The Cartoon Artistry of Victor Zen, Men’s Human Rights Activist Human


I think I have a new favorite MRA. Sorry, this one’s an MHRA, because he spends all his time hanging out on A Voice for Human Men. (Oh, it’s still just A Voice for Men? Then Why did they put that H for “Human” in that other acronym?)

Anyway, his name is Victor Zen. And according to Victor’s MHRA Resume — and yes he really does have one — he is quite an awesome MHRA, I mean, just consider these accomplishments:

AVFM Forum Moderator (4/7/2013-7/1/2013)

  • Enforced AVFM policy in the AVFM forums
  • Maintained unity in MHRA community
  • Encouraged peaceful online activism

I mean, it totally sounds like he was one kickass AVFM policy-enforcing, MHRA-unity-maintaining, peaceful online activism encouraging moderator for nearly three months!

If I were hiring any MHRAs, I would definitely put Victor Zen’s MHResume (see what I did there) at the top of the virtual pile.

Oh, but that’s not all! Since then, Victor has been doing a bang-up job as AVFM Backup System Administrator, which I assume means he system administrates the hell out of AVFM whenever it backs itself into a corner, which it sort of does pretty much all of the time. (I think. I’m not really up on these sorts of technical things.)

But that’s not the part of Victor’s MHResume I want to celebrate today. For if you scroll down to the bottom you will find a list of his real accomplishments:

  • First day as MHRA: December 5th, 2012
  • Posters designed: 8
  • Videos produced: 38
  • Cartoons drawn: 18
  • Articles written:  27
  • YT Subscribers: 120+

Woah, woah, what’s that about cartoons?

That’s right, he drew EIGHTEEN MOTHERFUCKING CARTOONS. Not eight. Not eighty. EIGHTEEN.

That cartoon at the top of this post. That’s just a taste of just ONE of these EIGHTEEN cartoons.

You can can see the loving craftmanship — sorry, craftsMANship — he brings to the task.

Let’s take a look at the rest of them, which have been helpfully posted for us in a bunch of AVFM forum threads and on his own site.  Be prepared for some violence and maybe a teensy bit of hate, because the TRUTH IS NOT PRETTY. Also, neither is his terrible drawing style.

Also, one of the cartoons features a talking vagina.

Here you can see the ironic conclusion to the story started in the two frames above, as well as an assortment of other cartoons posted under the heading Victor.Zen On Absurdity via Inequality.

And here is Victor.Zen On the MHRA’s Enemy.

And Victor.Zen On the Screech of Feminism.

And wait there’s more!

Victor has posted some of his favorites on his own site as well. (He starts with the vagina one; apparently he’s quite proud of his passing familiarity with that sexual organ.)

He’s got posters, too.

As well as an explanation for why the word “mangina” is totally not misogynistic, just like a simple descriptive term with no misogynistic overtones that means a dude who’s, you know, a “philogynic misandrist.”

A Phil a who now?

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. @Cloudiah

    And thank you, AIT, for reminding us that you are pro-sexual assault.

    Sorry, who is AIT?

    @Rustled Jimmies

    comments even suggesting that there is another side to the issue/is dissent are being completely removed/hidden

    Are you new? This is demonstrably untrue. Check out pretty much any comment thread here with 200 or more comments, and you’ll find an MRA or some other of manospherian spewing his idiocy all over the thread. If David didn’t let you dummies comment, who would we make fun of?

  2. I think Jim Rustler is not bright enough to check around and find out that first time comments are moderated so they don’t appear immediately, and therefore assuming he’s being POLITICALLY CENSORED OMG.

    Actually reading the comment policy before commenting is misandry.

  3. AIT is An Inconvenient Truth, who posted a video of a man grabbing women’s breasts. Which is now gone. Or else I responded to it on the wrong post, which is not impossible!

  4. Kitteh — or too many links! The welcome package got put on Artistry for Feminism. And kittens. Because it got to the point that adding a kitten got it sent to the mod queue as link spam.

    And I swear the blockquote limit has increased, but that may be perception.

    Oh gods back when I first delurked! I was nervous and afraid I’d say the wrong thing and shit. And in no time flat pecunium, VoIP and I were discussing white supremicists (what ever happened to VoIP anyways?)

    So nervous lurkers, come play! We’re nicer than we may seem (or maybe I’m just extra nervous, I mean, anxiety disorder)


    Blue Jean — while the two quotes are getting at the same thing, I’ve never liked the Patton one. I think I’ve figured out why, it’s the difference between dying and killing — dying is a passive act, killing an active one. That other “poor sap” doesn’t just fall over dead, someone’s killed him. Which, yeah “making the other poor sap” puts it back as an active thing, but it still feels like it dances around the issue. And idk, it is a war movie, maybe it’s meant to, maybe the circumlocution helps get soldiers to shoot (or shoot back, or whatever). But as a quote outside movie land? Not terribly fond of it.

    That’s in no way a judgement of you, wasn’t really until I saw pecunium’s post that it clicked what my issue with that Patton quote is.

    Now, back to my vampire game where I have some poor saps to make die for their god (inquisition style vampire hunters, VtM:B, Bach, melee player, I hate endgame)

  5. cloudiah – I was wondering who AIT was, too. Hopefully the little skeeve’s video is gone; I haven’t seen it elsewhere. Sometimes I think these cretinous trolls aren’t really satisfied (happy is too strong a word) until they get banned. They pretend they’re such noble fellows, but you don’t even have to scratch the surface to see what they’re really like.

  6. These comics.. Awful. Just as da da as an earlier posting. I guess I could say that they’re just bizarre.

  7. An Inconvenient Truth is Preggo Punchout, right? I swear, the number of socks, I get them mixed up…

  8. I think Fact Finder was Preggo Punchout. Almost indistinguishable from Incontinent Twitass, though.

  9. LBT — I think David said he wasn’t, amazingly.

  10. kittehserf:

    Inconvenient Truth is Fact Finder’s sock, if I recall.

  11. oh really? I coulda sworn he had admitted it… weird… too many trolls to remember everyone right.

  12. Yeah, it’s strange, those names get tied a lot, but I’d bet IdiotTurd would have had his arse banned by now if he was a known sock.

  13. j. j the jizz plane

    Internet misogyny can be so goddam frightening and weird at the same time.

    Think about it. Frat-bro douchebag misogyny is all about seeing women as sex objects you can rape at-will to score bropoints at your manly sing-a-longs or whatever it is bros do. You know, that “women ain’t nothing but hoes and tricks” sort of crap – and even then a lot of that probably stems from their mommies taking away their PSP or something.

    Internet misogyny (or if you want to use the academic term, Redditicus Basement-dwellericus), however, seems to stem from a real unabashed loathing of women /as a gender/. Like, a hatred for them which is identical to the same way a nazi hates jews. Like, they see a woman walking down the street and they’re reduced to a frothing rage that the lady hasn’t knealt down and sucked their dick right then and there.

    Sorry about this long post, that first comic with a LITERAL VAGINA talking about how it’s gonna destroy male civilization just fucked with my mind. I hope I’m not the only person that’s noticing this.

  14. If I’ve got all my facts* straight: Fact Finder was Preggo Punchout was Ideologue Review, that much is confirmed. When David has checked, he has found no evidence that The Inconvenient Truth is the same person. I still believe he is, however, both because their posting styles are identical and because the name follows a similar pattern.

    *Har har

  15. So… he IS, right?

  16. ::snaps fingers::

    That’s what it is: the similarity of the pompous names Idealogue Review and Inconvenient Truth. Plus, yeah, their tedious, tedious, BORING tedious DULL garbage.

  17. Yeah, Viscaria’s got PP/FF/IR right, and I agree regarding AIT. But officially speaking I think the answer was that he isn’t.

  18. Maybe they live 11km apart.

  19. Just noticed something about the comic with the dad being dragged away from his kid. He’s yelling “SON!” Who does that? Well, no wonder he didn’t get custody, he doesn’t even know his own kid’s name! I guess that vile feminazi harpy cruelly withheld that information from him.

  20. Hey, did you guys catch this bit of silliness? An excerpt:

    The class of marriages having most advantageous rights is marriages between two women. When two women marry, it is a three-way contract among two women and the government. Most women will bear children by men outside the marriage – often by pretending they are using birth control when they are not. Entrapped men become economically-conscripted third parties to these marriages, but get nothing in return.

    This is a significant advantage compelling women who would otherwise become (or are) single mothers to choose to marry a woman instead of a man. They can combine incomes, double-up on tax-free child support and welfare benefits, decrease costs, and double the human resources available to raise children and run their household. They are sexually liberated with boyfriends often cohabiting with them to provide additional undeclared income and human resources without worrying about what happens when they break up with their boyfriends.

    Today, approximately 25% of single mothers cohabit with an undocumented boyfriend. Same-sex marriage allows women to double-up on everything, establishing sub-rosa polyandrous marriage as a common legal institution with men as peripheral servants without a stake in marriage or society.

    The welfare state is an automatic statutory third party economically supporting these marriage contracts via welfare entitlements, some of which are “advances on child support collections.”

  21. katz:

    “They are sexually liberated with boyfriends often cohabiting with them… establishing sub-rosa polyandrous marriage as a common legal institution with men as peripheral servants”

    I feel like I have learned entirely more than I wanted to know about this guy’s sexual fantasies.

    There’s also the bit about how male-male marriages would become this exploited underclass, with most of the men “economically enslaved” to female-female marriages via “reproductive entrapment”. Not to contribute to bi invisibility (waves her little Bi Pride flag), but doesn’t he realize a lot of the men in these male-male marriages will be, y’know, gay? How exactly would they become “reproductively entrapped” by those wiley woman-marrying women?

  22. On the OP, what is the point of the “Equal Pay” cartoon (the one below the female pope one) even supposed to be? For the others, I could figure out the point he was trying to make (wrongheaded as it always was), but this one just puzzles me.

    Is it that it’s okay to pay women less/ridiculous for women to ask for equal pay, because women take time off work for all sorts of frivolous things? But if that’s the point, wouldn’t he have picked actually frivolous things for his straw-woman to take time off for (like, I dunno, manicures, or organizing her shoe collection)? Picketing, sure, but caring for and feeding your children seem like very legitimate reasons for taking time off from work. I guess I cannot imagine even an MRA going “ugh, those useless women, always asking for time to do useless things like feeding their children!” Maybe I give them too much credit, though. Or maybe there’s a different interpretation to the cartoon?

  23. Organising a shoe collection is frivolous? I’mma telling Maddie on you!

  24. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    I would love to see comic book ads for the Victor Zen Art Correspondence School.

    “Can you draw Vicky the Vulva? You may have a bright future illustrating bizarre, whiny MRA tropes in a way that somehow manages to make the movement look even more crude, cartoonish, and childish than it already is. Congratulations!”

  25. The class of marriages having most advantageous rights is marriages between two women. When two women marry, it is a three-way contract among two women and the government. Most women will bear children by men outside the marriage – often by pretending they are using birth control when they are not. Entrapped men become economically-conscripted third parties to these marriages, but get nothing in return.

    Lesbians are out to steal your sperm? Really? Also, I love the bit of “undocumented boyfriends”, I’m trying to figure out if they’re complaining that the “illegal immigrants” are stealing their women or that the government should track every boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

  26. Although, on second thought, it’s probably the latter because, you know friend-zoning needs to be illegal or some shit. I stopped caring.

  27. It amazes me that some people assume others think the way they do. As if the majority of women are sitting around thinking “Hmmm. What form of marriage would provide me with the most advantageous rights and maximum financial benefit from the government? And where can I find me an undocumented boyfriend or two?” As if the majority of PEOPLE are thinking that way. But they generally don’t seem to think women ever get married for, you know, love or anything.

  28. Women? Marry each other out of love? That’s absurd! Women are incapable of love. Also, lesbians and gay men are a myth drummed up by feminists in order to trick men into paying them more child support. It’s a very complicated scheme, I don’t have time to go in to the details now, but trust me, it leads to women profiting and men dying in ditches. Pretty scary stuff.

  29. and I doubt 98% even recognize their dads as Dad until they’re two years old or so.

    Whether or not they recognize me as Daddy, me bairns are always happy to see me.

    They give me these humongous, toothless smiles. It’s adorable.

  30. Also they tend to do this pick me up, pick me uuuuuuup wriggle in their cribs or cradles.

  31. @Viscaria

    When MRAs are loudly scorning women for being “incapable of love,” do you ever get the impression that they’re secretly envious? The laws of the tribe demand that any trait associated with women must be declared evil, and anything evil must be associated with women…but given how often they scorn love itself as a form of pussified weakness, I think they must wish they had this evil power for themselves.

  32. Extremely well-put, Karalora.

  33. @katz

    Hey, did you guys catch this bit of silliness? An excerpt:

    That guy has been saying that stuff for a while, apparently. David did a post in 2011 about him saying pretty much the same thing, only he called two women getting married feminist marriage.

  34. Also they tend to do this pick me up, pick me uuuuuuup wriggle in their cribs or cradles.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. They’re even cute when we can’t see them!

  35. Have I shown you this one, cloudiah?

    When I reach down to them, they reach up to me.

  36. I’d try to get video of them, but when they become aware of the camera they sometimes go as still as deer in the headlights and stop whatever I was trying to capture.

    And other times they look right down the barrel of the camera and go ahead and pick up the bowl of bananas and throw it on the ground.

  37. I briefly lost consciousness from the cuteness.

    I’m better now.

  38. RE: katz

    Oh god, reading that just made my brain explode. They really don’t believe lesbians exist, do they?

    Also, I’ll be sure to tell my bi poly friends who’re conceiving that they’re just doing it to suckle the teat of Big Daddy Government. It’ll give them a laugh, I’m sure.

    Seriously, as someone who IS getting benefits (MY FIRST DISABILITY PAYMENT CAME IN YAY YAY) they really don’t understand what the numbers actually are, do they? Also that 90% of those benefits go to children, the disabled, and the elderly. (Or so I hear, anyway.)

  39. It’s good that you’re all better.

    The only smelling salts I have to hand are made of kitten whiskers, puppy dog ears and unicorn farts. I doubt they would have helped.

  40. LBT – yay! Take yourself out for a refreshing pack of gum, paid for by the taxes of hardworking manly men! Also, seeing as I am myself in a double XY marriage, how long before I am obliged to pay for the raft of children ebil feminist couples have created from my burgled sperm?

  41. RE: Robert


    I plan to celebrate by inking and finishing up my webcomic so that the last strip will air as I waltz off on my road trip.

  42. Does the very act of sticking your willy into a vagina make you feel respected? I don’t get it.

  43. This thread seems off-topic enough for this:

  44. OMG Myoo that video! I just love it!!!

    Falconer – “I’d try to get video of them, but when they become aware of the camera they sometimes go as still as deer in the headlights and stop whatever I was trying to capture.”

    I see they’ve already been indoctrinated by the Furrinati.

    In other news, the babbies are far more emotionally advanced than any MRA – surprise, not.

  45. Eh, right now they’re refusing to go to bed.

  46. Tell ’em to save that for the Terrible Twos!

  47. Actually the barfing one is pretty accurate, as I usually want to barf when some D-bag claims feminists just hate men.

    And yeah, the vagina=everything down there gets on my nerves. Sometimes it’s innocent enough, like my hubby asking the nurse how to wipe my daughter’s “vagina” when changing her nappy, (tmi? inappropriate reference?) but it’s basically just ignorance. I mean if someone mooned you, would u say you saw their rectum?

  48. This is a great blog about Victor Zen. Check out his Youtube implosion where he is reduced to just calling her a Cunt!! Cunt!! Cunt!!! So much for logic!! :)

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