JudgyBitch: Wives with low libido are man-hating bigots

Dudes: If your wife isn't horny for yoy, she's probably into misandry and witchcraft and maybe Pinterest.

Dudes: If your wife isn’t horny for you, she’s probably into misandry and witchcraft and possibly even Pinterest.

In a post ostensibly about the imminent arrival of female Viagra, our dear friend JudgyBitch weighs in on yet another subject about which she knows shit: the reasons that women who are not her might not want to have sex with their husbands:

Loss of libido in women, excepting rare medical conditions, in my opinion, is a direct result of not seeing men as emotionally complex beings. If you’re married, at some point, your husband probably stood in front of you and promised to love you forever. Rejecting him physically is a very wounding thing to do. It hurts. Sex is one of the most important, intimate ways married couples show that they love one another. Refusing to have sex with your husband is telling him, in a very painful way, that you don’t love him. That you don’t care for him or about him.

Huh. If I hadn’t seen her on video, thus confirming her status as an adult human female, I would have a hard time believing that it was an actual woman saying this and not some horny, creepy teenage boy in the process of trying to manipulate his girlfriend into “going all the way.”

Oh, but she’s got more:

I guess the only way to justify that is to think of men as emotionless. It doesn’t hurt men to be rejected because they don’t feel anything to begin with.

Really? The only way to justify saying “no” to your husband when you don’t want to have sex with him is if you convince yourself he’s emotionless? But women should just force themselves to say “yes” to sex when they don’t want to and simply endure what follows?

That’s the ugly little reality behind female viagara. Will it actually boost women’s libido? Who knows. What difference will it make, though, if women are going to continue to see men as less than completely human? That’s the real problem.

Does anyone know where to get irony meters at a reasonable price? Mine just leapt off the table, ran around the room screaming, and exploded.


About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. That’s it I’m moving there!

    But it won’t work for the dog-loving Manboobzers …

  2. neuroticbeagle


    There is no such thing as too many books. (Which is the main purpose of my kindle- my small one bedroom apartment can only hold so much).

  3. neuroticbeagle


    It’s ok, my beagle is really a cat in a dogs body. I’m sure they’ll let her in. Wait, others will want their dogs too. hmm. We’ll just have to take over the human population and change the rules.

  4. CassandraSays

    RE Laura’s comment about rules, that’s why I’m thinking fundie background. Some of those groups have more rules for dating than the government has rules about filing your taxes.

  5. But will the cat population let us do that?

  6. neuroticbeagle

    depends on the dog. if the dog understands that ze is subordinate to the cat, they should get along fine.

  7. The kitties might even enjoy having more subordinates.

  8. No dog is safe under the kittiarchy.

  9. @neuroticbeagle Kindles forever! We have a very small one-bed-roomed flat but we have a very nice land-lord who let us put up shelves everywhere. EVERYWHERE. We are book bound and kitty littered. An Island sounds nice.

  10. Kittiarchy, furriarchy! :)

  11. neuroticbeagle

    kindles are also much easier to fit in one’s purse. an island would be nice, with the furrinati and manboobzers.

  12. Oh dear Doctor, I have an MRA on my favorite site. Insidious as usual. Weird to see them out of their natural habitat. Like a panda in my living room.

  13. neuroticbeagle

    Oh dear Doctor, I have an MRA on my favorite site. Insidious as usual. Weird to see them out of their natural habitat. Like a panda in my living room.

    No, a panda would be cute. An mra is just icky, closer to a cockroach. Got any bug spray handy?

  14. neuroticbeagle

  15. @neuroticbeagle Love! He’s actually making me quite upset. It’s not a feminist blog or anything of the sort and I’m so used to dealing with these douches. But yuck.

  16. neuroticbeagle


    brain bleach:

  17. I’ve also noticed MRAs — never in the physical world, but they are infesting the internet.

    What’s funny is how quickly even people on non-feminist blogs who are initially somewhat receptive to the idea of “men’s rights” turn dismissive when they see how selective their “facts” are and how hostile they are to women in general (and of course to the derailing, the endless derailing).

  18. neuroticbeagle

    the kittarchy and dogs:


  19. The guys just ignored him when he was calling me a troll and he slunk away when confronted him. If I’m honest these are wrestling fans, not the bastions of feminist thought and I’m impressed.

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