Upvote, downvote: Men’s Rights Redditors on the evils of “p*ssy privilege” and women being encouraged to go into tech

Many Men’s Rights Redditors see themselves as fighting a noble fight against genuinely evil, misandrist radical feminists on the internet. One of their most powerful weapons: the deadly downvote.

Reading through one old thread on Men’s Rights last night, I noticed how some Men’s Rights Redditors had deftly deployed their downvotes to fight off the evil feminist misandry lurking in this comment:

SweetieKat -7 points 20 days ago (23|27)  As a feminist, I think the tech community does NOT work fine without females women. Women should be encouraged to enter the tech community if they want to. I'm glad people are speaking up and trying to make opportunities available.

Outrageous! A statement that could have been ripped straight from Valerie Solanas’ SCUM Manifesto!

Kudos to the brave Redditors who saw this vile misandry for what it was.

Elsewhere in the same thread, I happily noticed, Men’s Rights Redditors were helpfully upvoting the reasonable and uplifting sentiments of decent fellows, like the Men’s Rights Redditor who goes by the name theboners, who offered a sensibly critical take on the always controversial question of whether or not it was a good idea for men to give in to “pussy privilege” and let ladies have the  vote:

theboners 2 points 11 days ago (5|3)  It makes sense. Women gained suffrage without having to sacrifice anything (no draft, for instance). They probably got it purely thanks to pussy privilege (husbands afraid they'd withhold sex), and therefore they don't understand the responsibilities that men do.  As a result, women tend to vote for socialists, authoritarians, and other anti-freedom candidates.  GirlWritesWhat has a video about how women's suffrage results in a net loss for libertarianism, and I agree with her.

Oh you irresponsible women! Why do we let you do anything?

I mean, aside from letting GirlWritesWhat make YouTube videos; that’s ok.


It might be time for that blinking



gif to remind possibly literal-minded readers that I do not actually agree with theboners or think SweetieKat is a reincarnation of Valerie Solanas.



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  1. Ally S,
    Exactly. Its frustrating to know that many trans people are being denied the right to serve just because of their gender.

  2. Asixpack: Stop trying to suck up, now you’re just being extra fucking gross.

    Do we have an IP check on this asshole?

  3. Ally S,
    Exactly. Its frustrating to know that many trans people are being denied the right to serve just because of their gender.

    Yeah! It’s so obnoxious that trans women are being lumped in with all those cis women who are actually useless!

  4. cassandrakitty

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  5. He now wants us to believe he gives a fuck and a half about trans women, after all he’s said.

    Uh-huh. Pull the other one, son, it’s got bells on.

  6. cassandrakitty

    I’m just curious if he’s a new form of blog herpes or an old strain that’s attempting to get reestablished here.

  7. His pattern of “say something awful then suck up” does seem awfully familiar.

  8. You’re a dull one, Mister Troll,
    You really are a bore,
    You’re as bland as soggy toast,
    We have heard it all before, Mr. Troll,
    You’re just a tedious jerk that makes everyone snore!

    You are hateful, Mister Troll,
    You say such horrid stuff,
    You don’t have a shred of kindness,
    And you think that makes you tough, Mister Troll,
    One second hearing your crap is really far more than enough!

    You’re entitled, Mister Troll,
    You’re a narcisistic ass,
    You believe you’re owed the world,
    That you are the ruling class, Mister Troll,
    You really are nothing more than a cloud of smelly, noxious gas!

    You’re a liar, Mister Troll,
    You’re dishonest as can be,
    You’re allergic to the truth,
    That is really plain to see, Mister Troll,
    If you said the sky was blue I would go outside and check, just to guarantee!

    You’re a creeper, Mister Troll,
    You are absolutely vile,
    Everything you spout is venom,
    You are filled with nasty bile, Mr Troll,
    Given the choice, I’d rather be covered in a huge, stinking, rotting trash pile!

    You’re pathetic, Mister Troll,
    You think you are so great,
    But it’s clear to all that hear you,
    That you’re only filled with hate, Mister Troll,
    I would pity you for being so miserably awful, but you seem quite content with your fate!

  9. I remember freshman year of college even though it was in the ancient times of 1998. Pretty much everyone who entered school still with their high school boy or girlfriend was broken up by Halloween. It’s almost like 18 year olds aren’t usually ready to settle down.

  10. cassandrakitty

    Can you imagine if everyone went around all “my high school SO dumped me and now I’m going to cry in my room in between attempts to make everyone who shares their sex suffer forever!”? It’s a good thing most people aren’t trollymcvengeancetrolls.

  11. Can you imagine if everyone went around all “my high school SO dumped me and now I’m going to cry in my room in between attempts to make everyone who shares their sex suffer forever!”?

    I would fully expect people to tell me to snap out of it, because it’s been 25 years since my high-school SO dumped me (he went off to college, imagine that).

  12. It’s a lot like an abuser’s pattern isn’t it? “I didn’t mean to hurt you. Give me another chance and I’ll be better.”

    Asixpack, after saying so many terrible things, it’s going to take a lot more than a half assed “sorry you were offended of course I don’t believe in discrimination” to make us believe you seriously want to develop better attitudes towards women. I’d recommend you really own up to what you’ve said, demonstrate an understanding of why the things you’ve said were offensive, and finally, do more listening and less talking. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if you check some women’s studies books out from your college library. Hide them from your douchey friends and read them under the covers with a flashlight if you must.

  13. It’s as if the exclusion of women from the military is rooted entirely in misogyny.

    Isn’t it though?

    Of course it is. I was just being a little sarcastic. =P

  14. Ally S,
    Exactly. Its frustrating to know that many trans people are being denied the right to serve just because of their gender.

    Men like you are part of the problem. Through your misogynistic beliefs and actions you indirectly support a social structure serving as the basis for this injustice against trans women.

  15. Ally S,
    Exactly. Its frustrating to know that many trans people are being denied the right to serve just because of their gender.

    Self-awareness: UR DOING IT WRONG!

  16. So, then, when you were talking about whether women were fit to serve in the military…

    And you shared a former military man’s opinion on it…

    And put in a smiley…

    We were supposed to conclude that this meant you thought said military man was incorrect?

    That’s what you’re saying?

    That is your claim?

    Firstly, I think you’re backpedaling furiously.

    Secondly, if you maintain this claim, then you want us to believe that you are an incompentent communicator.

    I suppose you could pull off that second one. You have plenty of evidence for it.

  17. RE: cassandrakitty

    News update – teenagers kind of fickle about relationships. Who would ever have anticipated such a thing?

    Well, ma’am, I have some terrible news to tell you about the Pope and what the bear was doing in those woods…

    RE: Asixpack

    Its frustrating to know that many trans people are being denied the right to serve just because of their gender.</em

    Not like women, of course! They just don't have the STRENGTH. Seriously dude, what do you think lots of trans people ARE?

    RE: hellkell

    His pattern of “say something awful then suck up” does seem awfully familiar.

    Enh, I think it’s more because lots of assholes do that. If he was a returner, why would he hit old posts first? Nah, I figure he’s just a new baby troll trying to neg us into submission.

    RE: Howard Bannister

    Hey, you said you worked as a fire fighter. Can you tell me anything about how volunteering fire-fighting works? What stats are required, what hours you put in, that kind of thing?

  18. cassandrakitty

    Random, but, thank you to all the volunteer firefighters out there. You’re doing a good thing, and we appreciate it!

  19. Asspack: When i mentioned my grandfather, i was talking about the cultural stigma that exists in society which bars women from such roles. I DO NOT share his opinion about women

    Bullshit. You are the one who said women can’t hack it. You are the one who said women don’t fight to protect their loved ones, homes and nations the way men do.

    You said this made women less than completely civic, and leeches off the men who do.

    Your grandfather might be credited with being old, and old fashioned; you on the other hand have no such excuse. That you marry it with lies about what you wrote (which we can go back to read; since you can’t edit it. Thank God), makes you several shades of worse (as well as chickenshit), because you weasel with, ” i believe that women who CAN do these roles just as good as any other man, having made it abundantly clear you think no woman can really do the job.

    This in spite of there being no actual impediment to the weakest of men doing those jobs.

    So you are also an idiot.

    My history dosent matter here.

    The only history I’m addressing is the history of what you wrote.

    i am talking about getting more women in the army and firefighting who CAN DO their jobs as well as any other firefighter or soldier and how a person’s gender shouldnt matter for any job.

    No, you aren’t. You are spouting talking points about, “equal consideration, so long as we don’t make any accomdations for physical differences between the sexes and pretend that the open door policy for any man is somehow irrelevant to an open door policy for every woman.

    You are saying, “Men are the norm, and women have to be just like men”.

    That’s disingenuous bullshit. It’s also misrepresenting your position.

    Not arguining that we should ban females from service but limiting their roles to suit their abilities is always a good thing. I’m more worried about the security of the nation rather than letting some random woman fulfill her war fantasies.

    See, that’s your real argument; “The Ladies” should be relegated to, “womens work” while the men do the real business of fighting.

    Since you have zip for experience in this area, why should anyone give a shit about your cockamamie opinions?

    Of course you will no more respond to this than you have anything else I’ve said. Why is that? The cynic in me says you know you can’t refute my arguments so you just pretend they didn’t really happen.

    The guy who likes a bit of ego-boo just figures you’re afraid to get more directed attention than your extant asininity has already garnered.

    The bit of me with a mean streak just figures the words were too big, and the concepts too difficult, so you gave up.

    As I keep saying, Own Your Shit, asshole.

  20. RE: pecunium

    I notice he’s not much engaging with you, me, OR Howard much. I think asixpack’s delicate alpha brain can’t encompass the idea that other men know he’s full of shit.

  21. hellkell: Reports say it’s outside the US. Timestamps seem to be consistent to the general area of the reported IP.

  22. LBT: He’s not engaging with anyone, actually. He sees an argument, and makes tangential points in reply.

    Then he whines about how mean we are to assail him with facts when all he is doing is spouting opinions, and drawing conclusions which any “reasonable” person would have to agree with.

    Since we don’t agree (and are so cruel as to quote him) we must be meaner than the meanest meany who ever meaned.

  23. Oh hey, we’re talking about women in the military again! That means it’s badass Soviet lady o’clock!

  24. RE: Howard Bannister

    Hey, you said you worked as a fire fighter. Can you tell me anything about how volunteering fire-fighting works? What stats are required, what hours you put in, that kind of thing?

    It varies wildly. And I love to talk about this stuff!

    In the US it’s all ground-up stuff, at the municipal level. Stats say that volunteers make up 70% or more of the service, with larger paid departments still relying on volunteers in most jurisdictions.

    Outside the US, as you can imagine, there’s quite a few places that actually fund and organize from a top-down level, making for a very different experience. But I don’t have any experience out there.

    So I’m on call 24/7, but it’s been about a month since the pager went off. Which happens, sometimes. And then we’ll get a deluge. It always seems to come in spurts. We can go a whole year without a real fire, and then get two on the same day. But we’ve been averaging about 70 calls a year, which include auto accidents, fires, medical emergencies. (it’s a very small town–less than a thousand residents)

    I train two or three times a month, one administrative meeting a month, and one truck check. So at least four hours a week, assuming no calls. And if the calls start, well, I’ve done more than one all-day fire call. And then you get done and have to go home and clean all the gear and re-pack the trucks so they’re ready to go out again.

    This makes my department something of an outlier, training more than most departments near us. (a lot of them are starting to catch up, having noticed the huge compentency this creates…)

    Since becoming an officer it’s taken even more of my time.

    And don’t even get me started on the administrative side of it and having to beg the townspeople for every red cent we get, and grants and what-not…

  25. RE: pecunium

    You’re right, and I’m not surprised. He doesn’t seem to really want to think about anything except the stuff that panders to his delicate alpha ego.

    RE: Howard Bannister

    Wow, that sounds really intense, but also really rewarding. I doubt I’d have the stamina required for it, but it’s still pretty cool. Thanks for telling me about it!

  26. Oh, and the reasons I was asking, Howard, was that my health seems to have gotten pretty stable lately! As a result, I’m considering poking my head up and looking for volunteer gigs to give me something to do and meet other people in my town.

  27. My father did volunteer firefighting (and deputy sheriff, in Knoxville, I need to talk to him about the choking incident), so I could ask him to talk about how they did it.

  28. In my (admittedly limited) experience, there’s quite a few other volunteering gigs that are less intense and still desperately need help. The firefighter’s auxiliary, ambulance drivers (my brother did that for a good long while), and others. And being on a fire department has actually been really good for my general cynicism–there’s nothing quite so nice as being in a room full of people who regularly go to the ends of the earth for people they don’t know and have never met. :)

  29. RE: Howard Bannisters

    Do ambulance drivers require special licenses?

  30. Holy shit, this badass is awesome!

    Mariya Oktyabrskaya, shaking with wifely Communist rage and an insatiable urge to kill every Fascist on Earth, went to Siberia, sold everything she owned, bought a brand-spanking-new olive drab T-34 Medium Battle Tank fresh off the assembly line directly from a manufacturing facility, taught herself how to operate it, painted the words “Fighting Girlfriend” in Cyrillic on the side of the turret, and rolled it right up to the first Red Army armored division she could find – the elite 26th Guard Tank Brigade.

    Even though my grandfathers were soldiers (neither one fought) on the other side of that war, I gotta salute this badass. That is some serious fucking badassery right there.

  31. RE: Bina

    I’m just trying to imagine the sales pitch for when she got up to the tank to buy it.

  32. “The T-34, because revenge is best served with a 76.2 mm cannon.”

  33. LBT, it depends on the ambulance. There are three classes: Vannish, on a truck, and a semi-type. The semi type requires a commercial drivers license, the others just require a valid drivers license.

    Services generally have a department requirement and certification process, but those vary from organization to organization.

  34. Thanks contrapangloss!

  35. Correction: Three major types.I think there might also be a fourth, but we never see them around here.

    Right now, I’m only clear to drive the ‘van-bulance’.

  36. katz, that woman needs her own summer blockbuster. Seriously, Hollywood, it’s got a revenge plot, Nazi fighting and explosions galore! What more do you want?

    Anybody got suggestions on who should play Mariya?

  37. I really just want a Ripley-era Sigourney Weaver.

  38. I’ve been in a T-34. It’s sobering. They were one of the best tanks in the war (probably only bested; all in all, by the German Panzer; which was a direct response to the T-34.

    It was ahead of the curve in some ways (the sloped armor on the turret, the Christie suspension), and woefully behind in others (the sights, the inadequate main gun in the first iterations).

    Once the Panther and Tiger came on line the needed odds were about eight to one (i.e. the Russians needed to have at least an 8:1 ratio to have better than even odds of victory) but the T-34 was simple enough to build they could actually field 10:1 odds.

    Which is part of why being a tanker on the Eastern Front was pretty fucking lethal; on both sides.

  39. This reminds me of the efforts I’ve seen online to correct the typical American misperceptions of WWII. Many of us were taught, more or less explicitly, that the USA won both World Wars more or less single-handedly. France bled itself white in the first one (fighting on your own territory can do that), and the USSR did the same twenty five years later. They remember, even if we don’t.

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