Manosphere Catfight! WF Price of The Spearhead eviscerates Paul Elam for his impending 20/20 appearance

Aw, kitties!

Aw, kitties!

[EDIT: The 20/20 story has been postponed] So the Men’s Rightsers are already up in arms about the upcoming 20/20 story on the Manosphere — which, to remind everyone, is showing today, that is, Friday, October 18 at 10 PM EST on ABC. So far I’ve run across angry posts about it on A Voice for Men (naturally), the Men’s Rights subreddit, Rex Patriarch, Stares at the World and Captain Capitalism. Heck, the good Captain even made a rambling 30-minute video on the subject; skip forward ten minutes to hear his misogynistic tirade against the two women who wrote the brief teaser piece now up on the ABC website, complete with “funny” voices. He even calls them “twats.”

But so far the most interesting response comes from W. F. Price of The Spearhead, who uses the occasion to launch an attack on … Paul Elam. Yep. It’s a Manosphere He-Man-Cat-Fight.

Price notes that he too had been contacted some time back by ABC, but that he’d dragged his feet about getting back to them, “[p]artly because I was busy with family at the time  … and partly because I don’t trust TV reporters.” But Elam, as we know, responded a bit differently. As Price puts it:

Paul, on the other hand, apparently thought that he’d get a fair shake. In addition to flying out to New York for an interview (I hope he didn’t pay for the airfare), he even invited the TV people into his home. Naturally, it didn’t go so well. How could he have thought it would?


Well, it seems he thought throwing the “man-o-sphere” under the bus was the ticket to respectability.

Ah, and now we get to why Price is pissed. Elam, as longtime readers of this blog are well aware, is a bit of a control freak. He wants A Voice for Men not only to be the center of the Man-o-verse; he wants it to be the Man-o-verse. So he rebranded his version of the Men’s Rights movement as the Men’s Human Rights Movement, or MHRM, and wants to pretend that it’s the only game in town. And he’s made a point of trying to disassociate himself from the “manosphere” as well, by which he seems to have meant the right-leaning, often game-centric portion of the more broadly defined manosphere.

It’s a bit silly, since A Voice for Men is deeply entangled in the manosphere. Elam shares most of his ideology with his fellow manospherians. Most of his audience comes from the manosphere. His site wouldn’t exist without it.

And, as Price reminds us, Elam helped to build up the audience for his budding blog by writing posts for The Spearhead, which is very much a part of the manosphere.

I’ll admit that I’m kind of angry about this, but sometimes you have to sit back and look at the situation objectively. I’ve known from the beginning that Paul wanted to do his own thing. I supported it for a while, giving him a platform on The Spearhead when his site was fairly obscure. …


I disagreed with a lot of the thrust of AVfM, but I kept my mouth shut. I wasn’t happy about some of the insults he flung around and some of the targets he chose, but still I kept my peace. When he went after Jack Donovan – an interesting and intelligent guy who is, objectively speaking, a better writer than Paul – on my own site, I was pretty pissed off, but practiced discretion anyway.


Granted, it isn’t hard to be a better writer than Elam, but that’s not something he hears very often from anyone on his side of the barricades.

Some guys started to call bullshit a while ago. Rob Fedders, never one to shy away from speaking his mind, ripped into Paul on a few occasions. Bernard Chapin chimed in with some critique starting last year.

For more on Elam’s contretemps with Chapin, see here.

Despite seeing some potential problems developing, and fully realizing that Paul intended to be the pre-eminent leader in the MRM (I was actually a bit relieved by this — I’ve never been comfortable with the “MRA” label), I figured we could all just “go our own way,” but Paul’s reaction to the predictable beating he’s taken at the hands of ABC has left me skeptical.

Uh oh! Is Price going to directly challenge the Man Who Would Be Men’s Human Rights King?

If he can’t even understand that he’s not going to be handled with kid gloves by the mainstream media, and then attempts to throw the blame for that on the manosphere that he clearly benefited from and, more importantly, deliberately used to his advantage, the guy’s got limited utility.

I don’t often agree with W.F. Price about anything, but he’s making a lot of sense here. By which I mean: MEEE-OW!

So, Paul, if you end up looking like a chump on 20-20, don’t think you can make it all better by blaming the rest of us. That’s known as “shitty leadership.” I’d also throw in the terms “ingratitude” and “poor judgment.”

For God’s sake, you thought you’d mosey on into New York and be treated as an “equal” by these people?

Have you learned nothing?

This is the stupidity of the “MHRM” in a nutshell.

The gauntlet has been thrown down. By which I mean:

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  1. Danny Boy: Oh, how is asking for people who file false rape charges to be prosecuted make me “pro rape”?

    Because you don’t insist on the same level of proof to file any other police report. Ergo the effect of your ideal policy is to discourage rape reports, which is to, ispo facto encourage rape.

    “Oh, the war on terror is also out of line, because a 9/11 style attack only happened once.”

    First factually, logically, and rhetorically correct thing I’ve seen you say.

    Pity you misunderstood what you were doing.

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  4. @argenti aertheri

    Random cute — TEN FRY!!

    I have at least ten wee wittle fishies! And they go wiggle over here and wiggle over there and try swimming into the bubbler stream and are getting colors and AWW BABY FISHIES!!

    D’awww. Congrats on your fishies :D

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