A Cat for Christmas. Also, Man Boobz TABLE OF MISANDRY Art Contest WINNER!



Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it! And a very happy day in late December, if you don’t! Whatever your religious beliefs, or lack therof, I think you will appreciate this gif of a cat enjoying a traditional Christmas banana.

Also, I’d like to announce the winner of the MAN BOOBZ SLIGHTLY BEFORE CHRISTMAS ART CONTEST. It’s Myoo, for this take on the Table of Academic Misandry described by A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam in a recent post. You know, the one that has legs made up of “rape hysteria, demonization of men, fraudulent academic feminism and the continual erosion of due process for men and other Constitutional principles.”

The Table of Misandry

The Table of Misandry (Click pic for a larger version.)


I think this pretty much nails it, though I do feel obliged to point out that technically that is not an octopus.

Thanks to everyone who submitted pics! You can find more in the comments of the original thread.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Love that misandrist beanie!

    Didn’t TheNatFantastic get misandrist gloves as a present a while back?

    Bras are part of the outfit, of course. If one wears one (especially a push-up bra) then one’s stirring up men’s boners and not putting out, which as we know is terrible misandry. If one doesn’t wear one, it’s misandrist either because a) breasts are seen through material and that’s also appealing to boners, or b) they’re allowed to sit at their natural place and not be all upthrust, which gives men sad boners, which is misandry.

  2. If wearing clean underwear is against the MRA belief system that would partly explain why all middle aged MRAs seem to be divorced. I know I’d bail on anyone who thought that being expected to wash their clothes was discrimination.

  3. That picture of Biscuit and Mimi is adorable. That’s how Hazel and Buster sleep all the time, but I’m too lazy to get a good picture.

    Ally, I’m glad to see you on r/amr. XD

  4. These guys probably think being expected to wipe their arses is discrimination.

  5. But don’t you know? Women doing anything other than being a sex slave and housekeeper and punching bag and scapegoat is MISANDRY!

  6. opium4themasses,

    I have spent the last hour watching big cat videos :-{

    Thanks, needed to decompress after yesterday :-)

  7. In Femmas, every little girl will receive all the presents she wished for, no matter how she behaved over the past year. Every little boy, OTOH, will be given a bottle of ritalin, required to sit quietly and spend the day reflecting on all his male privileges.

    Um, I have a nephew who needs medication just to be able to concentrate at the same level as most other boys. The medication does NOT “feminize” him.

    This jackass needs to fall face-down in a Lego pit. (Or bare-ass-first in a pineapple patch. I’m not picky.)

  8. Also, on Femmas, or possibly during, but not in. Sorry to be pedantic but that’s been annoying me.

  9. RE: Bina

    Everyone knows that taking medication for mental health issues is MISANDRY!

    (I admittedly have known some folks who have been overmedicated. But I’ve also met a lot of folks who never got any care because they were petrified of BEING overmedicated, and it’s just this huge ugly mess that I wish people knew more about.)

  10. Good lord…you mean I’ve somehow managed to avoid an opportunity for raging misandry when I just toughed my depressive episodes out by the skin of my teeth? Dang me!

  11. (Heh…the full irony of that just hit me. Toughing-it-out is for Teh Menz, and here a horrible ball-cutting feminist did it even in the face of suicidal ideation, instead of taking meds like a good little girl, like they claim we’re trying to make the manly macho boys do…)

  12. Bina — their “logic” is that boys are diagnosed with ADHD just for behaving like boys, and then medicated out of behaving like boys, because behaving like boys is bad and behaving like girls is good. And boys run around while girls sit still, expecting boys to sit still is feminizing them. And all ADHD is cuz feminists control schools, which are tailored to girls.

    So. Much. Fail. It’s like the all too frequent claim I’d magically stop being depressed if I just “got closer to god”. Cuz religion totally cures manic depression, that’s it, I’m sure. They’re a bit like anti-vaxxers sometimes — it’s medical, and relatively new, and they manage to take a tiny iota of truth and go all conspiracy (over medication is a thing => ADHD doesn’t exist, feminizes boys, what the FUCK ever; ASD and vaccines are sorta correlated, in that the timing of vaccines is right around when ASD symptoms are often noticed => vaccines cause autism [aurgh, correlation is not causation!])

  13. See, it’s misandry both ways. They’ll scream about the male suicide rate, but suggesting men get medical help or therapy or anything at all, and it’s all “they’re feminising us!” They complain about men bottling up their feelings – but apparently that’s women’s fault, even though, if said bottled-up feelings are vented through rage/violence, we’re likely to be the ones injured or killed as a result. Plus of course they’ll boast about how manly and logical they are, and how emotions are weak girly things.

    No wonder these morons are so miserable and rage-filled; they complain about toxic masculinity but aren’t willing to give up one iota of the privilege for which it’s the price.

  14. Argh is “just take your meds” annoying. I had to ultimatum meds psych from hell to switch my antidepressant. After a few rounds of asking it to be changed and being told side effects would go away (yeah ok, when I’m stopping at EVERY water fountain in MoMA when I want to be staring at paintings…no, this isn’t acceptable). I ended up taking the hard stance that I was NOT taking that drug any more, at which point she finally agreed to give me something else.

    Of course, can probably add that to how she decided I’m borderline, cuz that one makes no sense to me. Except that BPD is another one over diagnosed for shitty reasons — client’s a pain in the ass? BPD! *bangs head on wall* (note, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist or anything, just that it’s too often used as an excuse to claim a patient is the problem, not the psych…and that literally the only criteria I meet without bending over so far backwards your head is coming back up out your mouth is that yes, I self-injure occasionally, last I checked fitting one criteria was not a diagnosis for any mental disorder)

  15. Kitteh — you forgot that suggesting we need more helplines and such for men feeling suicidal is victim blaming (fucking Joe will never be forgiven for that)

  16. Schools are tailored to girls? Really? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…sorry, I’m just remembering all the sexism and internalized misogyny that got dinned into me there. And how schools have been male-dominated and sexist since forever. I’ll be all right in a mo…

    And yeah, normal boy behavior is so bad that schools are all about snuffing it out any which fucking way. Yeah, RIGHT. That must be why all the little fuckers got away with murder there, and why I got chided to be more understanding and less reactive when I complained of how they bullied me. “They’re only doing it because they like you, dear!” Um, if that’s “liking”, I don’t want to know what their hate looks like, Mrs. So-and-So. Were you never a girl yourself? And have you not acquired any sense of needing to make things better for the next generation, in all the intervening years?

    Yeah, schools are such a great, favorable place to be a girl. That’s undoubtedly why so many girls are literally getting bullied to death by classmates these days.

    Pardon my hysterical laughter, but I can’t even process this shit anymore.

  17. My favorite part of that whole mess is that girls were a late addition to the academic system, the whole classroom infrastructure was originally designed to teach boys.

    (See, this is the kind of problem you run into when you pretend that women were never subject to systemic discrimination.)

  18. …they complain about toxic masculinity but aren’t willing to give up one iota of the privilege for which it’s the price.

    Not only that, but they exemplify it toward one another. They ARE toxic masculinity. They’re so hooked on privilege and upmanship that they can’t do solidarity for shit. When they’re not wanking en groupe about how horrible women all are, how feminized society supposedly is, and how repressed they all supposedly are, they’re a fucking circular firing squad. Everyone’s an Alpha Male, and anyone who dares to suggest that this baboon patriarchy model isn’t healthy gets feces flung at him by the other howler monkeys.

    And just think, this is Teh Greatest Human Rights Movement In The History of Evar.™

  19. That’s what makes me laugh about it, too. Couldn’t possibly be that an all-male academic system expected boys to sit down, STFU and learn something – and that they’d be pretty severely punished for acting up.

  20. The thing about the whole Alpha male idea is that, if you buy into that model, not everyone can be alpha. In each group there should only be one. You can’t have a group made up entirely of alpha males, it’s like having a society where everyone is President.

  21. Those were some wonderful images, Bina. :D

  22. And of course getting away from the idea of hierarchies would horrify these MRAs, even though so many of them seem to be Red-Blooded ‘Murrican Libertarians™ who think they’re as good as the next man (which, unless he’s another douchecanoe like them, is unlikely).

  23. AHAHAHA I AM SO HAPPY! Christmas is over, and it’s like someone waved a magic wand and lifted my depression! AHAHAHAHA this pleases me.

    I can’t wait for fucking New Year’s, where I can pack up my shit and move to fuckin’ Ohio. FUCK YOU CHRISTMAS AND 2013! MAY WE NEVER SEE THE LIKES OF YOU AGAIN.

  24. I’ll be glad when New Year’s is over. It’s the night of the year I hate most, never knowing if some idiot’s going to make fucking racket all night. Plus, I have a week off from New Year’s Day, and I might get my current knitting project finished!

  25. The thing about the whole Alpha male idea is that, if you buy into that model, not everyone can be alpha. In each group there should only be one. You can’t have a group made up entirely of alpha males, it’s like having a society where everyone is President.

    Yup. And yet, every one of these guys wants to be a king…just look at Doosh V. And how dare anyone suggest to these poor victims of petticoat despotry that once they’re done bowing down to women, they have to kowtow before one, and only one, of their own…which one, of course, they will never be able to decide, because they all want to be that one. And so it becomes a caveman clubtocracy, where everyone’s out to out-bonk and out-grunt each other. In the name of Natural Law, of course.

    The fact that they’re trying to take a huge evolutionary step backwards is another irony lost on them.

  26. RE: Kittehs

    Yeah, in my case, New Year’s is one of the only year-end holidays that AREN’T tainted for me. Our folks were never much into it, so this means I can celebrate the end of a shitty year and the start of a newer, hopefully nicer one.

    (And by celebrate, I mean I might draw something. Or bang my hubby. Something fun.)

  27. I always do New Year’s Eve at home with the folks. Good eating, peace and quiet, and no random drunken shitfaces trying to ram their tongues down my throat.

  28. I’ve just had so many horrible NYE nights because of noise over the years, that I get tense every damn year, even when it’s been quiet for the last couple of times. I tend to put my heaviest earplugs in and leave ’em in all night, just in case.

    Bina – ::snicker:: MRAs et al make the worst of kings look like an absolute prize, and not because of $$$.

  29. Ah, that makes sense. I’ve been pretty lucky; thanks to the bum ear, I can sleep through just about everything. (It’s a very handy skill, I’ve discovered!)

  30. There are times when I think deafness would be a disability I could handle! (I know it’s not like that and would be severely shitty, but oy, sometimes … )

  31. Enh, I feel I have the best of both worlds. I have just the one dead ear, so if I need to block out all ambient noise, it’s pretty easy, but if I need to hear something, I can generally get it done. (Unless someone insists on standing RIGHT NEXT to me on my deaf side.) Or locating sounds. That’s awful; thank god nobody uses cordless landlines anymore, because locating a misplaced phone is damn near IMPOSSIBLE for me. (I have to turn around in circles, trying to triangulate the noise. ASS.)

    Would never want to be deaf though. I’ve gotten better at reading lips since my ear died, but I can’t do it without any sound backup.

  32. Ha, my sister uses a cordless landline (and is always pushing Mum to get one). :P

    The ideal would be selective deafness, like kitties have.

  33. I’m in love with “petticoat despotry”.

  34. We have cordless landlines, which my father puts in, uh, odd places.

    And yeah, I hate New Years. I’m jumpy enough normally, I don’t need random fireworks. New Years and the Fourth of July, not fond of them, nope.

  35. With any luck, this year’s gonna be too icy for fireworks…everybody will be holing up indoors. Hey, there’s an upside to everything!

  36. LBT “AHAHAHA I AM SO HAPPY! Christmas is over, and it’s like someone waved a magic wand and lifted my depression! AHAHAHAHA this pleases me.

    I can’t wait for fucking New Year’s, where I can pack up my shit and move to fuckin’ Ohio. FUCK YOU CHRISTMAS AND 2013! MAY WE NEVER SEE THE LIKES OF YOU AGAIN.” I am right there with you. Except for the Ohio part.

  37. @cloudiah

    Ally, I’m glad to see you on r/amr. XD

    Yeah, I’m loving it so far. And I’m even having some fun arguing with the terrible denizens of r/mr. Here’s Typhon Blue’s terrible exchange with me about why spamming links is bothersome to fellow commentators.

    Also, yay for blatant erasure of trans men!

  38. LOL that bit about alpha males makes me see a parallel between MRAs and Randroids. Scratch their fetishization of inequality, and you find the pressuposition that THEY would be part of the dominant class if only society weren’t holding them back.

  39. Congrats to all the survivors of Christmas :)

    I clicked to look at Falconer’s Christmas baby pic, and then my brain got caught on “WAIT WHAT where is that bright light coming from?”

    Days have been rather murky here, with solar angle around six degrees, typical heavy cloud cover and somewhat atypical lack of snow. Even on clear days, the sun wouldn’t shine indoors unless you have a south-facing window with unobstructed horizon.

  40. RE: Unimaginative

    I am right there with you. Except for the Ohio part.

    There, there. You can be there in spirit!

  41. I hope you’ve got some good outdoor wear! Ohio in the winter can be really fucking cold.

  42. Wasn’t me, LBT (although I had to go through the entire thread and check to make sure I hadn’t made a comment and then blacked it out of my memory, because it really unnerves me when I do that).

    I’m supposed to be on a Caribbean cruise right fucking now, but instead, I’m not. My car’s block heater no longer has a cord, and it’s going to be -34 to -28 C over the next 4 or 5 days, which is to say I won’t be going anywhere unless the roomie takes me. Winter both sucks and blows.

    However, I did get out and about today, and we’re stocked up for the week with a giant, pre-cut ham and other pig-related goodness. If the firewood fairy would drop by with a cord of wood, I’d be a pretty happy camper.

  43. @Unimaginative That’s a bunch of bologna

  44. :) Also salami, prosciutto, and bacon.

  45. RE: CassandraSays

    I hope you’ve got some good outdoor wear! Ohio in the winter can be really fucking cold.

    *sigh* My coat and ski pants are, like most everything else, in a box. Fortunately, with my magic layering powers and my newfound cold tolerance, I can handle temperatures down to the teens (Farenheit) without a coat. I AM IMPERVIOUS.

  46. lol the Octopus holding the devil horns to the demonization of the mens was hilarious. I wish there were awards given out for this type of thing <3

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