Fidelbogen: Men’s Rights Activists! Forget about DV shelters for men. Focus on the important issue: yelling at feminists

Men's Rights Edmonton doing important human rights work by protesting Slut Walk

Men’s Rights Edmonton doing important human rights work by protesting Slut Walk

Our old nemesis Fidelbogen — the Would-Be Counter-Feminist Philosopher King — has taken on a dire, if altogether hypothetical, threat to the men’s rights movement as we know it today: the danger that actual activism that benefits men in the real world will get in the way of the feminist bashing that he thinks is job #1 for all good MRAs.

As he argues in a recent post:

Doing good things for men – opening DV shelters, men’s centers, passing male-friendly laws, and so on – is all very excellent and fine, but it does not attack the root of the problem.

This is kind of a remarkable statement for him to make, given that the Men’s Rights movement that Fidelbogen has attached himself to — or at least its very vocal online contingent — has so far succeeded in opening precisely zero DV shelters and/or men’s centers and has successfully lobbied for zero “male-friendly” laws.

Indeed, it’s only in recent months that any MRAs active online have managed to raise even a miniscule percentage of the money it will take to open much less operate a single shelter for men.

But apparently Fidey is worried that even these paltry efforts from MRAs will get in the way of the noble task of yelling about feminists. As he puts it, in LARGE BOLD TYPE so you know he’s extra serious:


 Anybody who claims to care about men, but doesn't savage feminism pretty harshly on a regular basis, is either a damned liar or a lazy, muddled fool with his head up his ass. There is simply no way you can care about men if you are not attacking feminism in one way or another.   And if I had to make the choice, I would even say that agitation is MORE important than activism. Yes, I would rather have a thousand people loudly slagging off feminism in my town, than to have one men's DV shelter open while nobody makes a squeak about feminism! And you can quote me on that.


Fidey, I don’t think you need to worry for a minute that MRAs are going to actually accomplish anything in the real world. And you can quote me on that,

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. A veggie I can do without is onion. Not emanoured of the taste, and I dislike the smell, especially because it lingers so.

  2. “I guess I’m never making my delicious succotash for hellkell. XD”

    So sufferin’ succotash is a thing? :O

  3. Speaking of seaweed, guess what I just got puff to reluctantly try? Strangely, he hated it less than he hates tubifex worms. (Little dude has a case of fishie contstripation, I was testing if I thought I could coax him into nibbling on a pea since that almost always works, and hey, maybe I can!)

  4. I once unintentionally pressured a friend into trying something she hated. She mentioned one day how much she loved freshly-made lemonade, and I said we should go to my favorite Lebanese place in LA because they have very good, very fresh lemonade. What I neglected to mention is that the reason I loved it was because it was very lemony (i.e. sour) with only a hint of sweetness. She spent our entire lunch trying to dissolve enough sugar in it so that she could drink it.

    I felt terrible. But I think that was more of a sin of omission, rather than commission.

  5. Ooh, I like the lemony lemonade. I had an amazing cocktail last night actually, can’t remember all of what was in it but there was definitely vermouth, lime, and Calvados.

  6. Sorry, that was done badly on my part. I wasn’t trying to say one ought to try seaweeds.

  7. Speaking of flavors changing, I’m immensely pleased to discover I have developed some spice tolerance! Not a lot, but still some.

  8. Mmm, beets [aka beetroot]… I also like beet greens–I think they might be my favorite green.
    Mmm, onions…. I don’t really like them raw, though, except a tiny bit on a hamburger.
    I really like this recipe, which uses lots of onions. I like to put in a bunch of oyster mushrooms, too.

  9. My tolerance for bitter flavors became much greater at about, hmm, late 20s or so? I can’t imagine teenage me eating gai lan, for example, but now it’s one of my favorite things.

  10. I really like onions, but I can eat very few of them before getting pretty sick.

  11. Raw onions make my mouth go numb and I feel kind of like I’m getting a cold. I don’t have problems if they’re cooked.

  12. Now mushrooms I like – only ever have the little ones in butter sauce, but the time I had mushies sauteed in garlic butter (at Yosemite, sigh) was just heaven.

    Count me in on the no olives and no anchovies group, though. I don’t mind salty flavours but those two, yech.

    Lemonade – the BEST lemonade I ever had was at a restaurant in Chicago. Or rather, just outside it, I think, near a big shopping mall. Anyways this lemonade had strawberries crushed into it. Real, strong strawberry flavour and not overly sweet – never drunk anything so good.

    But speaking of an olive I really like: behold the Emphella Shell!

  13. Super cute!

  14. The shell looks great! I like the skirt you have on with it.

  15. Thanks!

    That’s my goes-with-almost-anything skirt. Black, brown, olive, violet and magenta covers a good portion of my wardrobe. :D

  16. Sneak digs your skirt, Kittehs.

  17. Thanks, Sneak! :)

  18. Nice, Kittehs!

    I am intrigued by the idea that you like garlic but not onions. Our tastebuds are weird little things. XD

    I can’t handle anchovies qua anchovies, but just a hint in a Caesar salad dressing or melted (they really do kind of melt) into a sauce I think they add a nice something or other. (As you can tell, I have a very sophisticated palate.)

  19. They are, aren’t they? It’s weirder than that, too, because I don’t like the smell of garlic in most foods, or [shudder] raw, or on someone’s skin; I like the taste in garlic bread, or chicken Kiev, or the garlic butter. Minimal amounts, in other words.

    Only time I’ve had anchovies was on a slice of pizza. Or rather, an anchovy, ‘cos the rest got chucked out pronto.

    I bet I can outsophisticate your palate any day! :P

  20. To me anchovies are tiny little harbingers of evil. They get sneaked into food where you weren’t expecting them, and this makes me unhappy.

  21. How hard labor is for fathers? Mine was drunk for one of our births, I think my brother’s, just because being drunk for 30+ hours of labor sounds like quite a feat.

    Beloved went into the hospital with contractions and the doctors took her in for a section pronto. We totally skipped hours and hours of labor because the bairns weren’t in the right positions.

    … Thank the god I don’t believe in that we aren’t living even 50 years ago, they all might have died. Scary thought.

    I don’t like asparagus. Try to make me eat them and I will stab you with them and jump out the window. I occasionally make the effort to eat them and yep, blech every time.

    Bananas give me stomachache.

    Beloved’s family has a Christmas borscht tradition and she reports that she spent much of her childhood terrified that she would stain the tablecloth with beet(root) juice.

  22. Mr B has the weirdest reaction to bananas, he says they make his lips feel like they’re moving the way they do when you hum loudly, like kind of vibrating? He likes the taste but won’t eat them because the sensation is so freaky.

  23. Speaking of bananas, I saw a funny ad promoting them yesterday. Pic of banana as long-lasting energy food, and next to it a chocolate bar as short-term.

    The chocolate bar was called URANUS Chocolate Log.

    Nice to see our advertisers’ puns and toilet humour are in good working order!

  24. And oh, I want to chuck Biscuits right in his bright-white bib and I think your new outfit is cute, kittehs.

  25. Thanks, Falconer! :)

  26. @CassandraSays: That is a weird reaction.

    After I broke my arm, my fingertips in that arm felt similar: kind of tingly and jangly. They still do, occasionally, but I think I have grown accustomed to it and my brain looks past it.

    Oh, and whoever lost their eyes under the couch: I stand ready to help shift furniture if you need to look for them! (Was that you, CassandraSays?)

  27. I think Cassandra and Ally both lost their eyes. There was a problem ‘cos they’re the same colour.

  28. The chocolate bar was called URANUS Chocolate Log.

    And because I am twelve, I can’t help thinking how bananas are the stereotypical condom demonstration tool for sex educators, and banana + uranus = lol…

    I want to like bananas, but they make my mouth taste/smell terrible afterward.

  29. It was me with the lost eyeballs. I may need couch-moving assistance if today’s wall of blah returns, or if whatever the hell happened with StNick earlier happens again.

  30. It could be too late by then. The cats might have found them.

    TOY! NEW TOY! patpatpatpat okay we’re bored now

  31. Nah, she’s lazily cleaning herself right in front of the window.

  32. I want to like bananas, but they make my mouth taste/smell terrible afterward.

    Yeah, I don’t mind ’em occasionally (or on pancakes like Louis and I had for breakfast yest) but they do sort of coat the teeth. And they have to be ripe. Mum likes bananas that are still a bit green – noooooo!

    I tried out some herbs on the chicken sammiches just now, for something different. Not bad, but I think I overdid them a bit.

  33. Bananas Foster is a delicious thing.

  34. … that sounds like bananas and beer.

  35. That wouldn’t be so delicious. Its caramelized bananas over ice cream, basically. Originated in New Orleans, site of many delicious things.

  36. Now that does sound delish!

    Foster just makes me think of Foster’s beer. It used to be a huge brand here.

  37. Are you sure fidelbogen is an not an agent trying to infiltrate and undermine the MRM, I mean he is doing a pretty good job at it.

  38. He’d have to dig awfully deep! :D

  39. With all of fidelbogen’s rhetoric, I’m almost afraid to ask what constitutes men friendly laws?

    I can’t say I’m surprised that he finally admitted that he doesn’t care about men DV victims. We kind of knew that all along.

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