Is The Mankind Initiative’s #ViolenceIsViolence video a fraud?

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The ManKind Initiative, a UK organization devoted to fighting domestic violence against men, recently put out a video that’s been getting a lot of attention in the media and online, racking up more than six million views on YouTube in a little over a week.

The brief video, titled #ViolenceIsViolence, purports to depict the radically different reactions of bystanders to staged incidents of domestic violence between a couple in a London plaza. When the man was the aggressor, shoving the woman and grabbing her face, bystanders intervened and threatened to call the police. When the woman was the aggressor, the video shows bystanders laughing, and no one does a thing.

The video has been praised by assorted Men’s Rights Activists, naturally enough, but it has also gotten uncritical attention in some prominent media outlets as well, from Marie Claire to the Huffington Post.

There’s just one problem: The video may be a fraud, using deceptive editing to distort incidents that may well have played out quite differently in real life.

A shot-by-shot analysis of the video from beginning to end reveals that the first “incident” depicted is actually a composite of footage shot of at least two separate incidents, filmed on at least three different times of day and edited together into one narrative.

A careful viewing of the video also reveals that many of the supposed “reaction shots” in the video are not “reaction shots” at all, but shots taken in the same plaza at different times and edited in as if they are happening at the same time as the staged “incidents” depicted.

Moreover, none of the people depicted as laughing at the second incident are shown in the same frame as the fighting couple. There is no evidence that any of them were actually laughing at the woman attacking the man.

The editing tricks used in the video were brought to my attention by a reader who sent me a link to a blog entry by Miguel Lorente Acosta, a Professor of Legal Medicine at the University of Granada in Spain, and a Government Delegate for Gender Violence in Spain’s Ministry of Equality. He goes through the video shot by shot, showing each trick for what it is.

The post in Spanish, and his argument is a little hard to follow through the filter of Google Translate, so I will offer my own analysis of the video below, drawing heavily on his post. (His post is still worth reading, as he covers several examples of deceptive editing I’ve left out.)

I urge you to watch the video above through once, then follow me through the following analysis.

The first “incident” is made up of footage taken at three distinct times, if not more. The proof is in the bench.

In the opening shot of the video, we see an overview of the plaza. We see two people sitting on a bench, a man in black to the left and a woman in white to the right, with a trash can to the right of them. (All of these lefts and rights are relative to us, the viewers.) The trash can has an empty green bag hanging off of it.


As the first incident begins, we see the same bench, only now we see two women sitting where the man was previously sitting. The trash can now has a full bag of trash sitting next to it.


In this shot, showing bystanders intervening in what is portrayed as the same fight, and supposedly depicting a moment in time only about 30 seconds after the previous shot, we see that the two women on the bench have been replaced by two men, one in a suit and the other in a red hoodie. The full trash bag has been removed, and the trash can again has an empty trash bag hanging off of it.


Clearly this portion of the video does not depict a single incident.

What about the reaction shots? The easiest way to tell that the reaction shots in the video did not chronologically follow the shots that they come after in the video is by looking at the shadows. Some of the video was shot when the sky was cloudy and shadows were indistinct. Other shots were taken in direct sunlight. In the video, shots in cloudy weather are followed immediately by shots in roughly the same location where we see bright sunlight and clear shadows.

Here’s one shot, 9 seconds in. Notice the lack of clear shadows; the shadow of the sitting woman is little more than a vague smudge.


Here’s another shot from less than a second later in the same video – the timestamp is still at 9 seconds in. Now the plaza is in direct sunlight and the shadows are sharp and distinct.


If you watch the video carefully, you can see these sorts of discontinuities throughout. It seems highly unlikely that the various reaction shots actually depict reactions to what they appear to be reactions to. Which wouldn’t matter if this were a feature film; that’s standard practice. But this purports to be a depiction of real incidents caught on hidden camera and presented as they happened in real time.

The issue of non-reaction reaction shots is especially important when it comes to the second incident. In the first incident, we see a number of women, and one man, intervening to stop the violence. There is no question that’s what’s going on, because we see them in the same frame as the couple.

In the second incident, none of the supposed laughing onlookers ever appear in the same frame as the fighting couple. We have no proof that their laughter is in fact a reaction to the woman attacking the man. And given the dishonest way that the video is edited overall, I have little faith that they are real reaction shots.

The people who are in frame with the fighting couple are either trying resolutely to ignore the incident – as many of the onlookers also did in the first incident – or are clearly troubled by it.

I noticed one blonde woman who looked at first glance like she might have been laughing, but after pausing the video it became clear that she was actually alarmed and trying to move out of the way.


There is one other thing to note about the two incidents. In the first case, the onlookers didn’t intervene until after the man escalated his aggression by grabbing the woman by her face. In the second video, the screen fades to black shortly after the woman escalates her aggression to a similar level. We don’t know what, if anything, happened after that.

Is it possible that the first part of the video, despite being a composite of several incidents, depicts more or less accurately what happened each time the video makers tried this experiment? Yes. Is it possible that onlookers did indeed laugh as the woman attacked the man? Yes.

But there is only one way for The ManKind Initiative to come clean and clear up any suspicion: they need to post the unedited, time-stamped footage of each of the incidents they filmed from each of their three cameras so we can see how each incident really played out in real time and which, if any, of the alleged reactions were actual reactions.

In addition to the editing tricks mentioned above, we don’t know if the video makers edited out portions of the staged attacks that might have influenced how the bystanders reacted.

The video makers should also post the footage of the incidents that they did not use for the advert, so we can see if reactions to the violence were consistently different when the genders of attackers and victims were switched. Two incidents make up a rather small sample – even if one of these incidents is actually two incidents disguised as one.

Domestic violence against men is a real and serious problem. But you can’t fight it effectively with smoke and mirrors.

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  3. wewereemergencies

    But why is the editing necessary if not fraudulent purposes AnotherVoice? What do the editors gain from editing vs. full-length and why would they not tell us why the editing was done? The point is that the video makers have edited the video in deceptive ways, and have not made any sort of statement as to why.

    Why are you so uncritical of media AnotherVoice?

  4. This thread creates a typo every time a Nice Guy(tm) is forced to leave feminism because of me.

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  21. Who cares if the thing is edited… The point still stands that people are much less likely to do anything when a man is being attacked by his girlfriend but will run to the defense of a female being attacked by a man. Sure they use some deceptive things to get the point across, but the point stands that NOT A SINGLE PERSON does anything in one instance, but at least 4 others say or do something in another instance where only genders are reversed. By calling this entire video into question you miss the entire point. Its not to defend men or villainize women, its to raise awareness.

  22. Read the whole thread necro troll. We’ve been over this.

  23. “If you watch the video carefully, you can see these sorts of discontinuities throughout. It seems highly unlikely that the various reaction shots actually depict reactions to what they appear to be reactions to. Which wouldn’t matter if this were a feature film; that’s standard practice. But this purports to be a depiction of real incidents caught on hidden camera and presented as they happened in real time.”

    You had me going there for a minute! The real “smoke and mirrors” is on this site, not in the video. It’s in the final sentence quoted, in a paragraph near the end of this blog post. The sentence that isn’t true. “But this purports to be a depiction of real incidents caught on hidden camera and presented as they happened in real time.”

    The video doesn’t purport this. Glad we’ve sorted that out.

  24. Isn’t the only thing anyone should be ashamed of that WeHuntedTheMammoth lists as top Google Result for #ViolenceisViolence aiming to cast doubt on a campaign that tries to raise awareness about domestic violence. Like imagine a Cancer charity posted a dramatic video to highlight cancer awareness and the top result for their hash tag was that their video was edited for maximum effect. Class act, douchebags.

  25. You need the video to be fake , you need it to be fabricated, as you do not dare to touch the women on men violence as a problem, that wont fit with your world vieuw as the man always being the one doing the domestic violence, well thanks to people like you men who are in that situation will never be taken seriously …..if thats your brand of equality you can keep it and shove it .

  26. Policy of Madness

    its hilarious that you can overlook that there is no shot of a fighting couple with people laughing in the same frame, even though those shots would be available if there was no deceptive editing.

    i bet you believe that the shower scene in psycho has nudity and stabbing in it.

  27. @Mark:

    Preeettty sure the situation is reversed. You need the video to be real, because you need something shocking to prove that men have it just as bad in the domestic violence sphere; the statistics don’t help you.

    We, on the other hand, are not straw-feminists that believe women can do no wrong and men can do no right. If the video were 100% accurate, it’d be rather bizarre and worthy of discussion, but it is certainly no worldview killer.

    Feminists have long known that men can be abused, raped and assaulted, and have long pointed to toxic masculinity as a reason for why those men aren’t taken seriously (they’re supposed to be stronger than women, how could they let themselves get beaten up by a girl har har har).

    However, this phenomena is splash damage, and the cause is still patriarchy and rigid gender roles. The people who want to divert the conversation to say that men suffer just as badly from domestic abuse as women are proposing an entirely different cause, one that doesn’t match up with the facts.

    You need this video to be real. We don’t need it to be fake.

  28. Like imagine a Cancer charity posted a dramatic video to highlight cancer awareness and the top result for their hash tag was that their video was edited for maximum effect.

    No. The equivalent would be if a cancer charity falsely claimed that a privileged demographic group was being given inferior oncological care and should therefore receive the lion’s share of the money and attention.

    You need the video to be fake , you need it to be fabricated, as you do not dare to touch the women on men violence as a problem

    What Kirbywrap said. Get back to us when just in the US (sorry I don’t know the stats for other countries) 3 men are killed by their female domestic partners every day. Because currently it’s not even close to that. But three women are killed by their male domestic partners every day.

    You also conveniently left out the fact that many male domestic violence victims have male abusers. Way to erase gay men completely in your effort to make women look horrible and violent. That’s very human rightsy of you!

  29. Thanks David for your work and for your comments about my post on the topic.

    Equality is good for women and for men, and we need men in Equality, but when some men try to confuse and manipulate society, like they did with the video, they prove that many men prefer to keep their male privileges instead of living together in equality.

    We are improving but we need to do the time shorter. There is no way back, we are moving towards Equality, and the best thing that all of us, men and women, can do is to work together to reach the goal as soon as possible.

    Best regards from Spain.
    Miguel Lorente

  30. Wow! I’m getting jaded, as I expected to find that this necro’d thread had a troll on it. Instead, thank-you very much for your work on this vital topic, Miguel Lorente! :)

  31. Ha! Same here, grumpyoldnurse.

    Thank you for coming by, Miguel! I’ve been following your work for a while now and all I can say is: I’m really happy to have you on our side :)

  32. Feminists have long supported domestic violence against men, no surprise that they desperately
    (and quite pathetic) try to trivialize the problem.

  33. emilygoddess

    Tell you what, Dan: normally I delete comments with sexist slurs in them, but I’ll offer you a troll challenge of sorts: if you can find a single example of David or anyone in this thread saying “who gives a fuck about male victims of DV” or anything like it, I’ll edit your comment instead of deleting the whole foolish thing. Good luck!

  34. And I don’t know if you’ve ever been to London, but it can go from overcast to sunny and back to overcast in a matter of minutes. The fact that it isn’t raining in any of the shots makes me suspect that it was all shot in under 15 minutes.

    It rains every 15 minutes in London? And I thought Seattle was bad.

  35. Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)

  36. Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)

    You know, while we’re talking about old shit, why not listen to old shit?

  37. emilygoddess - WHTM Mod

    I may or may not have that song in regular rotation. Also this one:

  38. Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)

    N*Sync was carried by pretty boy Justin Timberlake. Fact. That’s why while Backstreet Boys had all the good songs, N*Sync was more popular.

    Also Justin Timberlake is just plain awesome.

    If you listen closely to most of his songs, there’s beatboxing in them.

  39. This thread gets necro’d so much. It’s been awhile though!

  40. “Cool,” I thought. “I’ll listen to the updated concept via Justin Timberlake.” And I wish I had only listened, Pandapool. The peeping tom stalker stuff at the end of the video squicked me out. Since the lyrics said she “called me on the phone,” I thought he was going to send the kissing-the-new-girl image back via the phone.

  41. Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)


    Admittedly, I didn’t really watch the video, I just posted it for the song…so…yeah, it got weird.

  42. Emilygoddess - WHTM mod

    Dan failed to meet the troll challenge so his comment has been deleted.

  43. God damnit, Dan! You had one job!
    (I really wanted to read his mess of a comment ya’ll)

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