“We Hunted the Mammoth” Banner Contest Winners!

We have a winner in the We Hunted the Mammoth Banner Contest!

Well, two winners, actually. And they are:

Dani, who designed several variations of a banner which will soon become the banner of We Hunted the Mammoth. I actually haven’t quite decided which of these to use, but I like them all, and it will be one of them! (Tell me which one you like best in the comments.)





Leocigale, who did the awesome cartoon below. Even though it’s not, technically speaking, a banner, I plan to use it on We Hunted the Mammoth as well. So Leocigale is also the winner!


Well, we all are, really.

Dani and Leocigale will split the cash prize of $100.

Well, actually, it might be a bit more than that: a few people made donations during the contest and didn’t leave a note specifying whether they were for the contest or not. If you were one of them, and you want your money to go to the contest winners, email me and I’ll add it to the prize. Once I get that sorted out, I’ll post an updated number here, and a breakdown of the donations in the comments below (I will break them down anonymously, of course).

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries! There was a lot of awesome artwork to choose from.

EDITED TO ADD: The cash prize ended up being … $170!

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I like second or third.

    Loved one next to me says second.

  2. I like the first one the best.

  3. Do we know what the new url will be?

  4. The first one is my favorite as well.

  5. I don’t know if I’m just really suggestible but I also vote for #1.

    Good work everybody :)

  6. First is easiest to read, second is meh, third feels the most epic but isn’t as easy to read as the first

  7. I think I prefer the second; and kudos to both (one thing and another, this is the first I knew details of the switch).

  8. I reallly like the second; it has the most epic going on to me.

    Btw, David, have you received my E-mail about “The Amazing MRA”? That misogynistic bastard needs a taste of (social) justice.

  9. What damselindetech said. I do like the last one but the first one is probably the best choice. Congrats guys!

  10. The last one has a certain grandiosity to it that is artistically appropriate for the subject portrayed.

  11. @gundamlagannz

    You mean The Amazing Athiest? What has that idiot said this time?

  12. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    I like the first one the best. Congrats Dani and Leocigale! Great work.

  13. First one looks more professional, – but that last one adds just a bit of ironic self-important oomph, it’s a solid choice as well.

  14. Children of the broccoli

    I also prefer the first banner.

  15. The first one’s my favorite. I think the “ironic” part of the last one’s ironic self-importance might be too easily lost. They are, however, all awesome ^_^.

  16. I like the first and the third, and I agree with what was said about the third being a bit more difficult to read.

    So I guess the first :P

  17. Awwwww … I was really hoping to see a mammoth wearing a fedora. :(

  18. Awesome! Congrats to both of them!

  19. I like 1! And the cartoon, which is epic beyond all reckoning. That face!

  20. @Skelita

    Yeah, The Amazing Atheist.

    Well, I came across some videos he recently published that are essentially anti-feminist and women-bashing tripe.

    To be more specific, I’m referring to these videos:

    *TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Violence and Rape Culture*

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irAa7HumWPI – “False Rape Accusations Are Real”

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TCQGipPWEo – “Only Feminists Get Trolled!?”

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpVLXMJCynM – “Evil Racist Stephen Colbert Takes Over Late Show! #ColbertToTheMoon”

    There’s also a video in which he criticized the idea of rape culture, so he’s basically active in denying rape culture. However, that video is somewhat old, though. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KQQ1bzQn0k)

    Since David is very skilled in the arts of kicking the Manosphere to the curb, I hoped he could expose and destroy his bullshit. It’s really harmful what the Amazing Atheist spouts as his claims that “BUT this science article claims that 40 percent of rape accusations are FALSE!” cloud and ignore the matter that’s the most important: the ACTUAL victimization of men and women that’s larger than the amount of false accusations.

    Also, that video in which he reads through rationalwiki and deny Rape Culture, is despicable. I almost had the urge to drink alcohol.

  21. I have a preference for #1 myself. :)

    Does that mean that the URL’s going to change too?

  22. The title should be “We huntered the Mammoth”. Seems a little more fitting, considering the target audience. :)

  23. Thanks, everyone!

    Yeah, the url will change, to WeHuntedTheMammoth.com. But the old manboobz.com urls should still all work as well.

    (I know the new one is a bit longer, but I wasn’t able to find a shorter one that made sense and that was still available. Most people come here from links or bookmarks, so they won’t be typing it in all the time.)

  24. I like the third one for sheer overblown absurdity, myself.

  25. I vote for the second one. Congratulations to the winners!

  26. My manginafriend just said he likes the third because it looks like a 1950’s film poster and, well, that’s where a lot of MRAs’ heads are at.

  27. Oh my, if you would take on The (not) Amazing Atheist, David, I would be forever indebted to you. Not that I think he’s a tough one to nail. I’m just exhausted with him. Every time I encounter someone who still supports him I ask “…. you’re not embarrassed?” It’s like witnessing one man’s personal Waterloo and it’s been going on for years now.

  28. Everyone who entered, or even thought about entering, should make sure to join and post your entries over at our DeviantArt group.

  29. My vote is first or third. First one is the most readable, third is the most exciting. :)

  30. I like the third one for sheer overblown absurdity, myself.

    Me too. It’s like one of those posters for a 1950s B film.

  31. I vote for the third one. It looks like a cheesy B-movie poster. Like other people said, it’s absurd, self-important, and overblown – just like MRAs.

  32. The sad thing is, if one takes all the anti-feminist rhetoric off the table for the sake of argument, TAA doesn’t get that much better. He’s a liar, a crook and doesn’t even give two shits about the people who follow him.

  33. I like the first; it’s most legible

  34. 3rd one. I like the symbolism of the receding text. Plus it gives more space for the otherwise too-overshadowed tagline.

  35. @David:

    I know the new one is a bit longer, but I wasn’t able to find a shorter one that made sense and that was still available.


    Says a lot, don’t you think?

  36. They’re all awesome; I am so impressed. I kind of like the receding text of the 3rd version.

    Leocigale’s… I think what I love about it is how the mammoth seems sort of bemused and the MRA ineffective. Accurate, in other words.

  37. Oh my gosh!!! I never would’ve thought… Thank you guys! Sorry, I’ve been working seven days a week lately to pay for stuff like mortgages and bills so I haven’t been on here. Thanks, David! And I like the 3rd banner of Dani’s too! I can’t stop grinning with happy!

  38. Both Dani’s and leocigale’s contributions were wonderful. I like Dani’s #1 version best because I’m a fan of simplicity and readability.

  39. The first please! It’s the easiest to read. Simplicity is good, and it’s already got enough going on to be interesting.

  40. I like the first version very much, but the third almost gives an effect of a pompous voice echoing off into the distance, which is very entertaining and apropos.

  41. #3 with #2 as a second choice

  42. Loving the new look and name! The only unfortunate thing is that WordPress has decided the new name is a bit too long, so it’s truncated in the WordPress ribbon to “we hunted the mammo…” It actually seems like that should take up as much space or more than “we hunted the mammoth” but I am not a professional type space judgerer.

  43. Still… someone should smack TAA’s ass, and I believe David is the man to do it. A year ago, there were tons of anti-misogynists who showed how utter bullshit The Amazing Atheist is, but nowadays nobody (not even on fucking Tumblr) is going after his bullshit, so his anti-feminist rhetoric is just running loose.

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