AVFM asks: Was the Fort Hood shooting the fault of same-sex marriage and the “Lesbo Circle of Doom?”

Harmful to males? One AVFM writer thinks so.

Harmful to males? One AVFM writer thinks so.

On April 2, Army Specialist Ivan Lopez shot and killed three people on the Fort Hood military base in Texas, before turning his gun on himself; 16 others were injured. It’s not clear what caused Lopez’ killing spree, though the incident seems to have been triggered by the difficulties he encountered trying to get a 24-hour pass to attend his mother’s funeral.

But a writer for A Voice for Men, Michael Conzachi, has a novel explanation for the tragedy: the military’s excessive niceness towards lesbians and gays.

In a post entitled “What role has feminism played in the shooting at Fort Hood and its aftermath?” Conzachi sets forth his thesis:

Numerous directives from the Pentagon and the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS), of which some in the military refer to the group as the “Super-Feminists” or jokingly, the “Lesbo Circle of Doom,” allow for and promote an immediate leave period of five days for same sex military couples to marry. …

How is it that a large contingent of feminist dominated military and Pentagon leadership enacts policies that favor, prioritize, and give expanded benefits for same sex couples; yet Specialist Lopez apparently was only allowed two days to bury his mother?

If that was you, and you could only get two days to attend to your mother’s death, and you see same sex military couples being allowed five days immediate leave to marry; wouldn’t that bother you a little, regardless of what your opinions are of gay and same sex couples? Where is the equality?

Yep. An unhinged man murders his fellow soldiers in cold blood. Let’s blame it on same-sex marriage and the “Lesbo Circle of Doom.”

At least Conzachi admits that his theory is only a theory, and that “whether or not we will ever learn [the shooter’s] true motives is unknown.”

Setting aside the absurdity, and offensiveness, of Conzachi’s argument for a moment, he’s wrong to suggest that same-sex couples are somehow being coddled by “Lesbo” brass.  Straight couples can also get marriage leaves of up to 3 days, and the reason the military gives extra time to same-sex couples is that many of them have to travel long distances to get married, since same-sex marriage is only legal in 17 states. The military has been slow to actually implement the new policies, and many same-sex couples have simply been denied leave to get married. Soldiers, regardless of sexual orientation, also have 30 days of earned leave each year they can use to get married.

Coznachi spends the rest of his post tearing down the female officer who confronted Lopez and brought an end to his killing spree.

He ends with this question — a question that he seems to have already answered to his own satisfaction:

Are the military’s priorities of same sex couple, gay, and women in combat issues harmful to males in general?

A number of those who are associated with A Voice for Men — most notably “managing editor ” Dean Esmay and “contributing editor” Karen Straughan — profess to be great Friends of the Gays; indeed Straughan describes herself as a “genderqueer, bisexual … woman”).

I can only wonder why they would want to associate themselves with a site that publishes articles suggesting that supporting the rights of same sex couples in the military to marry is “harmful to males in general.”


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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Could we not suggest that having a job = being a productive member of society?
    That’d be great.
    I don’t care if GWW is a brain surgeon. She’s still awful.

  2. RE: Viscaria

    “Males in general,” you know, the real males. The straight ones.

    That is what that means, right?

    Well yeah. I guess guys like me are just FAILED men or something. Assholes. Yeah, dudes, we know what men you ACTUALLY care about.

    RE: marinerachel

    does GWW have a job? Like, is she a productive member of society?

    You know, there’s enough disabled and unemployed people on this board that I highly recommend you NOT use that turn of phrase.

    RE: mythago

    It allows the menz to have sex without icky females getting near their money, and if women pair up, they’re not leeching off the poor poor men.

    You’re asking them to be consistent! MISANDRY!

  3. Seconding/Thirding/Fourthing/Whatever the notion that having a job = being a productive member of society, and even the whole “productive” thing is kind of a problem when tied to whether or not we should listen to someone’s opinion.

  4. Ah, the JBS school of social science – Everything that goes wrong in the world is the fault of somehow.

  5. *fault of ( insert group here ) somehow.

  6. I don’t care if GWW is a brain surgeon. She’s still awful.

    Roger that…although I must confess that I do wonder what she does that gives her the time and/or money to spend on her lengthy written and vloggish diatribes. I can’t imagine that many people exist who would actually pay her to be a professional drivel-monger.

  7. and may I tell you, with great respect, that the incidence of lovemaking in Western Europe has fallen drastically.

    No you may not…unless you provide an impeccably documented citation.

  8. RE: cloudiah

    By that standard, I wonder if part-time workers like myself are only HALF productive members of society? Really, I’d love to know, so I can adjust my self-esteem accordingly.

  9. Well, and there are plenty of homemakers and parents too, who can tell all comers that not all hard work is paid.

  10. Oh hai Marie! How’s it hangin? How’s Fade? I miss you folks!

  11. @tcwill00

    Hi :D (just checking, are you falconer? Sorry if you’re not and I’ve just forgotten you :( )

    I’m so so. I got actual panic attack pills for my panic attacks, which was fun. I also got diagnosed with anxiety, kinda alienated my dad, and burnt the bridge with my stepmom. Apparently calling her sexist shit sexist is name calling.

    Fades in college and busy with that.

  12. Oooooh, the old “productive member of society” argument. I hate that one.

    There are so many ways to serve our fellow man, and making a paycheck is the least of them. Not to mention, it’s very ableist language.

  13. Oh, Marie, I’m so sorry you’re going through that. Jedi hugs and hope for a brighter future, coming your way!

  14. “I can’t imagine that many people exist who would actually pay her to be a professional drivel-monger.”

    I read that as “professional drivel-monster.”

    OK, it’s late. I’m off.

  15. Michael Crick: Do you think that the nature of homosexual relationships is different from heterosexual ones?

    Demetri Marchessini: Oh, completely different. There’s no love, only lust.

    …and then he talks for ten minutes about how he considers women ugly and stupid and inferior and only valuable for sex. You know, words of love.

    The trouser thing is hilarious.

  16. @michelle

    Hugs eagerly accepted :3

  17. RE: Michelle C Young

    Oooooh, the old “productive member of society” argument. I hate that one.

    You and me both. I nearly commited suicide and spent a year wishing I was allowed to because I felt like if I couldn’t work, there was no point in me existing further. At the time, it sounded like the tightest logic…

    RE: Shaenon

    Demetri Marchessini: Oh, completely different. There’s no love, only lust.

    I’m sure he knows this through personal experience, of course.

  18. @marie: Yep, tcwill00 is the hat I wear when I’m browsing on my phone, which is a pain, but I’m not on my computer at home all that much recently.

    Yay for the pills and a concrete diagnosis, yay for standing up for yourself and/or others, boo for suffering emotional fallout.

    Have some nonjudgmental babbiez! My daughter is walking now and my son is not far behind, but he’s having trouble building the confidence to let go and take that first step.

    I looked up from some chore a couple weeks ago and found, to my surprise, that my daughter was standing in the middle of the living room, not propping, and apparently had toddled there from the couch, which was where I had seen her about a minute before. Naturally, I made a noise only dogs and fan-folk can hear.

  19. @falconer

    *whew* I remembered you right. And your babies are soooo cuuuuutttte!!! :D

  20. Thank you so much, Marie!

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