Pickup artist: “If God ever created a better replacement for women, we’d exterminate them overnight.”

The problem — well, one of the many problems — with a lot of so-called pickup artists is that they think with their dicks, and then use their relatively underpowered brains to rationalize their dickular preferences as The Way The World Should Be.

By contrast, the problems with Lance Christopher, a so-called pickup artist who hangs out in the comments section on Roosh V’s Return of Kings blog, really start when he stops thinking with his dick.

 Lance Christopher • 7 days ago  I've always come back to this stark reality about women after I cum, and think is my dick my friend or enemy? Literally I'd go through tedious hours of the most boring conversations about bullshit. The moment I'd tried to bring up something substantial, it would be the same vapid look of cluelessness. So as an insurance policy to get the pussy, you just play along. But my God, how we (intelligent men) debase ourselves for these people. I've even tried to talk with some women about their respective fields of work and for the life of me, I don't understand how these bitches get jobs. I tried to go into a detailed discussion with this blonde the other day about why the Ukraine and Crimea are Russian due to the history of the Kievan Rus' and the Tsardom etc etc... (because her field is "international relations"), she said with a serious so-called academic look that, "I really focus on gender studies in the Mideast, mostly in Pakistan." So I said, "let me guess, the right of women to go to school in Islamic societies, right?" And bingo!!! She has a "Master's Degree" for this. Needless to say I got her business card despite her having a boyfriend (sorry man lol). If God ever created a better replacement for women, we'd exterminate them overnight.  3 • Reply • Share ›

Some dudes roll over and fall asleep the moment after they come; Mr. Christopher contemplates genocide because women don’t want to hear him pontificate about Ukrainian history.

In case you’re wondering, no one else in the discussion suggests that Mr. Christopher’s opinion here might be a teensy bit extreme.

No, the commenters happily share terrible opinion after terrible opinion about the inferior creatures known as women.

 SpaghettiBoy • 7 days ago  Pretty much what this boils down to is that women do not and cannot rationalize, visualize, believe in, conceptualize and realize the following ideas:  1) Philosophy 2) Science 3) God 4) Higher existence  They are, however, exceptionally gifted at direction their total existence with unwavering dedication towards:  1) Me, me, me, me, me, me, memememememmeme 2) Dick  And men are dogs? Nigga, please.  11 • Reply • Share ›

Oh, it gets worse.

 Brigadon • 7 days ago  And that's why you cannot treat women as having agency. The biggest mistake the catholic church ever made was in deciding that women were actually human. Humans are intelligent creatures capable of influencing their environment, responding cognitively to change, communicating meaningfully, and making informed decisions. Women are capable of a stilted form of communication that cannot convey real meaning, only emotional states. They have no agency, cannot meaningfully influence their environment, and cannot react cognitively to change or override their instincts to make informed decisions.  The only way to 'fix' things is to understand they they are at best animals capable of performing some simple tasks, and understand simple directions. Stop treating them like they should have some say in their own destiny or our shared culture, since their very nature precludes this possibility.  Hell, the very structure and exercise of 'Game' only works by acknowledging the complete inability of women to exercise control over their animal nature. If they were thinking creatures, game would never work. It indisputably does, which is undeniable proof of female lack of sapience.  You can love them, but love doesn't work if it exists in denial of reality... you are only hurting them and yourself by assuming that your love can be returned.  5 • Reply • Share ›

Cleanup in the pompous misogyny aisle!

You’ll notice that all of these comments have upvotes, by the way.

There may be some even more terrible comments in that thread, but I gave up reading them after a few screens full of this sort of garbage.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. LBT – library science, eh? I worked as a student library employee (work study program) in the main library at university. I was one of the last SLEs trained in the IBM punch card system, before the great electronic makeover. Got to witness the elimination of the card catalog as well. Ah, memories.

  2. Ah, reading the cockblocking posts reminded me of what we were taught in my junior high school health class. Apparently, if a girl and guy are making out and the girl puts a stop to the action, the boy can get a bad case of “blueballs.” Sometimes this can even cause the poor guy to get sick and be in terrible pain. And, on rare occasions, the condition can lead to long-term disability, loss of focus and hospitalization.

    The way to avoid this, girls, is for US to keep our hands off of THEM.

    Good times…

  3. cassandrakitty

    It’s both funny and sad that women everywhere across culture, races and socio-economic statuses have developed the exact same strategies for keeping ourselves and our friends safe.

    Yep. I initially got to know one of my besties in London when she saw me being backed into a corner by a creep at a club and ducked under his arm, put her arm around my neck, gave me a kiss, and then turned to him and said “We’re lesbians, go away”. I’m Scottish, she’s Japanese, up until we met in London (where both of us had recently arrived) we’d never dealt with a shared nightlife culture, and yet yep, exactly the same strategies in terms of women looking out for each other.

  4. Oh yes. There’s also “Hey, that thing. That thing we talked about? Can you come here a sec?” In persistent cases I’ve been known to look straight at the guy and say “You know how girls always go to the bathroom together? Yeah, here it is again.”

    My own REALLY? moment came when I saw a guy trying to strike up/continue a conversation with a young woman in line for the ladies room at a club. He was posturing and doing that boundary pushing thing where you escalate touches and she had her face locked on stone.

    A woman nearer the door made eye contact with me as I walked by, I sailed up to his victim and announced that Mary had held a place for us and walked her away from him up to the head of the line. What struck me at the time was not that a complete stranger and I had wordlessly agreed to execute an escape but that not one woman in the very long line waiting for the facilities objected to us cutting ahead.

    A friend of mine who did drag shows loved to break up this kind of hassling by going up and acting like he knew the guy and telling the victim to buzz off. Ah, good times.

  5. It’s annoying because there’s a “How do I handle a cockblocker?” post on Dr Nerdlove where the guy pays lip service to the ‘women have agency’ but apparently hasn’t quite digested what that truly means.

  6. zippydoo – that could have been the shortest response ever.

    “How do I handle a cockblocker?”

    “Stop being a predatory douche and fuck off when you’re not wanted.”

  7. cassandrakitty

    The dudebros really don’t seem to be able to cope with the fact that if a woman is pulling her friend away from them it’s because the friend isn’t interested, do they? Nope, admitting that would cause hurty feelings, so let’s go with a conspiracy theory about how women try to stop other women from getting laid JUST BECAUSE instead.

  8. “How do I handle a cockblocker?”

    “Beat your chest, make loud ook ook noises and beat the crap out of the other guy, then fling poo at him while he runs. Guaranteed.”

  9. vaiyt – and bounce a book off his head when you’re finished.

  10. Here’s a tip: If you see a guy claiming to be a pick-up artist while complaining about women MRA style, he’s full of shit. Guys who have healthy, positive sex lives, whether they are players or happily married, don’t spend time complaining about women, much less blogging about it.

    Also I find it ironic how he thinks that woman on a date was dumb yet his understanding of Russian/Ukrainian history is woefully inadequate.

  11. I’ve read a lot of Lance Christopher’s posts and he is one scary guy. He seriously needs help as he comes across like another Elliot Rodgers in the making. The RoK site isn’t a healthy place for him to be.

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