Roosh fan: Black and White Unite to Fight … the evil feminist white-male bashers! (Also: a terrible chart.)

I think we can all agree that the REAL problem is all those damn women's libbers

I think we men can all agree that the REAL problem is those damn women’s libbers

So when I was poking around on Roosh’s Return of Kings blog the other day I ran across a guest post from someone calling himself Samseau accusing feminists of using racism to exploit men – that is, of expertly manipulating men of different races to fight one another instead of standing firm against the evil feminists and their evil agenda.

The post, while purporting to be somehow “above” the issue of race, is a muddled mess full of “white men have it worst” nonsense like this:

[R]acial infighting between American men wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the political consequences.

Women, if you haven’t noticed, do not fight with each other over racial conflicts. They might get angry over the past, but they are able to resolve all issues by agreeing on a scapegoat: the white man. Colored women will gladly forgive their white sisters, since, after all, it was the white man who oppressed women and minorities.

White men are the big, bad, evil masters, and as such, all females of different colors can agree to put aside their differences in order to bring the white man down.

Yes, he did indeed use the term “colored women.” Oh, but there’s more.

The election results show that decades of brainwashing young American boys has been an unqualified success. Rather than have boys be loyal to their gender, boys have instead been trained to be loyal to their race.

Little non-white boys at the tender age of 9 years are fed lies about how white male oppressors created their poor living conditions, while white boys are taught that they need to correct the injustices of their forefathers lest they be guilty with the indelible sin of white privilege. Female teachers use the appropriate shaming tactics on these young minds to imprint the intended desire for conflict.

All according to plan.

And more:

Men are pawns in the race game. Thus while American women feed themselves government largesse, jobs, university degrees, their husband’s money, and child support money, American men fight each other over table scraps.

But my favorite thing about this article is the little graph that Mr. Samseau made up to illustrate the REAL issues men face today.


Yep. Race is the least important issue, while “getting laid” is number one.

It’s a pretty revealing little chart, huh?

The comment section for the article – wade into this swamp at your own peril – is (predictably enough) filled with angry racists trying to explain why race really does matter. Others, meanwhile, seem upset that all this racism is getting in the way of the regular woman-bashing. Still others suggest that men of all races needed to understand the “root cause” of all our “multicultural problems.” That being … teh Jews.

My favorite comment of the bunch, though, has to be this, from Caliente, combining an astounding ignorance of history with some half-digested evo psych:

Btw the reason why there are practically no racist women is simple.

Males of mammals are territorial.

They naturally base they identity from bottom up: family,tribe,nation,race.And naturally react negative to males of different “tribe”.

Females at the same time are receptive to have sex with any males as long as they are alpha enough.

In 19 century whites fucked all the black women because they were alpha and they had recourses,just look at Brasil.Nowadays a feminist will be cheating on her white beta herbling with some black fitness coach because that is how her brain assumes alphaness.


Glad we got that all settled!

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Boring trolls are more like being stuck on a plane that’s playing American Pie on loop for a 12 hour flight.

  2. Oh please, Brz ain’t gone. Brz can’t stick a flounce for SHIT; he’s already claimed he’s leaving twice before and failed, I doubt he’ll find the third.

    He won’t go away as long as people are responding to him, though.

    Nah, he came back JUST to bitch about how we were talking about cats and computer games. Trust me, if he comes back, it’s on him.

    Now, I realize why every day the only thing I want is to take the first plane and go home.

    Yes. Please do, Brz. Please go back to the mothership, where you are integrated, cool, and set men’s genitals on fire. I’m sure your planet is a very nice, manly planet, full of chest hair, berets, and hibbity hoo.

  3. RE: burgundy

    If NWO wore leather pants, the industry as a whole would be finished.

  4. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    NWO wearing leather pants is an image I really, really did not need, thankyouverymuch!

  5. I did say hot. Since I’m imagining boring trolls with the redeeming characteristics of the Lost Boys, after all.

  6. I think the Venn Diagram of “hot guys” and “internet trolls” may be two completely separate circles that don’t even vaguely brush up against each other.

  7. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Yeah, I don’t think of “hot” and “troll” in the same sentence except as an example of an oxymoron (with the emphasis on “moron” in the case of trolls).

  8. I think the Venn Diagram of “hot guys” and “internet trolls” may be two completely separate circles that don’t even vaguely brush up against each other./i>

    Too bad. Brushing against a diagram is probably the most action a troll sees in a year!

  9. The troll circle may however have lots to say about how much of an asshole the hot guy circle is.

  10. Waaaaait, I seem to recall a long time ago we had a troll who used as justice for his arguments photos and the declaration that he was hot.

    Then again, it was a long time ago, and I don’t remember his face.

    Guys, maybe we’ve been getting trolled by Brad Pitt THIS WHOLE TIME. In fact, maybe brz is Brad Pitt!


  11. I’ve been waiting for Roissy to lose his shit enough to make claims about his own hotness, actually. My claws are already sharpened in preparation.

  12. Well, it was a thought experiment. I’m certainly not going to hold my breath.

    And really, for me personally, MRA trolls can’t be hot, because no matter what they look like they will still be assweasels. If Ewan McGregor started posting anti-feminist bile, I would be very sad, and then I would stop finding him even remotely attractive.

  13. (Point up)

    Yeah, that too. There are plenty of hot people in the world, no reason to tolerate the ones who’re hot but evil.

  14. Hey, I actually have a good quote about this subject from Roald Dahl! That about sums it up, I dare say.

    All this time, he was talking about trolls. Well, straighten my hair and call me Shirley!

  15. There are plenty of hot people in the world, no reason to tolerate the ones who’re hot but evil.

    Unless they are hot and evil and fictional; those are fair game. :D

  16. Bagelsan: Draco fan?

  17. The cool thing about fictional people is that you can rewrite them to be less evil. Real people not so much!

    The guy who was all “you say my ideas are nonsense but they can’t be because I’m hot!” really was hilarious though.

  18. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    @burgundy: yup – being an MRA would be ice-water to any potential hotness. Or rather, a bucket of chilled runny shit, because ice water doesn’t give off an offensive stench.

    @Bagelsan: “Too bad. Brushing against a diagram is probably the most action a troll sees in a year!”


    @Cassandra: I think I saw a pic of Roissy once, and gods was he ordinary. As in, wouldn’t look twice if I saw him in the street.

    @LBT: probably not the same person you’re thinking of, but that made me think of Pell and his Uncle Monty. :D

  19. RE: CassandraSays

    The cool thing about fictional people is that you can rewrite them to be less evil. Real people not so much!

    This feels so weird since I know a great number of fictional people. I STILL don’t want to touch the Voldemorts with a ten-foot pole, though.

  20. Bagelsan: Draco fan?


  21. @LBT

    Hooray for The Twits! That is one of my favorite books from when I was a kid!

  22. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I must say Prince Roelstra from Dragon Prince was rather hot, though he was a totally horrible bastard. He could have been a blood relation of a character I’d made up in my teens, even to the black hair and green eyes.

  23. Beware the attractiveness bubble:

  24. RE: Kiwi Girl

    Is that really a thing? I mean, back before I hacked my tits and hair off, we were considered pretty damn hot, but people seemed okay with telling us we were wrong.



    *not really

  25. No, see, if you’re hot and feminine-looking then that means you’re wrong because hotness and stupidity are genetically linked. But only in feminine people – hot masculine people are alpha assholes.

  26. I actually have no idea how hot pretty boys who’re a bit femmey fit into this matrix. I think MRAs deal with this problem by pretending they don’t exist.

  27. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Or else they think of them as treacherous anti-men wannabe women, or something. Whatever it is, the MRM will think they’re WRONG, because only het white dudes are right.

  28. @CassandraSays

    Or they decide they’re gay and can be disregarded because they think gayness is icky.

  29. Argenti Aertheri

    Well this thread died last night but I’m just getting to hot pretty boys and well…pretty boy in one of Moore’s Baby Girl hats. (Those hats are a real thing, not a prop)

  30. Argenti Aertheri

    Bad link, no cookie!

  31. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Hey Argenti, you still about? I have a bit of KITTY news along with how it went at the psych session yesterday. :)

  32. Argenti Aertheri

    Around for now, yep! Kitty news you say?

  33. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Yup! I was at the clinic, well into the session, and psych went out to get me some info about stuff. Upon which a black and white KITTY walked in! (This is at a general practice clinic, not the psych’s own rooms.) I went all squee of course, and she came over to say hello and let me put her on my lap. Psych jumped a bit when he saw her there, ‘cos I’d just been telling him about how Katie spent the day at work t’other day. And this is even though psych knows the b/w kitty. She’s a neighbour’s cat they made the mistake of giving tuna to one day: she now owns the clinic. :D

  34. Aww, kitty in the clinic! Sounds like just the thing for you.

  35. Argenti Aertheri

    Lol, freaked out the psych and got a lap kitty, I award you TWO internets for this feat!

  36. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    LOL merci!

    She was a well-dressed kitty too. Had a red velvet collar with fake diamonds on, and a registration tag, which suggests her people look after her properly. She was oldish, I think. Sat on my lap for about ten minutes, which was most distracting! :D

    The session went well, actually. I said I wasn’t happy with the way it went last time, and there seemed to be a push (intentional or not) to make me play devil’s advocate for my own life. Told him there are some non-negotiables and the fact that Louis is real and alive (“and in this room right now”) is one of them. Psych was apologetic and said yes, he had been exploring that path, because of his training and the state of most of the people he sees with unverifiable beliefs. I mentioned that the materiailstic default, the paradigm of our society, doesn’t help – hard enough to break when it’s your own experiences – and described a couple of incidents that were good enough verfication for me, which seemed to make some impression. So I think that’s sorted.

  37. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Aaaand now I must get moving, it’s a beautiful day and Himself and I are going to meander around the markets and parks and coffee shops. Have a lovely day/evening, y’all!

  38. I’ve never had a good counselling session where the counsellor has gone out of the room. I have had good counselling sessions where we’ve talked.

    The post hoc (much much later post hoc) funniest session I had was a couples one with 3rd abusive partner (who was psychotic, histrionic, and narcissist, and just plain horrible in the end) because we’d had a verbal fight, and obs it was All My Fault. So we went and saw this nice female (make work!) counsellor and he told her about the what I had done for the fight and how I had stormed out. She, of course, asked for the events leading up to that, which was great because I could say how he had treated me all weekend ahead of the fight, which was me at the end of my emotional tether. And then she tried to get him to see about how he could possibly think that a partner would have been okay with the treatment he had dolled out to me for that weekend. I think he thought she would tell me I was bad, and that I needed to improve my behaviour, or how the fight was All My Fault (MRA type stuff) and, of course, she didn’t. We left the session, I said how helpful I thought it had been and when was our next session? He said that he didn’t think we needed to go back.

    His behaviour, obviously, did not improve to me.

  39. Argenti Aertheri

    Glad your psych listened and have a lovely day!

  40. @The Kittehs’

    I am so glad it went well! Good for you for standing up for yourself, as well. That can be incredibly hard when dealing with therapists in particular (or any kind of health professional). :)

  41. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Kiwi girl – him leaving the room was just because I’d mentioned the doctor who referred me to him is NOT my regular doctor (I only saw him that one time) and I don’t intend to make him so. Turns out the doctor I did want to see is leaving the practice, so my psych just popped out to get a list of all the GPs there and their particular interests as a reference for me. It wasn’t “counsellor leaves room” in any bad sense.

    Some Gal – fortunately telling this guy what my boundaries were wasn’t difficult. He’s not intimidating or bossy, he’s very easy to talk to. Besides that, I’m not in a fragile state, or dealing with huge issues: it’s anxiety/stress that’s triggered by one particular thing, and I just need to desensitise myself to it, if I can (though the thought of starting that process is pretty uncomfortable). Main thing is that he gets it clear that Louis is part of the deal, and involved in the process, not something nonexistent I happen to find comforting.

    Now I’m just hoping Ms Red Collar Kitty turns up again, though I daresay she won’t, because cats.

  42. Oh Kitteh, that is good news. :)

  43. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    It is! :)

  44. Hi Folks
    I discovered the phenomenon MRA yesterday and my head is spinning from the torrent of douchecannoery that I have seen so far. That post is one of the most bizarre examples of the angry white man syndrome that I have seen in a long time.
    I must put in some historical facts about the idea that white women were not a part of the racist power structure. The was that was dismissed illustrates the racial schism that still exist in the feminist movement.
    Despite the fact that white women had few of the legal privileges of white men they did benefit from the institutions of slavery and Jim Crow. The few white female abolitionists obscures the hundred of free black women and men who toiled in relative anonymity to end slavery.
    First wave feminism has a deeply racist background that is ignored or denied today.

    White women may not have been a able to own land but they could own slaves. Martha Washington owned hundreds more slaves than her husband and Martha Jefferson’s slave holdings built Montecello. Mary Boykin Chesnut was a South Carolina plantation mistress whose diary is rich resource on how white women used what power they had to make the black harlots that tempter her and many other upstanding white men in making making mulatto pickaninnies.

    White women may not have had the full benefit of the law but when it came to the few white men who left their black concubine and his children any of his wealth they were quick to get that overturned in the courts. Amanda Dickson (who was a product of rape) was the only black woman during the antebellum era to successful defend herself against a lawsuit files by female relatives of her father (who raised her to believe she was white) and keep his fortune as his rightful heir. Her biography is called Woman of Color, Daughter of Privilege: Amanda America Dickson, 1849-1893.
    Many can list the achievements of white abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe, The Grimke sisters and Susan B. Anthony but how about black female abolitionists like Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Maria W. Stewart, Harriet Jacobs, Mary Prince, Anna Murray Douglass, Mary Ann Shad Cary, Sarah Parker Remond, Frances Harper, Sarah Mapps Douglass, Eliza Dixon Day and Sarah Forten? There were also may black women who authored slave narratives and spoke at churches and white women’s groups about the horrors of slavery

    Some may know about the role of Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass, but few will discuss how of black women were ousted by in the suffrage movement the appease white southern suffragettes. The National American Woman Suffrage Association espoused the franchise for white women only by 1890. The filibuster of the 20th amendment was finally broken when white suffragettes pointed out the fact that black male brutes were allowed to vote bur the flower of femininity (white women) we not.

    The majority of Southern women supported lynching. Jessie Daniel Ames crearated a mixed race coalition to end lynching in the south partly based on the fact the hypocrisy that men thought they were defending white womanhood by lynching, raped black women and forced them into concubinage through the souther custom of Paramour Rights. This custom allowed white men to force black women into concubinage despite their willingness or marital status. Ames movement only lasted a few years and then petered out. The white race riots that left towns like Rosewood, communities like Greenwood in Tulsa and many others destroyed. The protection of white womanhood was often a pretext to destroy communities that were becoming prosperous or independent. Go to the Without Sanctuary website and look at the gruesome pictures and note the reasons why black women and children were lynched. The Scottsboro Boys were imprison and given death sentences for raping two women who need to defend themselves when they were hopping trains. This case became a cause celebre and illustrated the real power dynamics behind white women and black men.

    Black women and second wave feminism will have to wait for another post.

    I am sorry to be so longwinded but it really gets me going when someone who dismisses the fact that white women were indeed part of and supported the institution of slavery and Jim Crow. This a a great blog. I have been gobsmacked by the mentality of MRA and will be back to read more about this insanity.

  45. Please excuse my typos in the above post. I have fibromyaliga and after another sleepless night I took some pain killers and am seriously wonky.

  46. @eshowoman

    Hello and welcome! I’m a fellow fibromyalgia sufferer and typing is a bitch. (I use a kindle to avoid the pain of a keyboard, but I think that increases my typos event without the painkiller-influence. :) )

    I don’t think anyone meant to dismiss white women’s role in supporting and advancing white supremacy (and, often, patriarchy). I am very sorry that is how the conversation came across. That shouldn’t have happened. What I believe we were trying to say is that white women lacked the resources to support and advance white supremacy to the degree that white men could. In other words, contrary to the MRA discussed in the OP, women were secondary and not primary. That is not to say that secondary support and advancement is okay or less detrimental, but that assigning primary blame to a group that was suffering under their own set of oppressions is wrong. White men, with their greater rights and influence, are the group primarily responsible for white supremacy. They were not, as stated in the OP, the victims of women. They certainly were not controlled by women to such an extent that they no longer bear responsibility for the establishment and continuation of white supremacy.

    As far as I know, everyone here agrees on the deeply racist strains/roots in first wave feminism (and second and third, for that matter, feminism is still, sadly, primarily concerned with the status of middle class, white women, though hopefully that is changing.) I am very sorry if our conversation came off as ignoring or minimizing that racism.

  47. Okay, this:

    I think that increases my typos event without the painkiller-influence.

    would be funny if I’d done it on purpose. (That should say even.)

  48. Have you two had any luck with voice recognition or with Kindle’s swipe keyboard?

  49. @katz

    I’ve tried voice recognition and found I would get so frustrated I’d just start typing anyway. (More time with it would certainly help, but more time = more frustration in the short-term and personally, there always seem to be better things to devote my energy to.)

    I like the Kindle keyboard a lot, but it is hard to type quickly with a stylus and hard to type well with my bigger-than-the-keys fingers. I like to think I’m getting better, but then autocorrect steps in (or “stepson,” thanks autocorrect) to try to “help” and it becomes hard to tell whether I’m still really bad or if Amazon’s dictionary is rather unfamiliar with English. :)

    Interesting fact: I had to teach it “penis” and “vagina,” but it knew testicles. (Only the plural, though. Although it is possible I just forgot I already taught it that.)

  50. I am a British born New Yorker who now lives in Southern Illinois. Word to text programs committ suicide when they try to digitize my voice. Thanks for the nice welcome.
    The reason this topic gets my goat is because when I was in grad school some of my fellow classmated and the teacher to lesser extent tried to say that white wome were slaves just like black woman were. They were all feminists and the conversation got intense. I finallyshit the thing down by suggesting they all read some female slave narratives and then come back and tell me how chattel slavery was identical the lives of antibellum white women. I got the reputation for being difficult after that melee.

  51. The Kindle keyboard also has the “swipe” feature, where you just touch the keyboard and move your finger from one letter to the next. Still puts you at the mercy of autocorrect, of course, but might be less fatiguing than typing.

  52. @katz

    I have the old school kindle fire (not HD), so I don’t get to swipe. :( It is something to think about in deciding to upgrade.

    Some “exercise” is good for the pain so what I have might actually be better for me (not for all of you who have to read it, though).

  53. Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize the non-HD didn’t have that.

  54. @eshowoman

    Wow. Your grad school class was stunningly racist and really ignorant of history. I am so sorry that we reminded you of that. I’m also really sorry that your classmates and professor couldn’t accept your point without considering you difficult.

  55. @katz

    No apologies necessary, I didn’t know that the HD had it and that is really good to know. Eventually this one will wear out (they really don’t seem to be built to be used as often as I use mine), and I will have to weigh a lot if things in deciding whether to replace or upgrade.

  56. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    eshowoman – welcome from Downunder! ::waves::

  57. And thanks for all the book recommendations on here, folks. I’ve just picked up “The Warmth of Other Suns” from the library.

  58. @ eshowoman

    In that kind of scenario I’d say “difficult” is a compliment. Welcome!

    Also, on the accent issue, I don’t really have the accent at all since I grew up all over the place, but I’ve heard that the new iPhone Can’t Do Scottish. Apparently Scots pronunciation completely fucks with the voice recognition software. And they weren’t even in Glasgow!

  59. And now I’m imagining someone having to update the iphone’s software to include words like “gobshite”.

  60. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    They should use Robert Carlyle as the base voice for these things. If it could pick up his Glasgow accent it could do anything. :P

  61. That would actually be a really fun localization project to work on. If you wanted the phone to be able to work with people’s normal speech patterns you’d have to teach it how to swear.

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