, MRAs, they do.)

Apparently, as long as there’s any woman in the world who makes more money than Dean Esmay, men are oppressed.

Let’s just call this the Esmay principle.

Anyway, I’m not going to bother to transcribe anything more. The only other memorable remark from Esmay was one he slipped in at the very end, suggesting that A Voice for Men might possibly be pulling out from the Doubletree hotel. What this means for their conference, I don’t know.

Back on A Voice for Men, meanwhile, Esmay was treated as a returning hero for facing down  “two raving lunatic feminists and one Purple Poodle” –that last term the AVFMers’ new synonym for the old standby “mangina.”

“Standing O for Dean Esmay,” wrote his boss at AVFM, Paul Elam, in the comments. “Perfect delivery of our message and our attitude. Well done, brother.”

Susie Parker, meanwhile, wrote:

I thought Dean was pretty great. Measured, thoughtful, implacable. Any one of us feel we could have gotten more people on the Titanic lifeboats, but Dean was the man who held his cool and actually did the heroic deed.

I just hope the “people” she imagines Dean helping into the Titanic lifeboats were men! No “women and children first” for the AVFM crowd!

The reviews for Prof. Dillaway were a little less kind.

“[S]tupid ignorant bitch,” wrote one.

“What a self-centered bitch,” another agreed.

Others in the comments, and on the AVFM Forums, described her as a “cunt,” “the jabbering feminist liar,” the “smirking feminit [sic] professor,” and “the feminastie ‘Prof,”’ among other epithets. Indeed, perhaps half a dozen commenters referred to her professorship in derogatory terms, or put the word “professor” in scare quotes.

Some of the commenters were especially galled that Dillaway reacted to some of Esmay’s most ridiculous flights of fancy by … smiling. Several saw this as proof of the depth of her feminist depravity. Mike Buchanan remarked indignantly that

Early on, while you were outlining a number of areas in which men’s and boys’ life outcomes are so poor, the ‘professor’ was smiling through them all. As always, these damnable women don’t even PRETEND to care, so deep is their misandry.

Yeah, that’s not why she was smiling, dude. At that point, I was smiling too. That’s what you do when your opponent in a debate basically soils himself onstage.

Even those who offered – almost invariably mild – critiques of Esmay’s appearance couldn’t bring themselves to say anything positive about his opponent. Wrote PlainOldTruth:

At least we can say Esmay earned his paycheck here. Mopre than you can say fort the Princess Studies professor whose every paycheck represents an act of larceny and fraud: a slap in the face of people who do real work and who, when they teach, teach the truth.

Not that anyone at AVFM would recognize the truth if it came riding in on a Purple Poodle. Indeed, Darryl Jewett managed to win himself more than a dozen upvotes from his comrades for his distinctly revisionist precis of world history:

Throughout history and in every society including all of them today, women are and always have been the most privileged demographic. Where ever and whenever you hear women whining that they are oppressed, men are oppressed far worse. And usually by the women . On average, women consume way more than men and produce far less. To replenish those resources which women consume in great excess, men are sent to fight endless wars and forced to work as slaves long past the time they should be working and can. Children are often used as excuses to force men to work under threat of imprisonment even if they can’t anymore.

The strangest reaction of all, though, came from a commenter called DEDC, who used the occasion as an opportunity to attack, er, me, and to suggest that the real problem was that MRA’s weren’t using the words “bitch” and “cunt” often enough.

No, really.

The whole reason we are a hate site is because fucktards like Futrelle, failed journalist (see Bart Sibrel) that he is, keeps seeding these attacks based on nothing other than that we refer to some women as cunts and bitches (who desperately deserve it). Nobody, not even US, say that calling a man a prick or asshole (gender specific) is misandric just on that basis. The level of projection and hyper-sensitivity and denial are mind-boggling in magnitude. Just look at that entitlement. It shocks us to use these slurs against a woman because they have never really encountered them before.

It is like I say with Islame-O fascists: the answer to their hypersensitivity to jokes or cartoons of their prophet is MORE! It shouldn’t even be a second thought at all to call a female a cunt who IS a cunt.

I’ve rarely seen any group of people so determined to learn less from their mistakes.

If you actually managed to sit through more than a minute or two of that TV segment, you deserve a reward. So here’s a video for the song Nunki, by the band Dva, off their album NIPOMO, which I was listening to on repeat while writing this. The animation in the video was all done by children!

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. For a failed journalist I would of thought you’d be above remarks about a person’s dress (tie). He was calm and patient throughout, while that ‘professor’ gave him the death stare whenever it was his turn to speak. For all we know, she might of been one of the ones calling in death threats to this conference. Funny how there was no mention of those death threats (to men), but bringing up death threats against feminists.

    I do agree with your last line of “I’ve rarely seen any group of people so determined to learn less from their mistakes.” except for the typo where ‘people’ should of read ‘feminists’

    I found the professor very condescending likening her rights as being like candy; but then most professors have no people skills to begin with. Shame that she gets paid more to teach useless gender studies (which will get you a job at McDonalds) while Esmay is an activist trying to make change.

    Somehow I doubt this site will cover the hateful trend on twitter of #endfathersday. Daddy issues anyone??

  2. I’m curious about your scare quotes. Do you think she’s not actually a professor?

  3. I’ve studied body language (US Army, interrogation and interrogation instruction). Esmay was a nervous wreck. After I watched it the first time (which was painful, because he rushed, failed to stay on point to the questions asked, esp. in the first two statements, where he made sure to trot out every MRM talking point and catchphrase he could) I watched it again with the sound off.

    That makes it more plain. He never looked the professor. He never turned to address her directly, even when it was plain he was breaking in while she was speaking.

    Then, listening to it again, with time to study the body language further it got worse: His eyes were almost always half-lidded and didn’t seem to be directly engaging any of the other three people present. Even when he was interrupting he spoke about the professor, not to her. That’s a sign of someone who is trying to distance themselves from response. By not saying, “you do/are X” the direct challenge (or in, at least one case, insult) of the interruption is moved into a more passive structure; which both insulates the speaker, and pretends to reduce the other party to a passive object.

    In short, Esmay’s entire performance was that of someone who looked as if they knew they lacked a fair bit of moral standing.

    One can argue this is because Esmay really feels men are second-class citizens, but it’s hard to credit this as being true, given that he belongs to a group which feels that women should be afraid of having men treat them to a beating, and feels no compunction about using words like bitch, whore, and C***, in casual reference to them.

    So no, I can’t say I think your presentation of what went down is all that congruent with the facts.

  4. You have no basis to accuse the professor of calling in threats. Go the fuck away.

  5. Also, #EndFathersDay was created by 4chan trolls. That’s been debunked for days. Shut up.

  6. Somehow I doubt this site will cover the hateful trend on twitter of #endfathersday.

    That was started by 4chan. Try to keep up.

  7. Looks like this thread got linked somewhere.

  8. katz, it could be from a link I posted in the Muckraker comments section five days ago.

  9. Argenti Aertheri

    Hey pecunium, I need a debating point. What do you say to the idea that Esmay was better prepared for the debate? Cuz I said yeah, he had his talking points laid out, and got told that that was the point of “better prepared” (no arguement that the entire thing was BS, and this was with the BF you met, but I’m curious how “better prepared” plays out when you’re reading a script)

  10. For a failed journalist I would of thought

    For someone who knows so much about journalism, properly grammatical sentence construction seems to be beyond you. The correct word to use was “have” instead of “of”, but thinking isn’t one of your strengths anyways.

    I found the professor very condescending likening her rights as being like candy

    See, the thing about rights is that society agrees everyone should have them. You’d have found the professor condescending regardless of what she actually said, because you’re an ignorant asswipe who finds females with higher education threatening.

    Somehow I doubt this site will cover the hateful trend on twitter of #endfathersday.

    Why would it? This site is to mock misogyny. Piss off somewhere else with your mock interest.

  11. cassandrakitty

    I found the professor very condescending likening her rights as being like candy

    What is this supposed to mean? People don’t snark on grammar just for funsies, you know. Part of the reason why grammar matters is that if you mess it up badly enough no-one can figure out WTF you’re trying to say.

  12. Dean is the one who looks condescending throughout. He’s looking down his nose at everyone.

  13. 1: I don’t think it was a debate.
    1a: it was supposed to be a “round-robin” talk-talk, which was of course doomed.

    2: Esmay wasn’t prepared, he was primed, which is part of why he was so dismal. He had a list of “points” he wanted to make. He didn’t care if they related to the questions asked, so long as he got to prattle on about how feminism is a multi-billion dollar hate industry.

    The whole side to side, with head-wobbling was him trying to keep his list straight, while he got the words out. His rushed delivery was because he was afraid of being cut off.

    3: Had he be prepared (or something close to competent at this sort of speaking engagement) he’d have had an opening statement; short and memorable, and a number of segues prepared, so that in response to a question he could make a response, and then steer the conversation to a place of his choosing with a couple of connected thoughts; thoughts which were short enough to allow for, and tantalising enough to encourage a follow-up question.

    4: If he’d done that the professor would have had to respond to the topics of his choosing, which would allow him to make a response; one which could be built in a way which let him refer to some set of “facts” from some study. That gives a veneer of respectability, and back-foots the his interlocutors, even if they have refutory evidence available off the top of their head.

    5: Being able to cite something always causes talking heads to make an approving gesture; often a comment. That further puts the other participant in a defensive position, because the sense that everyone disagrees is more palpable.

    All of those tricks are how one convinces the audience that one is, if not correct, at least sincere and reasonable; which make them less hostile to the moment one is supporting.

    It’s how David Duke and Ronald Reagan worked the room, and why they were able to gain national presence on the political stage.

  14. Prepared in the sense that he had talking points ready to go. But he doesn’t appear to have worked on presentation. And yes, that includes dressing professionally.

  15. I made the mistake of going to YouTube to see the video there and wandered into the comments. It never ceases to amaze me that any dot point that comes out of Dean’s mouth is treated as a “fact” even though:
    – many of them aren’t sourced from any research, but are assfacts stated by the MRA using them, and
    – of the ones from research, they are a non-scientific MRAnlysis of the research that is not included in the original paper.

    MRAs: the science community laughs at you too.

  16. Argenti Aertheri

    Thanks guys, I think I can verbalise “knows wtf ze wants to say in the debate” vs “has a set list of things to say NO MATTER WHAT” now. I was too used to the former (and always knew my position when debating semi-formally and knew my opponents potential points and weaknesses, working from those assumptions is no way to handle Mr. Weave and Bob Long Tie)

  17. Lea!!! Attack on Titan is frigging amaze-balls! God I love that anime.

  18. I’m sorry but OMFG that tie! The last time this dude was in the public eye his clothing was just as bad. He manages to look simultaneously like a toddler dressing himself for the first time and a homeless person.

    Ordinarily I would not feel justified in being critical of the way someone dresses, but…

    This group is trying to put forward the idea that they are real activists that should be taken seriously. If they can’t even bother to figure out basic grooming, how likely is it that their activism is going to be effective?

    Secondly, this group frequently complains about how women look or dress. It certainly wouldn’t make it ok for them to be this way if they were more polished looking themselves. However, the fact that their public representatives all seem to be below average in looks and grooming just makes their complaining too ridiculously hypocritical to ignore.

  19. Marci,
    It is!

  20. Somehow I doubt this site will cover the hateful trend on twitter of #endfathersday. Daddy issues anyone??

    This is exactly why people say the MRM is more about attacking women than helping men: you assholes can’t even make a semi-valid point without tacking on some misogyny for good measure.

  21. And now I see people saying #endfathersaday wasn’t even real. That’s a relief.

  22. @emilygoddess

    From the little bit I gathered, its based on one school in Canada that switched or was proposing to switch father and mother day for family day. And honestly, I think it would be a good idea. How many kids have primary caretakers which is neither their mom or dad? Even way back when it was the mythical time of mom staying at home baking cookies and raising the children. My grand-mother raised her cousin after the father became a widower with 10 kids. Actually, at least in Catholic French Canadian family, it was very common to place some of the children with the extended family members.

  23. Isabelle, if schools in Canada run on the same schedule as the US, it would also make sense to combine the two days because father’s day would fall outside the school year.

  24. I didn’t know anything about this #endfathersday day thing until I read this trend. So now I see sites like the National Review and Daily Caller picked up on it as proof that feminists suck. And then after it was discovered it was a hoax, they’re all like “yeah, but then feminists picked it up and ran with.

    Such eagerness and desperation to hate feminists. :\

  25. Its just bizarro how their interpretation completely end up distorting the original content…like, the school did not just look into father’s day but mother’s day. So why not #endmothersday?

  26. Even though Dean and his ilk have shown over and over that they love to insult the appearance of their foes, I do wish we would hold ourselves to a higher standard. I include myself there, since I am sure I have succumbed to making fun of them on this basis–it’s just that there are much more valid grounds on which to criticize them.

    Like for example, Dean’s pretense that domestic violence is an issue where there’s gender parity, when all credible studies indicate that it is not. They think if they say that enough, people will believe it. And they may be right, judging by the success of Reagan, Fox News, the War on Drugs, various other wars against Iraq and other nations, and so on, etc.

  27. cassandrakitty

    I’m not nearly as kind as cloudiah and am quite happy to make fun of MRAs and PUAs based on their looks, but strategically speaking I’m not sure it’s a good idea to pick on things that they could counter-argue are a result of poverty (which they will then explain as women stealing all men’s money because divorce “rape” blah blah). So “you’re poorly groomed” may actually be even less of a good idea than “you’re ugly”.

  28. Oh it’s not kindness, I promise. I extend them exactly as much kindness as they would extend to a woman they disagree with. XD

  29. But yeah, Dean even tried to play the “I’m missing a tooth because this particular feminist professor makes more money than I do” card, which … wut?

  30. cassandrakitty

    But if that was true you’d have pointed out all kind of things about Dean that are, well, let’s just say less than ideally handsome.

    (Granted that in the war of being vicious about women’s looks PUAs are beating MRAs by miles, which is why I will always point out Roosh’s disgustingly greasy hair and general lack of glamour.)

  31. cassandrakitty

    And yeah, that’s exactly why I think picking on the stuff that could easily be tied to lack of funds (like ugly clothes) is maybe not the smartest way to go, strategically speaking.

  32. cassandrakitty

    Like, picking on the fact that he doesn’t seem to know how to tie a tie? That’s potentially class linked (he can say “well, I’m a blue collar guy, I’ve never had a job where wearing a tie is required, unlike you champagne socialist liberals”), so if we pick on that we’re setting ourselves up for a charge of not caring about working class men.

    (I know that isn’t actually what was motivating anyone here, I’m just saying, strategically maybe not the best idea to go there.)

  33. It’s their hypocrisy that’s the thing, of course. When they STFU about women’s bodies and clothes, then their own shortcomings won’t be worth a mention.

  34. It’s so infuriating when they bring up class, though, given their incredible fucking blindness on both class and race. I mean, if they gave a shit about men in prison — or for that matter, men in prison because they’ve been falsely accused — they would be talking about the damn War on Drugs and how 2-5% of the men in prison for victimless drug crimes are innocent and how informants are used to make false accusations in order to raise the rate of incarceration.

    But those are poor men of color, so they don’t give a shit.

  35. cassandrakitty

    Oh yeah, I hear you. I’m just trying not to give them any extra weapons.

  36. We’ve a whole page of comments here with no kitty videos. What are we thinking? The Furrinati will be displeased.

  37. Thank you for remedying that, kittehs!

  38. I knows my dooty!

  39. strategically speaking I’m not sure it’s a good idea to pick on things that they could counter-argue are a result of poverty (which they will then explain as women stealing all men’s money because divorce “rape” blah blah). So “you’re poorly groomed” may actually be even less of a good idea than “you’re ugly”.

    Also, as a Poor myself, it makes me uncomfortable because I don’t really know how (or have the means) to dress myself for an appearance like that, either. And I don’t like things that make me feel empathy for Dean Esmay :-P

    (I don’t remember who was making fun of his teeth, but as someone who couldn’t afford braces and needs them BADLY and was bullied over it in school: don’t. Just don’t.)

  40. Yeeeeaaaah, I had to be taught how to tie a tie by a meteorologist from Colorado because I had no idea how, and I have long since forgotten.

    And let me tell you, I looked and dressed like SHIT during the Homeless Year. Poverty + weight fluctuation + eating disorder = dressing like a broke twelve-year-old boy. It sucked.

  41. The one thing I’d say is that Dean has internet access and it’s not like there aren’t videos and such with grooming advice. He’s not in a position where he can’t get that info. He’s not homeless, or without resources, even if he is getting miserable pay from Pauly the Grifter.

  42. Yeah, I have been homeless (with a 4 year old child) and I am pretty much on the tippy edge of poverty now, and yet, I have not had much trouble figuring out how to dress myself. This is in spite of having a weird boxy figure and short legs. To me it seems like this dude is trying to look like kind of a douche because it is another way that he can push his entitlement. I mean, of course women are required to work extra hard to be pleasing to look at, but dudely dude bros can slap on some black socks with sandals and everyone should still respect them.

  43. I just think it makes our position weaker when we say things like “no body shaming” and then some feminists do it against MRAs. It’s hypocritical: do as I say, not do as I do. I just don’t think that anyone should be body-shamed or poverty-shamed.

    Being wilfullly ignorant, on the other hand…

  44. cassandrakitty

    Oh, it’s definitely male entitlement that allows him to go on TV like that without worrying that it will lead to him being taken less seriously. I doubt he’s self-aware enough to have thought things through that far, though.

  45. Generally I agree that making fun of appearance, dress, and other such incidentals is counterproductive. (It’s why I don’t like mocking people’s handles unless the handle is itself hateful.)

    But there’s an argument to be made that part of being a serious organization is presenting oneself professionally, and that AVFM has the budget to make sure that its people who appear on TV look TV-worthy. (That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be in business wear, but their appearance should reflect the organization’s priorities, and I don’t know how an overly long tie could reflect something positive.)

    But if you’re going to make that argument, you should actually make that argument, ie “If AVFM wants to appear professional, then their staff should dress professionally during media engagements;” random dress-related potshots do not accomplish much.

  46. Thanks katz, your last paragraph expresses what I wasn’t articulating.

  47. Anonymouslazycat

    Yeah, the clothes-related comments were rubbing me the wrong way too. As others have pointed out, it’s pretty hypocritical and has doesn’t really have anything to do with his arguments or ideology. There’s more than enough to poke fun at in those categories, so pointing out his tie is, well…pointless.

  48. I agree, body shaming is not cool. I hope that isn’t how I have come across to anyone. Also I know I made a comment saying that Dean looked like a toddler/homeless. Sorry about that, I didn’t think about it that way (poverty shaming).

    Honestly, it is just hard to resist the urge mainly because of the two points I made before. These guys want to be taken seriously and claim that they are for real, but they look totally unprofessional and not in a cool counter-culture way (which would be fine). Also they talk all kinds of crap about other people’s appearance, especially women, but can’t be bothered to hold themselves to the same standards.

    But *sigh* you are right, it is probably best to just look past it and focus elsewhere. Damn it though, it is just so irritating when people are bigots and hypocrites at the same time!

  49. thewatchingdog

    @pallygirl I don’t think it’s “body shaming” to analyze how a person looks when they know going to be on TV and represent this organization to the world..I think there is information there..and if it’s done with a laugh at the hate group spokesman’s expense..well..
    Maybe it’s because laughter is a release of tension..the tension of death threats..every attempt to humiliate and destroy your life online by stealing personal information..every camera shoved in the face of every woman who dare even to hold a sign..they’re smirk as they click their camera.. they know you know your picture will be used to terrorize and stalk you online by any way they can
    Every young collage student punched in the face one dark night because she protested
    and you want to say were “body shaming” because were laughing at his rumpled suit?

    Are you thinking about what these men would do to you if they could get away with it?..your taking the high road on a minor point like this is some kind of academic exercise..that’s so unfair..when these people only use of decency I’ve ever seen if how they can use someone else’s decency to gain advantage over them.
    How dare we be slightly less than perfect?..when our oppressors are gleefully monsters..I am going to walk away from the keyboard now.

  50. Well, I just called Dean a fatty and made fun of his tie again in a comment on Reddit. But here’s the thing: he’s the managing editor of a site that fat shames all the time, and which has attacked me personally for my weight I don’t know how many times. I sort of feel that unless he actually does something about the fat-shaming on AVFM that I, as a fatty, have the right to call him a fatty any time I want? Maybe that’s not right, but he’s such a shit.

    Also, it’s been like a decade since I wore a tie, and I’m pretty sure I could get the length at least in the ballpark of right. I’m pretty sure Dean has SEEN men wearing ties before.

    Given that he’s also spread nasty lies about me on Twitter and in posts on AVFM, and that he works for a hate site that harasses and threatens women, I sort of feel that I have no obligation to be civil with him at all.

    That said, I still wouldn’t mock the tooth thing. I know someone who had a tooth pulled b/c he couldn’t afford to have it dealt with properly. He didn’t blame it all on a random feminist professor though.

    And I wouldn’t call him a fatty in a post here.

  51. What David said.

    When these douchecanoes stop doing actual body-shaming (or trying it, at least) and stop trying to micro-manage how women should look, then maybe I won’t be inclined to laugh at their failings with ties and the like, and their sheer hypocrisy. I don’t give a shit what their body shapes are, but I don’t give ’em a pass when they are not in any of the categories that make people actually unable to groom or present themselves. He’s not poor, he’s not homeless. Those are things that deprive people of choice; he isn’t deprived to that extent at all. He’s a supposed professional, appearing on television. He’s just too fucking lazy and entitled to bother. Can you imagine the response from his little dudebro buddies if a woman dressed in equivalent fashion, especially if she dared appear on television while fat?

  52. It’s kind of like when you’re a liberal in the US during an election cycle. People are always saying that we shouldn’t sink to their level (the Tea Party or other such cretins), but sometimes being able to make fun of them is the only thing keeping me from ripping out all my hair.

  53. We were discussing fallacies in another thread. The two wrongs make a right is a fallacy. I go back to what katz said:

    But if you’re going to make that argument, you should actually make that argument, ie “If AVFM wants to appear professional, then their staff should dress professionally during media engagements;” random dress-related potshots do not accomplish much.

  54. I’m not actually trying to accomplish anything except mocking them on a mockery blog. I’m laughing at their hypocrisy and incompetence.

  55. pallygirl, it is not random though. These people are actively assholish toward other people about their appearance. I would say it’s more like a taste of their own medicine. Which might not be the most productive thing in the world, but it isn’t wrong either.

  56. I typically have no interest in mocking the physical appearance of any denizens of the Manosphere, but Deano’s tie cries out for it. Like Roosh’s infamous stringy hair chicken prep photo, the tie is riveting in it’s wrongness. It was like a foot and a half too long. He couldn’t do a worse job putting on that tie without tying it around a different body part. The longest tie in the world is too hilarious a thing for me to not really, really enjoy David’s jokes about it.

  57. FWIW, I don’t want to make “no mocking clothing” a rule or anything, it’s just my personal preference.

  58. David, do you have any quick evidence to disprove Esmay’s claim that people who threaten violence against women aren’t allowed on the AVfM site?

  59. Thank you wild conspiracy theory Mountain Man, I’m glad we learned… something I’m not quite sure.

    Oh, yeah, get proper fitting ties before presenting yourself and your movement on national television.

  60. wait……. does he think only men have assholes

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