As the worms turn: Men’s Rights subreddit mod now defends spamming Occidental College with false rape reports

Oh, Men’s Rightsers, can you just make up your minds? Only a couple of days after blaming trolls for the spamming of Occidental College’s rape reporting site with false accusations, rather than acknowledging it as the work of Men’s Rightsers in his own subreddit who were proudly encouraging and taking credit for it themselves, Men’s Rights subreddit mod sillymod is now defending the false rape reporting as “unpopular” but thought-provoking activism.

sillymod 6 points 7 hours ago (13|7)  First you have to believe that we did something wrong in order to want to get our reputation back. Sometimes people fighting for a cause are going to do something that is unpopular in order to make a statement.  I don't think we do need to get our reputation back. I think the act stands for itself, and it will get people to stop and think.      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]TheIdesOfLight [+20] 15 points 4 hours ago (22|7)  So I guess that whole "We were trolled"/"It was SRS!" bullshit is off the table? You can't pass the buck and convince yourselves everyone else is guilty but you and now it's become an act of bravery?  Wow.  Yeah, watching you flip flop on this for the past three days has been both alarming and rewarding. You didn't make any kind of statement, Sillymod. The entire internet and media is sneering at you and you still can't just say WE DID A TERRIBLE THING. PERHAPS WE SHOULD REFLECT ON IT AS A WHOLE.      permalink     source     save     parent     give gold  [–]ninioquiroz 6 points 3 hours ago (12|6)  No, because that would require a level of maturity and self-awareness that this "movement" clearly lacks.  But, does anybody else think feminists are to blame for all the world's problems?

This whole exchange is worth reading — it continues on for a number of comments beyond this, with sillymod’s rationalizations becoming increasingly baroque. It’s extremely rare to see critical remarks like those from TheIdesOfLight actually get upvoted in the Men’s Rights subreddit. The Occidental College fiasco has divided the Men’s Rights subreddit like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Some are appalled by it; others are digging in their heels.

Speaking of which, here’s former subreddit mod Celda defending the false rape reports in much more straightforward terms than sillymod:

Celda [-1] 5 points 18 hours ago (9|4)  I agree that the subreddit deserves some responsibility for that.  But - there was nothing wrong with those actions.  I saw the news articles in which it says they were spammed with hundreds of reports, of being raped by fictional characters, accusing the staff of the Dean's Office (the form is run by the Dean's Office), etc.  Those reports are non-harmful - and the goal of shutting down the online form is quite a laudable one.  I am actually quite disgusted by the number of people who are defending the existence of an anonymous online form intended for reporting people as rapists.

Elsewhere, Celda has called the false reporting “quite moral and laudable.”

Thanks to the AgainstMensRights subreddit — which, again, is not actually against rights for men, but against the reactionary clusterfuck that is the Men’s Rights movement — for keeping close track on all this.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. The rules of sex is, no means no, In the absence of no, it is still no. in the absence of yes, it is still no. and if your partner has had a little to much to drink the answer is still no. the only correct answer to have sex with another person is a sober yes If you can not follow these simple rules you are a rapist and the act of rape is on the rapist not the victim and mens groups that think believe or that they can change this with false reports are perverse and sick. Lynda

  2. Haven’t read all the comments, and I’m sure, this has been addressed, but I’ll reiterate this:

    Those reports are non-harmful

    ORLY? Doncha just LOVE how false rape reports are totally non-harmful when it’s these jackholes doing it, but when they assume it’s a woman doing it, it’s the WORST THING EVER and ruins dude’s lives FOREVAH!

    I’m starting to think these guys really DO think consistency is misandry.

  3. MRAs really should shut up about women’s reproductive rights, unless they’re planning on getting pregnant themselves (which, let’s face it, will be never). It’s not like anyone is denying them a choice. They have three reproductive options: Condoms, vasectomy, or abstinence. The way they ignore the first two (unless we’re talking spermjacking, in which case they go ballistic over how every woman supposedly wants their pure gold precious bodily fluids) is very telling. As is the way they constantly whine over how the third is supposedly being “forced” on them. They seem literally unable to believe anyone would not want them, even though they haven’t a desirable bone(r) in the bodies. But I think they do secretly know that they’re no prizes, which is why they’re so adamant about preserving the “right” to rape. They want to make it so that women can’t choose anything but simply MUST put up with their shit.

  4. RE: computers

    Have never learned to use Macs (insert pun about hubby here), have no interest in it. I hear they can be great computers… but when they break, they are HELL to fix. Both of my windows computers have lasted for eight and fifteen years, respectively, and still do what I need them to.

    That said, my eight-year-old is starting to die. Microerrors are starting to pile up, and my more tech-savvy system-mate tells me that it’s time is coming, and these days, I can’t afford to be off the Internet for long without losing money. I plan to say fuck Windows AND Mac and install Linux on the next one. It’ll be an ass and a half to learn, but at least I can rest assured that it will do everything I need it to, and the kid’ll be DELIGHTED.

  5. Ubuntu is supposed to be a fairly simple Linux install. But yeah, working inside a mac is less than simple.

  6. But yeah, working inside a mac is less than simple.

    Nah, you just need the right attitude.

  7. But yeah, working inside a mac is less than simple.

    You are FILTHY.

  8. I was wondering if Mac was going to get smart about that comment! I may be filthy, but I hope working inside him isn’t! (And of course I’m filthy, would you expect anything less?)

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