Open Thread for Personal Stuff: November Rain Edition

Hugs for anyone who needs them.

Hugs for anyone who needs them.

I think we’re a bit overdue for another open thread for personal stuff. As per usual, no trolls, no flames, no being a butthead.

I’ll paste in some recent personal comments from other threads.

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  1. @vaiyt

    That’s horrible. I’m so sorry. I hope he gets better soon, and hugs if you want them. :<

  2. Jesus fucking christ. I’m so sorry. I knew I shouldn’t have been light hearted. Manboobz is filled with misery and I offer all the hugs.

  3. Oh no, vaiyt. That’s a terrible thing. I hope the boy is going to be okay. Feel free to vent or cry or anything right here. My thoughts and prayers are with you/him.

  4. vaiyt: Oh no! That’s awful.

  5. I’m so sorry vaiyt. I really hope he will be ok.

  6. Oh gods, vaiyt, that’s awful. I hope recovers fully.

    daintydougal – hi, good to see you!

    katz, yay for Sweet Pea!

  7. I have family members who get upset at me for not going outside often enough. Truth be told, I spend most of my time sitting on my bed because of my anxiety, but some people criticize me for being lazy and unhealthy because of that habit. I know that being inside all the time isn’t healthy for a lot of people (at least that’s what I’ve heard), but it’s not like I want to sit in my room all day and avoid almost all social interaction. It’s just that my room (or whatever room I’m staying in) is the only place I feel completely safe.

    It hurts to be told that I’m lazy, selfish, etc. for wanting to stay in my room frequently, but maybe I really am just making excuses for myself as they say. Has anyone else here experienced something similar?

  8. D: *puts more hugs in the hug barrel*

  9. Also, Ally, yes, I know what you’re talking about. I was essentially living in my room with just my laptop and a few books in summer 2012. It’s not like I was lazy or anything, but I wanted the isolation away from everyone else. Also, crippling depression, but still. My parents hated that so much, but I couldn’t force myself out of my room for anything.

  10. @vaiyt, So sorry, that must be so distressing for you. I hope he pulls through.

    Some good news: My mom was able to move her right arm slightly for the first time since she had her stroke. She is also swallowing well enough that they’ve started her on a little bit of applesauce, though she still can’t take liquids or solids.

  11. @cloudiah

    Wonderful news! May 2014 be a more peaceful year for you and your loved ones. You went through so much this year.

  12. Glad you have good news about your mom, Cloudiah!

  13. Woot for movement and solid food, cloudiah! Sorry I missed that your family has had such a rough patch; my best wishes for all better things in the new year!

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