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Science Proves that Men Going Their Own Way Don’t Go Anywhere, Really


I highlighted that one big word.

If you ever wonder what a bunch of dudes who are Going Their Own Way and totally don’t give a good gosh darn about women, nosireebob, like to talk about the most on their special Men Only No Girls Allowed We’re Totally Going Our Own Way forum, well now you don’t have to rely on the comments I so cavalierly cherry pick from their forum.

Nope, I just realized we can use SCIENCE, in the form of the tag clouds that the site puts above the various subforums, to SCIENTIFICALLY see what they talk about. If you cast your glance upwards, for example, you’ll see the tag cloud for the most active forum on the site.

Seems like these Men Going Their Own Way haven’t gone very far, huh?

I’m guessing the National Organization for Women spends less time talking about women than they do.

EDITED TO ADD: If you would prefer to hear this post read aloud by an actual Man Going His Own Way, one of them has helpfully prepared this video. It’s an uncanny impersonation, by the way. They showed me, I guess!

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Posted on June 21, 2013, in manginas, MGTOW and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 246 Comments.

  1. Sure, if they’re entertaining.

    Reality: cupcake, you’re getting the responses you deserve.

  2. Was Reality mostly just one of those “I know you are, but what am I?” trolls who thinks re-phrasing everything with “their side” transposed with that of their “opponents” is the biggest debate checkmate ever?

  3. I am tempted to speculate that it was drunk posting. They did not appear to know where they were or that David is not a woman.

  4. If he’s drunk posting, he’s a mighty mean drunk.

  5. I think you’re right, strivingally. One would think saying “no, you have cooties” over and over and over again would get boring.

  6. …dunno…are his arguments improving post- ban?

  7. Could someone get that angry while drunk and not smash their computer? (I have never done that)

  8. Might be fun to see what someone says when they furiously post after being banned. Just for once.

  9. Contrapangloss . . .

    Reality pooped a lot more in this thread since you asked, but I haven’t forgotten you . . .

    I used to be a librarian at Microsoft, so I felt like I couldn’t leave your question about Access books unanswered. Have you tried O’Reilly’s Missing Manual for Access? People seem to like that one. There’s also Wiley’s Access Bible.

  10. @ nurse…ex wife smashed a keyboard once. Dunno why, I just came home to letters everywhere and one rather frightened- looking roommate. She’s a programmer…things like that can happen around her.

  11. Grumpycat! Thanks so much! I’ll have to look those up and make them my best friends. I know Wiley did a great version for R…

  12. You’re welcome! Good luck with it!

  13. David, the only thing I’d like to see from reality is a good data set to run statistical analysis on for zir claims.

    Anything else is ir-elephant to my life and future happiness.

    The stats to play with would be fun, though.

  14. There were no sea monsters but there were TWO species of porpoises porpoising alongside my paddleboard.

  15. Still smells pretty shitty in here. Reality really needs to learn to poop on the potty or at least clean up after himself. Gross.

  16. Real Kim - accept no imitations

    That reminds me of a statistics related story. It was something that was said in a tv show but it’s been bugging me and I haven’t had anyone to complain to…

    I’ve been watching The Knick and the main doctor said something akin to “we live in wonderful times. Men have a 10 year greater life expectancy than they did a short time ago”. And I KNEW that was misleading if not flat out wrong. He was basing the idea off life expectancy at birth, but he specifically said men, not people or babies. It took me a while to find stats for life expectancy at different ages since most are life expectancy at birth but here they are – http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0005140.html. You’ll see he is right for LEaB – at the turn of the 20thC LEaB improved dramatically, but LEa20 isn’t nearly so good for using in speeches about how great surgeons are.

    Sorry for the rant – LE is just one of those statistics that seems to be misused a lot.

  17. Ive been waiting for Clive Owen to leave his wife for me since BMW films in 2002.

  18. I keep posting links around here to studies that show guys who score high on machismo tend to live slightly shorter lives.
    They take more risks and don’t get preventive care as often, apparently.

    MGTOW’s, take note, and go your own way to the doctor.
    ( just because you annoy me doesn’t mean I want you to die early)

  19. Oh wow, I pegged Reality immediately with the whole mirroring thing. It’s his only shtick! That and being one of the more blatantly offensive trolls I’ve seen. NWO had more class.

    I’m actually fine with the ban. He went right past the line where angrily, bitterly offensive stopped being funny. At least I know the poop metaphor was apt.

  20. kittehserf - MOD

    Oh jeez no, don’t let them through. They’re mostly dead boring attempts at one liners and the usual howl of “Censorship! Misandry!”

  21. I find Reality a little more abusive and less funny than most.

  22. The lack of any indication of when he was quoting was particularly unsightly.

  23. @cassandrakitty:

    Especially since his responses were just mad libs of the comment.

  24. kittehserf - MOD

    The lack of any indication of when he was quoting was particularly unsightly.

    Yes, this. Even paragraph breaks were apparently too much to ask. Not that it mattered in the long run, because he was too goddamn BORING for me to bother with his walls of text. I emailed David after seeing the “stop molesting children” shit in one of his shorter screechscreeds.

  25. The rest of us were, of course, molesting children when he made that post. Because we are wimmen. Treacherous.

  26. If that’s true, then you don’t have very demanding jobs at the office. Decent meals can be prepared in under an hour with leftovers available for a day or two. Most recipes have under 5 ingredients. You don’t need to prepare Julia Child recipes in order to eat every day. And what’s so hard about doing laundry? The machine does the work. Picture the days when there were no washers and dryers and clothes had to be washed by hand and dried out by hanging them on a line or beating them with a rock.

    Sure, in all that there was a lot of wrong, but this is the wrongest on account of how weird it is.

    Reality, I know you can’t answer, but is cooking and doing laundry all you do in your home? Because my god. I’m not good at living alone or at life in general, but here’s a list of things I’ve done to my apartment this week, which is to say, 4 days.

    Vacuum cleaned! Dusted off! Cleaned the bathroom! Cleaned the mirrors! Cleaned the kitchen! Done laundry! Done more laundry! Done even more laundry than that! Cooked, every day, put stuff in the freezer, did the shopping, did some more shopping, I moved a desk, and moved some chairs, and I fluffed my bed pillows and I cleaned my fridge and my freezer and my oven and I had to screw a thing into a thing because a thing fell out of a thing and I broomed some stuff and some guys did some stuff that created a lot of dust I then had to clean and, sure, it’s not a lot, but it runs up quickly and I had to work and draw and go to the gym and attend uni on top of that.

    Unless you insist that low value vaginas also imbue women with the ability to manipulate the flow of linear time, you’re just plain wrong.

  27. That’s all the matriarchal, misandrist femi-nazis do – tell others that they are disgusting human beings in order to cover up their own inadequacies. That’s what the Nazis did to the Jews and to anyone else who disagreed with them. And now no one cares about the feminist movement any more. Big surprise.

    This is the most monumental parody of “checkmate, feminists” ever, Reality is doing a great job of mocking MGTOW. I love how unrelentingly denounces and chastises the women he imagines make up the bulk of regular posters here, women who all apparently live in a “Y: The Last Man”-style man-free dystopian future.

    You hilarious dude, but if you can’t be bothered to learn how to block quote then at least learn about quotation marks.

    He is kidding, right?

  28. Well, it’s Wednesday so that’s what was on the schedule. Thursday is for knitting, Friday and Saturday for spermjacking, and on Sunday we go shopping for embroidered hand towels and scented candles.

  29. Monday I collect child support from the men I spermburgled and Tuesday I spend it on SHOES!

  30. I’m not encouraging anyone to reread these word vomits, I just wanted capture the moment the Reality tries to kill the concept of history itself by demanding we see see his ahistorical rants about present day-America as vessels of a kind of extra-strength truth, a manly truth that is totally true throughout time.

    Yes, men have historically partaken of child care – especially in agricultural communities. When the Industrial Revolution came along, men, women and even children worked in factories away from home and eventually it was decided that the men should be the ones working in the dirty factories while the women cared for the children. But even in the 1950s men were doing housework and raising the children in addition to providing for their families. It’s matriarchal/feminist gender roles that claim men don’t do enough even when they have been doing it all.

    Yes, it is true. You learn your history and not the kind of tainted, biased history you learn in women’s studies. Yes, we should make choices because we are human beings with human rights. So why are single mothers more likely to abuse and kill their children and this doesn’t include abortions? Why are women more likely to file for divorce and break up families thereby plunging them into poverty. You don’t think men should bestow you with rights? Great. Get rid of affirmative action, welfare, unfair divorce courts, alimony and bankruptcy relief. Go out there and earn it on your own. Fight for joint custody of children.

  31. I’m very glad to know that laundry and cooking are all that housework consists of. Thank you (alternate) reality!

    And most recipes have under five ingredients whaaaa? I cook simple food but I like it to taste like something. That involves flavour. Flavour comes from ingredients.

    My ex and I are an engineering physicist and a marine biologist. We both work at least forty hours a week in the field, lab or office, often all three. There is still WAY more than forty hours per week of housework and maintaining a home isnt something you get to clock out on. You keep going until the work is done. Ill bet you dollars to doughnuts our personal and professional lives are significantly more demanding than any troll of this blog’s.

    Housework isnt hard. Staying home isnt an intellectual exercise. It does demand far more time than any job you can clock out of though.

    Dude clearly doesnt understand the expression “The laundry is never done”.

  32. kittehserf - MOD

    Well, it’s Wednesday so that’s what was on the schedule. Thursday is for knitting, Friday and Saturday for spermjacking, and on Sunday we go shopping for embroidered hand towels and scented candles.

    But but but I have a hairdressing appointment on Friday! That seriously cuts into my spermjacking time.

    … maybe I can get Mr K to help me cheat on that one.

  33. Anything funny right to be worth going back to read?

  34. Nah, he was pretty humorless, but my IPad keeps crashing, so it’s a pain to load things…
    They just don’t make trolls like they used to.

  35. kittehserf - MOD

    I suspect any funny stuff would be found in people’s quotes already. I sure wouldn’t recommend reading Unreality’s walls of text.

  36. It wasn’t worth reading the first time.

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