Red Piller: Unless white women start “sh*tting out” more babies, western civilization is doomed

A shipment of white babies.

A shipment of white babies.

So one of the regulars on Reddit’s The Red Pill subreddit — the “TRP Endorsed” contributor who calls himself IllimitableMan — has worked himself into a lather about the coming Whitepocalypse. You know, the impending collapse of civilization that Mr. Man and assorted other racist asshats  fear will come about as a result of white women refusing to pop out the required number of white babies to keep it alive. Sorry, due to white women refusing to “shit out” the required number of white babies. (Mr. Man is quite the defender of family values.)

It pretty much goes without saying that IllimitableMan blames feminism for it all. In fact, over the course of his rambling, repetitive, and rage-fuelled 2,000 word rant he manages to blame feminism for the impending death of the white race roughly half a dozen different times.

Here’s perhaps the most coherent statement of his thesis:

Feminism has infected western civilization, which means by merit of these societies being predominantly white Caucasian, has harmed this ethnicity the most on a global level, reducing its birth rates the most significantly and affecting its various European and anglo speaking cultures the most adversely. …

What we can conclude is that castrating men by raising them to be effeminate whilst simultaneously allowing women too much freedom and self-determination and polluting said women to view men as adversaries leads to a drop in the birth-rate so deep that a society becomes unsustainable, leading to its inevitable collapse.

So why are white women less interested in popping out babies these days? Blame that Alpha Asshole Cock Carousel.

A fundamental criticism of feminism is it taught women to take on masculine traits, to provide, to work hard, it demonised the sanctity of motherhood, it taught women to value career and the self (an overlap with individualism there) over motherhood and family, 21-year-old White Caucasian girls no longer give any fucks about being a mother and a wife like they did in the 50′s and 60′s, no now they’re thinking about jumping on as much cock as possible, getting a degree, going on holidays … and generally fulfilling the sexual and materialistic elements of their hypergamy. Family and reproduction takes a back-seat.

Ah, good old “hypergamy.” I would just like to take a moment to point out that the word hypergamy actually means “the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class.” Red Pillers and Men’s Rights Activists have so distorted the basic concept that Mr. Man here can use it to mean “fucking lots of dudes who aren’t me, providing for themselves and NOT getting married to anyone” without blinking an eye.

Mr. Man continues:

Society facilitates this as any imposition of responsibility or standards placed on a woman is rationalised away as simple “oppression” some psychological misogyny cards are played and voila, Miss Jane average can diffuse all her responsibilities and continue to live as a completely obnoxious and self-entitled bitch giving no fucks in the world about settling down until her beauty privilege fucks off around the age of 30 aka “she’s hitting the wall.” Whilst she was fucking around in her twenties, the average immigrant woman has already had a couple of kids and they’re attending school now.

Damn you white ladies, for neglecting your duty to the white race and refusing to get married until you’re ugly crones in your (gasp) thirties!

And so, while white birthrates decline, European countries have opened their borders to not-white people who show up and eat not-white food and wear not-white clothes and make a lot of not-white babies. Mr. Man, who is apparently British, notes:

[A]n American friend came to London once and stated “IllimitableMan there are no fucking English people this looks like Pakistan” Yes, I did just throw anecdotal evidence in there, this is a blog – not a fucking thesis and I’m starting to taste prozac in my mouth after the incessantly negative tone this piece carries, of course many of you know as such that the pill can be a bitter bitch.

I felt compelled to look up the actual demographics of London, and found that roughly 60% of London’s population is white — which is what I assume Mr. Man’s friend meant by “English people” — and the vast majority of them are of British origin. Roughly 3 percent are Pakistani, another 3 percent are Bangladeshi, and not-quite 7 percent are Indian.

It’s kind of amazing the effect that bigotry can have on someone’s perception of reality, huh?

Like some other Red Pillers and white supremacists out there, Mr. Man looks to that beacon of hope and freedom in our world — Russia — for the possible salvation of the dying white race.

As usual, like with feminism, Russia seems to be one of the few countries making a stand against egalitarian bullshit and seeing the world for what it truly is, a ruthless and uncaring place, I guess being an inherently “red pill country” and opting to reject the babble of cacophonous radical leftist ideologies has had it benefits for the Ruski people.

The funny thing about Mr. Man’s rant is that many of the basic demographic trends he cites are, in fact, real. White birthrates have fallen, and as he points out, in the US more whites are dying than are being born — though somehow he’s missed the news that the birthrates of immigrants to the US have fallen even faster, with the birthrates of Mexican immigrants falling nearly 4 times faster than that of native-born Americans between 2007 and 2010.

Women have entered the workplace in larger numbers and are waiting longer to marry (as are men). Feminism has something to do with all these changes, but so do changes in birth control technology, in education and in the economy.

So what? The real problem with Mr. Man’s rants is that, for assorted racist and misogynistic reasons, he thinks all this is bad. Europe and the US are becoming more multicultural? Cool. That makes the world a more interesting place. Birth rates are falling, not only for whites but for other ethnic groups? Cool. This planet has already got more people than it can handle, and lower birth rates may be critical if we have any hope of staving off a total environmental collapse.

I’m always a bit perplexed by Red Pillers and pickup artists ranting about how women (whether white women or women in general) need to settle down and get married and start popping out babies because that’s their duty as women. It’s not like Red Pill dudes seem particularly interested in marrying these women and raising these babies with them.

Once again, it seems to come back to the issue of control: they’re angry at women for actually living independent existences in their twenties and — oh my gosh! — sometimes even their thirties or later, and “you’re betraying your race” (whether that race is the white “race” or the human race) is just a convenient excuse to bash women who are not so much “out of control” as out of their control.

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  1. I read years ago that a society that disregards excellence in plumbing because it is a humble occupation, and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted one, will find that neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.

    Love that!

  2. @Robert,

    And if they arrive when they say they will (rather than just failing to turn up at all, after their customer has taken the day off work and spent it waiting for them), and are prepared to work on evenings and at weekends, they will never be out of work.

  3. Thinking of philosophy (in a very broad sense) and plumbers gives me a sudden yen to see Richard Dawkins having to make a living as a plumber, preferably dealing with backed-up toilets most of the time.

  4. I’m actually considering trying to learn a trade when I’m feeling up to it. One of the kids here is really into animals and hoping to learn how to care for them and possibly make money at it. I suppose we’ll find out!

  5. Completely and utterly OT, just found this rather gorgeous pic of Jake Gyllenhall in a white tee. I am so stealing it to make a picture of Louis. :)

  6. Regarding plumbers never being out of work — someone please go inform my currently unemployed plumber brother that he has to put down the Xbox and get back to work, I’m sick of hearing XBOX TURN ON!!

    Seriously though, at least here, union plumbers don’t do private jobs or something like that (I can ask if anyone’s curious) — but the union has a list and calls plumbers up for jobs based on how long they’ve been without one (longest time off is top of the list). It’s so bad currently that some companies are hiring on rotation — if the job is short enough, you don’t lose your spot on the list, so they’re hiring people and letting them go just before that point so they make some money without getting booted back to the bottom of the list (they do have some choice in who to hire, so it isn’t like this means the person in the first slot is staying there, more like my brother isn’t losing his spot in the 40s)

    Yeah, you’d think toilets always need dealt with, he did when he went into it, but it doesn’t work out that way, at least not when the economy itself is stuck down the toilet!

  7. Heh. I’d just like to know Dawkins is dealing with shit on a regular basis.

  8. Further to the OTness, a bit of tooling around with that pic at lunchtime has led to this.

  9. @kittehserf: Love that photoshop, btw. Nice work. :)

  10. This guy also thinks white people lived in the US before anyone else, and that Poland was part of the USSR. Plus, I doubt his white power friend has ever been to Pakistan.

  11. Thanks, alternatesteve90! :)

  12. @Bronas Salk: That alone, is *quite* facepalm inducing, IMHO. Does this guy not know anything about pre-Columbian New World history or the Cold War era?

    @kitteh: You’re welcome. :)

  13. Sorry, Argenti, I was generalising from private plumbing work in the UK.

    Damn, learning not to univeralise is difficult.

  14. These would be the first men to complain about lazy wives and all the brats they have to single-handedly support. Do these guys even think?

  15. Of course they’re not in any hurry to marry and have kids with these women who’s duty it is to have the kids. They want to mess around and enjoy their lives until they’re old men and then pull the “men can have babies at any age” card when they want to claim a 20 year old bride. They just have to make sure they’ve scared the 20 somethings enough by then that they’ll be willing to have them. As long as women have can have careers these men aren’t guaranteed young wives when they’re done playing.

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