Amy Schumer takes on “Nice Guys” with “Hello M’Lady”

From Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, here’s a little skit taking on the phenomenon of the Nice Guy. No fedoras so be seen, but other than that she pretty much covers all the bases, right on down to the neckbeards on some of the fellas. Caution: Mild creepshaming.

NOTE TO ANGRY MRAS: This video does not represent an official statement on the part of feminism. Amy Schumer is a COMEDIAN.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Well, clearly I missed one helluva boat here. 25-odd years ago, I had a golden opportunity to marry a gay guy and make myself utterly miserable as a traditional wife while he could have snuck out and shagged any number of other gay guys behind my back. Strangely, we both passed up that opportunity. He’s now legally and happily married to a lovely guy he met not long after he came out to me, and I’m still happily unmarried myself. And the best part is, we’re still great friends and chat on the internets every day.

    I don’t for an instant blame his being gay for my being unmarried, though…I’m just godawfully picky. Meaning, I don’t want to end up with a guy who treats me as an accessory. I want a person who treats me as a person, too.

    Clearly, I ask way, WAY too much.

  2. Bina, you have clear grounds for a discrimination lawsuit there. He blatantly chose not to marry you because of your gender.

  3. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    kittehserf – yes indeed, kittehs are an important component of diversity. My family tree regularly gets cats stuck in it.

    I’ve seen variations of this argument leveled at single/choice moms too. “Single mothers are incredibly selfish,” the argument goes, “because they’re depriving the child of its right to a father.”

    No, no, no. Children don’t have the “right” to a particular relationship or family structure, any more than they have the “right” to be born into a white, functional, upper-middle-class family. Otherwise, just about every person in less-than-perfect non-Barbie circumstances who has children could be accused of being selfish and screwing their child over on some dimension. (And ultimately, what parent doesn’t have kids for selfish reasons?)

    Kids have the right to stability and security and having their emotional needs yet. Having a mommy and a daddy doesn’t guarantee that.

  4. I hate it when people just demonize single mothers without mentioning the fathers. Not that I think unmarried parents should be demonized at all. It’s just that some people- usually right wingers act like women asexually reproduce out of spite.

  5. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    Yeah, not too many pearls get clutched when it comes to the fathers. Generally it’s lesbian parents and single women going the sperm donor route who trigger the “right to a father” objection – where it’s seen as a conscious choice to cut dads out of the equation, instead of being just the way that particular parental cookie crumbled for those families. I stopped reading sensationalist articles on fertility treatment because the comments section always attracts dozens of self-appointed Arbiters Of Who Should Have Children.

    A common corollary argument is “you’re subverting nature/God’s will by going through fertility treatements and having children, obviously you weren’t meant to procreate, blah blah won’t someone think of the gene pool”. I’m sure these very same people think nothing of seeking medical treatment for, say, a broken leg, and wouldn’t be very happy if the E.R. doc shrugged and said “well, it’s clearly God’s will that you not be able to walk.”

    Women having babies is like a duck call for concern trolls.

  6. I understand that “single mother” has a double meaning between “someone who lives single with their underage children” and “someone who lives single with their underage children they had while being single”. “Single father” or “single parent” only has the first, wider meaning.

    US conservatives often talk about “single mothers” in narrow sense and then conflate it with both the wider sense and with “unmarried mothers”, waving around statistics that show that nearly half of all children are born to unmarried mothers. Liberals usually seem to go along with this conflation while they defend single mothers (narrow sense).

    I gather that the conservatives are really opposed to a) people having unmarried sex and b) family benefits, but they can’t talk about it in non-dogwhistly manner, so they pretend that single mothers (narrow sense) are hugely common, depriving children of fathers and sucking up some oddly single-mother-specific welfare benefits. Still, they cannot promote contraception or (heaven forbid) abortion to reduce unwanted pregnancy.

    I dunno about US, but at least here relatively few women become mothers while single, either by choice or by accident. Vast majority of unmarried mothers are in fact in stable relationships and often marry the father later. Single mothers in wide sense are certainly common, since divorce is common, from both married and unmarried relationships, and the mother usually takes primary custody. The father often continues keeping some contact with the children, and if he doesn’t, you can hardly blame the mother.

  7. Every time I read this sort of blather, I wish I could tell them about my family. Two dads, two adopted sons. Down the street (as in, six houses down), my sister in law and niece – she adopted her daughter. I joke that we’re the House of Yang and they’re the House of Yin. My niece is the same age as our younger son, and has a bestie her own age – who was also adopted by her single mother. So two men, two women, two boys and two girls, forming three families in all. We’ve actually gone on vacation together, all eight of us. For extra amusement, I’m the only white person in the octet. It occurs to me every so often that a short story about my life could only have been published as science fiction until very recently. To some people, it would still be considered horror.

  8. RE: WWTH

    Why would a woman even want to marry a closeted gay men? It seems like they’d both be pretty miserable.

    Gay guy marrying lesbian for practical reasons, and then they pursue their own relationships outside it. I’ve heard of it happening.

    RE: Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    “Single mothers are incredibly selfish,” the argument goes, “because they’re depriving the child of its right to a father.”

    My husband was born to a single teenage mother under less-than-consensual circumstances, and he would LAUGH HIS ASS OFF at this idea. Well, after he came down from the rage, since he adores his mother and we’ve talked about how he’s never felt “deprived” of a father. (He had plenty of male role models in his life, including the man his mom later married, sports coaches, neighbors, friends, and men in his church, and the guy who got his mom pregnant… not someone my husband ever wants to know or meet.) Anyone who whines about single moms pretty much are on the fast-track to his wrath, and he’s not an angry man.

  9. Feminist? This video could have come right off the pages of /r/theredpill…

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