Vox Day: My orc and troll fighting game won’t have any women in it, because that wouldn’t be historically accurate

If you want historically accurate male-on-male combat action, the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association Board of Directors Simulator 3000: 2011 Edition is the way to go

If you want historically accurate male-on-male combat action, the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association Board of Directors Simulator 3000: 2011 Edition is the way to go

So our old friend Vox Day is working on a video game. And he’s decided to make a bold and unprecedented choice in his design of the game: he’s not going to have any ladies in it.

But it turns out this choice has nothing to do with anything so pedestrian as misogyny. In fact, it was the only rational choice he could make. Let’s let him explain. He has such a way with words. (He’s apparently some sort of writer.)

I am a game designer. I am designing and producing a game that does not, and will not, have a single female character in it. This is not because I am misogynistic. This is not because I do not women to play the game. This is because putting women in the game makes no sense, violates the principle of the suspension of disbelief, and will not make the game any better as a game.

Well, that makes sense. I mean, the game is probably some game that has to have only male characters to be believable. You know, like Dance Party with the American Presidents or the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association Board of Directors Simulator 3000 or something like that.

I am the lead designer of First Sword, a combat management game. The game has orcs and men, elves and dwarves. It has goblins and trolls. But it has no women.

Uh, wait. It’s a combat game filled with orcs, goblins and trolls, but putting women in it would “violate …  the principle of the suspension of disbelief.”

Because the game is a gladiator game. Women cannot credibly fight as gladiators. We don’t put women in the game for the same reason we don’t put bunny rabbits or children in the game.

Well, why not? You put fucking orcs in it. Why not make a combat game with bunny rabbits?

Actually, someone already did that. It’s called Overgrowth. And it’s supposed to be pretty good.

Putting women in the game would be an act of brutal sadism, an act of barbarism even by pagan Roman standards. While the Romans did occasionally put female gladiators in the arena, they were there as a comedic act.

Really? This is a VIDEO GAME. You can do whatever you want with it. It is really harder to imagine a woman being able to fight a man than it is to imagine entire races of imaginary humanoid creatures?

We could, of course, throw out historical verisimilitude. But we’re not going to. Because we value that verisimilitude far more than we value the opinion of a few whiny women who don’t play the sort of games we make anyhow.

Historical verisimilitude? Historical verisimilitude?!





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  1. @Seranvali

    Ally? Was that a wave for a link?

    No, just saying hi since we haven’t seen you here for a while. ^_^

  2. Maybe Vox just got more extreme as time went on.

    I know his most recent novel has an elf female riposte evolution by braying “were you there?” But, uh, it’s very very long and very very dull, and I can’t be arsed to read it.

  3. Although part of me wants to tear the book a new asshole, as a fuck you to Vox and his attempts to silence criticism through stalking and doxing.

  4. If the typical fantasy setting followed AVFM logic, humans wouldn’t be fighting anyway because everyone knows orcs are stronger.

  5. Hey Fibinachi: I’m absolutely happy to share, and would love to have a few more sets of eyes. Unfortunately it’s still in in Playable Alpha stage (I.e. a mess of handwritten notes, rough maps and copyright violations to make the weekly gaming deadline). All I really have fit to share at the moment is the initial player’s guide (which really needs a few more proofreading and editing passes):


  6. I should feel bad for saying this, but everything I’ve seen from this “man” makes me think dying of a horrible disease is too good for him. Have you seen this article by him? He’s practically salivating and masturbating himself with glee at the thought of “beating the living shit” out of a woman.

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