Men’s Rights Redditors take on racism. By which they mean a white dude admitting that white dudes aren’t actually oppressed

Gold Medalist, Oppression Olympics

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, the locals are pig-biting mad about racism. Are they organizing vigils for murdered black teen Trayvon Martin? Are they challenging the Hunger Games fans who are sending out racist tweets complaining about the character “Rue” being played by a black actress?

Nope. They are doing something much, much braver. They are taking on a white dude for mocking other white dudes who are convinced they are the truly oppressed.

Over on the Boston Magazine web site, blogger Barry Nolan sets forth this truly hateful argument:

I have been a white male all my life and to tell you the truth, I have found it to be a pretty sweet deal. … Wherever you look and by almost any metric, any statistic, it works out to be a pretty sweet deal to start out life as a white male. …

So I cannot, for the life of me, understand why so many white men like me can be found whining about how tough it is to be a white man. It’s a mystery to me how they came to feel so beset on every side by feminists, minorities, and “the system.” When in fact, the system is so stacked in our favor, it’s almost embarrassing.

On the Men’s Rights subreddit a post blasting Nolan as a “racist idiot” now boasts 90 upvotes. In the comments, the brave antiracists set poor Nolan straight on a thing or two. To Ellwood78, it’s just a big coincidence that most of the powerful figures in the US happen to be white dudes:

NoNoJCM, meanwhile, reports on his own bitter experience as one of the oppressed:

Irrel_M is apparently a Stephen Colbert fan who isn’t in on the joke:

To paraphrase Sojourner Truth, “ain’t I a white dude?”

Note: This post incorporates some

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Wow, I’m sorry you guys went through all that. I got called names and had spitballs shot at me and I took it pretty hard, but that’s nothing.

  2. I ran out of cream for my coffe this morning. Another victory for Antz and the MRM!

  3. Polliwog – No need to apologize, and man, I’m sorry that shit happened to you. I wasn’t objecting to you saying you’d moved on, more just pointing out that there are a variety of ways of coping that don’t involve “I suffered therefore I have a Lifetime Asshole Pass.”

    No worries, I just figured it was better to be totally clear that inadvertently say something I hadn’t meant. (And I’m similarly sorry – every time I think I’ve heard all the possible stories of people being assholes, someone shares something like “also, they threatened to set me on fire” and I go back to “WTF HUMANITY, WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH” mode.)

  4. *totally clear THAN

  5. MRAL, if you’re still reading – continuing to force interactions with people after they’ve clearly told you to go away is not OK. Forcing your way into communities that you know don’t want you around is not OK. The fact that you do not or are not willing to understand this is not OK.

    Now go away, for good this time.

  6. I think Scooby has a point. I worked hard in my classes, spending sometimes, oh, thirty minutes or so on any one of my homework assignments; doing homework during homeroom and other school times; I got As and Bs and was generally a teacher’s pet.

    And then one day I put on a hoodie and carried some Skittles and I totally failed to get chased down and shot like a dog by some violent vigilante with delusions of authority OH WAIT


  8. I know MRAL is gone, but I’d like to remind a hilarious lie he one said: he tried to pass as a middle-aged man with a limp and working in a factory. “He” was poor but had been offered a computer by a family member. (I might have mixed up some details, but that’s basically it)
    That’s obviously not the only lie, but that’s his best (read “worst”) IMO.

    As for why he’s not welcomed but “worse” people can still comment: I see DKM, NWO, etc as our pets crocodiles or scorpions – they would kill if they could but they’re fun to watch. MRAL is a head lice or a mosquito, he comes back to annoy us no matter how many times we kill it. It might fun – or gross, depends – to watch in a microscope the first few time, but after a while you just really want to get rid of it so it stop sucking your blood.

    No offense to biologist who might actually like them, but there still terrible as pets.

  9. To be fair, Mr. Al doesn’t even particularly seem to like trolling here anymore. It’s become an obsession, or a habit or a tic. I was going to point out that Scooby was Mr. Al last night, when he posted basically the same complaint both here and on Nolan’s piece. Why do that unless you’re just going through the motions?

    Dude, Mr. Al, find something you do enjoy. The internet seems to not be working for you.

  10. I was going to point out that Scooby was Mr. Al last night, when he posted basically the same complaint both here and on Nolan’s piece.

    I do hope he doesn’t become the next Dennis Markuze. Dude was scary because he might hurt someone and scary because he might hurt himself.

    Not that it’s inevitable.

  11. Markuze was really sick, and at least is getting treated now. M__L is just pathetic (Nobody expect me to buy his word on illness anymore, right? He’s a serial liar, and not even a compulsive one)

  12. “Nobody expect me to buy his word on illness anymore, right? He’s a serial liar, and not even a compulsive one”

    I might be true, it might be a lie. I’m well past caring. Either way he needs professional help and to stay the hell away from here.

  13. MRAL:

    You have my sympathy about your bipolar diagnosis. I’m depressive, have been all my life but, guess what, it doesn’t make me abusive or turn up and bother folks who have already told me they aren’t interested in talking to me. People are telling you to GTFO and if you had an ounce of decency you’d pack up your damn goodies and leave.

    There are people in this community who are going through and been through stuff that you can barely imagine. Sometimes they’re prepared to talk about it, but not to you. You’ve already made it clear that you think we are lying about life experiences that shape who we are so why the fuck should we put up with listening to your white boy pain?

  14. Scooby is MRAL?! jeez. you miss a lot when you step offline for a day

  15. Goddammit! I wanted to poke MRAL with a stick! And I MISSED IT.

    God I’m so depressed.

    And dammit, I KNOW bipolar people. I might be living with one in the near future. Somehow, they have managed to NOT be complete asshats; they are actually quite nice people. This leads me to believe that them being bipolar is something unrelated to their level of assholishness.

  16. I missed the meltdown too, after noticing SauronsContactLens along with felixBC! Damn! But at least we (including David, Shaenon, and everyone else) managed to out two sockpuppets for the price of one, which is a rather nice return on investment.

    Now, I noticed that in Scooby Doo’s unmasking, he said “When have I ever lied about anything? That’s not true.” and “And I’m not lying about being bipolar… I was recently diagnosed.”

    Seeing as MRAL might be reacting to one of my comments back on page 2, I’ll spell it out: as MRAL, you’ve lied to us. When you turned up at Pharyngula, those of us who read that blog as well as this one spotted you lying; we do have critical reading skills, memories, and a reasonable modicum of natural curiosity.

    Now as “Sauron” you said a whole-lot of MRAL-ish stuff, but added the diagnosis of being bi-polar (which felix speculated might be a recent development). You weren’t directly accused of lying about that, however, though that must remain a possibility, because unfortunately, you do tend to lie.

    As someone with a brother who suffers from bi-polar depression, if the diagnosis is true, please, please, please take it seriously. Do the things that minimise the effects of the depression. Do exercise. Get regular sleep. Look after your diet. Do stress-relief type things. Take the therapy options advised by your counsellors. Take the medicines advised by your physicians, and don’t be afraid to ask to switch to different drugs if you have no measurable improvement in mood, or side-effects, or other bad responses to them. And also stay away from the Internet sites that you get obsessed about, seeing as lurking and sock-puppeting here on MBz doesn’t seem to help you in the slightest.

  17. I know MRAL is gone, but I’d like to remind a hilarious lie he one said: he tried to pass as a middle-aged man with a limp and working in a factory. “He” was poor but had been offered a computer by a family member. (I might have mixed up some details, but that’s basically it)

    Wait, Mr. Al is actually NWOslave? :P

  18. Molly: he’s on his way, but not there yet. Come back in twenty years, he might be.

  19. And I did block the site, but I unblocked it recently, because I thought enough time had passed.

    What, you thought you’d come back and everyone would have given up on being feminists?

    When I was in middle school I was relentlessly picked on by a kid named Israel DePew. He made fun of my very stylish red plastic glasses. You know you’re at the bottom of the social pecking order when the kid named Israel DePew is bullying you.

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