Oh, Brother! Gun-toting MGTOWer rejected by Big Brother program

No, not THAT Big Brother

No, not THAT Big Brother

Life is tough for dudes in our evil misandryarchy. Even dudes who just want to help littler dudes find themselves blocked by evil women.

Take, for example, the sad tale of a public-spirited MGTOWer who calls himself TheDisgruntledGentleman, and his thwarted attempt to join the Big Brother/Big Sister program. No, not the TV show, or the creepy dystopian leader/voyeur from 1984 — the mentoring program that pairs adults with at-risk kids. Let’s let him explain:

So, instead of just hand wringing about how males are targeted and denigrated within all aspects of life, I decided one way of trying to help would be to join the Big Brother Big Sister program. The first meeting I went to explained that there are twice as many boys looking for a match than there are girls. They said it was partly because more females than males volunteer. They didn’t mention how most boys have a mother in there life but no father because of the misandric divorce courts but I digress…

Oh, dear. We’re not off to a good start here.

Anyways, as part of the process, I had a one on one interview with a female member of the organisation to assess if I was suitable to be a Big, and if so, they wanted to know about me so they could match me with a little. I mentioned that I carry a firearm everywhere I legally can, I also wanted to know what protections were in place to protect me from unfounded accusations, and I expressed how I couldn’t be with a Little if his father had been forcibly removed from his life because of the vindictive actions of the mother. I think the final one sealed my fate however.

Yeah, why on earth would the program reject a gun-toting, woman-hating, self-described “disgruntled gentleman” whose only question for the organization, apparently, was about what would happen if he was accused of child molestation or abuse?

I’m not particularly upset at being rejected because after looking into it more, the activities deemed appropriate to do with your Little seem somewhat feminine, but it just further hammers home that even when you try to help because there are boys out there screaming for some positive male role models in there lives, you’re only allowed to show them masculine things that females deem are appropriate. It just makes me sick.

Hate to break it to you, dude, but you’re not actually a positive role model for anyone.

In the comments at MGTOWforums.com, where TheDisgruntledGentleman posted his tale of woe, others stepped forward to offer their own, er, critiques of the Big Brother program. “I’m really not surprised by the outcome of this at all,” wrote Mpav8r.

Basically, for our purposes, without intending any disrespect to the pious, we can compare the Big Brother service to a kind of prostitution agency, specializing in providing uber-manginas to attend to the fatherly duties of the harlot’s absconded alpha daddy, or the cuckolded beta wallet in exile; furthermore these manginas are free-range certified not to be paedophiles, or likely to have any real parental influence in lieu of the mother’s. Big Brothers is basically a volunteer organization that makes the logical connection between single moms and pathetic beta chumps trying to score brownie points, and attempts to exploit it for the perceived benefit of the children.

Most pathetic is the fact that these volunteers know for a fact that they will not be getting any tail as part of the deal. Unless you have a bleeding heart for abandoned bastards, you’d have to be a fool to waste your time on such a fool’s enterprise.

Based on what you said in your post, I would wager that the women in charge likely factored you as an armed misogynist pedophile with a chip on his shoulder. I would have gone wearing an old navy outfit and talked about flower arranging and self-esteem.

Relic, meanwhile, suggested that the best way to help out young boys today is for MGTOWers to keep being the woman-hating assholes they already are. Well, that’s a rough paraphrase. He phrased his advice slightly differently:

For me personally, I have zero interest in helping single mothers raise their kids. If she wanted a positive influence from a male, maybe she and her kind would not fuck us over at every turn so dad stays in the home. It’s only when society passes the breaking point things will get better for men. Stalling this only prolongs the suffering. Until then, I’m in the shadows.

I’m willing to bet that many men have been falsely accused of crimes trying to give back to these programs. No fucking way I would expose myself to that nightmare to help a single mother. Allow the whole thing to come crashing down while putting good information out there for truth seekers to get educated. It’s the absolute best thing we can do for boys.

I do agree that  the best thing MGTOWers can do for boys is to stay as far away from them as possible.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Do you think you hurt my feelings?

  2. For those following along at home, if one were actually interested in having this conversation for real, you would say something like this:

    YOU: Hi guys, great post and that guy should definitely not be around kids! I can’t believe he brought up being protected from false accusations; of course that’s a major red flag! But I think you might be too hard on the gun part. I often carry a concealed firearm and I am very careful about gun safety. Being a gun owner doesn’t make you automatically dangerous.

    And then we could reply with something like this:

    US: Sure, but if you mention that you carry a gun and you mention a hatred of divorced women and paranoia of false accusations, doesn’t that sound like a threat? You’re basically just announcing that you’re prepared to commit a crime.

    And then you could say:

    YOU: He would sound like he was prepared to commit a crime even if he didn’t mention the gun part, though. That isn’t what makes him dangerous.

    And then we could reply to that and go back and forth in, you know, a conversation.

  3. Pro gun and pro womens rights

    I can’t believe I actually saw a reasonable comment criticizing me on a political post on the Internet! And even said pretty much what I agree with!
    Excuse me. I have to sit down.
    The shock, you know?

  4. Yeah, pecunium, zie’s definitely replying to me. I’m getting WordPress notifications.

  5. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    katz: ::applause::

    I know Pierre’s taking a rest, but I get the feeling this one could be building up to a script.


    “Reasonable reply.”


    “Anything to say other that “trolling” and “lol”?”


  7. @katz, A conversation???!!!??!?! What’s that? WHY???

  8. Now now, Deoridhe, you have to remember that only Sir Trollsalot is allowed to be impolite.

  9. *digs toe into the dirt* Awwww, but what if I ask really, really nicely?

  10. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    ::Deoridhe asks really, really nicely to be impolite::

    ::Kittehs’ head explodes::

  11. I have a bit of experience having beliefs (indeed, beliefs that I consider a core part of my identity) be wildly unpopular in feminist circles, so I know how it goes. Basic principles:

    1. Don’t come in with your unpopular belief. Focus on the common ground so you don’t just sound like a wanker.

    2. Be prepared to politely, eloquently explain it in a non-confrontational way. Don’t just expect everyone to agree with you or complain if they don’t.

    3. Understand that there are going to be people who will always disagree with you, sometimes vehemently, and who may be jerks about it. It’s OK. You don’t have to be their friend.

  12. Pro gun and pro womens rights

    Fair enough.
    Wish I could continue this now but my corporate master is demanding my attention (do damn executives ever SLEEP? it’s Saturday night for goodnesss sake!)
    Oh, and do I have to respect him because he claims he’s for women’s rights?
    He’s still a damn boss.

  13. cloudiah: How does wordpress know it’s to you, as opposed to just a new comment? I don’t doubt you, I’d just don’t know how to set that up.

  14. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Pro-Gun, are you going to have this precious gun debate (even though that’s not what the OP is about) or are you just going to carry on with this pearl-necklace-clutching nonsense? It got old within about two comments, and you’re coming across as another in a long line of bog-standard trolls or sockpuppets. Say something substantive or piss off. Oh, and you might like to think about why you don’t get much interaction on the net. If you act like this on every blog you go to, it’s hardly surprising, now is it?

  15. ….I think I broke Kitteh.


  16. pecunium, when I’m on my phone (but oddly NOT on my laptop) I have an option to reply to a particular comment.

  17. Boring troll is boring.

  18. How convenient that our hero, the brave dissident, suddenly has to work, just when zie was going to grace us with pearls of wisdom.

    I think I’ll go back to Tiny Monsters.

  19. Hit submit too soon.
    Anyhoo, when that happens, the WP account of the person replied to gets a notification. I’m too lazy to do a screenprint. Or sleepy. I need to not make a lie of my G’night comment because I’ve been staying up too late!

  20. Weak flounce, weakened further by obvious use to avoid having to actually make a point about anything. I mean, seriously, I’ve made more pro-gun arguments in this thread than he has. 1/10.

  21. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Does one have to make pro-gun statements to be a totes real feminist?


    I know! “Sixteenth and seventeenth century guns are beautiful works of art.”

  22. Anyone else notice the trollercoaster’s refusal to use the F-word?

  23. I am truly shocked that Sir Trollsalot keeps encountering unfriendly responses wherever zie goes.

  24. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    “trollercoaster” LOL!

  25. And for whoever it was that thought it was significant that I did not curse, allow me to say, “Fuck.”


  26. Pro gun and pro womens rights

    Wow. That’s your answer to what I had to write?
    You make me feel a lot better about my own earlier stupidity.
    Thanks for the reassurance even if it was unintended.

  27. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Okay, I’ll bite. How the hell would have carrying a gun have helped Dr Tiller? He was shot down while serving as an usher at a church service. Do you really think he’d have been able to whip out his gun and shoot someone who was already about to shoot him?

  28. I open it to the audience: What F word has trollersons conspicuously refused to use?

  29. Pro gun and pro womens rights

    Well there’s the topic of the page, ” feminism.” There’s the viewpoint of anti-gunners, “fantasy.” There’s what I like to eat, “fruit.”
    No? “Fortune cookie”? “Freud”?
    All right I give up.
    What F word have I refused to use?

  30. Pro gun and pro womens rights

    And I’m sorry I don’t answer each and everyone of you seconds after you post.
    I know it’s just an excuse but it’s a tiny little phone and I have big stubby fingers.
    As far as Dr.Tiller goes are you under the impression he was the only one they’ve killed? or that his circumstances were the only ones this kind of incident can happen under?

  31. Pro gun and pro womens rights

    And am I not allowed to reference his fate regarding my fear that I was a cardboard cutout in a fundie shooting gallery?
    Hey! FUNDIE?
    Is that the word?

  32. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Can’t answer, eh? It’s a real question, O knowledgable gun-lover. Remember, some of us live in non-gun-owning countries and like it that way. Reading the circumstances of Dr Tiller’s murder doesn’t suggest that he’d have had the opportunity to save himself via some sort of shootout. So, how is carrying a gun supposed to have helped him?

    Your pretence of engaging hasn’t lasted very long, has it? And you’re still more interested in making this about DON’T TAKE MY GUNS than anything else.

  33. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help



  34. What, you don’t think that if Tiller had been trained to special ops standards (as of course all gun carriers are) he’d still be alive? These are genius arguments that Sir Trollsalot is making here!

    I notice that our friend is as allergic to conversation with pecunium as zie is to the word “feminism”.

  35. @ Kittehs

    Shootout at the OK Chapel? Sounds totally realistic and probable, how dare you mock?

  36. Oops! Kitteh was wrong (and I assume, joking); Cassandra was, of course, correct.

  37. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    But we were both right! Trollcoaster (I am so stealing that) won’t say Feline or Feminism.

    ::lashes tail around, growls::

    The Gunfight at the OK Chapel sounds at least as plausible as the Bunfight at the OK Tearooms, I’ll give it that much.

  38. Also, appropriating the death of a brave and dedicated man in an attempt to fuel your little vendetta against people who don’t like guns? Classy.

  39. Kitteh, my apologies. “Feline” is, in fact, a 100% true answer, even if it wasn’t the one I intended. (It has obviously been too long since I played Contact.)

  40. Yep, keep assuming that everyone you’re talking to is dumb and uninformed, That’s sure to make a great impression. Also keep on trying to make your personal obsession into the focus of this space that you’re new to. People always love that.

    @ everyone else

    Subject change? I’m bored with this troll already. What’s everyone up to this weekend? I’m going out for noodles for Chinese New Year tomorrow.

  41. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    So not liking guns is “fantasy” now? You’re not really interested in anything but your own nasty little viewpoint, are you? Protip: please don’t visit Australia. Ever.

    Oh, and since Dr Tiller was the specific person you mentioned, don’t shift the goalposts. Here’s an idea: if there were fewer guns in society, there’d be fewer gun murders, let alone mass murders. We have remarkably few of those in Australia and it’s not just because of our smaller population.

    Go fuck yourself, gun-obsessing creep.

  42. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    My weekend is just about over! It was very pleasant, too. Not too hot for a change. I’m going to watch the new series of Midsomer Murders starting in a few minutes.

  43. Trying to even sort of treat this as a linear conversation is impossible because there is, apparently, no way to predict which posts trollersons reads and which ones zie doesn’t.

    Noodles sound yummy, though! I have some stew beef; maybe I’ll make a Chinese beef-noodle soup!

  44. Pro gun and pro womens rights

    So I’m not allowed to mention I thought about Dr. Tiller’s murder when in a position to pretty legitimately fear that I was a cardboard cutout target in a fundie shooting gallery? And, yes I know, the average person cannot possibly practice or get training because arms are so complex that it requires a professional to do it correctly.
    So we should all sit and wait for the professionals.
    Like Dorner and his former colleagues of the LAPD?

  45. Dude, nobody cares. This is not the “everyone really wants to talk about guns!” blog you are looking for.

    Noodles! For long life! Also this is the Year of the Snake, which is supposed to be a good one for me, so I’m quite excited.

  46. I’m kind of craving beef chow fun, but that doesn’t really fit the long noodles for long life concept very well.

  47. Any food called “chow fun” is automatically awesome.

  48. It could always be a secondary dish. Mr C is insisting on potstickers anyway.

  49. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Oh, and we watched The Full Monty last night. That film always brings out my inner air-guitarist.

  50. I’ve also been doing research for a future article, which has involved running across lots of pictures of this guy. Truly, it’s a tough job.

  51. Cassandra, can I have your job? Because I may spend the next few hours doing it anyway.

  52. If only it paid more. But hey, you’re always welcome to join me for the checking out photos of beautiful men part.

  53. He’s got something of a young Amanda Palmer to him, doesn’t he?

  54. I have kind of a thing for dark hair and light eyes.

  55. Nice set of cheekbones, too. Meanwhile, trollersons is literally repeating the same thing over and over.

  56. Pro gun and pro womens rights

    Actually it was only because this tiny little window doesn’t always show everything that’s been cut and pasted into it.
    I had to cut and paste because the window kept closing so I wrote it in a different program.
    I can’t help but notice you don’t address the content, repeated or not.
    Have a good night though anyway. I’m off to bed

  57. Not even just the same theme, the exact same words. Which is why I’m finding the cheekbones far more interesting.

  58. Also OT – I once had to explain to a former coworker that cheekbones are a thing that a lot of women appreciate. He then proceeded to argue with me that I must be incorrect because he himself didn’t really take any notice of cheekbones on women. Mansplainers, they’re everywhere.

  59. But…lots of men do appreciate cheekbones on women. (And, yes, classic mansplain: Your experience must be wrong because it’s not my experience!)

  60. It was pretty funny. Him – but I don’t even notice cheekbones, so how can that be a thing that women care about? Me – are you a woman? Him – that’s not the point! Me – sigh.

  61. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Whoa, that young man is lovely!

  62. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Oh, and Midsomer was as bizarre as ever – Civil War reenactments, a supposed Headless Horseman, and the usual crop of loathesome upper-class-twits shagging each other and then bumping each other off.

    Just another day at the office for Barnaby and Jones. Though at least Jones got some better lines than usual. :)

    “The witness said the horseman was headless, sir.”

    “Drunk or stoned?”

    “I was on duty, sir.”


    “An Englishman’s castle is his home.”

    “Have you been saving that, Jones?”

    “For years, sir.”

    “I wish you’d saved it a bit longer.”

  63. Isn’t he, though? All grown up and with no makeup on.

    His hair drives me nuts though, because his hair texture seems to be very similar to mine so I keep wanting to go “Hey, pretty boy! Your hair doesn’t have to be all frizzy and shapeless like that, all you need is some leave in conditioner and maybe a little gel”.

    BTW I love that the terms upper class twit is now used all over the world. Thank you, Monty Python guys.

  64. Is Pro-Gun our friend Pell? There is a whiff of dirty laundry about them.

  65. Pro: However, the reflexive association of “bad person” with guns is a mistake.

    Good thing no one did that. I was wondering when the strawmen were going to start showing up.

    The problem is not that people are armed but that THIS man was armed.

    Which is what people here said. Why did you come here to tell us what was what again?

    Personally, I wish some of us had been armed. Every time one of them came near me or one of the patients we were escorting I started thinking about Dr. Tiller.
    He didn’t do so well, being unarmed.

    This is bullshit. Tiller was assassinated. His killer walked up and shot him by surprise. There was nothing he could have done to prevent it; short of never going out in public again.

    As to you wish you’d been armed… did anybody ever shoot at you? Were you attacked with knives?

    No. So the desire to be armed is just a baby-blanket. A dangerous one, as people who are armed tend to see more threats, and react more aggressively than people who aren’t.

    You seem to have the “talismanic magic” idea of guns. Irrespective of the question of how to control gun violence, you don’t have a clue about how they work in real situations. You are arguing with the feminists in your head (since your declared position is our declared position).

    Go wank somewhere else.

    And I’m sorry I don’t answer each and everyone of you seconds after you post.

    Nope. The issues isn’t when, you could take days. It’s that you aren’t answering at all.

    Really, you aren’t. You’ve replied (such as they are) to lots of people, but very notable ignored some. At this point hours after the, long; and substantive, comments were directed to the specific issues you pretend to raise.

    As far as Dr.Tiller goes are you under the impression he was the only one they’ve killed? or that his circumstances were the only ones this kind of incident can happen under?

    No, we aren’t. And… not one of them would have been helped by being armed. Shot at a traffic light. Killed with a rifle from a distance. Bombed.

    Again, you have not a clue how violence works. In real life the person who initiates wins, 90 percent of the time.

    And I have to go to sing.

  66. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Funny, isn’t it. What I – one of those stupid people who doesn’t like guns and is very glad to live in a non-gun-carrying society – said X, and was dismissed. Be interesting to see if trollcoaster tries the same stunt when Pecunium, who knows a great deal about them (more than trolly ever will, I’d bet) says the same thing in more detail.

  67. Kitteh, don’t be silly. Trolls never reply to Pecunium. And this one would just go “Hallelujah, a reasonable reply!” and that’s all.

  68. RE: guns

    I admit to being highly biased, since my undergrad school had the dubious distinction (before V Tech, that is) of having the largest body count of any school shooting in the USA.

    This was the state of Texas, which is known for its lax gun laws. And true facts, the sniper was gunned down by police. However, why did it take so long for him to be gunned down?

    Because he was on top of a fucking tower, too high up for anyone to reach him. He fired on people for almost two hours, and there wasn’t anything they could do but take cover.

    Texas’s gun ownership laws did NOTHING to protect us from Charles Whitman. In fact, they made it easier for HIM to get a gun.

    So yeah, definitely list me as one of those people with a dim view of the protective power of firearms.

  69. Pro stupidity: I can’t help but notice you don’t address the content, repeated or not.

    Which is why you’ve been so prolix in your responses to me.

  70. As I was walking this morning (the singing was too crowded, and with sorts of chaos, and posturing which makes me anti-social, so I left) about the “if “X” had been armed”, and I recalled two cases where “X” was better than armed.

    Cases in which X had a Personal Protection Detail*

    Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford both had the US Secret Service with them when they were attacked. Reagan was shot. Had Hinkley been using a larger caliber, or had the wound Reagan got been a little different he would be dead.

    Ford wasn’t shot, but only because his assailant hadn’t put a round in the chamber of the 1911 Colt (.45ACP caliber handgun) she was using. She did manage to chamber a round before she was tackled to the ground.

    A team of alert, observant, observing, professionals; trained to look for just that sort of attack, failed to prevent the attack.

    *I’ve been on a few of those, very different way of looking at the world. Thankfully only one of those was a person who was likely to be attacked by gunfire, and that was an open carry detail, but still. One see the world very differently when doing that, but I digress

  71. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Trolls never reply to Pecunium.

    That is Eternal Truth! :D

  72. Can’t imagine why Big Brothers / Big Sisters wouldn’t want that guy. “You wouldn’t believe a kid who said I molested them, would you?”

  73. It is to wrong to show young men that it is fine to consider not marrying. Just the same way that feminst would with a young girl.

  74. OK, I’ve been reading this blog, reddit, looking up (related) people and their sites, and here’s what scares me: I honestly never thought there were that many people who were so hateful toward women in the world. Now I realize that there are….and misguided though they be, some of them are even intelligent enough to make spurious arguments that sway the disenfranchised to join their ranks. I feel that many of these men have been groomed into using hate speech and encouraged into more and more violent language through their interaction with these groups. I’m saddened that these men found such a negative refuge instead of something more positive. Is there an alternative?

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