The Stuff I Ban: Chris Key of Men’s Rights Online complains about “feminazi dykes and c***ts” using foul language.

Chris, ehough! I'm trying to sleep here.

Chris, enough! I’m trying to sleep here.

Here at Man Boobz, I’ve set it so first-time commenters have their comments sent to moderation so I can decide if they’re sort of people I want to have commenting here on a regular basis. Given the obnoxiousness of some of the people I let through, I imagine some of you might wonder just what it takes to get censored around here. So here, as a public service of sorts, is one recent comment from a first-timer that I didn’t let through.

It’s from someone claiming to be Chris Key, the Australian dude who runs Men’s Rights Online, offering his thoughts on Paul Elam’s recent hate campaign.  (I’m pretty sure it really is him.) As you read, you might want to consider the irony of his complaints about the “foul, aggressive language” of the protestors.

Speaking of which TRIGGER WARNING for abusive language.





Is a playground for patients from North America’s most notorious psychiatric ward?

Seriously, the amount of insane drivel on here has the potential to cause any sane person to ask the aforementioned question. The fact that you fuckwits are trying to portray this goofy, hatemongering feminazi as as a “victim” is beyond insane.

The hatemongering feminazis who protested against Farrell were shouting vulgarities and physically blocking all entrances to the building. That’s intimidation and a suppression of free speech, which is a form of violence. Go watch the videos on YouTube if you don’t believe me, and you’ll see that these feminazi dykes and cunts — as well as the mangina losers who were sniffing around for a sympathy fuck — used foul, aggressive language while barricading the entrances so that the men who wanted to attend the meeting could not get inside.

If a bunch of men did that at a women’s conference then you loopy cunts would claim it’s “proof” that MRAs are uncivilised and violent. Anyone who has a shred of credibility and objectivity can see that the purpose behind these cunts’ actions was to intimidate and suppress the voices of people they do not agree with. If you dopey cunts think that’s okay then it proves that you’re nothing but a bunch of hatemongering fascists who need to spend a night in a watchhouse, as it’s patently obvious that you’re too deluded, stupid and hateful to learn the art of acting decency any other way.

I find it ironic that you losers claim that MRAs are violent. Do I need to remind you spasticated cunts that feminists are violent murderers who intimidate anyone who doesn’t bow down to them?

Take the case of Erin Pizzey as a prime example of what I’m talking about. The feminazis in England murdered her dog and sent numerous death threats to her family, for no other reason than she publicly stated that the women who came to her women’s shelter — Pizzey set up the first women’s shelter in England — were every bit as violent as the men they accused of attacking them. Poor Erin was exposed to so many threats a well organised group of feminazis that she had to flee the country and resettle in the USA.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourselves:

Pizzey isn’t the first person to experience violence at the hands of feminists. Researchers from the USA experienced something similiar. I think Strauss was one of the victims. Another one was a woman, but I cannot remember her name.

I suppose I’m going to be banned now for speaking the truth, just like you cunts did to gateman. On, only feminist lies and libel directed at MRAS is tolerated by its fat, goofy, unloved owner and its filthy, insane, deceitful, hateful community.

So, there’s that. And there are, alas, many more where that came from.

Also, as far as I can tell, there’s no proof that feminists — or feminazis — killed Pizzey’s dog. This is often asserted as fact, but in the only direct statement from Pizzey on the subject that I’ve been able to find she only says that “one of  my dogs was shot on Christmas day on my property.” She insinuates that it was the work of feminists, but does not say so outright, presumably because she does not know for sure. If anyone has any more evidence on the subject I would like to see it.

It goes without saying that whoever did kill Pizzey’s dog, assuming the incident did happen, was and is terrible and wrong. But I’m still not quite sure how this decades-old alleged incident gives MRAs today the license to harass feminists who weren’t even born when it allegedly happened.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Duh, the Peace Prize counts. Seeing Desmond Tutu is an automatic win at life.

    (Sorry, wasn’t trying to make all the non-Nobel-winner-seeing people feel bad because of course it doesn’t matter, I just don’t think it’s as unique as Diogenes thinks.

  2. Argenti Aertheri

    katz — I got it, just wanted to stay somewhat on topic instead of just greeting people. Hello! to you as well though :)

  3. …And I forgot a parenthesis. Shame on me. Here.)

  4. Desmond tutu is the shit.

  5. Said whilst wearing a tutu

  6. I’ve had a lot of cocktails.

  7. Argenti Aertheri

    Motty — is it time for cocktails? I’m going to have to stick with my Irish whiskey, but drunk manboobz is the best kind…

    And you said whilst, which makes you a winner by me (proper English, it makes me happy)

  8. I’m on GMT, so was cocktail time not long since.

  9. Wait, how far do you have to be from a Nobel to be worth listening to? I had an ex who was descended from a laureate, is that enough?

  10. It’s hot (but not hard) cider time over here :)

  11. If you hang out with them before they win the Nobel does that count or only after?

  12. Oh snap talacaris! Are you trying to imply we’re commies?

  13. I didn’t count the President because Katz specified lectures, but if campaign speeches from Nobel laureates count, then I have seen three, which means I’m sure to solve world hunger any day now.

    @Katz I didn’t feel bad, and I get your point: lots of Manboobzers are in academia, where the presence of Nobelists isn’t as remarkable as it is elsewhere in the world. Both of the lectures I attended were via universities (and it was the sheer luck of my mother-out-law being friends with a Buddhist nun that led to us hearing about His Holiness’s upcoming appearance in time to score tickets).

  14. I am sick as a dog (and where does that idiom come from?), so I’m not at my best for comments. I spent something like 18 hours asleep (or some semblance of same) yesterday.

    Number me among the Chorus glad to see your return Argenti. I’ve missed you.

  15. Argenti Aertheri

    Missed you too pecunium, and I hope you feel better soon.

  16. Argenti Aertheri

    Pecunium — I’m bored, and as you well know, that means I decided to research a random question. Thus, I present to you an answer for the source of “sick as a dog”. (It’s towards the bottom of the page, might want to just search for the phrase.)

  17. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I lol’d at that article, Argenti. Especially the bits about enough dog and cat flotsam to knit a new poodle and computers being stationary vacuum cleaners. :D

  18. Argenti Aertheri

    Then you’ll appreciate this random question I got asked years ago — can ducks get rabies?

    No, they cannot, only mammals can, and ducks are a bird, not a mammal. (This does bring up the awkward fact that bats are mammals however.)

  19. Argenti Aertheri

    “It’s actually rather amazing that goldfish aren’t more popular.”

    That’s because they’re awfully demanding for how boring they are — I’d suggest cory catfish, hardy, small, adorable, and they come in a whole slew of colors and patterns (they bred readily in a tank, thus there are dozens of hybrids…hell, I accidentally bred a green emerald aeneus with an albino aeneus….cute little guys resulted)

  20. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    There’s something about the image of being savaged by a rabid duck, though. Now where did I read about some ineffective monster/villain that it was like “being nibbled to death by a duck”? Sounds like something out of Pratchett … Nanny Ogg, maybe.

    Wasn’t it suggested that bats and rabies had something to do with vampire legends? Though I think the idea failed because there aren’t blood-drinking bats in Europe. I think I’ve read suggestions that rabies might be tied in to werewolf stories, too.

  21. Argenti Aertheri

    Idk about rabies as the source of either story — I have heard that pellagra might’ve been a factor in the vampire legends, as sufferers are basically allergic to the sun.

  22. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Wow, what a horrible condition! That poor man in the top photo. :(

    I wonder, though – doesn’t the article suggest that the condition didn’t really hit Europe until they were cultivating corn, ie. into the colonial era? The vampire legends go back further than that, or at least I think they do. Hard to say, I guess, since we’re talking oral histories (well, legends).

    I’ve also read that the early stages of decomposition can give the impression of a body being “alive” – the ruddiness of skin and so on as it expands with gasses, and leakage of reddish fluid from the mouth. Someone exhumed at that stage might have been seen by people who didn’t know anything about the process as a vampire.

  23. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Just saw your fish comment. Only time I’ve had anything to do with tank fish was years ago when I worked at the state museum, and customer service had to feed the fish in a display tank. They were local species, mostly clown fish and a couple of cat sharks, who were a bit like how you described goldfish – dull for the amount of work looking after them. They were blind, so feeding them meant putting food right in front of them. And that meant using a thing sort of like long plastic tongs, climbing on a ladder, rolling up your sleeve and plunging your arm into the tank. Not much fun, especially with people crowding round while you tried to do it. Plus some of the fish liked to bite. At least, they bit other people doing it. I used to tell ’em “I have cats. Bite me and I’ll bring them in.” (Who says fish don’t understand what they’re told?)

    There was one cute little guy, a blenny. He was a bit of a character. Sadly he got caught in the crappy filtration system and died. :(

  24. Argenti Aertheri

    That see also: hartnup disease is a genetic version — so I’d assume it existed before corn made it to Europe.

    Re: decomposition — that all, and the nails appear to have grown, because the skin has retracted from them. So yeah, that people mistook corpses for people under supernatural affects makes sense.

    Also, the idea that the family of the vampire would be consumed in the vampire’s hunt for blood? Consumption, as in TB — it’s fairly easily transferred within a family if they’re caring for an infected relative, and most of the vampire legends are much older than our knowledge of viruses and bacteria.

    And vampire myths, or blood drinker myths anyways, are oldLamashtu dates to Sumeria, >3,000~ BC. (She’s probably more related to childhood illness and death, stillbirth, maternal mortality, miscarriage, and all the pregnancy related things that made a lot less sense fie thousand years ago)

  25. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Ah! That’s very interesting about Hartnup. And yes, TB, classic wasting symptoms, coughing blood …

    Your mention of Lamashtu makes me think of the wonderful Burney Relief (this is a modern reproduction with the colour restored). It’s not known who the figure is. She was dubbed the Queen of the Night by curators at the British Museum – yes, as in The Magic Flute. There was an interesting article about the portrayal of women in ancient cultures in the World Archaeology magazine the other day, which is why she comes to mind. (Good excuse to post the pic, I really like this sculpture.)

  26. Argenti Aertheri

    “There was one cute little guy, a blenny. He was a bit of a character. Sadly he got caught in the crappy filtration system and died. :(”

    Aww, poor little blenny. I won’t keep saltwater fish because of the work involved, it just isn’t worth it. The 55 gallon next to me is housing the cory babies, danios, a plec, and my 5 clown loaches — the loaches are sensitive fish, and not too easy to keep, but they’re hilarious goofballs. Utterly worth the work.

    “Who says fish don’t understand what they’re told?” — not me! One of my previous clown loaches would sort of watch TV — or at least watch the high contrast moving things and mimic their motion.

    And since I broke my links, here’s the Lamashtu one again.

  27. Argenti Aertheri

    Nice sculpture, I want to guess Lilith, but clearly that’s just my guess XD

  28. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Lilith was one of the guesses in the article, too. :)

    I know so little about fish! There’s so much more to them as individual animals than I’d guess, and I don’t write them off as just, I dunno, moving targets the way some people seem to. I hate sport fishing, it’s hard being civil to some of the fishermen who come into our shop.

  29. Argenti Aertheri

    Lol, I’ve been keeping fish for nearly a decade, and I still have the occasional confounding situation (took 3 months to get my 29 gallon to stabilize, but I think we’re nearly there finally) — as I said around here plenty, probably before you started though — fish are weird.

    As for fishermen, no, I can barely restrain myself from screaming that those are my pets they’re talking about (sometimes more or less literally, as many of my fish are catfish). Almost worse though are the people who treat fish tanks as furniture, like they’re paintings or a designer couch or something.

  30. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Fish tanks in doctors’ waiting rooms … yeah, kid, that’s right, just you go banging on the glass, that’s lovely.


  31. Fish tanks in restaurants freak me out, the kind where you pick a fish and then they cook it. How that doesn’t trigger “but it’s a pet!” feelings in everyone I don’t know.

  32. Actually, OT but that situation prompted the most memorable child meltdown I’ve ever seen. Mr C’s nephew was looking at the fish in a restaurant, enjoying how pretty they were, and then one of those same fish was served to us. Poor kid burst into tears.

    (Not that I blame him, I couldn’t eat it either.)

  33. Argenti Aertheri

    To both “pick your meal” tanks and doctor’s office tanks — I don’t get it, it’s like some people just don’t see fish as living creatures, they see them more like the sort of insect you kill on sight, or an earthworm that’s best just ignored, than a fuzzy wuzzy pet type animal.

    Hell, my father “jokes” about eating mine, luckily my mother sides with me that that’s not funny. (Little does he realize that the vast majority of my fish have hidden defensive spikes XD)

  34. Argenti Aertheri

    Wow, way to traumatize a kid!

    Also, that’s clown loach for “stop fucking with me because I fuck your shit up” (and the MRM claims that phrase isn’t violent…)

  35. Argenti Aertheri

    because => before *sigh*

  36. Even with fish that I actively fear and dislike, like large sharks, it bothers me the way people display them when caught all bloody and wounded, like it was never a living creature and it’s OK to enjoy its suffering.

  37. Argenti Aertheri

    Seconded — I have a healthy fear of sharks, but it’s more like a respect for them — they can kill, so don’t piss them off. However, they’re basically living dinosaurs, so my awe quickly outweighs my fear. Maybe that’s the pagan in me that sees all of nature as worthy of fear and respect…but I kind of like sharks (and I definitely like snakes, strange considering spiders terrify me)

  38. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    When people “joke” about hurting any sort of pet, I go very side-eye. Not even because it’s in abusing-humans territory, either.

    Yeah, shark-fishing photos, ugh. Horrible. I like sharks, they’re amazing fish. Paid my first visit to the Melbourne Aquarium last month (and paid’s the word – $35 a ticket!). One section is a tunnel going through the tank, so you can see sharks and rays and other fish swimming around. They weren’t big sharks, but the rays – whew! One swam overhead and literally blotted out the daylight. And they look about a third smaller than they are through the glass’s distortion.

  39. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Oh, and the Aquarium has penguins being wh*res too.

  40. Ooh, rays are beautiful, especially if you see them in open water. Wouldn’t want to get too close to one, because I’m not stupid, but they sure are pretty.

  41. Argenti Aertheri

    If I had a million dollars or some magic tour the world pass — that aquarium is so on the list, as is Georgia Aquarium, and hell, I’d go in a shark cage.

    Idk if either of you know white wolf references, but I’d totally turn into a Toreador in either of those aquariums.

  42. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I didn’t get any really good pics of the rays, but here’s a general view of that area. The only fish whose name I remember in this pic is the sawfish. There was also a potato cod (I have NO idea why they’re called that) named, appropriately, Spud. He was massive. They grow over six feet long and he could have been pushing that.

  43. Argenti Aertheri

    Sawfish are amazing, and weird, some sort of evolutionary throw back. I can’t dig up the origin of the potato cod’s name, but at a guess it’s because they’re apparently disinclined to move from where they are (and look vaguely like a potato?)

  44. Totally random but this is manboobz, combination kitty and cookery blog – I just ate a gingerbread macaron. Why has this never been a thing before? This is amazing.

  45. Argenti Aertheri

    I am confused — is that a gingerbread man shaped macaron?

  46. It’s a macaron that tastes like gingerbread. How they do that I have no idea. They did macarons that tasted like pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

  47. Argenti Aertheri

    I am now kind of sad that macarons aren’t really a thing here (at least I’m in a state where I can get a flippin’ canoli!)

  48. The salted caramel ones are one of the best things I’ve ever tasted (pastry division).

  49. Argenti Aertheri

    I don’t really get the salted caramel thing, but I hate all things salty, so enjoy them, that just means more for you right?

    Best in pastry, for me, goes to these cookies made by one of my mother’s cousins, they’re literally to die for — she only makes them for funerals.

  50. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I went urrrrgh the first time I saw “salted caramel” mentioned – it was on a Starbucks board. (My only visit there, promise!) Wasn’t until much later that the idea of salted caramel being a thing was explained to me, by the French guy who owns my favourite cafe. I can’t say I’m tempted to try it, though. I have pretty basic tastes and like my sweet things sweet and my salty/savoury things salty/savoury, no overlap. Like, pumpkin is eaten as a vegetable here, not a sweet, but it’s sweet enough it doesn’t really work for me. And I don’t like mayonnaise at all, because I could do without sweetness in my egg and lettuce sammiches. I actually like the mayo I had in the US better, it didn’t have that sweetness to it.

  51. There’s a place here that makes sort of a high-end version of an oreo with chewy ginger cookies and ginger icing in the middle that’s pretty damn amazing too.

  52. Argenti Aertheri

    Anti-mayo fist bump? I hate the stuff.

    Those oreo things sound tasty though, assuming they aren’t all death by ginger overdose.

  53. Mayo is Satan’s spooge as far as I’m concerned.

  54. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Three-way anti-mayo fist bump!

    Though I may need brain bleach after that “Satan’s spooge” line.

  55. I’m just resurrecting this thread to say that a nice aioli is a thing of beauty and a joy forever, and I don’t care if you all hate me for it. XD

  56. I used to hate mayo until I discovered the vegan kind. It turns out, it’s actually eggs I hate. And chipotle mayo is the best thing ever, but restaurants never put enough chipotle in it. I invented a sandwich just so I could have an excuse to have more chipotle mayo.

    (A whole wheat hoagie bun, veggie chick’n (or chicken, if you’re so inclined), sliced avocado, lettuce, sweet onion and ALL THE CHIPOTLE MAYONNAISE)

  57. clairedamit: Most commercial mayo has so little egg in it as to be negligible. What little there is, is egg yolk (roughly one yolk per gallon of mayo these days. The things they can do with freezing to extend the emuslifant properties of the lecithin in the fatty acids of the yolk).

  58. I agree with you totally cloudiah. Down with these mayo naysayers!

  59. I’m going to be unashamed about my dislike of spreads that are nothing but plain, unflavored fat. Give me a nice mustard that actually tastes like something, please.

  60. Pecunium, I can still smell it.

  61. Fat tastes gooooooooood. So does mustard. Good night.

  62. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Most commercial mayo has so little egg in it as to be negligible. What little there is, is egg yolk (roughly one yolk per gallon of mayo these days. The things they can do with freezing to extend the emuslifant properties of the lecithin in the fatty acids of the yolk).


    Oh well, at least that leaves more eggs for me to have scrambled or as omelettes or boiled. :)

    I like good ol’ butter or an olive-oil equivalent on my sandwiches or toast. Multigrain toast with that and a smattering of Vegemite, yum. Or toast with butter and honey, also yum.

  63. katz: Next time we are in the same area, I’ll make a mayo. I hate commercial mayonaise (I only use it to bind tuna salad, and that sparingly; because pure mustard is too much), but having had fresh, it’s a different beast.

  64. Ha hah ha ha ha. They claim that feminist blogs are too fast to ban people. All the fucking time. And in the same breath, they also claim that the MRM is the only movement that bans terrible people. They just really don’t realize that THEY are the terrible people, do they?

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