CoAlpha Forum member on Elliot Rodger: “Had he just butchered as many sorority girls as he could he would have been a true hero.”

A makeshift shrine on the lawn of the sorority targeted by Elliot Rodger

A makeshift shrine on the lawn of the sorority targeted by Elliot Rodger

Most of those in the manosphere, whatever their real feelings, have been relatively circumspect about expressing sympathy with, or support for, Elliot Rodger. Sure, many manospherians – from MRAs to PUAs to MGTOWs – have long been half-warning, half-threatening those of us in the “blue pill” world that angry young men are going to rise up and take a sort of self-styled revenge upon their supposed female and feminist oppressors.

But when one man actually launches a “Day of Retribution” intended to punish the “blonde sluts” of the world (as well as any man who roused his ire or got in his way), most manospherians have tried to change the subject, denying any connection between his ideas and theirs, and in some cases even trying to pretend that the man who wanted to watch all women die in concentration camps wasn’t even a misogynist at all.

That’s not the case over at the CoAlpha Forum, a self-proclaimed “Reactionary Free Speech Forum” given over to a strange and scary patriarchal variant on manosphere ideology.

The main thing keeping the CoAlphas from celebrating Elliot Rodgers as an Incel Hero? He killed too many men – and didn’t “butcher” enough “sorority girls.”

In one thread immediately following the shootings, the CoAlphas wondered why Rodger didn’t kill more women. Cornfed complained:


The guy seems to have killed mostly men for some reason. I would have much more sympathy for him if he had confined himself to shooting up a sorority house as per his original stated intention.

Fschmidt, one of the site’s administrators, offered a distinct lack of sympathy to the victims, and indeed any victims of any killings in the United States.

America has a population of over 300 million human vermin, so if a few are killed, it hardly matters who they are because the numbers are insignificant.  A guy like him would have been useful to us alive.  The question is how to reach guys like him before they snap.  Maybe I should have posted to PuaHate (where he posted).  The average IQ there seemed pretty low, which is why I didn't post there.  But if that forum comes back, I will take another look.

Vegeta2 just came out and said it: In his eyes, Elliot would have been a true hero — if he had only killed more women.

Dont waste your time on Puahate. it is a cesspool. I've lurked there There are, I believe thousands of men like Elliot. Once in a while one of these men will want revenge for being rejected, humiliated and bullied. Had he just butchered as many sorority girls as he could he would have been a true hero. My problem is that his killings were random. For all we know there could have been a fellow Incel among his victims

Cornfed was also less than impressed with Rodger’s “haul” as a spree killer:

The dead victims of this guy appear to have been three Chinese nerds, some random guy and two skanks. Not a very admirable haul. People really should not do this, but if they do then they ought to put more thought into it.

In a second thread started several days after the killings, fschmidt postulated that Elliot Rodger’s real problem was that he was a “man of integrity” who suffered because he was pressured to “try to fit into a depraved culture that he could never really be a part of.”

And suprisingly, he got some pushback from one commenter. Though Moralmoe91 made clear that he “agreed with most of Rodger’s criticisms of: women, society as a whole, and the messed up male/female dynamics that are rampant today,” he just couldn’t agree with the killing, which he thought was wrong because, you know, killing is bad, and also very likely to cause big problems for incels and antifeminists like him.

Fschmidt offered a rather chillingly blase response to Moralmoe91’s contention that killing people was not such a great idea.

I don’t understand the point of condemning his actions.  I mean, I don’t approve but I am not particularly against the death of Americans.

In a series of coments, poor Moe did his best to explain to fschmidt that Rodger’s actions might end up hurting him too. And he repeated his apparently quite controversial notion that murder is actually bad.

You guys don't seem to understand what i'm trying to say... I agree with all of you about how messed up American Culture is, particularly the women. I can also identify very strongly with Elliot's pain... However what he did was wrong and only hurt our cause. Feminists have been assassinating our character and calling us hateful for years and because of guys like Elliot they now have evidence to support all of the negative shit they have been saying about us.  His actions did nothing to help dateless men.... It only hurt our image and made us look bad... That is part of the reason why dateless men have got to condemn his actions. The biggest reason being that murder is morally wrong.

No dice. Fschmidt was convinced by none of it. Not even the bit about murder.

Murder?  Killing is only murder when one kills a member of one’s own culture.  Modern Western culture is not my culture, so I do not consider killing its members to be murder.

That may be the creepiest thing I’ve read since Elliot Rodger’s manifesto.

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  1. Arctic Ape

    On Pharyngula, commenter David Marjanovic has argued that even the Roman Language Police didn’t get “Romans go home” quite right, since their wording implies that all Romans go to the *same* home.

    Is it sad that I squeed at this idea?

  2. Mildlymagnificent,

    Now I want to join a guerrilla gardening group. :)

  3. Argenti Aertheri

    “Lingua Latina non mortua est; sed contemplacit pro fiordis”

    The Latin language is not dead but…

    Yeah, conjugating those verbs would be great.

  4. Yeah, I think they were wrong. The locative is used when something takes place in the house, and the ackusative should be used for direction to the house. But they got it right in the end, because they used the ackusative anyway (domum), while the locative is domi.

  5. I don’t really know any Latin and only little Monty Python. However, if you aren’t familiar with Pharyngula’s argument thread and David Marjanović in particular, he’ll be happy to dredge the deep wells of linguistic pedantry with you. Just remember to copy the accent for his name :)

  6. ” Brian: Aaagh ! Not the dative, not the dative ! Er, er, accusative, “Domum” !

    Centurion: But “Domus” takes the locative, which is…?

    Brian: Er, “Domum” ! ”

    Here’s where I think they went wrong. Locative shouldn’t be used here and the locative is domi.

    I’ve heard that that the dirtiest of dirtiest latin words, worse than irrumabo and pedicabo was landica, and guess what that means…

  7. RE: natalie jones

    Just sayin’ trollin’ here is easy like sunday mornin’.

    *raises eyebrow* I’m now embarrassed to have taken you seriously. Congratulations, you prove you have the ability to irritate people, like any three-year-old. What an accomplishment.

    RE: faux

    it is the equivalent of going to your ‘not stamp collecting’ hobby club

    I know. It’s why I don’t hang out in atheist groups; all we have in common is NOT believing in something! That’s not exactly a way to base a friendship…

    RE: Suzy

    He complained about how “nice guys always finish last” and that he would ‘have to’ pay for sex till he dies. It was the most pathetic thing I had ever heard. It still is.

    My most pathetic moment was some dude who thought he’d get to fuck me if he just whined about how he’d never gotten laid. One day, I got sick of it and told him that I didn’t think never getting laid sounded so bad, seeing as all my corporeal experience to that point was raped.

    To which he responded, “At least you got some!”

    THAT was the most pathetic thing I ever heard. Yeah, buddy, I can’t IMAGINE why you’re having trouble getting laid, with an attitude like that. (What was even more pathetic was that he still saw himself as a sweet, sincere man who the pretty girls just never gave a chance.)

  8. ::is busy squeeing over faux’s new kitty gravatar::

  9. natalie jones: . I don’t want any of this to splash onto people like me who chose not to participate in these self-defeating,mean spirited, hate-filled groups.

    It doesn’t. I’m a man. I don’t get offended when someone talks about date rapists, because I know I don’t do that. I don’t catcall women, so that rolls off me.

    Same for most of the things related to racism.

    I’m not perfect. I do some sexist things. I do some racist things. When they are pointed out to me I go, “oh… shit I ought to not do that”.

    Because I have no vested interest in perpetuating the problems.

    So if you don’t do that shit, it’s not about you. If you think it is, you need to figure out why.

  10. @Chris Wilson and Unimaginative: Thanks for the heads up about CAFE’s “charitable” status. I feel like doing a bit of shit disturbing, so I think I’ll go over all the info I can find on them with a fine toothed comb with regard to any possible way they could even be bending the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Then I’ll start pestering my MP, MPP, and possibly even Toronto city council, if they’re setting up shop in these parts.

    I know only a little about CAFE, but I know a lot about the Charter, and how to use it. From everything I’ve read so far about CAFE, I’m sure they’re breaking it somewhere. From there it’s just a small step to hate group status! :D

  11. cassandrakitty

    BTW, for any of the “this is just a one-off and he was crazy and men don’t do this so quit talking about it” guys who’ve been lurking around and puking up entitlement all over these articles about Rogers…

    Yeah, he was just crazy, and men never do stuff like this. Women should just stop complaining, amirite?

  12. Cassandra,
    That’s horrible. Especially since she’s so young. And how dare that creeper debase the Furrinati by wearing a picture of one as an avatar?

    He sounds more like Ramsay Bolton than Elliot Roger, Ick.

  13. That PoS should be permanently in a cell for making death threats.

  14. Damn, that kik harassment is pretty much the worst creepy PM I’ve ever seen. And of course some assholes are calling it fake, blaming her, bla bla.

  15. cassandrakitty

    That guy’s not Schrodinger’s Rapist, he’s Schrodinger’s Serial Killer.

  16. Brain bleach:

    Musical swing bus stops in Montreal

  17. Damn, that kik harassment is pretty much the worst creepy PM I’ve ever seen. And of course some assholes are calling it fake, blaming her, bla bla.

    According to her blog, she’s called the police – and quite rightly.

    Not too surprisingly, the offending account has been deleted, but hopefully it’s still traceable.

  18. I’m glad she’s contacted the police, Wetherby. I hope to God they charge this scum.

  19. That evil shit-stain needs to be locked up until he realizes he’s not a fucking god, and that other people are just as important as he is. Just…ugh >:(

  20. Flying Mouse

    That kik harassment – wow, no entitlement there! Good for her that she stood up to that scum-sucker’s threats. I hope she can stay safe and comfortable.

    What are all these guys going to do if they succeed in harassing women off the internet? Will they have a “Mission Accomplished” party? Or will they sit around and whine because they don’t have any girls to talk to, god, they were just kidding about all that skin suit stuff, why can’t women take a joke?

  21. I hope the police actually take it seriously.

  22. Cassandrakitty,
    I have a daughter her age.

    Miserable misogynist, harasser scum….

    I hope the cops are on his doorstep asap, but I won’t hold my breath.

  23. I hope the cops are on his doorstep asap, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Nah, I’m sure he didn’t really mean it. He’ll assure them that it was all a prank, maybe admit that he got carried away, but he’s really sorry and he’ll never do it again. And the officers will say what a nice man he was and tell her not to worry her pretty little head.

  24. Look, there are millions of guys out there,like Rodgers, with “no game”, and you never notice them, or see them or even care about them, until something like this happens, and we suddenly say, “Gee. how do these things happen?”. Wake up!

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