Possibly fake MGTOW confesses: “I [felt] dirtied by the moral corruption of sluts.”

Men Going Their Own Way, quickly

Men Going Their Own Way, quickly

I’ve found my new favorite Men’s Rights Redditor. Brand new, really, as gonemgtow’s account is only two days old. This comment, his very first, is so loopy — yet also so true to manosphere ideology — that I can’t help but suspect that it’s an inspired hoax — and possibly even the work of one of the old banned trolls here. (I have one in particular in mind.) If not, wow.

I’ve taken the liberty of breaking his wall o’ text into readable paragraphs. Enjoy. Oh, if you’re at work, don’t read this out loud, as it starts off with a bang, NSFW-wise.

Dude, three girlfriends made me fuck them when they had another man’s cum deep in them and there was an unmistakable cum frothing going around the girth of my penis. Confronted with it they told me a bunch of lies, I know cum when I see it for fuck’s sake, and got hysterical that I could even suggest such a thing. I mean it wasn’t just paranoia. I stalked them and found out.

I go to the gym and lift, play poker and generally engage in alpha male activities, but still get cheated on. Right before I went MGTOW I was doing one night stands and every single one I found out were in a relationship or even married. So they basically forced me to wrong a lot of other men the way I’d been wronged myself. I could feel dirtied by the moral corruption of sluts. Basically made me swear off women.

What gets me is that there’s probably a man out there raising my son or daughter and the slut knows and is snickering and laughing at the con she has pulled. The percentage of women doing these things is not negligible and it’s sick and deplorable. Made me cry too when my illusions about women were shattered.

Makes sense when you think about the erotic fiction they read. Go watch the sales numbers. It’s stories about adultery and rape. A lot of stuff you couldn’t think up in your wildest dreams when it comes to moral corruption.

Just stop. Don’t even masturbate. It’s a highway drug to women so to speak. A moment of weakness is all it takes and you’re pounding a slut from behind and actually she’s in a relationship or even married. It’s better to just take the moral high ground.

All religion kinda makes sense to me now, when it comes to women. Ancient men must have know about the problems of letting women run rampant and wrote up some rules to curb the behavior. It was probably easier to just say it was an all powerful being’s will than to explain the true nature of women and why the rules must be followed.

Now that atheism is taking hold, which is rationality, we’re being forced into a state of moral decay as we’ve lost justification to uphold ancient tradition curtailing women’s sexuality and need to go get as much cum as possible from as many men as possible.

Time to take the penis away and go our own way. Cut the flow at the source so to speak and starve them until they realize this feminism shit is bullshit and that we need to basically have some say in how they behave. That their behavior is wrong. Just saying what everyone knows deep down inside. Fuck political correctness.

Gonemgtow didn’t get much love in r/mensrights for this gem, earning 6 downvotes for all his efforts. He should probably head over to MGTOWforums.com, where he’d fit in just fine.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Thanks, Some Gal! I’ve never had anyone talk about it except on the internet, so it’s good to know in advance (though engaging brain before opening mouth in conversation is never a bad idea).

    Would the benefits (if you don’t mind me asking – ignore if you do!) be of the creativity/problem solving variety? They are so often allied with various non-neurotypical or mental illness situations.

  2. @LBT

    As I said earlier on the thread, I don’t understand what people are thinking when they decide they are experts on mental health. I’m glad you’ve been lucky enough to have good interactions. I think I’ve had around over 10 different therapists/psychiatrists and maybe 3 were decent, 1 good, and the rest were useless or actively harmful. (That doesn’t count the staffs at the two mental hospitals I’ve been in. They were mediocre, but the patients are great and helpful.) So, I am pretty jaded, but also don’t want to discourage anyone from getting help.

  3. @The Kittehs’

    For me the biggest benefits are how elated I can get while manic (it is like the best high in the world) and how just boringly productive I can be if I don’t need to sleep. I used to stay up all night (literally), night after night reading books when I was a teenager all the time and then going to school without feeling tired. (I manage my moods better now, so I don’t do it as often, but it is still nice to have those extra 6-8 hours occasionally. I clean or bake something or read a novel. :) )

    Since I’ve had fibromyalgia, the other benefit is that occasionally I just don’t care that I hurt all over. I still hurt, but I can ignore it. I have to be careful not to do too much that I’ll pay for when I’m no longer manic, but the break from my life being pain pain pain all the time is welcome.

  4. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Oh shit, fibromyalgia? :(

  5. RE: Some Gal

    For me the biggest benefits are how elated I can get while manic (it is like the best high in the world)

    Not the same at all, but that’s how I used to feel when I was starving. Only problem was. Well. I was starving.

    Damn was it hard to give up.

  6. @The Kittehs’

    Yep. I basically just leave the house for doctors appointments. I keep starting to be able to do a bit more again and then I try another drug and get suicidal or sleepy all the time and lose my progress. I think the fact that I don’t show how much I hurt (to relate back to what drst was saying about coping) because I learned that over years of dealing with the bipolar has made it harder for me to get doctors to really believe how much pain I’m in. I just don’t do suffering in front of other people unless they are close friends.

  7. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    And now all I can think to say is oh fuck … and offer internet hugs if you want them.

  8. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    And some from Sir, who just came over to see what I was reacting to.

  9. Internet hugs are the best! (It is pretty painful for me to be touched in most places so most real hugs tend to be uncomfortable at best except from the boyfriend, but that took a lot of experimentation and practice.)

  10. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I rather thought internet hugs would be the easiest to bear!

  11. Some Gal – fuck Abilify. I guess it works for some people, but I gained 30 pounds in 8 months, which I am really not ok with. I’ve lost 3 since I stopped taking it, so… yay? I would like my psychiatrist more if he responded to the fact that it’s been a year since things started going to shit and I’m still not noticeably more functional by doing something other than swapping out meds seemingly at random. But I love my therapist. SO MUCH. I don’t know what I’d do without her and the people in my group.

    I’m really sorry about the fibro. I know other people with it, and it’s bad enough to feel that shitty without having to worry about people believing you or taking you seriously.

  12. @burgundy

    Thanks. I’m lucky the Abilify just caused the “I can set a clock by them” panic attacks. I’ve had way worse reactions. That sucks about the weight gain. I gained about 40 lbs. way back (10 years?) when I was on about 6 different drugs. If it makes you feel any better, I gradually lost the weight without really trying once I was off the meds. It wasn’t quick, but again, I didn’t exercise or change my diet or anything and I lost all of it.

    I don’t think that psychs take weight gain as seriously as they should. One of the things I do love about my current guy is that he refuses to even try any of the drugs I was on when I gained all that weight. The fact that it was allowed to happen got the professional equivalent of a “hell no” when it came up.

    I’m sorry the medication situation sucks. I’ve been through that and I know how frustrating it can be, especially with sucky side effects.

  13. Thanks, Some Gal. I’m going to the gym and counting calories and being kind of appalled at just how much I was consuming when I was doing a lot of emotional eating. My mother wants me to get back on the Abilify because she thought I was doing better then, but I don’t think I was doing better enough to justify the whole “buy new clothes every month” thing.

    The biggest problem I’m having with this doc is that he seems to change his mind about things every few months. First it was “oh, you have people who know you saying that maybe you have bipolar 2 instead of depression? Let’s run with that and I will put you on meds that are used for bipolar 2.” Now it’s “nah, you don’t have bipolar 2 because you’ve never had anger problems.” A couple of months ago it was “no, your frequently elevated heart rate is just anxiety related, don’t worry about it, here are some beta blockers” and now it’s “wow, 170 after just a couple of minutes of exercise, you should definitely see a cardiologist.” (And when I said I was concerned about any doctor I went to taking one look at my med list and dismissing me out of hand because duh, of course it’s anxiety, he said that doctors don’t do that. HAHAHAHAHAH dude you are an old white guy doctor, of course doctors take you seriously.)

  14. I’ve had really good luck with Abilify, but I’m sorry to hear that isn’t the case with some people here. The current pain in my ass is Effexor, which I have a love (it works!) hate (it has sexual side effects!) relationship with.

  15. @Bagelsan

    I’d heard great things about Abilify, and it did make some of the pain go away. Just…hours-long anxiety starting at 2, 5, 8, and midnight. Weirdest thing, and something else was certainly affecting it, but drug gone, anxiety gone so who knows.

    I used to abuse Effexor to induce mania. Only drug I’ve ever done that with. (You name a psych drug, I probably have a story. I’ve been on almost all of them.) I’m glad it works for you, though the side effects suck.

  16. I think I just found the guy who raped me, or at least his brain twin. Gross.

  17. Argenti Aertheri

    Not quite caught up yet, but I’m with Some Gal regarding “am bipolar” versus “have bipolar” — I can’t imagine not being like this, “like this” is how I’ve been as long as I can remember. And fuck “sleep, who needs sleep, I have art to do” is not a Bad Thing.

    And yeah “okay, not sure what to say, but okay” works fine, reads almost like “I really like coffee” “well okay, that was random so no clue what to say, but okay” — maybe be less completely dismissive, but I enjoy the rare “yeah so? You’re still you” type reactions (can I praise the not-an-ex again? No? Never mind then)

  18. Venlafaxine made me super high-functioning when I took it, for about two weeks. Then I adjusted.

  19. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I enjoy the rare “yeah so? You’re still you” type reactions

    That’s the most important thing, in a way, isn’t it? I mean – when you (generalised “you”) get to know someone, or meet ’em (via teh tubes or face to face) they’re knowing you as you are, whether you’ve had X condition for a short time or a long time. That’s the package they get right now. You may want them to know because of stuff that might affect them, but it’s still … just who you are, or at least, how you are, same as if it’s a condition like asthma or epilepsy or something (but with all the feckin’ stigma – I’m not forgetting that).

    Did that make any sense at all? I think I need tea, my brain has post-walking-shopping fudge.

  20. Argenti Aertheri

    Kitteh — yeah, you’re making sense, and correct. Problem is that “omgs bipolar!” yends to get a more “why didn’t you tell me this is clearly relevant to my interests (cuz what if you’re dangerous)” than “oh and btw, I see music” = flood of interested but polite questions (ie your response on that thread/topic the other day) or “interesting, guess that wasn’t relevant before?”

    Lol, now I’m not sure I’m making sense! An easier example — I’ve got somewhere around “moderate” scoliosis, which tends to just get a shrugging “interesting, you’re telling me this why?” reaction — whereas my psych diagnoses tend to either make people back away slowly, or me never say anything and back away slowly because ranting about crazies being dangerous is a sure sign I’m not doing this.

    …Longest. Sentence. Ever. (‘Cept not, because EA has a page long sentence in her book …also mania induced…)

  21. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Yeah, you’re making sense! It’s the freaking-out reaction, isn’t it?

    Hey, synthesia came up in the conversation with the psych yest, and if we hadn’t had the conversation here I wouldn’t have known that’s what it was called *preens*. He mentioned a maths whizz he used to know who looked over some problem psych had done for a test. Now psych is good at maths, but he’d sort of fudged this problem, doing it halfway down, knowing what the answer had to be but not sure how to get there, so working backward and meeting in the middle. (He passed the test, amazingly enough.) Now when his mate the maths whizz looked at it, he pointed to the bit where it went wobbly in the middle and said, “That’s where the problem is.” He couldn’t explain exactly why except to say it was the wrong colour. All the rest of the numbers were green or grey and the ones there were red.

    I thought that was pretty cool. :)

  22. I hope your scoliosis is not too much of a bother. It’s in my family to varying degrees and many backaches have resulted (not to me, though, thankfully).

  23. fuckyou manginas

    MGTOW seems to have been infiltrated by manginas seeking emotional support. They don’t know a real man when they see it because they have already been emasculated. The REAL MEN will GO IT ALONE, we don’t need a fucking emotional support group.

  24. Obviously you don’t need a support group. I mean, you sound so happy! Nope, no need for support there.

  25. Oh noes, what happens if the REAL MEN take all our CAPS LOCK keys?

  26. Will you GO IT ALONE, ON THE BEACH?

  27. He’ll GO IT ALONE, DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH, away from all the SPINSTERS.

  28. Men, have you ever felt sad, depressed, lonely? Do you ever feel isolated from other people, unable to reach out and express yourself? Well GOOD. You’re SUPPOSED to feel like that. Feelings are for ICKY GIRLS. Join our MANLY MAN GROUP for MEN today and be NO BETTER OFF THAN YOU WERE BEFORE, you beta fuck.

    This message is brought to you by MGTOW. MGTOW: We hate women, but we’re willing to be assholes to men, too.

  29. The REAL MEN will GO IT ALONE, we don’t need a fucking emotional support group.

    And yet you feel the need to come here and stick your dick in the mashed potatoes. Truly a sign of a happy individual.

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