Open Thread for Personal Stuff: April 2014 Edition

It's either a hug, or attempted murder. With cats, it's hard to tell.

It’s either a hug, or attempted murder. With cats, it’s hard to tell.

An open thread for personal stuff, continuing from here.

As usual for these threads: no trolls, no arguments.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. It’s okay, Bina. I’ve had a lot of practice at this. Just I’m reaching the point where I’m like, “I get it! I GET IT! Enough already!”

  2. Side note. I’ve been in touch with Argenti, and zie is doing well. Busy with other aspects of life, and so not possessed of much time to hunt mammoths.

  3. @pecunium, Thanks for letting us know. Please let hir know we’re thinking about hir, and glad to hear zie’s doing well. And your wedding is soon! Yonkers! (I’m trying to get place names as exclamations to be a thing.) All the best to you all!

  4. Oi… bought most of the wine, and the booze today. Even on the cheap a party this big ain’t.

  5. I remember two friends had a cheap wine tasting party before their wedding, and even with the best under $6 wine they were buying so many bottles… Big parties are indeed not cheap.

    It’s really hot here, so I’m symbolically pouring a nicely viognier out for you and yours.

  6. LBT, that sucks. I hope you’re feeling better today.

    Pecunium, thanks for keeping us updated on Argenti!

    Well-wishers, thank you anyway, but my job interview was cancelled. It’s complicated, but basically the woman I was interviewing with decided she didn’t want me after talking to my manager. I’m pretty angrysad about it. Fortunately, my development coordinator is on my side, and she’s going to meet with me about how to get the hell out of this department.

  7. [CN: rape, sexual abuse]

    Upon waking up this morning, I had a severe anxiety attack (for lack of a better term) due to nothing but invasive thoughts. I have no idea why, but I had these very frightening mental images of being raped. Again. Those invasive thoughts have been getting worse over time. I feel unsafe and unsettled, and most of all I feel mentally broken; I’ve never been raped or even gotten close to being raped, yet I can’t stop being triggered by such thoughts. Maybe it’s because I have been sexually abused before, but I can’t help but feel that I’m only having these thoughts because I’m an attention-seeker. And the sexual abuse was non-contact, so I feel like I have no right to consider it a sufficient explanation. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even have the right to feel hurt by that sexual abuse because I wasn’t touched at all.

    IDK. There’s just so much wrong with me. At least I’m seeing my therapist today. I’m sorry if I’m annoying anyone with comments like these.

  8. emilygoddess

    TW: rape, victim blaming

    Ugh, I just read an article on HuffPo about a rape in which the man confessed, and there are still commenters wondering why we’re “just taking her [the victim’s] word for it” or some such nonsense. And that’s on top of the fact that he was 18 and she was 14, and that’s rape no matter who said what.

    For bonus points, the assailant only got probation because the girl, having had three other “partners” and one baby by the age of 14, was “not the victim she claimed to be” according to the judge.

    Fuck everyone. I’m done.

  9. @emilygoddess, That story tossed me off the internet for a while. Victim blaming can override a rapist’s confession, even. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

  10. Does anyone have any decent remedies for cold chills? I have really miserable cold chills right now due to some kind of flu-like sickness. I just took a hot shower and I still feel like I’m freezing. (I dried myself thoroughly as well, so I doubt it’s a consequence of being exposed to relatively colder air outside of the shower area.) All I know about my sickness is that it’s gotten much, much worse because of allergies, and I felt so fatigued and ill this morning that I couldn’t even help my step-dad and my brother plant trees. I also had a bad bloody nose this morning and and I couldn’t stop coughing last night. I can take care of my cough and my congestion easily, but cold chills are always hard for me to get rid of. I would be more tolerant of these chills if it weren’t for the memory of having severe cold chills during my case of bronchitis at age 15. (I almost felt like I was going to pass out.)

    I’m asking here because this place has great suggestions for remedies in general. Any help or other forms of support would be appreciated.

  11. Ally, I have you taken your temperature? I think chills usually come into play when your body temperature is elevated above 98.6F (or even more over 100.4). If you can tolerate aspirin or acetaminophen, that might help a bit. Even just putting a cool washcloth on your forehead is something I’ve found effective.

  12. Oops, or warm washcloth. Got that backwards.

  13. I’m sorry you are feeling gross. The bugs are going around in May this year, for some reason.

  14. @emilygoddess

    Is that the same case where the dumbass judge decided to sentence the offender to 150 hours of community service in a rape crisis center and the center said FUCK NO- he can do his service elsewhere?

  15. OMG. I just read some of the reports about that judge. She thought sentencing him to community service at a rape crisis center was a good idea?

    And the girl and the girl’s mother say she was never even pregnant. Not that should even be relevant. At all.

    WTF are they getting judges from these days?

  16. Well, I’m back from a great week in Chicago and LA, arrived today. But what a charming surprise to come home to – our damnable estate agents are doing their six-monthly inspection (aka “complete waste of time in which they say things like ‘that windowsill is dusty’ and don’t do anything about outstanding maintenance issues”) TOMORROW. Mum’s not up to the sort of cleaning we need to do before these things, so guess what I’ve been doing this afternoon and will be doing this evening?

    I guess it’s one way of dealing with jet-lag.

  17. @cloudiah

    Thanks, I’ll consider your suggestions next time I get cold chills. I just woke up from a night of constant tossing, turning, sniffling and coughing, but the end result I guess is that I no longer have cold chills (although for some reason I must have been chattering a lot last night because my entire jaw is sore). If I were allowed some rest and I didn’t carelessly consume so much dairy, my sickness would have abated much sooner. I almost completely avoided dairy yesterday, so my congestion is starting to go away, and I also have this humidifier in my room, which has been helping as well.


    I still feel extremely fatigued because over the past week or so I’ve been planting trees almost every day – about 110 total by the time I’m done. It’s difficult because the soil here is dry and clumpy, leaving the trees vulnerable to gaping holes in their bowls upon being watered. Anyone who’s planted trees before knows what I’m talking about. We also have to amend the holes with fertilizer, which for some reason makes my allergies go haywire.

    Before all of this we had to use an auger to drill about 230 holes into the ground – and I’ve got to say, it’s fucking exhausting even when just moving the machine around. My body was completely drained of its energy after doing all of the drilling with my brother, but then the next day – with barely any sleep – we had to start planting trees. And with every subsequent day I’ve been getting a similar lack of rest, which is accumulating very easily.

    On top of all of this labor, my brother likes to keep the window open all night, letting in all of the cold air. If I were sleeping on a bed, I wouldn’t mind as much, but I sleep on a small tent mattress that is about 2 inches thick and resting on linoleum tiles. So my sleeping area becomes nearly frigid after around midnight. Needless to say, that kind of sleeping arrangement makes my cold much worse. Last night, though, he was at least nice enough to not put the fan at the open window.

    I’ve been wanting to sleep on the couch instead since the temperature down there is generally much milder, but my step-dad doesn’t want me to sleep there for literally no reason other than “It annoys me to see people sleeping on the couch in the early morning.” So until my brother leaves, I’m stuck with this terrible mattress.

    /end of rant

  18. Because it’s likely to get lost in the Domestic Violence thread, I’m posting the link here: LBT’s portrait of Louis!

  19. At this point, I almost feel like I should start claiming I’m the staff artist for Mammotheers or something! *laughs*

  20. You and katz, definitely! :D

  21. Last night, I wasn’t sure if my step-dad needed any help outside in the field, so I didn’t set an alarm. (Minor mistake, but my mom usually wakes me up pretty early regardless of alarms so it wasn’t a big deal, I think.)

    At around 9 my mom woke me up and asked me to get ready to help out out (drink some coffee, change clothes, etc.) and right then I heard my step-dad yell “I CAN’T WORK WITH SOMEONE WHO’S ASLEEP”. I was awake and ready within 2 minutes (since I didn’t need any coffee) and then he started yelling about how lazy I am, how I’ve made so many “excuses” “every time” he asks me to work with him (like being extremely sick and fatigued), etc. He was yelling and swearing and anything. And a little before that he compared me to my little brother to express how uncooperative and unhelpful he thinks I am.

    I feel really hurt by this. I don’t know what to do. Maybe he’ll even decide to kick me out of the house today. Maybe I deserve it.

  22. You don’t deserve that, Ally.
    He threw a nasty tantrum.
    That’s on him.
    It’s going to be OK.

  23. He also accused me of being too lazy to help him water the plants one day. The only time I ever refused to do watering for him was when there were some problems with the soil and I didn’t know how to water the plants without potentially damaging them. (It’s a lot to explain.) Maybe that was stupid of me, but I have almost zero experience with gardening, so it’s kind of expected. And even so, I did help him water the plants for a little while, and then I told him that he would be better suited for watering the plants and I’d be better suited for planting the trees – and he agreed. Apparently though this is a sign of my laziness, even though working in the sun while being congested, having very little sleep, and suffering from allergies is hardly something I’d do if I wanted to be lazy.

    And he also accused me of waking up to help him at 9 AM only “ONE FUCKING TIME”. He either ignores or forgets the fact that for several days I woke up at 8 AM to help him and my brother dig 230 holes into the ground with an auger and plant nearly half that amount of trees (because my brother was planting as well).

    I guess he’s right that I should wake up earlier to help him out because he is terrible at planning (he admits that himself). But usually it’s hard for me to get up early in the morning because I frequently am depressed when I wake up. (I suppose it’s not a very good excuse but sometimes it’s hard to get up when you feel like you’re worthless, pathetic, and doomed to a life of misery.) I also get very little sleep these days because my brother makes the room too damn cold and I sleep on the floor, where most of the cold air is. All of those are excuses, of course, but I wish my step-dad would at least think about those things first.

    He’s so angry at me that he refused my offer to help him this morning. Even after I got ready as quickly as possible. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to make him happy. I need to get out of here.

  24. You don’t deserve that, Ally.
    He threw a nasty tantrum.
    That’s on him.
    It’s going to be OK.

    I wish it was going to be okay, but I think I need to get out of here soon now. My friends in the Bay Area are more than willing to let me stay at their place for a little while, and I’ll help pay rent. It hurts too much to be in this house now.

  25. Random good news for the thread: I’m officially graduated, with double the B.S.! The last four years have been intense, but I survived.

    Now, I have to find a job other than ‘full time student, part time math tutor, part time volunteer fire-rescue, part time high-school program volunteer’. Then, I have to figure out whether or not grad-school is a good idea.

  26. ::puts on party hat::

    Congratulations, contrapangloss! That’s great news.

    I had a little bit of good news this week: I’ve qualified for the carer’s allowance from Centrelink. It’s only $59 a week but every bit of money is welcome right now. Even better, they back-paid several months’ worth, so that’s a happy boost to the bank account.

    I’ve also applied for a job – wish me luck.

  27. Best of luck!

  28. Well today I turn 54.

    I’m as bald as an egg and a bit queasy from Round 3 of chemotherapy (only 3 more to go!) but I’ve been for a morning walk with the beloved, picked up pine cones to use as firelighters, looking at raindrops on irises and wistaria in the park, there’s a cat snoozing on my lap and just now there was a knock at the door and someone delivered a huge box of flowers.

    Later today I’m going to spend some time in the 17th century.

  29. Happy birthday, bluecat!

    17th century?

    ::pricks up ears::

    Which bit?

  30. emilygoddess

    Congrats, contrapangloss! Does “twice the BS” mean this is your second bachelor’s?

    Kittehs, keeping my fingers crossed for you! And for you, bluecat, I’ll cross my toes as well.

  31. Happy Birthday, Bluecat! Party hats all around, methinks.

    I’m crossing fingers, and hoping for your sucessful treatment, and many, many, days of pine-cone picking-up with your beloved, kitty snuggles, and pretty flowers.

    Kittehs, good luck on the job!

    Emilygoddess, just about! I actually went the ridiculous route and tried to earn both bachelor’s at once. I was coursewise done with one of them last fall, and finished the second this spring. For easier paperwork, though, we just delayed the applying for graduation to make both of them happen at once.

  32. So I live on a busy street, and this morning as I was starting to drive to work I saw a cat that had been hit by a car. It looked like he was probably already dead but I pulled over to check it out. He was dead and such a horrible sight. The cat was wearing a collar with a tag with a name and phone number so I pulled out my cell phone to get the number down. Then a woman called out from another parked car that it was her cat; she wanted to save me the trouble of getting the phone number. She was upset and crying, of course. She said the man who hit the cat had called her about ten minutes prior.

    So today all I can think about is how I would feel if that had been my cat, who is my best friend, or if I had been the one to hit someone’s cat. I know this happens all the time but it’s just so horrible to me and I feel angry at traffic and cars and roads. My cat is an indoor cat so this wouldn’t happen to us unless he got out by accident but . . . please keep your kitties safe, everyone. I also wanted to do something to help the woman, or send her something later to let her know she’s in my thoughts, but I don’t know how to reach her anymore . . .

    Extra kitty hugs when I get home, fore sure.

  33. Happy birthday, bluecat.

  34. All the hugs, grumpycat. I’ve never forgotten the one cat I’ve seen that had been run over, so I can totally sympathise (maybe even empathise).

    My kitties live indoors too. We’re in a dead-end street but some people still don’t slow down till they get to their driveways. I hate cars too.

  35. Thank you, kittehserf.

    Stupid cars.

  36. emilygoddess

    That sucks, grumpycat. HBCs (that’s vet shorthand for “hit-by-car”) are almost always heartbreaking.

    Speaking of cats, I found a video of a cat saving her tiny human from a dog attack. The video does show the (brief and ultimately minor) attack, so be warned. I’m linking to Jezebel rather than embedding the video, because this thread is bonus lulz (and also because I don’t know which segment of the video will show if I embed it).

  37. Wow, that cat!

    Did you see the stitches the child had? That attack would have been really serious if the cat hadn’t intervened.

    I love the OKC dog pic in the thread – “Things I’m really good at: being put in the Man’s Best Friend Zone.”

  38. I finally found a stock shot of a couple playing chess that I could use – I’ve been looking for one, on and off, for a long time.

    Here’s the results from three hours’ work.

  39. @ kittehs that is a lovely picture! I never thought about how a simple thing like a snapshot of a loved one can be such a luxury.

    My oldest son turned eleven yesterday. It seems so unreal to me that he’s so big! He’s becoming such a sweet young man and I am so proud of him.

    @ Ally As a mother, your stories make my heart ache! I just can’t imagine how any parent wouldn’t feel blessed by you. You are a kind, intelligent person who deserves to have people around you that see those things about you and advocate for you. Sending all the hugs and we’ll-wishes that you want and can use your way. I always read your posts and wish there was more I could do for you!

  40. I love that video of the cat saving the kid. (WTF got into that dog? ARGH!)

    People don’t believe that cats protect their humans, but they do.
    When I was still doing dog fostering, we sometimes called our cats “The Regulators”. They had rules.

    No going in the baby’s room, ever. If the dog crossed the threshold to her room, the boys (my cats) would come growling, spitting and clawing at the dog.

    No fighting or overly loud rough housing in the house. Start a scuffle and the cats will finish it. The poor dogs. I had to pull a claw out of one’s nose with a pair of pliers once.

    It was eerie to hear the kitty growls coming from different parts of the house, warning the dogs to stifle, or else. I’ve even seen one drive the dog to where the other was crouched to spring. It was like something off of Wild Kingdom. They could put the hurt on, too. My husband and I still have scars from getting between the cats and a dog who got on their bad side.

    Now one of the boys is gone and the other is 15 with no front claws. He’s still the regulator. Here he is curled up with two of our pups.

  41. WTF got into that dog? ARGH!

    Apparently it was a neighbor’s dog, so my guess is that it thought the kid was in its territory. Add in the fact that both kids and bikes can freak out dogs who aren’t familiar with them…nevertheless, the dog should have been better trained.

  42. @grumpycatisagirl

    :: offers hugs ::


    Thanks. Fortunately, things are getting better for me. My mom, my siblings, and my step-dad are all okay with my plans to move away, so that’s a huge relief for me.

  43. Thank you, Ally and emilygoddess.

    I’ve actually mentioned it here before, but my cat once hissed away a man who was peering into my bedroom window at 2 am. Saving me from God knows what.

  44. Lea, your kitties sound amazing!

    I can’t link to your photo – I just get stupid Google telling me to upgrade to Google +. Grrrr.

    Oh, and I’m reading Pandagon and now I have “Wouldn’t it be loverly” playing in my head, thankyouverymuch.

    amybethwp – thank you! I’d never thought of it as a luxury either, but you know, you’re right!

    Probably just as well I can’t take snaps of Mr K. I’d be doing it all the time and even his patience might wear thin. :P

  45. Hello all! I have a super important question: what am I going to call the commentariat when I think about you all in my head? Surely manboobzers is no longer appropriate! Are you my fellow Mammoth Hunters? Has this already been discussed (I’ve been busy of late).

  46. We seem to be going with Mammotheers.

    There was talk of whether furry ears would be available. I haven’t heard more about that, but for dog owners, there’s this costume!

  47. For kitties, a simpler version:

  48. Sign me up for one! (I have dogs & cats). I mean sign me up for four! I have fish too, has Argenti come up with a fish version perhaps?

  49. LOL what a cool idea!

    Argenti hasn’t been on site for a while now – Pecunium says zie’s fine, just really busy with other stuff.

  50. I just found a pic of some early MRA scientist dudebros.

  51. Good, I’m glad zie is doing well. We share an interest in fishkeeping! I haven’t been on much either, with my new undertaking of being a full time student and working and us tax season. Pretty much I haven’t been able to read comments since Decemberish! I am not even up to date on who the resident trolls are.

  52. How could I forget Far Side mammoth gems like Gak Eisenberg?

    Or these:

  53. The trolls are still drive-bys. We had one visit from the fake Frenchman, but that’s all.

    Let’s see, December – did you see Mikey of “you’re all SPINSTERS” fame? He was the only one who hung around for a while and provided a few lulz along the way.

  54. I don’t think I did! But duh, of course we are all spinsters (firstly we are all ladies), and of course we all live alone with our legions of cats. I’m surprised he didn’t stick around, I’m sure all of the spinsters made him feel welcome in our matriarchal feline republic?

  55. I just found a pic of some early MRA scientist dudebros.×316/FarSideMicroscope.gif

    Can’t be MRAs- they identified the animal correctly.

  56. Psst, all the kitties from my latest litter have been adopted :)

    Last one went to a home with a French bulldog puppy and it is the cutest thing ever.

  57. Looong Rant Time! TMI Warning.

    So, I went on a date with a dude last October. He seemed okay and said he actually only wanted to be friends and wasn’t looking for casual sex, so far be it from me to turn down a possible friendship with someone who seems okay. We add each other to facebook, exchange numbers, talk now and then, fine.

    Fastforward to December, and he’s changed his mind about the casual sex thing. Hey, it happens. He wants to fool around a bit, and I’m always up for some fun. Well, my first sign was that he kept thanking me via text for letting him come over. Now, he’d mentioned wanting me to greet him at the door in some lingerie, but I can’t actually do that since pressing the buzz code on my phone doesn’t work and I have to go down to the lobby to let people in. On his way this guy suggests waiting in my bathroom while I get changed for him. This kinda struck me as entitled, and I didn’t actually agree to it. He gets there, we go up to my apartment and he promptly heads for my bathroom, telling me to text him details. I tell him that feels way too awkward, but he goes into my bathroom, and I get changed.

    He comes out and cue incredibly awkward fooling around, wherein he fumbles around my breasts like he’s trying to find something in the dark. He doesn’t spank my ass, so much as make zombie arm movement that collide with my ass. I go down on him, and…ew. Sour. He stops me at one point, takes my hand and puts it on his dick and demonstrates the motion he wants, all without saying anything. This goes back and forth for a bit, then he grabs my breasts from behind and starts fucking kneading them. Actual words, “Ow! Those are not stress balls, dude”.

    And back to the awkward blow job/hand job back and forth until he asks, “Do you want me to come?” A little background: he had previously mentioned that he has difficulty achieving orgasm, and claimed one woman he’d been with had been insulted by that. He was not the first man I’d known to have difficulty achieving orgasms. I also had an ex who would get way over-focused on giving me orgasms, and that took away from the fun of it. So I say to this guy, “Well, you know, no pressure or anything; it’s not necessary”. Well, he then says, “Well that doesn’t help!” and proceeded to tell me he expected encouragement, and why couldn’t I dirty-talk, yada yada. And I can’t dirty-talk while under pressure; it’s just way too awkward. So I’m not liking the hostility and try to diffuse it with humour. I tell him, “You can do it! I have faith!” This just makes him more angry, and he says, “REALLY not helping!” Now, I’m starting to feel a little upset, so he cuts it out a bit.

    He does eventually come, and then proceeds to vent about all the people who’d done him wrong, including a female friend of his who called him a “meanie pants” for not visiting her while he happened to be in her city. I listened because that’s what I do, but when he wanted my opinion of his breakup with his last girlfriend, I simply had to say, “I don’t know her or her side of the story, so I can’t make a judgment”. He agreed…somewhat. The most responsibility he was willing to accept was that he’d made jokes about her being fat. At one point he reiterates that he’s not looking for a relationship, and I tell him we wouldn’t be compatible anyway. Regarding casual sex involving PIV, he says, “If we did that, it would have to be just you and me because I don’t want to get anything”, to which I say, “Yeah, that’s not gonna work for me”, because fucked if I’m going to have an exclusive sexual relationship with someone who’s shit at sex and is incompatible serious-relationship-wise.

    So months later, this guy wants to hang out. About two weeks later, this guy fucking CALLS me at 12am, knowing I work full-time. He’s horny, and wants to talk to me while getting himself off. I point out that it is 12am, and he declares that I can at least help him finish. So I put the phone on speaker, set it on my coffee table, and endure his awkward moans till he hangs up. He then immediately apologizes on facebook because the concept of “I need to sleep” is lost on him.

    Over the next few months, I try for a slow fade. Suddenly, this guy starts telling me he was rethinking his stance on having a serious relationship and that I made his preference change (I’m skinny; he preferred fat) with my boobs. I avoid him for a while and then state again that we’re not compatible.

    Then just a few days ago, he starts going on about how he’s changed, and he’s better at sex, and he likes skinny women (he kept fucking focusing on that; seriously, dude, I never gave a shit about that; that wasn’t what made you an asshole!), and my boobs are awesome (JFC), and we should hang out again. He tells me he wants to go down on me, that I really satisfied him when we’d last seen each other, that he owed it to me. Well, I tell him people don’t change that quickly, and he actually acts like a few months is a really long time.

    Now, it’s 1 in the morning at this point, and I’m talking to my friend about not-him, and my replies aren’t fast enough for this fucker. He threatens to call me, I tell him (AGAIN!) that I have work the next day, he retorts that I’m still up, I remind him that’s partly because he won’t stop talking to me, and he insists he just wants me to see how much he’s changed. I tell him he reminds me of my ex and that I don’t want a relationship like that again, but he harps on. At this point, I stop replying and he assumes I fell asleep.

    Next morning he apologizes, but I don’t respond. So last night at 10:30? FUCKING CALLS ME. I don’t answer, as I’m on my way to get pizza anyway, but then he texts me to tell me he called. Dude, if I see your text, I noticed your call. I CHOSE not to answer. I get home and he messages me on facebook to tell me called and wasn’t sure if I’d gotten it.

    Just…fucking…yeah, you’ve changed so much that you CONTINUE TO CALL ME LATE AT NIGHT WHEN YOU KNOW I WORK FULL TIME AND I’VE ALREADY TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING DO IT!!! Self-entitled, negative, irresponsible, selfish, insecure piece of shit, I will never be your girlfriend, I don’t want any part of you anywhere near my vag, and I pity the next woman who finds herself unfortunate enough to end up in your presence. Sour dick.


  58. Ugh, Alex, that’s awful. I really hope he gives up and leaves you alone :-/…

  59. I don’t think I did! But duh, of course we are all spinsters (firstly we are all ladies), and of course we all live alone with our legions of cats. I’m surprised he didn’t stick around, I’m sure all of the spinsters made him feel welcome in our matriarchal feline republic?

    Oh, but he was a sexy sexy LAWYER who lived DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH and had a fondness for typing in all caps, and we’re all old and raddled and everything ‘cos we’re over thirty, or twenty-five, or whatever the cut-off age was for him.

    I think David did a post on the dude eventually.

    Can’t be MRAs- they identified the animal correctly.

    True! :D

    katz – great news!

    I was just up at the vet (more pills for Fribs, ouch) and one of the nurses showed me a clip of a kitty she’s fostering. Kitty looks just like Katie, but with white socks and I am SOOOOOO WANTING to adopt another cat. But it’s just not on the cards: apart from the money situation, Mum doesn’t want another cat.


    Oh, vet nurse said her foster kitty hates dogs with a passion. I got as far as asking “Did you see that video” and she nodded and said that would be this cat, totally.

    Alex – fucking hell, what a douchebag. I’d say “block him everywhere” but I’d be worried he’d start turning up at your house.

  60. @Alex

    That dude sounds like a mess. =S I’m sorry you had to go through that.

  61. Alex,
    That guy sounds like a real piece of work. Yuck.

  62. Brain bleach!

    Maddie and Puckle

  63. I love Maddie and Puckle! And I’m also dying to know what the book on the shelf titled SHRUB is about.

  64. Maddie is such a pretty girl.

    Alex, ugh, what an obnoxious guy. Here’s to hoping he develops a concept of boundaries and leaves you alone.

  65. grumpycat – it’s “What Shrub Is That?” Mum used to be into gardening. :)

  66. Ok, this is just a check – my comments on other posts seem to be disappearing into the ether.

    Hello, can anybody hear me? ;-)

  67. Ok, that worked. False alarm. I shall take it as a hint that I’m tired and drag myself off to bed.

    Sorry, sorry … staggers off mumbling.

  68. @Ally S
    There is nothing “wrong” with you. you’re dealing with thing that happened to you because this world is a terrible place. you didn’t cause them, want them or ask for them. this world is wrong not you. also very impressed with the tree farming your doing. I come from a farming family so I know it tough in general and i have to think tree farming must be harder.

  69. Thanks, guys. He says he’s seeing someone now. Ima try that slow fade thing again.

    I haven’t read over much of this thread, just needed to vent, but I hope all is well with the rest of you, and jedi hugs to those who want them. :)

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