BREAKING NEWS: Men (Still) Oppressed By Women Who Dress Like Whores

Women Oppressing Men With Scanty Attire in the 1920s

Women Oppressing Men With Scanty Attire in the 1920s

I haven’t had the patience to go through the discussions that developed in the wake of the Men’s Rights Subreddit’s historic winning of the prestigious King Dick of Fart Mountain Subreddit of the Day award yesterday. But I did read enough to come across this little exchange, in which a heroic Men’s Rightser confessed how touched he was that someone outside the Men’s Rights subreddit had noticed the bold, brave activism of Reddit MRAs.

And then someone pointed out some other things he’s said a couple of days ago.


NWOslave, is that you?

Actually, I doubt it; NWOslave has an account under his own name there. But great minds do think alike.

Here’s the link to StarFscker’s original comment in context.


About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Actually, can I ask a tech question? Someone seems to have hijacked the MSN messenger account that I used to use, and now I need it to sign into Windows Live for work. It has a name attached that isn’t mine. Should I be worried that whoever the person who hijacked it was can still get in even after I changed the password?

  2. Grumbles, no one cares.

    I miss the clawfoot tubs I had in some of my Seattle apartments. This place has a pretty big art deco-ish tub, but it’s not the same.

  3. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I wonder if being tedious and unlikable is part of Grumbles’s so-called creative process?

    Claw-foot tub, that takes me back. We had one like that in a Federation-era house we lived in when I was about seven. Huge thing, I practically needed a ladder to get in and out!

  4. But I had assumed it went without saying that you would not get to dry off one iota in this hypothetical torture scenario.

    And here I thought we were talking torture. See, I know about torture. Yes, putting on a jeans when one is still wet is uncomfortable, but it passes. If hot and humid is the problem, that’s not a function of jeans, and it’s still not torture.

    Because denim, absorbs water. One will dry off. If one is in a hot, muggy, climate, so is everyone else. It’s not torture, it’s just unpleasant.

    Torture is intentional.

    Torture is things like .zrug bgav qrccnm fgrt mU02 gn fgybi 001-09 qan ebgnerart rug fxanep rab aruG .zvgpvi rug sb lqbo rug ajbq qan ch ergnj-gynf tavyvneg qan ,fryxan rug bg fqnry tavgghc ,rabuC qyrvS 213-NG n tavxng

    Or Waterboarding. Or sleep deprivation, or burning people with cigarettes, or pulling their arms behind them and hanging them from the ceiling (as was done to John McCain), or perhaps slugging them in the thighs (as was done to Dilawar; He died. I happen to know the people who were involved).

    See when I say torture, I mean torture. So your little quip, was just plain wrong. Comparing a set of sticky nuts in tight jeans to that, failed. It’s like calling a bad divorce rape, or you more than half a wit.

  5. Argenti Aertheri

    No working bathroom fan? Totally the same as torture! You like torture porn Grumbles? Go read the torture memos, if you ask nicely Pecunium might even give you a link. Though, google does work.

    Regarding reading in the tub, do not leave the book in the bathroom! At least, not if you lack a fan! I caused one to get all curled that way, but it’s a soft cover, so maybe a hard cover would be safe?

    Pecunium — fucking weirdo! Funny how context matters, from me that’s far from an insult Welcome to the weirdos club, can I loan you some d10 or maybe movies so obscure you need to borrow my VCR to watch them? Hold on, I’ll need to move the pumpkin so you can use it (yes I have an actual pumpkin in my room, amazingly it’s still solid, I don’t get it, but it keeps my pile of stuffed rats company [ikea sells plague rats! :) ])

  6. Argenti Aertheri

    Ninja’ed by the best of them! Noticing the last page might help huh?

  7. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    It’s like calling … you more than half a wit.

    You might have put up a coffee warning then, Pecunium!

  8. Argenti Aertheri

    Rot13 and backwards, and you know, right now I kind of wish I couldn’t read backwards.

    Ugh, Grumbles, seriously, your poor wet nuts don’t cut it, you’re a long walk, three buses and 8 quid in a taxi from getting it (thank Doctor Who for that, it’s nearly a direct quote)

  9. Pecunium: as someone with soft tissue damage/arthritis in their left hip and whose quads in that leg are almost always sore, the slugging in the thigh part almost made me pass out. I can’t imagine that amount pain increase.

  10. I’m surprised Grumbles has nuts.

  11. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    You have stuffed rats, Argenti? You might like this display from the Immigration Museum. It’s in the porthole of a ship mock-up. My former team leader made it. :)

  12. @The Kittehs’

    That is too cute.

  13. Cassandra, how do you know someone hijacked your account? Did you get locked out, change your password, log in and discover evidence someone else had been using it? Do you think it was accidental (e.g. they forgot their username and thought it was yours) or malicious? Whichever it was, I’d contact the MSN Messenger helpdesk, because it sounds like they have a security flaw that someone was able to take advantage of. You might need someone to do something with your account behind the scenes (erase your security question answers, for example.)

    Is there any chance it was someone you work with using it?

  14. Argenti Aertheri

    As cute as that is, mine are of the stuffed toy variety. The posed mice do intrigue me, but I could never own them, I have a thing against collecting dead animals bits (as may be evidenced by my screaming at my father about the skunk…)

    They’re these — — and these — — and there’s enough for a proper tea party but I’ve yet to find room to set that up! (Lol, need another trip to ikea for another shelf, and, of course, more mice)

  15. @Argenti

    I have the second one! It is a toy for our cat. (We sprayed it with catnip spray to make it a bit mire enticing). She picks it up and carries it around the house, but I’ve only caught her playing with it once or twice. It is probably one of her top five favorite toys.

  16. @Argenti

    We used to get those for my old dog. We had a GOSIG RÅTTA called ‘Rattus’ and a GOSIG MUS called ‘Albus’.

    We can’t give them to current dog. She murders small things and shits hedgehog prickles.

  17. Argenti Aertheri

    D’AWWW kitty carrying around stuffed mouse, does she think she killed it and has a fierce?

  18. @Argenti

    She thinks it is her child, we think. She has a handful of toys that she carries in to bed, carries out to hang out with us in the living room, sleeps with, asks for help carrying places, etc. and rarely does she ever wrestle with them. She also (despite loving to fetch crinkly balls and pens) just stares at us and has a sad if we throw her them. (I read on a blog that some cats think they are bringing you food and like it when you pretend to eat it. I did that. The cat was not happy. She looked a little shocked.)

  19. Argenti Aertheri

    Awww, that’s even cuter. Poor kitty though, you pretended to eat her kittens! Guess she’d have figured out you were pretending when she got them back though

    Creative Writing Student — you mean literally shits quills don’t you? OUCH

  20. @Argenti

    She once caught a hedgehog… the (living) hedgehog was removed from her jaws, but yes, I do mean that literally. Staffies are really tough.

  21. Argenti Aertheri

    I’m glad your dog was alright, and pleased that the hedgehog survived. The important question is if she learned to leave hedgehogs alone, as my aunt’s late bulldog mix never got that lesson, got quilled in the face a couple of times (how dumb can you be? Oh, right *glares* the dog at my feet seems immune to skunk &gt.< )

  22. Most trolling I find amusing to argue with, or else just boring. Hypothetical scenarios about torture are not in either of those categories. They are in the loathing and rage category.

    Congratulations, Grumbles, you have confirmed yourself as pond-slime incapable of worthwhile opinions. Have a nice life, and I hope you get everything you deserve – which doesn’t include torture.

  23. @Argenti

    The hedgehogs learnt to leave her alone. Our back garden is now a Tiggy-Winkle-free zone. :(

    The slugs are happy though. Mum’s courgette’s are not.

  24. Argenti Aertheri

    Aww, I’m glad the little cuties R ok, but too bad you don’t get to see them anymore! Is there any sort of natural slug repellant you could use?

    And can someone please explain to me why Beyonce is doing the half time show in what looks like a leather swimsuit?!

  25. The commercials are deeply disappointing this year.

  26. @Argenti

    And can someone please explain to me why Beyonce is doing the half time show in what looks like a leather swimsuit?!

    She is obviously flirting with every man watching while also telling them that she doesn’t want to be seen with them in public. It is like someone scratching their balls. It is like scented candles. It is like expecting trolls to provide evidence.

    It is misandry. And I am sure all the men in the country will be ranting about how much they loathed seeing her tomorrow.

  27. As a menz, I approve of Beyonce’s leather swimsuit, misandry though it may be. Just this once, the vile is okay.

    I also think her press conference was pretty fucking boss.

  28. True fact: I didn’t realize the Superbowl was on today. I went to the market, and noticed that there was plenty of parking and that the beer and chips aisles were oddly empty of merchandise, but it wasn’t until I was paying and the checker said “You’re not watching the game?!” that I remembered.

    Sometimes I can be amazingly clueless.

  29. helkell: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that (it’s why I did the double minor blocking of the one) I included that because I am ashamed of it. I want to not forget, nor gloss over what was done.

    There are (for me) mitigations to the taint, but not to the crime, nor the coverup, nor yet the ways in which they got off lightly.

    But I didn’t mean to cause harm.

    I am so very sorry.

    As a recompense may I offer you some food porn about my supper?

  30. @ clairedammit

    I have no idea what happened. I haven’t used MSN for years, but I remember a friend saying that at one point she got a weird message from what read like a porn spambot from my account, so obviously someone got into it. I’ve contacted MSN and they just told me to change my password, which I’ve done. Don’t think I was ever locked out, I was able to log back in no problem.

    I never used it at work, so that’s probably not where the issue came from.

  31. Cloudiah, you’re in my ideal state: completely ignorant of meaningless sportsmajigs.

    I’m only watching cuz family. Admittedly, it is fun when someone does something cool.

  32. That came across as a little superior/holier-than-thou maybe. I don’t have anything against watching sports; I love college basketball with a consuming passion.

    Tangent: Why don’t MRAs turn their focus on football, boxing and hockey, with their proven track record of causing a lifetime of suffering and early death, almost entirely for men. Is it because they can’t blame women for it? (I just answered my own question, didn’t I?)

  33. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    cloudiah, I envy you being able to be unaware of the Superbowl. I wish I could be unaware of the Grand Final here (boring boring boring football oversupplied with horrible players who think they’re little gods).

  34. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    cloudiah – no, that didn’t come across as holier-than-thou at all, not to me, anyway.

    It’s surprising the MRM doesn’t claim sports injuries are women’s fault. Surely men are only playing sport to impress women, same as they only go to war because arglebargle women tell them to? Or is it that sports are so manly and macho and generally wonderful (when played by menz, of course) that they wouldn’t dream of criticising them? Though I’d bet 99% of MRAs have no more involvement in sport than flicking channels with the remote or shooting some poor damn animals for fun.

  35. Pecunium: thanks, you didn’t upset me too much, it was just a “damn” moment.

    That dinner sounds amazing. I need to try flavored oil next time I do sprouts. Did you do a dessert?

  36. Well, it would be hard to argue at the same time that (a) football/boxing/hockey are MAN THINGS and on important football/hockey/boxing days women should SHUT UP AND MAKE SNACKS, and (b) women are the cause of all football/hockey/boxing-injuries. Although, they are very good at holding multiple contradictory positions, so maybe I shouldn’t sell them short.

  37. I’m sure there’s at least one MRA who thinks that women are to blame for sports injuries because men have to be Alpha to even get female attention.

  38. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Although, they are very good at holding multiple contradictory positions, so maybe I shouldn’t sell them short.

    Got it in one!

  39. Argenti Aertheri

    I barely gave a shit when living in Pittsburgh and the Steelers were playing…and that half a shit was more like “so not going out tonight!” So no, didn’t come of as holier than though here either.

    As for Beyonce’s outfit, I’m more questioning why she’s wearing so very little not a month after the big stink over whether she can sing — do we care, do we just want the eye candy, or what?!

    Also, I kind of hate the overproduced nature of the halftime shows.

    As for commercials, PSY with pistachios just made it all up.

  40. Actually, the gap between the number of men and women who watch the Superbowl is apparently narrowing: 54% male & 46% female in 2011.

    But the women watching probably don’t understand football and are just watching for the commercials, amirite?

  41. I’m sure there’s at least one MRA who thinks that women are to blame for sports injuries because men have to be Alpha to even get female attention.

    Warren Farrell makes that “argument,” basically.

  42. Frozen yogurt was eaten. Desserts are tricky, what with allergies, and issues of kosher. If you look at the previous post I wrote you can see what the hurdles are (quite apart from my not being Fritz Brenner, with the combination of dedication, kitchen space and nothing else to do).

    But sometimes I do dabble in dessert.

  43. Oh, and it wasn’t flavored. It was straight oil of hazelnut (toasted hazlenuts), out of calif. Same place I get my pistachio oil: La Tourangelle.

  44. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    ::rolls eyes:: Might have known!

    I wonder what part of “perfectly ordinary happy hetero couple” is so hard for these croutons to understand? Alpha, beta, all this shit …

    But then that’s small beer compared with Farrell’s claims about incest.

  45. I’ve had the La Tourangelle pistachio oil and would like to attest to its extreme deliciosity.

    That’s a word.

  46. Argenti Aertheri

    Dessert means baked goods by me, but I suppose cake and cookies don’t really go with your usual culinary creations.

  47. Fucking Warren Farrell, it figures. I still think that the reason they don’t seize on it as an issue is that then they would have to give up watching football, or MMA, or whatever. Or make them safer/less violent, which would (wait for it) “feminize” them.

  48. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    That’s the other thing that irks me about this whole Greek system garbage: the maroons pushing it seem to think there’s an overall, objective scale that people conform to. The idea of people (especially women) having individual tastes. I bet they’d look at a lot of the beloveds on this site – of whatever gender – and froth at the idea of them having partners at all. But I’d be equally willing to bet that said beloveds are totally alpha to their partners because of who they are. I know it’s the case for me!

  49. Applying a numerical value to people in terms of their attractiveness just seems really maladjusted to me. There are definitely a set of ideas about what an attractive man or woman looks like in every society, but most people understand that there’s a subjective element too based on individual preferences. I’m not sure if these guys don’t get that, or if they do get it and have individual preferences of their own but don’t care because the point of the whole exercise isn’t to have sex with people you find attractive, it’s to end up with the highest score, and people who everyone has agreed have a high numerical value attached to them count for more points.

  50. clouidiah: I used the pistachio oil to make a bearnaise variation. OMG! Pricey, but very much worth it. Use more tarragon that you think you should, and be sure to have an acid note.

    So Worth It.

  51. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Cassandra – “maladjusted” is the MRM in one word.

  52. The CWS scale of attractiveness:

    – Gods, no (most MRAs. You gotta be pretty odious in personality and/or personal grooming to be here)
    – Eh (Ordinary, don’t stink, not a person i’d hang with but not odious)
    – Good-looking (high ordinary, often has one of my physical interest points like long hair, glasses, cute butt, decent personality)
    – Cute (has physical interest points, is quite handsome and delightful company, may bear resemblance to boyfriend or crush)
    – SQUEE (typically reserved for boyfriend)

    Please note that money, being an arsehole, or stupid furry hats do not factor into it. :P

  53. Furry hats may factor into it in only one situation – it is very cold, and I would like to borrow your furry hat.

  54. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    stupid furry hats


  55. Ooh, we are talking about the Superbowl? Beyoncé was incredibly fabulous. I would put a ring on it, Beyoncé.

    I sometimes enjoy watching football with my bf, who geeks out like crazy over it; but he’s in the States right now, presumably watching the game in some pub. I came over to my parents for dinner (they moved back home last week) and now I’m sitting and kind of watching with my stepdad, but I think I get most of my enjoyment out of sharing my partner’s passion. Or maybe I am just pouty because I miss him already and I wish he didn’t need to go on this stupid trip.

    It is actually a pretty exciting game, though. Bit of a nail-biter.

  56. I own a Pierre hat :P

    I was thinking of that dude with the Top Hat/Schipperke cross living on his head.

  57. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Let’s see, how to adapt the CWS scale (which looks much more fun than the Greek system):

    – Gods, no (most MRAs. You gotta be pretty odious in personality and/or personal grooming to be here)
    – Eh (Ordinary, don’t stink, not a person i’d hang with but not odious – vast majority)
    – Good-looking (high ordinary, often has one of my physical interest points like long hair, moustache, nice comfortable torso, decent personality – aesthetic/acquaintance only)
    – Cute (has physical interest points, is quite handsome and delightful company, may bear resemblance to spouse or someone of interest – still aesthetic/acquaintance only)
    – SQUEE (totally reserved for spouse*)

    *or kitties, but that hardly needs to be said

  58. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Don’t know the dude in question, CWS! :D

  59. (I also need to persuade boyfriend’s cats into wearing Pierre hats, but I think my Doolittle skills are rusty.)

  60. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Cats in Pierre hats a la Poutine would be the best.

  61. Somewhere I have a picture of me wearing a faux* Russian fur hat. It’s pretty fetching, if I do say so myself.

    *Faux Russian AND faux fur.

  62. It’s like Tiny Cloudiah knew that she’d be reading the bullshit the MRM is doling out.

  63. We had a good Puppy Bowl party. I made those olive penguin appetizers.

  64. I get all excited about the prospect of a meetup with Pecunium next time he’s in my area, and then I read about what he had for dinner, and weep because I don’t cook like that ;___;

  65. s’ok. I know a really nice Yucatan place, so no cooking is required.

  66. and you could cook like that. Just takes some practice.

  67. Oh wow oh wow, I didn’t even notice that my comment was screenshotted on here until today. This is pretty much my favourite blog and now I’m all happy.

  68. The only time I tell the boyfriend what to wear is if he’s holding up two ties, or two pairs of shoes, and asks me which one I think would look better with his suit.

    The boyfriend tells me what to wear… never. Smart, smart boyfriend.

    *mind takes short vacation to the tropics while picturing the boyfriend in white t-shirt and blue jeans… mmmmm…*

    … I-I’m sorry, what was the question?

  69. According to the MRAs men are “just as hormone driven” as women are.

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