“The battle against feminism is most definitely a white rights issue,” Reddit douchebag explains.


White men: Hot local girls are waiting for you  now!

White men: Hot local girls are waiting for you now!

Here’s a horrible comment from Reddit’s always horrible White Rights subreddit that reveals some of  the ways that the central ideas and obsessions of the manosphere are oozing their way into the thinking, such as it is, of the racist right. Birds of a feather flock together, and I guess the same is true of hateful shitheads.

What’s interesting to me is how easily Mr. Saturnine83 here is able to take the traditional racist paranoia about white women not popping out enough white babies to keep the white race going and make the whole “problem” about stuck-up ladies who won’t date him decent white men. For those filling out bingo cards, note the references to”disposible” men and “involuntary celibacy.”

Saturnine83 6 points 2 months ago (6|0)  Feminism has done a great deal of damage to white nations. It has essentially turned white women against white men in what seems like an ever-escalating gender war. It has convinced white women that white men are a disposable, unnecessary part of their kids' lives. It has also lowered birthrates in white nations by convincing women that in order to have a life that they can be proud of, they must compete with men in the workforce, thus neglecting their natural imperative to have children.  I wouldn't go so far as to advocate the traditional blather of "women belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen", but a white woman who does not produce at bare minimum 2 white children is failing to do her part for her race. Without reproducing, regardless of whatever other pro-white actions she has taken in her life (unless they were truly remarkable), she has failed her race. White men who also refuse to reproduce with white women have failed their race as well. Obviously people who are infertile have a valid excuse and should pursue other means of contributing (such as raising adopted white children to be racially aware), so I don't want to say that there is no way that they can contribute, but for everyone else the rule applies.  Unfortunately for a lot of men, the choice of whether they have children or not is not available to them, either through involuntary celibacy or simply being too undesirable. Feminism has also ratcheted up the degree to which hypergamy is in effect in young women, with the resulting belief among most young white women being that unless a man meets a laundry list of specifications then he is practically invisible to them. This leaves a lot of young men lonely and a lot of women childless as they don't understand that their standards were unreasonable until it is too late to have children.  I could go on and on endlessly, but the battle against feminism is most definitely a white rights issue.

Oh, we have no doubt you could go on and on endlessly. Guys like you always can.

If you’re interested in exploring further connections between “Men’s Rights” and “White Rights,” check out the MRMorWhiteRights subreddit, which tracks this stuff in an entertaining way, and which is where I found the link to Saturnine83’s little screed.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. i’m way too unclarified. XD the original fairy tale sounds creepy like.

  2. I got ninja’d by you, Marie, and then didn’t come back to see it until after reading a bit. I wasn’t trying to sound pushy after you said you didn’t want it, honest! Well, I am pleased I found my old book, anyway :P

  3. @chimisaur

    It works :P You didn’t seem pushy, I just didn’t want to trouble you if you didn’t want to find it, but you are happy you found your old book so all is good :3

  4. @hellkell

    The implication that dwarves are upsetting is kind of not on. They do exist, and they are people.


    The line is from the song, “Agony” from “Into the Woods,” in which the princes are showing off what jackasses they are. One of them sings the line “dwarves are very upsetting,” and it shows how much of a jerk he is. The “brave” prince is afraid of dwarves, for no other reason than that he doesn’t like how they look. He’s a massive fool, and a lousy husband, and hopefully will never be called on to run the kingdom.

    My character sees Rumplestiltskin initially as an “upsetting” dwarf, but as she gets to know him, she realizes he is not, and the stereotype is wrong. The king, on the other hand, is terrifying.

  5. @Fade – the original Rumplestiltskin fairy tale always upset me.

    Now, I grew up with a book of actual Grimm’s fairy tales, and I liked them, for the most part. But some, like Rumplestiltskin have always struck me as wrong on so many levels.

    First of all, the girl has incredibly bad manners. She spends three nights with this guy who is saving her life, and never even gets to know his name? RUDE! And any king who reneges on his promise is never to be trusted. Plus, the whole “killing the goose that laid the golden egg” unpracticality of it all. Instead of threatening her, why not just give her a steady job of spinning? Of course, eventually, she’d run out of stuff to give the guy doing all the real work, but then, if people were honest in the first place, the king would have just hired Rumple.

    And, of course, her being stuck in that situation wasn’t blamed on her father being a drunken bragging lying fool. No, it was her fault for being a lazy woman, in the first place.

    Finally, the unnamed dwarf WAS written as a villain, although he never did anything actually villainous until the end. He was straight-up trading. And why didn’t she just offer him a promise of the royal jewels, once she was queen? The girl in the story never even TRIED to haggle him down from “first born child.” I mean, come ON!

    Stories like that are one of the reasons I didn’t dream of being a princess. Princesses have to deal with all the politics and political intrigue, and people who have it out for them. It’s not just flowers and sparkly dresses.

    Oh, incidentally, in my version of Snow White, she runs away with the huntsman, and then they team up with the dwarves to break into the castle and take down the evil queen. She doesn’t marry the prince, but thinks he’s a twit for wanting to marry some pretty dead girl he doesn’t even know.

    In the original tale, it wasn’t “true love’s first kiss” that broke the spell. It was the lifting her up for the kiss dislodged the apple piece in her throat, and anyone could have done that. The evil queen was remarkably incompetent. She “killed” her at first by selling her a corset and lacing it too tight. The dwarves cut her stays, and she could breathe. Then there was the poisoned hair comb. They took it out, and she bounced right back.

    Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “why doesn’t she just cut her throat, or something?”

    How to kill a hydra, where if you cut off one head, two more grow in it’s place? My response was always to just stab the sucker.

  6. How to kill a hydra, where if you cut off one head, two more grow in it’s place? My response was always to just stab the sucker.

    There’s at least one version of the myth where Hercules does just that.

    Although personally I like Order of the Stick’s solution.

  7. @katz

    i’ve never felt so sorry for a hydra before…

  8. @katz – Oh, that is BRILLIANT! ROFL!

    I love OOTS.

  9. re Khan: Ricardo Montalban was disabled. He’d had an accident which impaired his lower body. If you pay attention you will see that none of his roles in his later life (Fantasy Island, Wrath of Khan) had him doing much in the way of movement.

    I have an ex-girlfriend whose father was a line producer for ABC. He says Montalban was a wonderful person and disability or not, played a killer game of tennis.

    Nonetheless he didn’t have a great deal of mobility, and some of what he did have didn’t look graceful on the screen but he still got parts in “action” movies.

  10. @pecunium – Wow! I didn’t know that.

    So, you’re saying that Hollywood can cast a disabled actor, provided the actor became disabled after already establishing a career playing lead roles?

    Then, why is it so hard for Hollywood to cast already-disabled actors?

    I mean, it’s great for Ricardo Montelban, but it really sucks for the rest.

    Still, that story just adds to RM’s massive coolness, doesn’t it?

  11. @kittehserf: Love the new posts! Louis’s dry sense of humor always makes me smile. ”Someone’s got a problem with my run-on sentences? Too bad!” Bam! Like a boss.

    LOL I snickered when he said that, too!

  12. I’m saying Hollywood can cast such actors, even for roles it seems they might not be suited for. Hollywood chooses not to, but Montalban proves they are full of shit.

  13. She spends three nights with this guy who is saving her life, and never even gets to know his name? RUDE!

    That’s because knowing a magic being’s name gives you power over them – Rumpelstiltskin wouldn’t have told her his name even if she’d asked. That’s the point of his “I’ll give you your child back if you find out my name” deal at the end; I’d bet that in the pre-Grimm version, saying it didn’t just make him throw a tantrum, it probably killed him, or sent him back to the fairy world.

  14. @pecunium – Yeah. They are.

    @kittehserf – Then the story should have said his “true name.” The stories always had him nameless until the end. Not even a “you may call me Fred,” moment. It was just so wrong.

    I mean, even though she was “the miller’s daughter,” and then there was “the king,” that’s how the story is told to people who don’t need to address the characters. If you were cooped up in the same room with someone for three days, wouldn’t you chat a little, and use some form of name, even if you knew it was a false one? I may give my nickname, or you may give your internet handle, but we’d share some names.

    Well, I’m off to bed. Goodnight, all!

  15. Niters!

    Y’know the story would be even better as Rumpelstiltskin aka Fred. Or Friederich. ;)

  16. Michelle, your Rumplestiltskin story reminds me a little bit of this short comic story:


    Which also involves adorable fairytale dwarf romance and I highly recommend.

  17. @Catalpa – and that story would blow the MRA’s minds. I love it! Thanks!

    Speaking of which, have you seen these 2?



    In the first one, Captain Badass has been hit with a virus to make him look, I believe the word is bushi? Or something like that?

    In the second one, he’s finally been cured.

    Anyway, I thought it was quite apropos.

  18. @kittehserf – I like that title.

  19. Michelle, you’re focusing on the fairy tale as fiction and believing the fairy tale as cultural mythos. Lots of things happen in fairy tales that don’t make narrative sense because fairy tales are not strictly make to be read as fiction.

  20. Sorry, autocorrect got me. “Believing” was supposed to be “neglecting.”

  21. RE: Michelle C Young

    I’m definitely bookmarking your stuff for more future reading.

    My writeathon opens on the 31st! You should join the fun. ;)

    Thank you so much for the definition, so that I did not have to read any more detail than that.

    Yeah, and I was considered foolish for having such a short list of “nope, will not write” things. But I wanted to be challenged.

    RE: chimisaur

    is there a place I can read more?

    I’m glad you liked the bath story and that it made you giggle and feel things! Thomas’s cultural misadventures are proving quite popular. And yes, I actually write for pay, but due to how I run things have a lot of stories up for free reading!

    Here is all my writing ever.

    Here is the index for Infinity Smashed, the universe that the bath story takes place in. Head’s up, it is a sprawling patchwork monster in constant stages of editing, and is not complete, so there are still big gaps between stories. (They aren’t written in chronological order.)

    Here are my current orphan stories for sale.

    Also, on Saturday, the 31st of May, I am opening up my newest writeathon, on the theme of journeys! Make a request for a story on the theme, whatever you like, and I write it for you! When the story gets sponsored, it is posted online for everyone to see! Anyone can sponsor any story, and I have bonuses and perks if my readers are spectacularly generous. Stay tuned on my blog and join the party! I love seeing new participants.

    RE: Marie

    *LBT, so sorry, I got lost at pronouns because my brain died, but I don’t know if which of you and your system members wrote it.

    Enh, I do most of the writing, but it’s a kludgey group effort, so ‘they’ is perfectly acceptable. ‘He’ for me, ‘they’ for us. So you got it right! Also, if you want more LGBT stuff, I have a list of all my queer characters, which might help lead you to more stories you would like!

  22. @LBT

    Eep. Plenty of stories, but I’ll check ’em out when I’m in the mood, so thanks for the link :3

    I confess to not having participated in your writeathons /shame. I’d try to put money to one if I had more money*, but I’m no good with prompts. (that’s what you do, right?)

    *got a job, but it pays sub minimum wage. It’s temporary, so when I hopefully get a better one I’ll actually be able to pay some of your writathons, cuz I like your work :3

  23. RE: Marie

    I confess to not having participated in your writeathons /shame. I’d try to put money to one if I had more money*, but I’m no good with prompts. (that’s what you do, right?)

    Don’t be ashamed! I know that some people are broke and some folks don’t like giving prompts; it’s why I set things up the way I do, in hopes of letting as many people participate as possible. I’m also really trying to push forward stories in “micro-funding,” which means that the story in full might be long and cost, say, $100… but you can pay whatever amount you like, $5 or $50 or whatever, and I’ll post the corresponding number of words. The Thing In The Drain is this type.

  24. @LBT, you’re having another writeathon soon? Outstanding. I wanted to submit a suggestion for the last one but was a complete airhead & missed the deadline. Will definitely make an effort this time.

  25. Yup! The writeathon will open exactly ONE WEEK FROM NOW, on Saturday, May 31st! Be there and be square, y’all! My goal is to start saving up to replace the nine-year-old laptop I have done all my work on.

  26. I am so angry! The latest SCOTUS decision – to allow the corporate “persons” to deny reproductive health coverage to women because it offends their dainty and godly sensibilities – is just the beginning of a larger escalation in the war against women. And I do not believe, for one minute, that it will be successfully challenged until a MAN is denied something like Viagra for the same reasons.

    Who the bloody hell do these MEN think they are? Oh, sorry. I forgot about the Sacred Holy Nut Sack and the Divine Penile Pipeline that the Holy Homunculi travel through in order to deliver said Homunculi to the dark and nasty, but necessary, Unholy Uterus – all so that the little perfectly formed man can grow.

    You know, I am pissed off enough to hope that some sexist, misogynistic puckercord desperately needs blood and his JW employer says no. Or that an Islamic corporation refuses to hire a good ol’ xtian white boy. I am fed up to HERE (holding my arm as far over my head as I can) with MRA-types “leveling” the playing field by taking away women’s rights and threatening our health.

    How much you want to bet that this religious “freedom” decision will not apply to any BUT xtians? Unless, of course, it only hurts women.

    I wish I could scream without scaring the kids next door. Barring that, it is time that women took to the streets again…and THIS time we should refuse aid and comfort to the not-so-wonderful Penised Persons.

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