No one wants to plant his seed in a garbage dump: MGTOWers explain why they prefer “chaste” women

Uh oh.

Uh oh.

Let’s take another stroll through the strange wonderland of Men Going Their Own Way, that small and bitter tribe of men who boldly declare their independence from women, then spend the rest of their lives obsessively talking about them.

Today, let’s look at the thoughtful discussion that ensued when one such fellow known as TDG asked his Brothers in Going Their Own Way why, of all the women they have Gone Their Own Way from (but not really), they tend to prefer women who are “chaste.”

For women, I’m guessing the main reason they weren’t so slutty before the 1950s, was because of the fear of having a bastard womb turd, but the pill changed all that and now they can have as many dicks as they like.

Now, I wont ever marry again and my ex-wife was a virgin and all that went to shit, but here’s my question;

Why do men want women that are chaste…?

I understand on a visceral level, that if a woman has had too many dicks, I can never care for her more than a cum rag, but I’m curious if that is societal conditioning or something that is innate to men…

Thoughts gentlemen…?

Unsurprisingly, the gentlemen of the MGTOW HQ forum did indeed have many thoughts on the subject.  (I’ve bolded the most intriguing bits.)

ManWithAPlan had an economic explanation:

Because by going through the “bad boy” phase, they fuck away their only worth. There are three things I look for in a woman (mainly). Attractiveness, fertility and youth. If a woman is attractive and young, but can’t have kids, most men will treat her as a cum rag. If she’s fertile and young, but not attractive, she’s still no good to most men. If she’s old and attractive, she’s back to being a cougar and a cum rag.

Multishadow brought in biology:

[B]iologically speaking women represent a fertile ground for man to plant his seed, and no one wants to plant his seed in a garbage dump.

Second, a man must work to earn a woman, and then invest in her.. and no man wants to work for what others gain for free, or for what was freely given out in the past. There is also resentment for a female gaining sex freely, when a man must work for it.

And that is the third issue, people in general have a distaste for those who are gluttons for pleasure. … It is one thing to obtain sex when you want it, but if your only purpose in life is laying around having sex.. it is like watching an obese person eat.

That’s right: people who have a lot of sex are basically sex fatties. And no one likes a fatty, right?

Aldenhamil suggested that chaste women were a better bargain for frugal men:

Just having random sex is one thing and any old cum dumpster will usually do, but settling down with a woman, having children, and providing for them is something altogether different. It’s a massive investment of time, energy, and resources. Men naturally lean towards frugality and appreciate getting the most bang for their buck. When it comes to women>children>family, it’s a better bet to invest in a woman who isn’t swinging from every cock in town.

Men instinctively know that whores make poor long-term investments, but they also instinctively know that all women will become whores if given the opportunity. The whole situation is a bit of a clusterfuck, really. It was a problem for Bronze Age societies, and it’s still a problem long after we’ve managed to put human beings in outer space.

Ghost Rider noted that “chaste” women won’t have had a lot of other guys to compare you to, so chances are good she won’t know how mediocre you are in bed:

From my observations, the more men a woman has been with, the greater the chance that she is carrying at least one torch if not more for some guy that dumped her. I believe the term is alpha widow. Seen quite a few times where a woman dumps hubby to get back with a guy she was carrying a torch for, or at least conduct a torrid affair with the guy when he came a calling.

In addition, she is more likely to get back on the cock carousel trying to recapture what she thought she had when she was younger. Also, a woman who hasn’t ridden the cock carousel is a lot less judgmental in the bedroom because she isn’t comparing you to the hundreds of guys she’s been in the sack with. If you’re an average guy, you’re probably not at the same level as the alpha thug with the huge cock that fucked the shit out of her all night. If you’re dumb enough to get married/remarried, who the hell needs that shit in addition to everything else.

Demonsgate, meanwhile, seems to be more terrified of being judged by other guys than by the women he dates:

Real simple because in my younger days when I walked into a bar or restaurant with a twat I didn’t want all you bastards laughing saying yep we all fucked her and this fool is dating her. Who wants to be that guy?

Mongolking answered TDG’s question with his own question:

I think the larger question is “Why Do We Want Them… At All?”

Given that this discussion is taking place on a forum devoted to Men Going Their Own Way, this seems like a reasonable enough question.

And I’ll give you all an answer: If you hate women so much you regularly describe them as “cum rags,” “cum dumpsters,” “garbage dumps,” “whores,” “twats,” or any of the other horrible things said by guys in this thread about women in the equally awful comments I didn’t quote, you should take that Going Your Own Way shit a little bit more seriously. Go your own way. Go a long way, off a short pier.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Oh, Bulwer Lytton, yeah!

    I’ll check out the bad writing link, too. Thanks.

    Is it as good as Purple Prose Parody Contest?

    My favorite from that one was the Too Dumb to Live heroine, with the hero who was coming home on Thursday.

  2. To those who believe, no proof is necessary. To those who disbelieve, no proof is enough. I merely tell the world what I have learned in my lifetime and anyone is free to believe it or not.

    To those to dichotomise, the world is manichaean. Those who live by trite platitudes get the sense of the world they deserve. In short, the faults of the world lie not in our stars, but ourselves.

    Because you are not telling us what you have learned, you are arguing that your appreciation reflects some deep truth. That my experience gives the lie to what you preach bothers you not at all. You discount my (and all others who testify to similar) experience at odds with yours. You go so far as to insult me; casting my actions in nefarious colors and base motives.

    The poverty of your self, and your miserable view of life you have chosen to project onto others. Which sucks for you, because those of us who live a live not blinkered by your hates, who see that some people suck, and some people are wonderful and most are ok, have better lives than you do.

    Your”truth” hasn’t made your life better, merely bitter.

  3. Actual Bulwer-Lytton is one of my guilty pleasures. The Last Days of Pompeii is underappreciated these days.

  4. So they’re scared of having a too small cock for her because she can compare? How sad.

    By the a woman who had sex with 4 guys can also compare, just like one who has had sex with 20 boys.

    I won’t date a guy whom I heard talking about how many ”hoes” he banged. Those guys don’t want to spread their worthless ”seed”. I just don’t want a guy like that. My boyfriend had sex with 3 women, me with 2 men before. So I think that’s pretty normal.

  5. “Two bays short of a matched pair” — oh, that’s so bad it’s good!

  6. lili – I think they’re scared of any comparison. Imagine if a woman told UndTeenyWienerSads that he didn’t compare with a previous man, whose penis was even smaller, but who was considerate, skillful and/or willing to learn and overall fun to be with in or out of bed? His poor little sadmanbrain would explode.

  7. RandomPoster

    That’s why it’s called the bitter truth, duh. As Don Quixote lamented on his deathbed in Man of La Mancha, men cannot handle too much truth!

  8. cassandrakitty

    Oh, so that’s why you lie like a cheap rug?

  9. And as Sydney Carton said on his way to the guillotine, having traded places with Charles Darnay:

    “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. ”

    This is as relevant to the discussion as Don Quixote, which is, of course, not at all.

    RandomPest, you don’t know what science is, do you?

    How sad.

  10. Did random poster just compare himself to Don Quixote. Or a character in his book, I couldn’t tell. I don’t know much about Don Quixote, but either way the whole comment was hilarious. XD

    Hey, random pest, does The Truth have some citations? Or is it truth that only your ass can produce?

  11. RandomPoster

    I’m not the person acting like it’s just another day in paradise , am I now? And the truth is what sets us free.

  12. @randompester

    Dang, is the world ending? Did I miss it?

    Can you tell us what the truth is, at least? I could use that kind of entertainment I mean, I need enlightenment.

  13. cassandrakitty

    Actually looking outside my window right now, the only way things could be more paradise-like would be if I was actually on the beach on a tropical island.

    Sorry your life sucks, bro.

  14. Citations are just random unrelated quotes now?

    “Many a satin ribbon has a cotton back”
    – L Frank Baum

    “The beast with two backs”
    – Shakespeare

    “You know you love me. Xoxo.”
    – Gossip Girl

  15. “I’m so hyper I could explode”

    “Fire Lord Ozai is no more. Just as the world will be reborn in fire, I shall be reborn as the supreme ruler of the world. From this moment on, I will be known as … the Phoenix King.”
    -fire lord ozai.

    Okay, found proof the world was ending.

  16. cassandrakitty

    It’s almost noon and I’m starting to get hungry. This proves that the country I live in is currently experiencing a massive famine.

  17. @ Marie and Sparky – it’s better than that. RandomPester quoted from the end of the film, Man of La Mancha, which was based on the musical that was based on a teleplay based loosely on Cervantes’ extraordinary book Don Quixote.

    The film is rather different from the book, (apart from being something you watch rather than something you read) in that Cervantes appears as a character in the film, and the episode in Cervantes life shown in the film didn’t happen either in the book or in Cervantes’ actual life as far as anyone knows.

    Hmm, intertextuality is certainly a thing, but RP fails literature for ever.

  18. Actually looking outside my window right now, the only way things could be more paradise-like would be if I was actually on the beach on a tropical island.

    Sorry your life sucks, bro.

    It’s 72 and sunny here. The weather people reference as an example of good weather.

  19. RP,
    Did you just use another fictional character as an example of reality? I’ll give you this. you picked better source material this time.

    No, life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. Did you miss that many of the people you are trying to “enlighten” to this fact are abuse and rape survivors themselves? Those are the people you’ve been telling that being cheated on is totes just as bad as being raped. I could barely respect you less.

    The world isn’t a shitty miasma of gloom, either. (Even if it were, that would not be an excuse to leave it that way.) It’s still beautiful and so are the people in it. You like quotes? Here’s one: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

    He was an actual person, btw.

    You are a bitter, bigoted fool. Don’t condescend to teach us how the world works.Your grasp of reality is tenuous at best.

  20. I just got back from a walk in the park. There is a breeze. It’s sunny, but not too hot. Birds are singing. Kids are getting out of school. We’re having jambalaya for dinner. My family is happy and healthy. If this isn’t paradise, it’s close enough for me.

  21. Welp, looks like all those Peyote-Os and other drugs are taking effect on RP now. I suspect him of playing along for maximum silliness.

    RE: Robert

    LBT, thanks for the link to your masterful takedown of g0y porn.

    If it means my mockery was of use, then I am happy.

  22. … But paradise has some pretty (and hilarious) birds. Why wouldn’t I want to live there?

  23. cassandrakitty

    Pretty sure I’ve seen all of those moves in a club at some point.

  24. It’s a wet, cool day here and that’s still closer to Paradise than whatever weird headspace Randomly Pickled inhabits. What a dismal little fellow he is.

  25. Pester John: I’m not the person acting like it’s just another day in paradise , am I now? And the truth is what sets us free.

    My dear, you are a clueless git. It’s not another day in paradise. It’s the world. And the world is made up of people. Some people are shits. Most people aren’t.

    If all the women you’ve known have been shits… there is a common denominator; and it’s not them being women.

  26. It’s nearly paradise here – went to the show this morning and it didn’t sleet! And ate a pluto pup without feeling sick.

  27. cassandrakitty

    Pluto pup?

  28. Aww, someone needs a nap.

  29. I bet Mr. Nizzo is a man of immense worth who brings countless qualities of great value to the proverbial table.

    I’m not married because I don’t want to be married to any of the men I’ve encountered. If they all think I’m a worthless meatsack, that works out well for all of us. Win-win!

  30. But what are these prizes you speak of, Frank? I’d like to assess whether they’re worth the effort.

  31. emilygoddess - MOD

    Frank Nizzo has been moderated for slurs. Feel free to be less of a dick in the future, Frank :-)

  32. “Delusional twats much…”

    No and it’s “there” not “their”.
    As in, “There’s where I stopped reading because I don’t have to give you an audience for your bigoted brain-barf.”

  33. Thank you, Emilygoddess.

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