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FeMRA TyphonBlue: What if the men who seem to run the world … AREN’T REALLY MEN?

How women rule the world.

Women ruling the world?

When confronted with the simple fact that men hold the overwhelming majority of positions of power in the world – in government, business, culture, and pretty much everything else – MRAs like to pretend that the actual gender of those in power makes no difference because, well, the men in power are probably a bunch of manginas doing the dirty work of the women who really run the world. Or something like that.

Indeed, some MRAs have even managed to convince themselves that the very basic historical and sociological fact that men in power, by and large, tend to represent men’s interests more than women’s interests is some sort of locical fallacy – something that they’ve labeled  “The Frontman Fallacy.”

Now A Voice for Men contributor and YouTube videoblogger TyphonBlue has done these guys one better in terms of sheer antifeminist loopiness. In the comments on one of the Warren Farrell protest videos I recently wrote about, she argues that men in power don’t really push male interests because … they probably don’t even think of themselves as men.

Here she is, writing under her other nom-de-net Genderratic:


I don’t even know what to say to this. I mean, WHAT?!

PROTIP: You’re not going to convince anyone you’re a great ally of trans* people if you refer to them as “it.”

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  1. It’s not just health issues; it’s relevant to how people are perceived by others. “Male/female-assigned-at-birth” are close to what I’m looking for, but still a little clunky – plus if we can get to the point where people aren’t assigned anything at birth but allowed to develop their gender identity without the burden of pre-assigned labels, there will still be a need to talk about body parts. I think what I’m hoping for is a prefix like “cis-”.

  2. RE: Karalora

    I’ve seen it dealt with a few ways. Probably most relevant to what you mentioned was using the body parts completely divorced from gender. Buck Angel and… oh hell, Whatshername, did a sorta PSA where they basically said, “Hey men, if you have a vagina, go get a pelvic exam…” and “Hey ladies, if you’re like me and have a prostate, you still need to get it examined every…”

    But generally, the only people who NEED that kind of specificity are medical personnel. There’s also plenty of slang out there for people who don’t like those words. (Just among the ones I can think of off the top of my head: “girlcock,” “front hole,” “girlystick,” etc.) And plenty of folks who use whatever words they prefer for their junk, plus the classic “innie bits” and “outie bits.”

    I mostly get around it by refusing to discuss my body parts with anyone but the people who need to know.

  3. RE: Karalora

    Also keep in mind that depending on genetics and medical work, those bits can CHANGE, to the point that trying to shoehorn them into conventional vocab doesn’t work all that well.

  4. I don’t have a good answer to the terms question (nor am I trans*) but I have recently taken to substituting “people with vaginas” or “people with uteri” for “women” when I’m talking about something specific to vagina and/or uterus ownership. It’s a little clunky but it’s much more precise and accurate.

  5. Karalora, good question! I’m not in love with MAAB/FAAB either; it has odd implications (what’s being born got to do with it? If we had pod people, would it not apply to them?).

  6. Also MAAB/FAAB seems to presuppose that there is a clear assignment at birth and also that that the appeance of the body parts does not change by itself.

  7. Suddenly it makes so much sense why the various men in power around the world have been advocating so hard on behalf of trans women!

  8. Even if I do not identify as male, I still have a male body and therefore have male privilege. Is it okay if I disregard that? No.

    and I don’t mind FAAB because I’m FAABulous ;)

    re: LBT… you’re referring to Drew Deveaux in the Buck Angel PSA. :)

  9. Sweetie, when your friends told you they would love to be a woman for a day so that they could have free access to a pair of boobs, they weren’t talking about forever. I can just imagine all these men who blame feminism for their problems crumbling under the weight of being a woman.

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