Man Boobz on Tumblr! It’s now a thing!

Reddit, in a nutshell. An example of the sort of hilarity you will find on the brand-new Man Boobz on Tumblr!

The Man Boobz Empire is expanding into new territory. Namely, Tumblr, with the grand opening of Man Boobz on Tumblr! I will be using the new platform to plug posts here, to blog and reblog about interesting stuff beyond what I write about here, and of course to post more pics. Like the one here, which is a fairly accurate summary of way too many discussions on Reddit and elsewhere on the internets. Will there also be pics of kitties? Yes, yes there will.

There’s a big social justice/feminist contingent on Tumblr, and this will help to reach them, and also to relay some of what they’re talking about to you all. It’ll also allow me to respond to stuff that’s going on a lot more quickly.

And kitties.


Also, while we’re talking about Tumblr: Alexander Ryking, that misogynist Tumblr dude we were talking about the other day? He’s been removed as a politics editor on Tumblr. Ta da!

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. MuHAHAHAHAHA! The Manboobz empire is growing! GROWING!

    I’ll be sure to follow it (but goddamn, I have not been on Twitter for a while).

  2. I mean, Tumblr. Whoops.

  3. Yay! Tumblr is my favorite time waster.

  4. Manboobz is in ur Tumblr mockin ur misogyny.

  5. Does anyone else have a tumblr?

    Mine is mostly music videos and reblogs from The Kitten Covers and ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS:

  6. I have one, but I find Tumblr so weird to use. I meant it to be a companion to my blog, but I mostly use it to reblog and like other posts. And also share screencaps of my trollery.

  7. Creative Writing Student

    I have one, but I find Tumblr so weird to use. I meant it to be a companion to my blog, but I mostly use it to reblog and like other posts. And also share screencaps of my trollery.

    I did think you said ‘trolley’ (as in and was about to ask what you meant, after I took a peek at your tumblr to see if that explains it.

    I did rather enjoy the pwning of the ‘godbag’, however.

  8. I have one, but I haven’t used it since last June, according to it. Never really “got” Tumblr, but I didn’t try very hard, either.

  9. I don’t understand Tumblr. Where are the comments?

  10. Tumblr has a whole different way of doing things. There aren’t comments, as we know them here, on Tumblr. But if you have your own tumblr blog, you can reblog something and add a comment to it.

    Or you can click on the ? at the top of the page to “ask” me something, which I might or might not respond to in a post there.

  11. Congratulations on the expansion to Tumblr, David!

    I used to have a pop culture-based Tumblr (you know, movies, music, that sort of stuff that I love to think, write and critique about) which never got any traffic, and I never really loved the no-comments, reblogging, etc. design. For the most part, my Facebook is now being used for what my Tumblr was then.

    But I do miss writing about all the films I’ve seen, so maybe I need to go back (and take with me a f**k it attitude when it comes to traffic)?

  12. I can just hear Buttman’s confused voice going “But where do I post whiny non-sequiturs?”

  13. Mine is mostly doctor who, sherlock, comics, and anarchism

    Which is all important.

  14. zhinxy, I am now all over your tumblr.

  15. Using MRA logic, we can now take sole credit for Ryking’s removal. After all, we talked about it on the internet, and then it happened! What more do you want?

    (I know lots of people signed a petition, etc, which probably helped to bring about his removal. Just being snarky.)

  16. We must spend our time for promoting men’s activities which are based on masculine way of thinking. No point of spending a long time to argue with stupid feminists and their supporters, actually that is a hidden plan of feminists which is deluting mens movements.

  17. @EN: What do you mean by “we” white man?

    Although, I must say I completely enthusiastically support your plan to spend ALL your time promoting men’s activities based on masculine ways of thinking (I’ll be happy to promote men’s activities based on feminine ways of thinking). You are right: you are completely wasting your time arguing with feminists, and you must now go out and FOIL our cunning plans to have teh manly MANLY men waste their time trolling women’s and feminist spaces.

    Go forth, young man, into the brave frontier of the future where you pioneer the astounding concept of pimping men.

    *showers blessings upon your pointy little head*

  18. Hi, Explore Nature. Bye, Explore Nature.

  19. *In best Troy impression*

    I want to delute men’s movements!!! Is that new?!!!

  20. I got a Tumblr a couple weeks ago . . . it’s mostly my art and nerdery. Tumblr is good for wasting time when you follow enough other Tumblrs. And I could always use more kitty pictures.

  21. EN: Being Discordian, I understand that making sense isn’t always mandatory, and that letting your mind off the hook every once in awhile can be healthy. But there are times and places for such things, and a non-Discordian feminist blog is really, really not the time or place.

  22. This one’s for you, Explore Nature:

  23. Does EN ever actually… respond to anything? Contribute anything? Anything other than drive-by nonsense?

    Any reason why zie is still allowed to post? O.o

  24. Nope. Never responds to a thing. I guess it’s part of the “Don’t waste time arguing with feminists.” plan.

  25. Of course in practice it’s more of a “Make yourself look like a fucking idiot.” plan.

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