Heartiste takes on an “egotistic, attention starved, solipsistic, passive aggressive, perpetually aggrieved … manlet” who somehow isn’t him.


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Well, the great minds of the manosphere have been going into overdrive trying to explain away the fact that a man who had a lot in common with them, ideology-wise, murdered six innocent people on Friday as part of a “Day of Retribution” that he had hoped would involve a lot more dead bodies, particularly of the blonde, female variety.

We had noted cultural commenter JudgyBitch (Janet Bloomfield) looking at Elliot Rodger, a man who wrote a 140-page manifesto detailing his hatred of women and girls, a manifesto that contained the following paragraph:

Women are like a plague. They don’t deserve to have any rights. Their wickedness must be contained in order prevent future generations from falling to degeneracy. Women are vicious, evil, barbaric animals, and they need to be treated as such.

.. and which ended with a fantasy of putting all the women in the world in concentration camps and starving them to death, while Rodger took a position in a giant tower built just for him “where I can oversee the entire concentration camp and gleefully watch them all die,” and suggesting that Rodger wasn’t actually a misogynist, because he wasn’t able to get into the sorority and murder all the “blonde sluts” he had hoped to murder and so ended up killing more men than women.

We had pickup guru and sometime date rapist Roosh Val looking at that same fellow, a young man who decided that all the women in the world deserved to die because no hot blondes came up and threw themselves at him while he wandered around campus talking to no one, and deciding that “game” would have saved his life and the life of his victims.

And we had Dr. Helen trying her best to insinuate that feminists were to blame for Rodger’s murders in California because a small group of feminists blocked a lecture by a Men’s Rights celebrity in Toronto and therefore prevented Rodger from getting the proper psychiatric care he needed, even though he had been seeing psychiatrists for years as well as a string of counselors in his final days.

But we still haven’t’ heard from the master of PUA purple prose, the Heartiste formerly known as Roissy. What the heck does he think about poor dead murderer Elliot Rodger?

Well, he has answered that question at last. According to Heartiste, the fallen Rodger was a repressed gay “social retard” who was also possibly a hetero incel beta male member of an omega male brothel. Plus some other stuff. I guess I should let Heartiste explain, because there’s no way to summarize his particular brand of fragrant prose poop.

First, teh gay:

Rodger pings some operational gaydars. There’s his plush gay face. There’s the “try-hard” nature of his manifesto, which reads less like a compendium of genuine pain than a B-movie script of what he’d think a guy with girl troubles would write. … And his narcissism; if you haven’t seen by now, Rodger had a stream of attention whoring pouty-lipped Facebook selfies that would make a dancing bar slut blush.

Setting aside the unproved gay hypothesis, Heartiste considers Rodger’s life as an incel – or “involuntary celibate.”

From what I can glean, Elliot Rodger failed with women because he was a social retard. That’s pretty much all there is to it. … He thought that “putting himself out there” with girls was sitting on a park bench like Aqualung. That making a serious move on a girl was quickly muttering “hi” as he stumbled past her, later delirious with rage that she didn’t reciprocate with an equally prompt blowjob. That bumping into an Asian dude talking to a cute chick, and glaring at them with his twisted angry face, was acting “cocky and arrogant”. That his effeminate passivity and lack of proactive engagement with women was evidence that they were “ignoring” him.

Actually, Heartiste sort of has a point here: Rodger seems to have literally never approached a single woman. His idea of courtship was to put on designer clothes and wander around outside, hoping that some lovely blonde gal would take a fancy to him and invite herself to be his girlfriend.

Heartiste, like Roosh, thinks that “game” could have saved Rodger, but only if he had been gotten to earlier. Alas, Heartiste notes, Rodger turned not to PUA but to the website PUAhate.

Which brings us to PUAHate … It’s not a forum for failed pickup artists as some male feminists licking the taint of their femcunt overwhores will want you to believe. It’s a hangout for socially awkward losers who desperately want to blame their failings with women on their sub-Pitt looks instead of on their awful social calibration and their inability to say two words to a girl without filling their Pokemon underoos.

Again, Heartiste is partly right. No, not that bit about the femcunt overwhores and the fellows in their underwears. That other stuff. PUAhate is indeed a cesspit. While there are some people on the site legitimately interested in exposing PUA fraud, they’re outnumbered by angry incels and misogynistic trolls.

No sense ignoring the race angle.

Oh dear. Given that Heartiste is basically a genteel Nazi and Rodger was half-white, half-Asian, this isn’t going to be pretty.

Mixed race people are more likely to have psychological disorders. And Asian men are especially susceptible to dating market lockouts. Throw in the cauldron a stew of vibrant proximate diversity and it’s a surprise suppressed racial/sexual rage doesn’t boil over more often.

Ok, that wasn’t quite as awful as I expected, though I’m pretty sure Heartiste’s reference to “vibrant proximate diversity” is basically just his way of suggesting that segregation is preferable to a society in which different ethnic groups actually come into contact with one another on a regular basis.

Heartiste decides to end by suggesting that the “effeminate” Rodger may be a sign of things to come:

The title of this post is a broad indictment of this infantile Millennial generation, which daily provides evidence that their ranks are filled with effeminate males who, like women, expect the world to cater their needs, no questions asked, no demands made. Elliot Rodger couldn’t stand how unfaaaair girls were to date uglier men than himself, how unfair life was that his car and clothes weren’t a magnet for hot white sorority chicks, how unfair the cosmic laws were to require of him a little bit of effort if he wanted to put an end to his virginity.

Egotistic, attention starved, solipsistic, passive aggressive, perpetually aggrieved, and unwilling to change when posing as a martyr feels so damn good… there’s your new American manlet, same as your new American woman.

Wait, run that first part by me again?

Egotistic, attention starved, solipsistic, passive aggressive, perpetually aggrieved, and unwilling to change when posing as a martyr feels so damn good

Heartiste has just described the typical manospehrian, to a t.

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  1. Interesting. I’m Australian and never take KKK to mean anything other than the actual organisation.

  2. Waaay late to this party but, omg. So much NOPE here. The poor nope llama must be getting an exhausting workout! But I love hir SO much! Many thanks to whoever posted it here a few days ago!

    Heartiste, like Roosh, thinks that “game” could have saved Rodger…

    OH HELL NOPE! This one raises a fury in me like nothing else about this horrible episode.

    Mixed race people are more likely to have psychological disorders.

    wtf?? This requires a prequel gif where the poor llama is watching Heartiste pulling the fax right out of his ass; THE GLASSES, THEY DO NOTHING!!!!

    Throw in the cauldron a stew of vibrant proximate diversity…

    Well, that actually sounds quite nice. Vibrant proximate diversity, mmm! Of course, Heartiste doesn’t think so. *sigh*

    back to lurk mode…

  3. I feel sad I missed the nope llama, and can’t find it anywhere, because with the trolls on this site lately, I sure could use it.

  4. … Okay, I’ve sometimes failed to reshare posts here because they’re too generic, not interesting enough, or so specific in their content that sharing them does little to expose the broader problems with the “manosphere.” This is the first one I’ve hesitated to because the content it’s criticizing is literally just that disgusting.

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