Today in Straw Feminism: Why they chuckle at male suicide figures — explained!

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, the regulars are getting worked up about imaginary feminists again. Well, I suppose that’s pretty much all they ever do. But these two have managed to get even more worked up about even more imaginary feminists than they usually do:


flying_downwardss 12 points 22 hours ago (18|6)  I'M SORRY FOR BEING BORN MALE, I'M SORRY!  Is that what the feminists and manginas want to hear?      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]Maschalismos 7 points 18 hours ago (7|0)  You know full well it is. And the only way for you to atone for your sin -making a woman feel bad by existing- is to kill yourself.  Thats why they chuckle at male suicide figures: they think its justice for the vast, infinite, undefined bulk of crimes against women since the dawn of time.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. LOL at A Voice for Men not hating women. They are totally open about hating women and wanting to put us back in our place.

    And this site has plenty of evidence of that, from a place that you yourself acknowledge is one of the main MRA sites.

    And no one said you couldn’t necro a thread, just that you look like an asshole when you do.

  2. RE: Hibernia86

    What is the point of this article even being on the internet anymore if we aren’t allowed to talk about it more than a few days after it was published?

    Dude, this post was six months ago. That doesn’t tend to garner much discussion, because everyone’s moved on. It’s annoying, like a dude who shows up to the party when it’s over and demands everyone start it again so he can get the proper experience.

    The main point of the MRA movement is that “sexism is wrong regardless of the gender of the victim”.

    Funny. When I asked a couple MRAs to sell their movement to me, they flat-out told me the movement had nothing to offer me, on account of my being gay and trans. Funny, they didn’t really seem to care about how sexism may or may not have affected me!

    None of them have to do with hating women.

    Ah yes, A Voice For “fucking your shit up gives me an erection” Men. Such a lovely haven that is, not hatey at all. There’s certainly no tag devoted to Paul Elam. We’ve CERTAINLY never posted about him less than six months ago! Yea forsooth and verily, there is absolutely NOTHING on this site about AVFM hating women.


    I’m embarrassed for you.

  3. You continue to not get it.

    this entire site is based on taking quotes from random MRAs and declaring that it proves that the MRAs hate women

    No it doesn’t. This entire site is based on mocking misogyny. Reading comprehension fail on your part.

    And these two quotes:

    I only said that there are a large number of Feminists who will say “white men need to quit whining” whenever a male gender issue is brought up regardless of whether or not the issue is legitimate


    It is something Feminists sometimes say they believe in, yet rarely seem to practice.

    Do show us your scientific poll which establishes the truth of these statements. You’re pulling facts out of your arse, which is why we call them assfacts.

    Yet too many in the Feminist community automatically rejects whatever an MRA site says because “it must be anti-woman”.

    Being anti-women is a feature of being an MRA, not a bug. Demonstrate how we automatically reject everything an MRA site says.

    Poor dear. You’re confused. We reject the misogynistic BS from MRA sites. We don’t reject anything on an MRA site that is based on fact. The problem (here, I’ll use simple words for you) is that the reason that MRA areas exist is to attack women. It is possible for men to address their issues without attacking women. MRAs aren’t able to do that. It’s almost like MRAs don’t actually care about men, but only care about male issues in order to beat women with them.

  4. It’s easier to prove that lauging at male suicide is linked to the Men’s Rights movement.

  5. The Fathers’ Rights associations actually fighting for men want nothing to do with Paul Elam and his MRM. Why would they? His “movement” has done exactly jack shit for men, unless you count lining Paul Elam’s pockets as activism. They actively exclude the men that society fucks the most over. Their threatening and litigious behavior is as effective on helping men as the Westboro Baptist Church is in showing people the love of Jesus Christ.

  6. “white men need to quit whining”

    Hmm, see, I’m a white guy. (Well, a dude in a white vessel, but splitting hairs is stupid.) And yet, I haven’t had a feminist yet tell me to stop whining when I discuss my rape history. MRAs did, or wildly flipflopped depending on how they saw my gender.

    Among the issues I have discussed facing due to gender: unemployment, homelessness, disability, getting creeped on… the list goes on. Of course, all of these are related to my being TRANS, but still, it’s gender related. Nobody’s told me to stop whining about that either.

    Have some people been dicks? Sure. Feminists have been dicks. Fellow survivors have been dicks. Dudes have been dicks. The thing is, feminism has had a higher batting average for non-dickery than the MRM, by a fair margin.

    The MRM does not give a fuck about me.

  7. Well if they don’t chuckle at them, they ignore them. And when Sharon Osbourne laughed at a man who’s ex wife had cut off his penis, feminists didn’t make a stand then – it’s a given that they would have been protesting if that had been a guy laughing at a woman who’s ex husband had cut off her clit. You hypocritical feminazis sicken me.

    Yeah? Well, you whiny-ass misodges sicken ME, so I guess we’re even.

    And if you think we owe you tears for every male suicide ever, guess what? Most of them don’t even make the news, and nobody else hears about it, either. Do you cry for women who kill themselves? I bet not. Do you cry for women you’ve never even heard of who’ve killed themselves? Dollars to doughnuts you don’t. So: You don’t cry, we don’t cry, you’re a fucking hypocrite too. So why do we owe your side anything but ridicule, especially for idiotic non-arguments like these?

    (Yes, I realize this one’s just a drive-by pooper and unlikely to reply. This is for the benefit of anyone else who might drive by with the same doody-dropping intentions, so that you know your “questions” have already been answered.)

  8. But, guize, we is being So Mean having a mockery site (that clearly identifies itself as such) just to mock misogyny! If we were Really Interested in Equality, we’d also mock misandry! Also, everyone knows that Sharon Osbourne is a totes famous feminazi activist, and we all worship her opinion way more that Gloria Steinem’s!

    ::This has been a daily quotient of sarcasm, delivered by a random GrumpyOldNurse::

  9. God, they never let go of Sharon Osbourne. Her, the Titanic, Dworkin, and Solanas.

  10. Necro troll’s still banging on with unoriginal material? I wish NWO would pop in again.

  11. Okay, first of all, why does everyone on this site complain about “necro trolls”? What is the point of this article even being on the internet anymore if we aren’t allowed to talk about it more than a few days after it was published?

    Given that you’re the one necroing and none of us care what you have to say, I’d say it’s a very good rule.

  12. Do you really, hellkell? In your deepest, truest heart?

  13. When faced with the poor quality of trolls these days, sometimes I really, really do. That man was cookin’ on another planet.

  14. thebewilderness

    That word, “allowed” does not mean what you…

  15. I proudly admit to saying that white men need to stop whining. If they’re whining how hard it is to be a white man. As I suspect you, necro troll often do.

  16. Dude, your comment was in moderation because it’s your first time trolling here. David had to make sure you weren’t being disgusting first.

    Does anyone read the about or comments policy pages before posting? It says things in there that explain all the things.

  17. Reading the TOS is misandry!

  18. NWO did try reappearing a while back – not too long ago, it was since I became a mod; I saw his comment in moderation, and David obviously felt it could stay there!

    Quite right, too. It was nowhere near the Owly quality of days past.

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