In the wake of the tragedy in Aurora, Men’s Rights Redditors take a brave stance against “vagina-pedestaling” and “creep shaming.”

Picture from the AdultFriendFinder profile of James Holmes.

In the wake of the shootings in Aurora Colorado, pickup guru Roosh “No Means Yes” Valizedah quipped on Twitter: “I bet $100 the shooter was getting no play.” The implication being: had the shooter been trained in the fine art of “game,” and thus presumably scoring with women, the massacre would never have happened.

There are a few problems, to say the least, with Roosh’s crass comment, one of the most obvious being that training the sort of person who becomes a mass murderer in a set of manipulative techniques of sexual aggression in which a woman’s “no” is treated as “last-minute resistance” seems a little less than wise. Best case scenario? He becomes a serial rapist rather than a mass killer.

The other obvious problem is that it suggests the murders are, in a way, the fault of women for not paying the shooter more attention. The logic here is abuser logic: if you gals don’t put out for awkward nerds, there will be hell to pay, and the blood will be on your hands.

Yesterday, someone calling himself Throwaway72212 brought Roosh’s “meme” to the attention of the Men’s Rights subreddit. His concern? That this kind of “vagina-pedestaling” (!) from pickup artists makes sexually frustrated men look bad; it’s a “virulent form of creep shaming.”

Yeah, really. Apparently the true victims here are “creep-shamed” dudes.

Here’s his whole post, which at the time of this writing had gotten 204 upvotes and 74 downvotes from the r/mensrights masses:

Some highlights – by which I mean lowlights — from the discussion.

TommyGun991 took aim at Big Vagina and what he sees as its enablers in the PUA community:

Leylen decided to attack the hypothetical women sending hypothetical love notes to the shooter:

MauraLoona, meanwhile, found a possible silver lining in all this: Maybe it could be used to argue for the legalization of prostitution!

Men’s Rights Redditors: Always looking at the big picture.

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  1. I do think that sexual frustration does lead to some of these rampage killings (Virginia Tech, Columbine etc) but it definitely isn’t the main factor as their are TONS of sexually frustrated men and 99.99999 percent of them don’t go on wild killing rampages.

  2. This Roosh guy is actually correct. Almost all mass murderers have a few traits in common. First: extreme, grandiose narcissism. Secondly, an obsession with violence, weapons and related media. Finally, almost all of them are extremely unsuccessful in their lives despite coming from a somewhat well-off family, socially, work/wealth and sexually.

  3. What exactly is outrageous in the top screenshot again?

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