Red Pill Theorist: Women are like children. Except you can have sex with them.

This Morpheus dude may have a point.

This Morpheus dude may have a point.

Put on your thinking caps today, because we are going to wade into the highly rarefied world of Red Pill Theory. Our Guest Lecturer today is a totally ALPHA DOG Red Pill Redditor by the name of GayLubeOil — don’t worry, fellas, he’s straight! — who has some important insights for us all on the nature of women.

Namely, that women are basically just overgrown children. Who give blow jobs.

Let’s let him explain, in a post that’s now Number One With A Sticky in the Red Pill Subreddit.

Treating Women Like Children (self.TheRedPill) submitted 8 hours ago by Endorsed ContributorGayLubeOil - stickied post One of the key tenants of Red Pill is that women act like children. There are many reasons for this. Women are not held accountable for their actions growing up, so they are completely new to the concept of accountability. If a woman sucks a dick, she tells a realy long story about how she was put in a dick sucking situation. Women don't realy believe in their own agency. That's why they often believe in cosmic forces like fate and patriarchy, because nothing they ever do is their fault. If women don't take responsibility for their actions, someone else has to. That's why we have to treat women like children. Obviously, some woman is going to read this have a cascade of feels and then deal with said feels in the most immature way possible.  While Red Pill theory has definitely harsh view of women, the practical application isn't as anti-social as our detractors believe.  One of the things that children suck at, is regulating their internal state. They're too little to know if their hungry, sleepy or if they need to go for a walk. When a child throws a tantrum its often not about the toy, there is often some underlying issue you need to take care of.  As stupid as its sounds you can completely avoid a lot of arguments by ignoring everything she says and going for the underlying problem. I cant believe you never told me that you X! Aww is she hungry. She gets this way when shes hungry. Then just feed her some Greek yogurt or something, and the problem will go away. Or just take her for a walk around the block, because shes just anxious from being at work the entire day.  Red Pill holds that male leadership is the cornerstone of a good relationship. Sometimes that means treating her like a child.

After reading all of that, you may have a few questions. Obviously, the most important question is: why Greek Yogurt? Well, in addition to being very popular with the ladies, it is apparently quite high in iron. Let’s let Professor LubeOil explain why that’s so crucial:

GayLubeOil[S] 44 points 7 hours ago* The reason I used Greek Yogurt as an example is that its high in Iron. A surprising number of women are anemic which means they bruise easily. Its obviusly not your fault that she cant get enough nutrients into her body. However You don't want to be seen walking around with a bruised woman. Which is why GayLubeOil recommends feeding your anemic woman Greek Yogurt mixed with pomegranate so you don't look like an abusive asshole. If you are an abusive asshole yogurt and pomegranate will not fix or prevent hemotoma. Sorry abusive assholes.  permalinkparentgive gold [–]Knoxhon_ 8 points 5 hours ago Sorry abusive assholes.  lmfao
Well, with that critical issue taken care of in a totally not creepy or red-flaggy kind of way, let’s move on to some of the serious discussion Professsor LubeOil’s thesis inspired in the Red Pill Subreddit.

Ah, who am I kidding? They mainly just posted comments about how totally right he was and how women totally are a bunch of overgrown children. But saying women are children is totes not misogyny!

Usherai 39 points 7 hours ago For all the accusations of misogyny thrown at TRP, I don't think most guys, even here, go far enough. Women are exactly like children in that without strong male leadership they will ruin themselves by being slaves to their emotions and short-sightedness. Their inability to take responsibility for themselves means that men need to be the ones directing, influencing, and manipulating their emotions into beneficial behaviors and pursuits.  This means that the mindset RP men should have in their relationships with women is one of complete and utter superiority. Your analysis and suggestions are pretty spot on.
And, heck, even if a dude maybe is a teensy bit of a misogynist, what’s the big deal, so long as it convinces him to treat his women properly — that is, like you would treat special needs children.

GayLubeOil[S] 41 points 7 hours ago Even if someone is a blatant misogynist and thinks women are completely inferior to men, that doesn't necessarily translate into him treating women poorly. Lets say you had a special needs child . The kids obviously intellectually inferior, to you and his peers. You knowing this doesn't make you an asshole. Knowing this and admitting this is the first step in being a good parent for this kid. Yea maybe you have to wipe his mouth after he eats or pick up after him a bit more. But pretending that he is a totally normal kid is going to make you a shittier parent than admitting the truth. That's why you should do what men have done for most of human history:treat women like women instead of pretending that they are men with breasts.  permalinkparentgive gold [–]Knoxhon_ 14 points 5 hours ago misogyny isn't about superior/inferior. it's about a hatred of women as a group. this is a common misconception.  permalinkparentgive gold [–]Endorsed ContributorDemonspawn 13 points 4 hours ago But so much of the population has equality disease: thinking someone isn't equal must be coming from hate... because they are equal, don'tchaknow!

Damn those feminazis and their “equality!” Why, it’s almost un-American!

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Speaking of statistics, does anyone know a good place to get aggregate conviction rates for various crimes in the US/UK? One of the MRAs mucking up the comments on that Matchar piece is arguing that the rate of conviction for rape is much higher than that for murder because “Prosecutors love putting away rapists because it makes them look good.”

    Of course no discussion of the fact that something like only 37% of reported rapes are taken to trial, versus (one would assume) all murders, or the low number of rapes that are actually reported. Pull all that together and although it doesn’t feel completely wrong (given the problematic nature of the way society deals with the crime, one imagines that only the most clear cut cases are actually taken to trial), I’d still like to check it.

    If an MRA tried to tell me that rain was wet, I’d still go out and stand in it for a few minutes, just to be sure…

  2. I have a recipe for yoghurt from a trusted and falling apart Indian cookery book. The author also recommends draining yoghurt (lebneh) to use as a rich creamy yoghurt in curry (LBT, I’m thinking about your hubby right now)

    I use yoghurt a lot as I cook primarily Indian food. I make my own spice blends and pastes too, yum. I’ve tried to ‘stabilise’low fat yoghurt with cornflour but it still never works. So I use full fat and whisk it before use into a creamy texture. It’s still easy to get full fat greek yoghurt in Australia though.

  3. I think it’s that LA drivers are good drivers, and they slow down when the rain starts (also, the warnings about being careful in the first couple of hours, so the slick can be washed away).

  4. I’ve seen people here freak out about it being unsafe to drive if it’s raining at all. It really is about what you’re used to.

    I wish people here


    do that. Rain seems to bring out all the incompetent/careless/fucking stupid drivers.

  5. LOL the blockquote monster’s had its revenge! That “would” was meant to be in italics.

  6. @kittehserf, yeah, I’ve had the experience in driving in a full on rain storm with visibility down to just beyond the bonnet. I’ve slowed to 60k on a 100k road, debating pulling over. And then people barrel past me, clearly still going at 100k.

  7. That’s pretty much St Kilda Road every time it rains, BigMomma. Step onto the pedestrian crossing at your peril, because the idea that it takes longer to stop in the wet is apparently too much for some idiots to grasp.

  8. Plus, you can’t even fucking see when it’s pelting down that damn hard.

  9. I’ve slowed to 60k on a 100k road

    60,000 is still too fast, IMHO.

  10. Australia’s a big country, Katz, we need the speed to get places.

  11. Australia, the land of supersonic highways.

  12. Or at least, drivers who think they are!

  13. I wish there were supersonic highways…the Pacific Highway which runs the coast from Brisbane to Sydney, being the only motorway between these major cities, is actually a two lane pot holed road in places. And there’s no decent intercity public transport, the trains are a joke.

  14. sorry, I’m being dull. Apologies. Worn out after a weekend of evil feminist fun with my husband and demi-illegitimate children at a theme park, then the beach.

  15. After the walls o’ text from various trolls, grammar ninnies and ur-doin-feminism-rong types, talking about pot-holes on the Hume & co is not dull, believe me.

  16. I love the idea of demi-illegitimate children & supersonic highways.

    I’m moving to Australia.

  17. come cloudiah, we even have libraries

  18. I wanna… I will visit Australia someday…

  19. Oooh yes!

    Come to Melbourne!

    I sure hope you can/ feel up do doing brunch on May 4th (in LA, obvs, not here).

  20. “Demi-legitimate Children and Supersonic Highways” is the name of my concept album.

  21. Don’t take my Matrix comparisons away from me.

  22. katz…like. Can my daughters sing/play piano/recorder on it?

    My 10yr old is playing with her school recorder group at the opera house this year!

  23. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    This is a wonderfull outline of the autonomous individual and the like…but I cant really take it seriously because the rates of everything from divorce to illigitamacy and the like could be miniscule or sky high…. and a societies “health”could still be said tobe perfectly fine under this fuzzy standard.

    Fitzge, if you want to measure the overall “health” of a society, there are a lot more metrics available. Poverty, education, life expectancy, income, human rights, to name just a few. You also have to focus on the well-being of all segments of society, not just able-bodied straight cis white males between the ages of 18 and 55. Using family structure to gauge societal health is like a doctor focusing on the big toe to evaluate the overall health of the patient.

    Then elsewhere you move the goalposts and claim you’re trying to measure the overall health of “gender relations”.

    What you’re really angry about is the disappearance of social stigmas around divorce, children outside of wedlock, etc. You imagine there was some historical golden age, some prelapsarian paradise where there were Rules, and women and children Knew Their Place. And now that the lid’s been ripped off, you blame feminism and think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. You’re making the same error that right-wing Christians make, assuming that without Rules and Regulations handed down from on high, people just don’t know right from wrong and will behave immorally. Most folks have pretty strong internal moral compasses and don’t need a book or a bunch of lawmakers to spell out right vs. wrong for them.

    One can equally argue that the bump in divorce rates reflects the moral degeneracy of the previous system. People no longer have to stay trapped in loveless, terrible marriages for the sake of…..what? Appearances? People nowadays get married, and stay married, because they love each other and want to be together, not because society expects it of them. Marriages are based on mutual partnership instead of the man controlling and dominating the woman as if she were a dog. That sounds to me like an improvement in gender relations.

    You’re making the mistake of trying to validate your personal hangups by applying pseudo-social science, and in the process strewing a big chumbucket of fail all over this thread. The other sharks got to you first, but I can’t resist a good debunkin’.

  24. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    “Demi-legitimate Children and Supersonic Highways” is the name of my concept album.

    That would make a great license plate slogan, too.

  25. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    Heeeere blockquote monster! Breakfast!!

  26. “Prosecutors love putting away rapists because it makes them look good.”

    And murder doesn’t???

  27. The absence of slavery and monarchy are “way outside any historical norm”. So? You’re committing a logical fallacy if you think something being the old way or being popular in the olden days makes it preferable.

    Misogynists are so desperate for an excuse for their hatred of women. There isn’t one. There is no valid reason for being a hateful, abusive, bigot.

  28. Ah yes, the Golden Age. That golden figment of shitty imaginations. How I do NOT miss it!

  29. You know it’s kind of funny how so many people talk about the good old days but being slightly *cough cough* older civilization as we know it is not coming to a halt anytime soon contrary to what some people think even if woman are treated as equals instead of children. Every generation is proclaimed to be the downfall of life as we know it. Funny how we’re still here isn’t it?

    The good old days quite honestly sucked for most people. Sure if you were married you could be an abusive ass to your wife and she wouldn’t be able to leave you. I’m not entirely sure why you think that is a good thing. A woman having a child without being married also not a terrible thing in the mind of the vast majority of people. Allowing adults to get married to those they love is a good thing and god will not smote you the moment it is legal.

    If you are afraid of the changes in society feel free to complain about them and if so inclined rally to get laws passed that allow discrimination. Just don’t be surprised when the majority of the people tell you to shove it you asshat.

  30. katz…like. Can my daughters sing/play piano/recorder on it?

    Naturally. Do they mind being in a creepy-sounding children’s choir? It’s an album about a dystopic future.

  31. BigMomma, that’s cool about your daughter’s group playing at the Opera House!

  32. This thread does amuse me.

    Toll-y: But feminism means women can choose to do whatever makes them happiest.
    Boobzers: Yes
    Troll-y: So women are starting to be able to do whatever makes them happiest!
    Boobzers: Yes! Isn’t that wonderful.
    Troll-y: But women doing whatever makes them happiest is dreadful.
    Boobzers: Sorry, what?
    Troll-y: Women mustn’t be allowed to do whatever they want! That’s just a sick society, it’s historically wrong, it’s the end of everything. It’s the apocalypse!
    Boobzers: Ok. Bored with troll-y. Anyone got any good recipes?

  33. Hahaha… Didn’t mean to come off so reactionary about non fat yoghurt, my time in Santa Cruz surrounded by clueless but well meaning pseudo hippies carrying a u-haul of unexamined privilege lecturing me on scrambling an egg in a teaspoon of butter while they use some spread that’s 60% hydrogenated oils has made me a little trigger-happy about my dairy products :P

  34. RE: Sam-I-Was

    You know it’s kind of funny how so many people talk about the good old days

    This actually makes me wonder. I’ve got a question for the older US Boobzers. Despite my high mileage, I’m still relatively young (newly twenty-six) and I’ve always wondered: has the US always been like this? Did it used to be better or worse? I keep hearing conflicting things and maybe it’s just because it’s conflicting truths, that’s it’s better for some people or worse for others, but things seem to have gotten shittier as I’ve aged. (That might be due to me falling down the ladder, though, rather than an actual general impression of my local society.)

    RE: BigMomma

    I have a recipe for yoghurt from a trusted and falling apart Indian cookery book. The author also recommends draining yoghurt (lebneh) to use as a rich creamy yoghurt in curry (LBT, I’m thinking about your hubby right now)

    Oooh! Share, share!

    RE: katz

    Do they mind being in a creepy-sounding children’s choir? It’s an album about a dystopic future.

    My kid sister would like this concept album please thank you.

  35. @LBT, As an old, I think things are generally a little bit better than they were when I was your age, but it can be hard to see because (a) not everything is better, and lots of important things are terrible, and (b) when things do get better it often engenders a significant reaction from those with entrenched privilege. (Which someone here called, hopefully, an “extinction burst.”)

  36. Also, I may just be deluding myself, so there’s that.XD

  37. Thanks cloudiah. That helps a bit. I’d like to hope things are getting better.

  38. OK, LBT, for the thick yoghurt:

    4 cups plain yog…line a colander with a piece of cheesecloth, with the edges overhanging 3-4″. Put the colnader in the sink, pour in yoghurt, cover loosely with plastic wrap and allow to drain for 3 – 5 hours at room temp or overnight in the fridge. You can save the whey that drips out and use in place of water in curries/breads or even water your plants with it. scoop out thick yog into a covered container in fridge. It will keep for 2 weeks.

    Making yoghurt from scratch:

    You’ll need to buy a starter yoghurt. Make sure the yoghurt you get has live cultures like streptococcus thermophilus and/or Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Pour 2 cups of milk into a pan and bring to a boil over a medium or medium-high heat. Stir frequently so it doesn’t stick to pan bottom. As it comes to a boil pour into a medium size glass/pottery/steel/ceramic bowl. Let cool to around 110F. Stir in 1-2 tbsps of store bought yoghurt. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and set in oven, with the heat off. The idea is to create a draught free, humid environment. The guy whose recipe it is, says he leaves the oven light on. Leave for about 6 hours and you’ll have yoghurt. Save 2 tbsp for your next batch and that’s it. No more store bought yoghurt.

  39. Katz, yup, send through the music and I’ll start them practising now. I’ll make them practise out front in my yard at dark behind the tall fence where they can’t be seen. We have bats flying about due to the mango trees, so I think that will add a special something.

    @Kittehs, yeah I know. Very exciting. We are all going down to watch (obv) and it’s a good opportunity to catch up with a friend who has just had a baby after several horrible rounds of IVF

    I’m petitioning NSW RTA to change the licence plate slogan to demi-illegitimate children and supersonic highways.

  40. I saw a strange number plate today – EVLTDY. I suspect it was meant to read “evil today” but I read it as “evil tidy” – much more interesting.

  41. or evil teddy which is what I saw

  42. Katz, yup, send through the music and I’ll start them practising now. I’ll make them practise out front in my yard at dark behind the tall fence where they can’t be seen. We have bats flying about due to the mango trees, so I think that will add a special something.

    Oh dear god yes. Can you, like, bleach their hair white or something like that?

  43. I’m sure I have some chalk lying about, as well as face paints from various half assed children’s activities. I’ll get right on it.

  44. Evil teddy, I like it!

  45. Thanks BigMomma

    And I assumed ‘evil toady,’ Kittehs.

  46. LBT: This actually makes me wonder. I’ve got a question for the older US Boobzers. Despite my high mileage, I’m still relatively young (newly twenty-six) and I’ve always wondered: has the US always been like this? Did it used to be better or worse?

    Depends on what you are measuring. I’d say the issues around non-hetero sexuality are better now. Issues related to women’s reproductive choices are worse. Race issue are mixed (better in some places, but a fuckton worse in others, e.g. Arizona and Florida).

    And it depends on where you’re standing. What I feel is a bit less hopeful about a lot of things than I did when I was in my twenties, even though many of the things I care about are better.

    Because a lot are worse: mostly because our gov’t has gotten more to the right, and our fiscal policies/social support network have gone to shit, and I think the ways those things have gotten worse have made the other things more volatile; because the people benefiting from those changes have used the other things as scapegoats.

  47. I’m 35 and I think that women’s reproductive health is worse now than it was in the 90s, what with “abortifacients” and the whole push back on employers covering birth control.

    I think the attitudes toward climate change are worse. Climate change itself is worse, but that’s the nature of that beast.

    The economy was better in the 90s than it was in the Aughts before the housing bubble burst, but it’s better today than it was in September/October ’07 when we were on the verge of collapse.

    Occupy petered out but marriage equality is on the march.

  48. LBT, I am perpetually forgetting that you’re younger than me! Only difference I can say is the recent assault on women’s rights, but you’ve seen that one.

    Trolly is boring, and really bad at logic, grammar and spelling.

  49. Regarding things being better or worse – I’m turning 53 this Saturday. During my lifetime, being a same-sexer has gone from crime/mental illness to oppressed minority group. I call that progress. I’m legally married to my husband, and nobody around here says boo about it. The Arizona bill was vetoed because it would have been bad for business, which is the real third rail in USA politics. When I came out in high school (1978) it was an act of sheer bravado; now, some high schools have GSAs. A celebrity who openly slurs gays will receive negative attention. All this represents progress, in my opinion.

  50. Thanks, older boobzers. It gives me something to chew on.

    RE: Argenti

    LBT, I am perpetually forgetting that you’re younger than me!

    *snrk* I get that a lot. Blame the mileage; I do.

  51. Hey David, I just found your website through looking up that horrible Karen Straughan woman. I’ve been watching her videos in a sort of horrified delirium since I randomly found them on Youtube. THANK YOU for this website holy shit I am so glad there is an online space somewhere regularly calling out crazy, hateful, (and probably self-hating) people out on their misogyny. It absolutely infuriates me to read that stuff but I can’t bring myself to respond and but my anger into words!!! Your blog is a new favorite thank you so much. And I know men aren’t supposed to get kudos points for being decent human beings (aka believes in social/political/economic equality of the sexes), but I’m so surprised and touched that you’re a man and I’m happy that it insulates your argument from dumb counter points like, “well you’re just a stupid woman!” (that so many feminists have to endure). Thank you so much, you’re awesome!

  52. Hi Naomi, and welcome. Please accept a welcome package. Also, I just want to let you know that we frown on using “crazy” to describe these chucklefucks, both because we can’t actually diagnose them and (more importantly) because of the harmful blowback using that word causes for people with mental illness. I hope you stay around and have fun with us — you’ll definitely have a better experience if you can train yourself out of using that word.

  53. TinaS(realnottroll)

    Huh, really? I find that being a woman who controls her own emotions, takes responsibility, takes the lead, gets tired of excuses and bullshit, etc…acting like teh menz, I guess…gets me a shocked, butthurt look. Like, how dare I call men out on their own childishness, passive agressive behavior and bullshit. It messes with their heads a bit until they come to the realization that ..hey, she’s serious. Uh, yeah…door’s over there. They either want women to , er, act like children so they can feel all manly or they want women to take control of themselves which they can’t seem to stand either. One or the other, fellas; I’m not going to allow my “working diagnosis Bi Polar disorder” run free just because you can’t make up your freaking minds. One or the other not both. “you’re the king, my king” Oh hell no. This isn’t Stepford Wives. Book is great, btw. The original movie is spot on.

    Good morning, all. It’s been a while. How are you.

  54. @cloudiah Thanks for the link! And of course, wow, that’s definitely an ableist word. I’m so sorry. As someone who’s had depression before I should have known better. Thanks for pointing it out!

  55. That’s super cool of you Naomi :) glad you came back!

  56. Naomi gets all the props and we should totally frame that comment and show it to new people as an example of how it’s done.

  57. Seconding katz! I’m glad to see more delurkers like Naomi.

  58. Too right!

  59. Yay for Naomi!

    People should delurk MOAR!!! XD

  60. I just want to thank you for showing me I’m not alone in feeling sick at the misogynistic/insultingly stupid / stupidly insulting atmosphere that often crops up on reddit. I used to be quite active on the site. Since Elliot Rodgers’ rampage, I haven’t been able to go online without finding an inbox full of hate-filled, defensive responses to old posts where I express the opinion that gender equity is something worth fighting for…

  61. Roberta, if you ever go back on reddit, try /r/againstmensrights. Sort of like here, in that it filters the hate-filled/misogynistic crap through a heavy layer of mockery.

  62. LMFAO…….overgrown man children attempting to turn the tables ……it’s not a huge population of gaming women out there, it’s largely overgrown boys…….then you have the NFL, NBA, FIFA…….tons of games where overgrown boys throw huge tantrums when their teams don’t win. The overwhelming population of men who can’t even do their own laundry or pick up after themselves, basically marrying another mother to cook and clean and raise kids while they watch games at the bar and cheat on their wives with younger women…….yeah I totally get it, this guy is full of shit!!

  63. Someone who necro’d a thread to deliver a poorly spelled and nonsensical rant filled with childish name calling thinks we need to grow up? Right.

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