Warren Farrell: Men Are Oppressed by Women’s Butts

Man being oppressed by female ass power

Man being oppressed by female ass power

Yesterday Warren Farrell – the intellectual grandfather of the Men’s Rights movement, the man who single-handedly came up with probably half of the terrible arguments that are endlessly rehashed daily in the manosphere – went to Reddit and proclaimed “ask me anything!”

And so we, and a lot of other people, did. And he even answered a couple of the questions I posted here yesterday – though as I sort of suspected he pointedly ignored the questions about his incest research. Still, there were so many astounding things said in that discussion, both by Farrell himself and by his various supporters, that it’s going to take a couple of posts to get to them all.

Let’s just start with the ass question, shall we? Because there was nothing quite so astounding in that whole sprawling thread, or at least the portion of it that I managed to read, as “Dr.” Farrell’s – he has a PhD in political science –answer to the ass question.

DoloresCruz1982 86 points 22 hours ago (174|87)  Why is a woman's butt on the cover of a book about problems faced by males in our society?      permalink     save     report     give gold     reply  [–]warrenfarrell [S] 2 points 20 hours ago (184|182)  i assume you're referring to the profile of a woman's rear on the new ebook edition of The Myth of Male Power. first, that was my choice--i don't want to put that off on the publisher!  i chose that to illustrate that the heterosexual man's attraction to the naked body of a beautiful woman takes the power out of our upper brain and transports it into our lower brain. every heterosexual male knows this. and the sooner men confront the powerlessness of being a prisoner to this instinct, we may earn less money to pay for women's drinks, dinners and diamonds, but we'll have more control over our lives, and therefor more real power.  it's in women's interests for me to confront this. many heterosexual women feel imprisoned by men's inability to be attracted to women who are more beautiful internally even if their rear is not perfect.

That’s right. Warren Farrell literally believes that heterosexual men are powerless in the face of SEXY FEMALE BUTTS. They are BUTT HYPNOTIZED by women’s shapely buttocks, virtual prisoners to the power of DAT ASS.

Not only that, but they are slaves as well, forced to earn more money than women so that they can “pay for women’s drinks, dinners and diamonds.” Who knew that the wage gap was caused by the ass crack?

We like big butts, and we cannot lie. But that way tyranny, I espy.

Only if men can free themselves from the TYRANNY OF THE BUTT they can “have more control over [their] lives, and therefor [sic] more real power.”

But who will write the new Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of Queen Ass?

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for horny dudes to get rid of the boners which those ladies have caused with their smokin hot dumpers and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the babies who have got back requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation, and that is, ladies we can’t think straight if we’re looking at DAT ASS all the time.

Oh, but “Dr.” Farrell is worried about the ladies, too. I mean, he said so:

it’s in women’s interests for me to confront this. many heterosexual women feel imprisoned by men’s inability to be attracted to women who are more beautiful internally even if their rear is not perfect.

Yes, you’re beautiful on the inside to m….holy crap did you see the ass on HER!?

Now, this isn’t entirely new. As I’ve noted before, Farrell makes a version of this argument in his book, talking about secretaries manipulating their bosses with their “miniskirt power, cleavage power, and flirtation power,” [p. 21] describing “female beauty” as “the world’s most potent drug,” [p. 85], and arguing that “many men feel ‘under the influence’ the moment they see a beautiful woman.” [p. 320]

But these, er, arguments weren’t the central focus of his rambling treatise. Now, at the age of 70, by not only putting a naked ass on the cover of his book, but also by defending it in such ludicrously overblown terms, he’s decided to put this unsolicited update from his penis at the center of his argument about the alleged powerlessness of men.

Yep, the closest thing that the Men’s Rights movement has to an intellectual heavyweight seems to think that the most pressing issue facing men today is how sad and mad and confused they feel because they can’t immediately have sex with every hot piece of ass that walks by (and, presumably, the women attached to these asses).

It’s really hard to find a better symbol of the sexual entitlement – and sexual resentment – that lies at the heart of the Men’s Rights movement than this.

Oh, and by the way, my new book is still available for purchase. So far I have sold no copies. Which might have something to do with the $1000 price tag, and also the fact that I haven’t actually written it. But you’ve got to admit the cover is pretty good.


In case you needed a clearer explanation of the power of women’s bodacious hineys, one Redditor by the name of Doldenberg has scienced things up for us and provided us all this useful graph. First, his brief explanation:

Being a brave Alpha from TRP, I have found the solution to the evident misandrist oppression of men by cute butt owners meaning owners of cute butts, not cute owners of butts, or butt owners of cute, or…, that is, ranking butts on an objective BMV (butt market value) scale. I’ve made the data up in my head, but it seems plausible. According to this data, the butt loses BMV when having sat on to many objects, while it’s cuteness only works as a limiting factor. I have made a handy graph[1] with supporting data and sources to explain my theory.





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  1. Hey there, Dr WTF, PhD, are you opressed by men in yoga pants too? Is this man making butt fraud?

  2. Wow! David, you are so wise! I had no idea that ad hominem fallacies are now valid forms of argument.

    Hey, you know what, I think your overwhelming, awe inducing intellect is surely going to waste on silly shit like logic. I mean, when I read the sentence “…the heterosexual man’s attraction to the naked female body…” I stupidly thought it meant male sexual attraction to women. It really took that luminous star of a brain of yours to connect that missing piece of the picture of a woman’s butt on the cover. You know, I read The Myth of Male power, and I never took notice of the cover.

    I think it’s the patriarchy that made me miss the picture on the cover. I mean, “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a clearly oppressive patriarchal structure that I, get this, SYSTEMATICALLY, apply! Holy fuck! You just blew my mind David!

    Serious, David, I’m telling you, you need to take the next several years off from work that is so clearly beneath you and go write the follow up to Plato’s Republic. I mean, The Republic is subtitled “On Justice”, and you, as a Social Justice Warrior, and an intellect rivaling that of any man born, surely must have a better account than that “father of western thought” asshole Socrates!

    So please David, don’t say no! Stop writing these articles, and go write The Republic II: On Social Justice.

    With all my love,
    Your greatest fan

  3. So what your saying, Roger, is that men are oppressed by women’s butts and that the sight of a woman’s butt can hypnotize men and force them to do things they normally wouldn’t?

    How misandrist of you.

  4. Roger provides another fine example of “if you’re sarcastic and also stupid, it just ends up confusing.”

    I mean, when I read the sentence “…the heterosexual man’s attraction to the naked female body…” I stupidly thought it meant male sexual attraction to women. It really took that luminous star of a brain of yours to connect that missing piece of the picture of a woman’s butt on the cover.

    I think he’s saying “if you put a picture of a hot female ass on something marketed to straight men, that has nothing to do with the fact that straight men are attracted to hot female asses?”

  5. Ha ha, David should write the follow up to Plato’s Republic. Good one, Roger. You really know how to take down these Social Justice Warriors, who of course hate Socrates because they don’t love the “father of Western thought” like reactionary MRAs do.

    With all my love, Your greatest fan

    What a burn, fucking classic stuff.

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