Christina Hoff Sommers: “If ‘bossy’ has to go because it is sexist, then shouldn’t we stop using male-vilifying terms like ‘mansplaining’ & ‘rape culture’?”

I follow a lot of truly terrible people on Twitter — Manosphere bloggers, white supremacists, Fidelbogen — so it took me a moment to realize that this dopey, backwards tweet didn’t come from some obscure reactionary bigot but from none other than antifeminist celebrity academic Christina Hoff Sommers, inventor of “equity feminism” and the author of the bestselling The War Against Boys.


Also, I think she meant to end that with #BanBossy, not @BanBossy.

Interesting that she doesn’t seem to understand hashtags any more than she understands rape culture.

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  1. When one describes a statement as “dopey” and “backwards,” as David did in the OP, that fairly clearly indicates that one does not agree with any part of that statement, and that one’s criticism of that statement goes far beyond a typo.

    I mean, he didn’t just come out an say, “I do not agree with this statement and am critical of it.” But that was pretty strongly implied.

  2. Reading comprehension is apparently not dunbe’s strength.

  3. @dumbe

    His observation about Sommers’ typo was a side comment. If you had paid any attention to this post, you would see that his main problem with Sommers’ ridiculous tweets is her suggestion that “mansplain” and “rape culture” are bigoted against men.

  4. cassandrakitty

    Jenny, could you maybe stop assuming that everything that anyone says in this thread is directed at you? That would help in avoiding things like what just happened with Alex’s comment.

    @ LBT

    A Good Things folder is a great idea. And you can now add “helping to distract people from long, frustrating, utterly pointless argument” to it.

  5. RE: Cassandrakitty

    A Good Things folder is a great idea. And you can now add “helping to distract people from long, frustrating, utterly pointless argument” to it.

    I’m really glad people like this idea. I know it helps me… you know, when I remember to actually LOOK at it. <.< But it's still a relatively recent addition to my arsenal of sunshine and rainbows.

  6. Well, apparently, the linguists agree that “bossy” is used in a gendered way.

    Makes you wonder what other words which appear on the surface to be gender-neutral have become gendered through use and should be avoided or, at the very least, used with care.

  7. But it’s still a relatively recent addition to my arsenal of sunshine and rainbows.

    I like this even better than a “Good Things” folder. *scampers off to create an — no, The Arsenal of Sunshine and Rainbows*

  8. RE: Unimaginative

    GODSPEED YOUNG WARRIOR! You rainbow ‘em good!

    (Seriously, if anyone else wants more tricks I do to keep my brain steady, I have a lot of them.)

  9. I missed the nightmare/earthquake conversation, so now I’m going to be socially awkward and put in my two cents.

    I have literal volcano dreams–yes, there have been more than one–that often end with me running away from lava. Often the volcano is identified as Mount St. Helens, but usually doesn’t look much like it.

    In my waking life, I love volcanos and visit and learn about them every chance I get, but in my dreams.

    Also, I don’t think we’ve ever had a troll who had the reading comprehension needed to pass fifth grade, though NWOSlave was probably the worst.

  10. Oh, the days of slavey…I almost miss him. Almost.

  11. It says something about the quality of trolls these days when we almost miss creeptastic characters like Slavey, DKM and so on.

    I certainly don’t miss A-y or A-z or that lot, or the terminally boring B-n or the Boston brat.

  12. It really does. I almost miss trolls like Owl-slave and Pell mainly because of things that resulted from their being here, like The Book o’ Learnin’ and the Pell downfall video. Trolls these days just aren’t good material to work with. I’m not sad our old trolls are gone; I just wish the new ones would dance better.

    Trolls; they don’t make them like they used to.

  13. Yeah, which is why it’s so funny when the new baby trolls are like, “HAHA I’M ANNOYING YOU LOOK HOW GREAT I AM,” and we’re just like, “sure, kid, you did a great job. You really had us there.”

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