“Hatred and anger are power,” and other thoughts on women and gaming from Spearheaders

Evil incarnate

Over on The Spearhead, W.F. Price celebrates the harassment directed at Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes Against Women video project as a sign of a powerful new backlash against the evils of feminism, a backlash he’s proud to be a part of. Dudes being obnoxious to a woman on the internet: Men’s Rights at its finest.

Oh, sure, Price acknowledges, some of the attacks on her were “juvenile” – and thus not as effective as they might otherwise have been — and the controversy did enable Sarkeesian to raise more than $130,000 for her project, but Price even sees this as a victory of sorts:

As for Sarkeesian’s success, we should be happy about it, because I can’t think of a more worthless way to spend over a hundred thousand dollars than in finger-wagging over video games. For one thing, it’s sure to piss even more guys off, and the game industry is very competitive, so her documentary (now expanded to 12 parts!) will likely have zero effect on production and consumption of this form of entertainment. The feminists are simply pissing all the money away, and that’s fine, because this time they’re paying for it themselves.

No question about it: those grapes were definitely sour.

Naturally, the Spearhead regulars were overjoyed by these new signs of, er, progress. Here are some highlights from the discussion that followed; lest I be accused once again of cherry-picking outliers, each and every one of the comments I quote below got literally dozens of net upvotes. This is what these guys really think.

Mojo offers a sort of backlash manifesto:

Feminists will never understand that it is -they- who are the oppressors. They cling to their delusion that they are the ‘underdog’ against the system, even as they control the system.

Revolution requires an enemy class to attack … this is seen as justified when the enemy class controls the system. But feminism is perpetual revolution. So what happens when they gain control over the system? They continue to attack the enemy class, i.e. men, thinking they are striking the next blow against the patriarchy, when what they are doing is more like a pogrom.

Yep, he went there.

Now -they- are the system, they are able and more than willing to intimidate, humiliate, expropriate. It will get indefinitely worse if they have their way. Liberal feminism leads -necessarily- to radical feminism.

Still, we don’t need feminists to ‘understand’ that they are the persecutors (I imagine some of them know this full well and are just misandrist sadists, little Eichmanns). It doesn’t matter what they think or know or understand. What matters is what -we- think, know and understand, and how we are going to act on it.

So … like the swivel-eyed feminist lunatics progressing from attempted assassinations to laying the foundations for institutional and legal abuse … I ask you – what are we going to DO with this knowledge and awareness beyond changing online discourse? …

Thinking like a leftist, though: why not attach ourselves to the GOP in order to subvert its gender politics and radicalize it in the MRA direction? That kind of approach has worked wonders for leftists and their infiltrations into public institutions …

Huh. Reactionary anti-feminists attaching themselves to the Republican Party? No one’s ever thought of that before.

Keyster offers some equally, er, innovative thinking:

Feminism has failed because women as a group adopted the notion of “equality” with men, while stubbornly clinging to their sexual/reproductive power over men. Had feminism truly helped women “realize their greatness”, there’d be far more great women. Instead there’s just more feminists. It’s run it’s course over 3 generations and it’s out of time to prove itself righteous.

The original “male chauvanist pigs” of the early 70′s, were right all along. Women are biologically and chemically ill-equipped to be men. If the Creator had meant women to be more like men, he wouldn’t have given them the ability to bring forth life from their bodies.

Ryu not only embraces the backlash, but seems perfectly fine with the notion that the Men’s Rights movement is a hate movement:

Good. Hatred and anger are power. Whenever you hear someone say “stop the hate”, it is a call to throw down your greatest weapons.

Young Guy purports to speak for all young guys (manginas presumably excepted):

If feminists think men, especially young men, are angry, they don’t know the half of it. As a 26 year-old male, I have seen this society bend over backwards to accommodate women all the time.

The school curriculums are geared toward female success. Schools have countless women’s programs. Female teachers can be as hateful as they want towards male students without facing consequences. People cheer when girls succeed in school, but jeer when boys succeed in school. Even though females have every advantage in the education system, they somehow still have the audacity to complain. They take fluff majors but don’t realize anyone with less than half a brain could pass classes in the humanities and social sciences.

What makes so many MRAs such proud yahoos?.

Oh, and just look at the workplace. Sexual harassment laws give women freedom to dress slutty and still have the nerve to complain when men sneak a peek. If you are a man who has a female co-worker, you have to walk on eggshells everyday or else you can get fired because the twat in the other room got her panties in a bunch over something minor you said. You can be a man who has busted his ass everyday to succeed in your chosen profession, only to see it mean nothing because some woman who was nothing more than an affirmative action hire. If this isn’t bad enough, you get these useless women who are subpar, yet they still never shut up about breaking through the mythical glass-ceiling that they didn’t break and didn’t exist in the first place.

Working men, forever cursed by subpar women.

Also, I have really had enough of women dragging this country down with their dead-weight. Female soldiers, police officers, and firefighters are liabilities. No, all you ladies in these jobs, you aren’t heroes. I am going to go insane if I hear one more female soldier, police officer, or firefighter cry about not getting the respect she thinks she deserves. She doesn’t get respect because she doesn’t deserve respect. The military, law enforcement, and firefighters would be A LOT better off if women stopped lowering the bar to astronomical proportions.

“Lowering the bar to astronomical proportions?” Young Guy here has clearly not yet mastered the fine art of metaphor.

He blabs on a bit longer before wrapping up with:

The backlash is not only real, but it is well-deserved. Apologies won’t erase the damage which has been done. Acting like what happened because of feminism either didn’t happen or was minor is a slap in the face. Saying women have suffered from feminism just as much as men is like spitting in the faces of all the men who have suffered ten lifetimes of pain because of feminism.

Not one, not two, not five, but ten lifetimes of pain? MRAs really are the world’s greatest drama kings.

Andrew S., meanwhile, seems a little confused as to what feminists would like to see happening in the video game industry:

It will be interesting to see if feminists can ruin the gaming industry like they ruin pretty much everything else. There is a lot of money being made off “gamers,” and even guys like me who play the occasional game but aren’t hardcore contribute a lot of money to the industry.

I doubt there are a lot of young guys and men out there who are going to want to play games that involve a bunch of screaming feminists, and where the object of the game is to destroy the “evil patriarchy.” The truth is guys who play games want their female characters to be either hot, large breasted, ass kicking types, or sexy non-feminist types that you save. If the gaming industry changes this dynamic to much due to Feminist/liberal pressure they will destroy a cash cow. And feminism will have yet another “victory.”


Unrestricted and uncriticized access to giant tittied video game ladies: a sacred men’s right!

Kevin evidently speaks for many when he says he wants video games to remain a boys club:

Video games are pretty much the only place that feminism can’t invade unless the principle consumers of them want it. You don’t have to play with girls, or listen to girls, or do other pansy shit. You probably can’t leave a football team and join a different one that has no women, you sure as hell can do that online. Don’t like all the teamwork talk? Play by yourself.

Feminists don’t like video games because; they can’t make them, they can’t force you to buy them or play them even if they did, they couldn’t ruin the experience for you unless you wanted them to.

You can do anything feminists don’t want you to do, and best of all you’re rewarded for it.

Anonymous Age 70 doesn’t even play video games, but he was pleased to learn that you can shoot ladies in them:

Speaking of video games, I am reminded of my son 8 or 10 years ago. I visited him, and he had some kind of shoot-em-up video game. He was partnered with a dearie, and the instant the game started, he always put a bullet in the middle of her forehead. Then, he’d laugh as if it were the funniest thing ever.

I told him he was a sick man, but I was also laughing as if it were the funniest thing ever.

Seriously, he told me he performed better with her dead than needing to be protected.

A great analogy for marriage 2.0, yes?

Women, can’t live them, can’t shoot them in the head. Except in video games!

Criticizing video games is misandry!

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  1. NWO: You do know there are African Jews? They are from Ethiopia, and they’ve been Jewish for about 2,500 years. They are black.

    There are Indian Jews,and Chinese Jews. They’ve been Jewish for a little more than 2,000 years.

    And there have been Jews in Europe for a couple of thousand years (the big diaspora has been about 1,900 years).

    1,900 years. That makes them European.

  2. @Snowy
    “I thought Biden is Catholic.”

    You are correct, I was wrong about him being Jewish.

    Oh my goodness gracious did Mr Slave just admit to be being wrong about something? Has this ever happened before? I can’t believe my eyes!

  3. David, go on vacation already!

  4. @pecunium
    “The thing is, being jewish has nothing to do with it. If the Rothchilds (whoever they are) are doing evil things, it’s not because they are jewish, it’s because they are bad people.”

    Exactly! So why am I antisemitic for saying the Rothchild banking house is evil? How about Lehman bros? JP Morgan? Haliburton? Aren’t they evil as well? Do they get a pass due to ownership? If you aren’t antisemitic for calling them evil, neither am I.

    Also, perhaps you should do a little more research on who owns the federal reserve. Apparently you don’t fully understand our banking system. African, Indian and Chineese Jews? For a non-prolythesizing faith that’s a lot of prolythesizing. Your lack of banking knowlege is superceded but your poor knowlege of scripture. The diaspora took place around 600 or 700BC. Try not getting your info from the movies.

  5. Yep. This isn’t the first time slaveman has claimed Biden is Jewish. I have no clue where he’s getting that from.

    Last time, Biden was actually “Middle Eastern,” which was even more weird.

    (My guess as to where he’s getting this is that he thinks Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman are the same person. Either that or the strange radio station that plays in his brain just spit out “Joe Biden is a secret Jew!” in between “our water supply is full of dismembered fetuses!” and “the CIA is watching you RIGHT NOW!”)

  6. Keeping all the patently false things he believes straight in his head has gotta be a real challenge. No wonder he’s so stressed.

  7. NWO wrote:

    “So in reality, the word bitch is pretty much genderless in the offensive category. So don’t get yourself all worked up if someone calls you a bitch. After all, it isn’t gendered.”


    “Just as if anyone read a statement that said, “that person was acting really bitchy,” everyone would naturally assume it’s a woman.”

    So is bitch gendered or not? Typical MRA, taking whichever side makes you look good/right and women bad/wrong, even when your opinions contradict one another.

  8. @David Futrelle
    “NWO, “antisemite” is a term (invented by a Jew-hater, BTW) that means “Jew hater.” If you prefer, I can just call you a “Jew hater.”

    You can spread any lie you like, It’s your site, your rules. This all started because all blamed was place by a regular manboobz commentor who claimed all the evil is from white men.

    This comment here by, Jessay (@jessay), “Feminism did not create the current state of the economy. Rich, white, male corporation owners and politicians did.”

    So the white male she spoke of was meant for distinctly Europeans. So what is the difference of blaming Europeans or blaming what we call today, people of middle eastern descent? A semitic person is of middle eastern/northeast african descent.

    Why do you allow hatred of Europeans for no other reason than being European on this site? The term white man as been used in a deragatory fashion countless times on this site. Clearly it’s directed specifically at those of European descent.

    Perhaps a demonstration? Jessay’s comment rewritten with the blame placed on semitic folks. “Feminism did not create the current state of the economy. Rich, semitic, male corporation owners and politicians did.”

    Would it now be considered racist? How about… Rich, black, male corporation owners? Rich, asian, male corporation owners? Rich, indian, male corporation owners?

    Why do you condone just one form of racism, Dave? Either condemn all racism or condone all racism.

  9. @pecunium
    NWO: More logic fail.

    If Jewish men of European descent are considered white men of European descent as you contend, why are you accusing me of being antisemitic? On the one hand you want to accuse me of antisemitism by exculding European men of Jewish ancestry if I point out their financial manipulation which harms everyone. Yet on the other hand you say why aren’t they considered white Europeans, but if I dare mention the name Rothchild you exclude them from being white Europeans by using the term semitic.

    “You are pretending that being Jewish = not european.

    Since you are saying this make them somehow less worthy, that’s anti-semitic.”

    Tell me how you made the leap of logic from my above statement into, “less worthy?”
    If I re-raced or re-regioned or re-religioned or re-gendered everything said on this site about men of distinctly European lineage my guess is you’d all be hunted down and have your heads put on a spit. How many times has the generalization of evil white men been tossed about on this site?

    Evil black men.
    Evil black women.
    Evil Jewish men.
    Evil Jewish women.
    Evil brown men.
    Evil brown women.
    Evil asian men.
    Evil asian women.
    Evil muslim men.
    Evil muslim women.

    There we go, I’ve lumped everyone together quite nicely. Which one do you find the most offensive, pecunium? Isn’t your soon to be wife Jewish? That one would probably sting the most. Wouldn’t it?

    Now Jessay said, “Rich, white, male corporation owners and politicians did.” You had no problem with her saying this. Did she give herself an out? Or did she lump all white men together? She could make the lame claim that she meant only the bad politicians and corporate owners.

    Well let’s see how that works for me. I’m gonna use Hanna Rosin and her end of men speech for my schtick. Just another evil, loud mouthed, know it all, Jewish woman journalist stirring up shit and causing all the problems in the world. See. My out is the word journalist, just like Jessay gave herself an out.

    Since your self described claim to fame is you righteousness, morality and sense of fairness. I’ll expect you to call out the racism everytime some little gem decides it’s her privilege to lump white men together in a bad light. Even with the little out they think they’re so clever in providing. Just like everyone here knows it sticks in a white mans craw when you cleverly give yourselves an out. I too will play that same game.

    Is that alright by you, Dave? After all, I’ll give myself an out. Let the games begin!

  10. NWO: 1: The Jewish religion used to proselytise. 2: Jews traveled, and settled, and became, by way of slow acculturation and intermarriage, localised, even nativised, save for their religion.

    Because they are just like everyone else.

    As to the question of diaspora… you know there were two? One, in days after the destruction of the 1st temple. The other after the destruction of The Second. That happened ca 72AD. You might have read about it if you were paying attention to the latter books of the New Testament; before one gets to Revelations.

    It’s amazing what reading for content will do for one.

    Exactly! So why am I antisemitic for saying the Rothchild banking house is evil?

    Because you link it to being Jewish. Because you use language which echoes the rantings of other anti-semites. You think it’s carefully coded but it’s not. Anyone who has encountered the sorts of idiots who rant about the “secret bankers” and the other shibboleths of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion can spot your attempts at subtlety.

    Because they are ancient, and obvious.

    You can spread any lie you like, It’s your site, your rules. This all started because all blamed was place by a regular manboobz commentor who claimed all the evil is from white men.

    Nope, you disproved that in your next sentence.

    This comment here by, Jessay (@jessay), “Feminism did not create the current state of the economy. Rich, white, male corporation owners and politicians did.”

    Not all evil. A specific problem. Dimon, Summers, Geitner, Greenspan. All white, all male. The only mistake she made is the same one you made. They weren’t european, they were (and remain) american.

    This comment here by, Jessay (@jessay), “Feminism did not create the current state of the economy. Rich, white, male corporation owners and politicians did.”

    Yep, that would be racist. 1: Racism, as a problematic object† is a function of power. 2: The only racism that is problematic is that which is systematic. 3: White people are the people who have the power. 4: You would have it that white people; and a very specific subset of white people, are the only people fit to have it.

    What makes you a racist, in the problematic sense, is number four.

    † I am not someone who thinks that the only racism is that which supports the group in power, but I do make distinction between systematic/structural racism, and personal racisms. Personal racisms can be offensive, but they don’t affect the power balance between people. No, that’s not true. A minority member who espouses essentialist statements which are race related is often hurt thereby, because racists (such as yourself) then use it to marginalise them, and further support the structural racism the nation is full of.

    Anyone who thinks we live in a “post race” society needs to read this, Politics and Race in America

  11. Unimaginative

    Okay, there were a few comments in this thread that I wanted to respond to, but held off until I’d read everything through so as not to be redundant. So I’ve spent most of a cool, rainy Canada Day reading a LOT of stupid shit from a fellow Canadian (yeah, duckman, the reason that you can’t get a carry concealed permit is that the VAST MAJORITY of Canadians DO NOT WANT insecure, paranoid people with irrational anger issues going about armed. That we prevent people like you from going about armed is WHY it’s safe to walk down most Canadian streets unaccosted).

    All in all, I’m not entirely certain that this was the best way to have spent Canada Day :(

    On the plus side, dinner tonight is going to be fan-fucking-tastic. I have prepped cheesy jalapeño poppers, prawns wrapped with basil and prosciutto, and beef and mushroom kebabs to go on the grill. There will be mixed berries with whipped cream for dessert. Can’t wait.

    Yes, that’s right. Oxford commas RULE! And there is NO apostrophe in commas!

  12. Argenti Aertheri

    “Which gods are they? The goddess in all women? Yes I found a dictionary, I’ve known about them since your life began at conception. You seem to particularly enjoy opening all your comments with a condescending attitude, possibly a by-product of a lifetime of female supremacist indoctrination.”

    1) None of your business; 2) No, I’ve always a been snob about people spouting idiocy, spent many math classes sitting in the hallway over that (and still pulled As); I’m just not particularly fond of fools.

    “I noticed you seem to have added… “A man consider effeminate. (Flip to “unmanly” if you doubt the relationship between the words “weak”, “contemptible” and “effeminate”),” to the official, “A man considered to be weak or contemptible.”

    Was this an extrapolation on your part? I’ve looked around a bit and didn’t seem to find that particular explaination.”

    You didn’t use a real dictionary. The dictionary we’d both been using until you decided you needed the urban dictionary lists:

    un·man·ly, adj.
    1.a. Dishonorable; degrading.
    b. Lacking courage; cowardly.
    2. Regarded as unbecoming to a man.

    B is also the meaning of “weak”, which was used in the only male definition of “bitch”. “Effeminate” —

    ef·fem·i·nate, adj.
    1. Having qualities or characteristics more often associated with women than men. See Synonyms at female.
    2. Characterized by weakness and excessive refinement.

    “In the urban dictionary.” — see above

    “Aaaaaand, yes. I can be just as disingenuous as you. If we’re going to play what’s the gendered/non-gendered meaning of an insult? I’ll play the game as well.”

    I’m not being disingenuous, should I define that word for you again?

    ““There was this —— at the bar that was acting sooooo creepy.” I’ll bet if you toss that one out there and asked the english speaking world to fill in the blank you’d get an almost 100% response of, “guy, dude or man.” Does the manboobz crew plan a crusade to correct the english speaking world’s gendered use of the word, “creep?””

    I ran your “creep is only about men” by my best friend earlier, he got a good laugh out of that. And a better laugh out of the idea that bitch isn’t used nearly exclusively against women, and your denial that when it is used against a man, that’s because he isn’t being manly enough // too womanly // still insulting women. But we can ignore him I guess, he’s Jewish so he must run the world right? (Then why am I not in charge of shiny things yet!)

    “As far as your following comment of… “Dracula — I’d missed that comment too, which he’s doubly lying in, he hadn’t regendered to say bitch, but to say cunt.

    My comment was in response to your comment. You used the word bitch. If you’d have used the word cunt, whore, skank, ect, that’s the word I would’ve used in response to your comment. My reply to your comment would’ve made no sense if I used the word, “skank” while you used the word, “bitch.””

    So now creep is the male version of whatever word you pick? You can goalpost shift all you like, Cassandra said something (which you really hate) about creep, you “regendered it” to bitch, and next think we know you’re saying bitch is the equivilant of creep. (FYI, the male equivilant of bitch would be more like bastard, which I don’t say either)

    “Still kafka trapping?”

    You think me far more manipulative than I am, it really doesn’t look good on you, considering the games you play. Either I’ve fallen down a rabbithole where a dictionary and thesaurus is some sort of manipulative game, or you win ALL THE PROJECTION, again.

    Oh and I had a Rothschild with a hate-on for me for a while, she seemed like any other spurred lover to me.

  13. Argenti Aertheri

    Re: Ethiopian Jews — history time! Simple version — people migrate, particularly when thei culture or religion is under attack, eg anyone not Catholic during the Inquisition — they’ve been in Ethiopia at least that long.

    Longer less well supported version — (see Pecunium’s comment) they fled slavery in Egypt back in BCE.

    Either way, Judaism got to Ethiopia because Jewish people did. Rather resembles how America is Christian, Catholic, etc.

    “The diaspora took place around 600 or 700BC. Try not getting your info from the movies.”

    Wait, The diaspora? There was only one? Wtf about that one in oh, 1940s Europe?

  14. CassandraSays

    Wow, Slavey is still really upset about that whole women asserting their boundaries and calling men who are being creepy “creepy” thing, isn’t he? I’m still confused about his insistence that Biden is in some way of Middle Eastern extraction. He looks kind of Irish to me.

  15. Unimaginative

    Oh my god, you guys! Basil & prosciutto wrapped prawns are SO FUCKING GOOD!

    1. Take a large prawn (tail on okay, but take the rest of the shell off).
    2. Stick a fresh basil leaf against it.
    3. Wrap a piece of prosciutto around them (it will stick to itself and keep the package together).
    4. Repeat until you run out of a crucial ingredient.
    5. Grill on hot bbq for about 3 mins, then carefully flip and cook until prawn is done.
    6. Eat.
    7. Repeat until comatose.

    Seriously, I’ve found a new religion. Crustaceanism?

  16. Unimaginative

    That would be “Oh my god” as in my personal god. Whom I invented myself, and currently bears a strong resemblance to a sea insect. You know, just for clarity.

  17. Argenti Aertheri

    “He looks kind of Irish to me.”

    Probably because he is mostly Irish. “His mother was of Irish descent, with roots in County Londonderry. His paternal grandparents, Mary Elizabeth (Robinette) and Joseph H. Biden, an oil businessman from Baltimore, had English, Irish, and French ancestry.” (wiki)

    “7. Repeat until comatose.”

    Having sworn off shrimp after eating enough to make me sick, I must advise against that step. My mother would love it though, I should send her that.

  18. @pecunium
    “You might have read about it if you were paying attention to the latter books of the New Testament;”

    Show me in the new testament where something akin to diaspora isn’t used in the past tense.

    “Because you link it to being Jewish. Because you use language which echoes the rantings of other anti-semites. You think it’s carefully coded but it’s not. Anyone who has encountered the sorts of idiots who rant about the “secret bankers” and the other shibboleths of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion can spot your attempts at subtlety.”

    I link something to being Jewish? Listen carefully. Rothchild family are the kingpins of the banking world. Very, very bad evil people, they have no concience, they enslave nations to false debt. They destroy entire economies on a whim. Vilest people to ever walk the planet.

    JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller, ect. Are they all good buddies? Do they work together? Why yes they do, they’re all good buddies. There is no secret about it. These people are evil fucks, they manipulate markets and economies. I don’t care if they’re fucking martians they don’t get a free pass.

    “and the other shibboleths of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion can spot your attempts at subtlety?????????” Whoa! Dude, you are out there. I’d have to look up shibboleths to find out exactly what you’re calling me. Creepy I guess.
    @Argenti Aertheri
    The reason I went to the urban dictionary was trying to find the explaination you came up with. Which appears to be bitch to unmanly/ unmanly to Lacking courage; cowardly/ Lacking courage; cowardly/ which you replaced as to also mean weak/ which you than reguritated into, “which was used in the only male definition of “bitch”. “Effeminate” –”

    Using the monkey chased the weasle, or dog chasing his tail method of extrapolation you used, I could probably get any word to mean anything.

    Take this sentence, “There was this —— at the bar that was acting sooooo creepy.” And tell them nothing but to fill in the blank. No clues, that’s cheating. I’ll betcha 9 outta 10 times the blank gets filled with the word guy man or dude. Why? It’s a gendered insult of course. Just like bitch. You gals just want carte blance to bandy about gendered insults while reteaining immunity from recieving any.

    Oh, and you are the queen of kafka trapping. Just saying you’re not doesn’t make it so.

  19. My sister just went home after a week’s visit full of much dining out. Dinner tonight is a virtuous grain and legume salad with asparagus and toasted almonds. Something wrapped in prosciutto sounds nicer, even though I’m about 90% vegetarian these days.

  20. Argenti: The Ethiopian Jews say they are the descendants of David and The Queen of Sheba. We know they predate the Book of Judges because they still practice sacrifice at family altars.

    The Indian and Chinese Jews don’t (as don’t the Ethiopians) celebrate Hannukah, which is how we know how long ago they settled/became isolated from the larger Jewish community.

  21. http://www.forbes.com/billionaires/list/

    I draw your attention to the richest people in the US, Owly, I also draw you r attention to the top 10 in the list. I then draw your attention to members of Congress, that you just seemed to smooth past right there. I then invite you to run back to Stormfront and ply your wares over there.


    Happy Canada Day!!!!!!

  22. Unimaginative

    You, too, Shadow! Mine was wet and chilly, but very relaxing. I haven’t even showered (but I did change out of my jammies at some point this afternoon). How about you?

  23. Argenti Aertheri

    Pecunium — I was surprised to see wiki questioning all of that, but I guess it shouldn’t surprise me any that oral tradition and logic make researchers go “nawh we need solid-er proof than that!”. I was playing to the least arguable origin because I know NWO is going to question in, and they were there by the middle ages, for sure, definitely, there is no doubt about this.

    Personally, I find the theory they migrated in CE days with ancient customs rather laughable, but not even NWO can manage to deny that Ethiopian Jews have been there since before the middle ages. And maybe I just shouldn’t have tried giving him a history lesson while still fuming about him calling me disingenuous. (Because that’s just an insult without meaning now I guess?)

  24. Argenti Aertheri

    “going to question in” = “going to question it”

    Dinner is a salad, that I should perhaps finish before trying to comment, whoops.

  25. @Unimaginative

    We’re still dealing with the heatwave down here in TO, so I was bunkered down with the AC all day lolll. It’s been a nice evening though, so enjoyed a nice barbie in the backyard while watching the Wonderland fireworks

  26. wiki is good for lots of things, that sort of historical analysis isn’t one of them. Too many people with too many axes to grind, and so it’s never going to be anything other than speculative mush,.

  27. Argenti Aertheri

    Pecunium — I’m unfortunately well aware of the wiki edit-wars, they usually leave some trace of the other POV though. Of course, this is why I don’t edit wikis except to fix typos and really bad grammar (moderately bad grammar isn’t worth the debate). NWO’s got a rant a few comments up directed at both of us btw, my Biblical referencing skills aren’t what they used to be, want to help him on that?

    As for the rest NWO —

    First, yes, I have a wiki account solely to fix grammar and typos, it really isn’t anything personal.

    Re: Rothschilds et al, yeah bankers suck, doubt anyone here will disagree on that, problem is you make it out to be because they’re Jewish. When the problem is really that they’re rich and want to stay that way.

    “I’d have to look up shibboleths to find out exactly what you’re calling me. Creepy I guess.”

    Didn’t you just have a dictionary handy? Try using it?

    shib·bo·leth, n.
    1. A word or pronunciation that distinguishes people of one group or class from those of another.
    2.a. A word or phrase identified with a particular group or cause; a catchword.
    b. A commonplace saying or idea.
    3. A custom or practice that betrays one as an outsider.

    Got fuck all to do with “creep” and everything to do with your continued insistence that Jewish bankers run everything as shorthand for Jews run everything. When, I repeat, you want to focus on the banker part, it’s the part that actually matters.

    “Using the monkey chased the weasle, or dog chasing his tail method of extrapolation you used, I could probably get any word to mean anything.”

    I used a thesaurus, you may want to find one to round out your dictionary. (You’ll find that “weak” and “lacking courage” are also synonymous)

    “Just like bitch.”

    Could you please decide if bitch is, or is not, a gendered insult? You keep changing that to suit your desires and that, oh NWO, is why I call you disingenuous.

    “Oh, and you are the queen of kafka trapping. Just saying you’re not doesn’t make it so.”

    I’m not getting into a “prove the negative” debate with someone who can’t even decide whether bitch is gendered or not, but seriously, you do not rank nearly high enough on my “shit to care about” list to bother trying to manipulate you.

    Btw, wherever did you get the idea to use female pronouns for me? I was going to just ignore it as not worth the damned time, since you refuse to actually read wtf I say, but queen? No. (If you’re extrapolating from “princess killjoy mcgee the third” that was a damned joke, idk how you could’ve missed that considering I said I was dubbed that after saying I didn’t think a corsica would clear a highway divider)

    Pronouns, yeah whatever, I really don’t give a fuck, but gal and queen is just like…you’ve decided I must be female and want to rub it in? Or decided I’m male and want to insult me further by implying otherwise? I can’t tell. (Only kafka trapping I’m doing is that no, I’m not going to answer that for you.)

  28. NWO. That’s a whole lot of words just to say “what? I didn’t SAY anything!”. You do realize that she was refering to the wealthy white men in power right? Awfully defensive aren’t you?

  29. NWO: Show me in the new testament where something akin to diaspora isn’t used in the past tense.

    You ignorant twit. Jesus talks about it, when he talks of the imminent destruction of the temple. Now it’s true, that the idea of the Diaspora is treated as one single event, non-ending, it’s not really.

    When the First Temple was destroyed and the Jews were exported to Babylon, that was a disapora. But the lifting of the exile allowed those who wished to return, to return. Thus the enforced exile was ended.

    After the destruction of the second temple, in 72 AD, and the final defeat of the Judaen revolt in 73 AD, Judea was annexed. After they revolted again, in 132, and were defeated in 135 they were again forbidden to live in Jerusalem, and largely dispersed (as slaves) to other parts of the empire.

    This caused two large sub-groups of Judaism (no, not the bankers and the Hollywood movie stars), the North African/Middle Eastern Sephardim (among whom were the Marrono of Spain, evicted in 1492), and the Northern/Eastern European Ashkenazim. The first Jews in what became the US were Shephardim, and arrived in the 1600s.

    Whoa! Dude, you are out there. I’d have to look up shibboleths to find out exactly what you’re calling me.

    No need, I’ll help you.

    Then said they unto him, Say now Shibboleth: and he said Sibboleth: for he could not frame to pronounce it right. Then they took him, and slew him at the passages of Jordan: and there fell at that time of the Ephraimites forty and two thousand.

    Judges 12:6.

    Again, reading the bible; you might find it interesting.

  30. ShadetheDruid

    I find it humerous and sad that the conversation subject turned to the Bible, but stopped a few short of 666 comments.

    (Even though it’s apparently not the right number, but hey).

  31. Argenti Aertheri

    ShadetheDruid — that seems simple enough to fix :) (the number of comments, not whether 666 is the appropriate number)

  32. CassandraSays


    (Makes heavy metal devil hands)

  33. tall woman who commented: your comment made me smile. I’m 5’10”. I have a thing for men who RESPECT me, and are kind and gentle. And know how to make good pancakes. I don’t give a shit if they’re 5’2″ or pudgy.

    Been playing video games since I was 4 or 5. Microsoft Adventure and Zork (I still have my mom’s and my hand-drawn maps), Pong, the King’s Quest series. I LOVED playing Rosella in KQ4.

    I’m playing The Elder Scrolls now, and… I lost Lydia somewhere; due to a bug in the game… waaaaaahhhhh… I miss her.

  34. I’m trying to figure out where I said “european” and how acknowledging that those who had the money, power, and control over our economy for our entire history happened to be white men equals racism. I nowhere said that all white men are evil, but that the majority of the people calling the shots are white men. This is why this bullshit notion that feminism destroyed the economy is absolutely absurd. NWO can claim we were the inspiration, but I wanna see the receipts.

  35. @Yisheng Qingwa ZORK! I remember Zork! I’ve also been playing since the age of 4-5 and loved playing Rosella. We’re computer game twins :)

  36. Related to this, Anita Sarkeesian was on CBC Radio One’s ‘The Current’ in a segment called “Women and Gaming: Smashing Stereotypes”. URL to the podcast is below.


    Might not be mobile friendly.

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