Homeless girls: A frugal alternative to pricey prostitutes!

Fellas! Want sex, but don’t have the money to shell out on prostitutes? Hate the time and effort it takes to talk a non-professional sex-having women into having sex with you? A recent post by Advocatus Diaboli on the always delightful In Mala Fide offered an elegant solution for horny but frugal men. In a post titled Pooning on a Tight Budget, AD explained the technique that has worked for him:

Getting poor, but good-looking, young girls (18-23) to have sex with [you] in return for some timely financial help.

Turns out that women who are poor and desperate can be exploited for your own sexy purposes!

Of course, it’s not always quite as easy as it might seem.

I should be upfront that getting amateur women to have sex for money can be tricky as most of them believe that they are not whores. Moreover, poor young women often have “boyfriends” and white knight orbiters. So I created a set of filters and rules to screen out the most problematic types.

According to AD, all you have to do is to:

Avoid all girls who have obvious and serious drug and mental health issues or have lived on the street for over 6 weeks at a stretch.

Happily for you, that still leaves lots of girls ripe for the picking! AD suggests you focus your attention on:

Freshly homeless young girls, especially those who hangout in mixed groups.

The safest ones are those who are into pot, drumming, dreadlocks et cetera. You can find them in many larger cities in the spring and summer. While I would never trust them with any significant amount of money, many are reasonably decent human beings.

You might not think you’d have much in common to talk about with these women – what with them being “reasonably decent human beings” and you being a “completely reprehensible pile of shit” – but you’d be surprised.

Strike up a conversation with them, engage them and see where it leads. But you must make it plainly obvious that you are interested in them sexually, but that all favors require reciprocation. Once you get to know them, a decent round of drinks, snacks, money for pot, a small necessary item of clothing, decent dinner with booze will almost guarantee you a good lay (or at least a couple of BJs).

And if you crunch the numbers you’ll see it’s really quite a frugal solution.

Your initial financial hit for hanging out with them is very small, and once they are sleeping with you.. it will often work to about $30-60 (cash equivalent or cash) per session. You may also get freebies..

But girls don’t necessarily have to be literally homeless to be desperate enough to sleep with you for money. Nope! You may also find great cost-savings from targeting:

Girls who are not homeless, but are just hanging on.

How do you find these lovely ladies? Keep an eye out for women working really shitty jobs that don’t pay shit! You’ll find them conveniently located

in smaller retail stores or businesses that pay minimum wage with no tips. Build a rapport and be fairly upfront about your interest, but do not come across as desperate. Go to her workplace and talk to her when you are in that area, but do not stalk her.

Yep, it turns out that even desperate women can be creeped out. So play it cool! Stalking’s for fools!

There’s another possible hurdle: other dudes.

Such women often have “boyfriends,” however, they are often just as poor or poorer than her. You can get pussy as long as you are firm about the need for reciprocation. This category of girls might be more willing to give BJs than having ‘real sex.’ But do you really care?

Just remember to keep to your budget!

Restrict your help to less than $200 at any one time AND only after she has put out a couple of times.

And then there’s AD’s favorite category of desperate women:

Girls who are poor, but not homeless and have no “boyfriends” + have moved to the city within the last eight weeks.

You have hit the jackpot! 

Just don’t get carried away. Remember: you’re in charge, and she should know it!

Remember these girls can become de facto GFs, but do not restrict yourself to one. While you do not have to rub it in their faces, they should know that you are always looking around for a better deal. But treat them a bit better than type 1 and 2, they do give more per dollar spent on them.

Your accountant will be so, so proud of you!

Just remember:

They will play by your rules as long as they are not too dehumanizing, and they are often cheaper than professional whores.

Now that’s a motto to live by!

Amazingly, not all of the readers of In Mala Fide appreciated AD’s little treatise.

Simon invoked the c-word, before tossing in some racism:

Mate you are one deadset sad cunt. It’s no surprise to know you’re Indian.

Cathater broke out the other c-word:

Pretty damn creepy. You sound like you have no soul. Actually, you might be the first member of a new species: the perfectly rational, purely selfish utility-maximizing agent (Homo Economicus) that Austrian economists and Randroids have always droned on and on about.

Yes, I was as surprised as you are to read an actually reasonable critique of the post on In Mala Fide.

Don’t worry, though, the rest of the comments mostly lived up to the foul standards of the blog.

Ryu worried about the old slippery slope. If you start by suggesting that PUAs target homeless women, the next thing you know they’ll advocate sex with children! And then down the slippery slope you’ll slide:

This is the direction that PU takes one in. I’m surprised that there haven’t been any PUAs who say that during a dry spell we should go to gay bars and pick up men. Just to keep your dick wet, you know.

Savrola returned to the theme of race:

There’s a problem WNs have yet to deal with. Well off second-generation foreigners like AD taking advantage of your impoverished women of older native stock, after they’ve taken your jobs.

Can’t keep ‘em here, can’t send ‘em back.

What to do?

Blog proprietor Ferdinand Bardamu waded in to take a shot at all the “white knights” sticking up for the gals.

ROFLMAO at all these white knights. …

If you want to blame someone, blame the morally debased white women who would rather blow a stranger for $200 then work honestly (pull yourself up by your bootstraps, slob! nobody owes you anything!).

We’re living in Soviet Amerika (and Soviet Kanada). All of your daughters are whores or will become whores, soon as the price tag gets high enough.

Meanwhile, Stoner With a Boner, who sometimes graces the comments section here with his always trenchant wisdom, took a stand on behalf of the real victims here: dudes paying their own hard-earned money to icky ladies for sex.

Personally, I find the idea of clocking more hours at a job I hate just to hand $200 to a prostitute who would probably leave me dying in the street rather than help degrading.

Men, the forgotten victims once again.

This post contains:

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Dang. I had such high hopes.

  2. @Zhinxy

    I’ll try to check those out. I have a lot of mind-improving that I’ve been putting off but there’s just so much fiction I have to get through still!! I think it’s almost a moral failure for me to be reading up on economics when there are DRAGONS (why yes, I have been wasting copious amounts of time on skyrim, how astute of you to notice)!! While I am not a fan of slash, your fic had me chuckling at the principal’s office lolll

  3. Dragons are important. Yes, yes they are.

  4. Meller: Since you, along with the other manboobzettes, INSIST upon running this into the ground, I will speculate that, yes, you, like many feminists, are effectively frigid and asexual, and are incapable of stimulating or pleasing (heterosexual) men. I didn’t want to get nasty about this, but the problems associated with close proximity of, and “co-ed” arrangements of sexually active or mature men and women are so self-evident that it should be unnecessary for me, or any observer, to cite warnings about such sexual proximity or rivalries becoming inevitable in such an environment!

    Based on my, non-trivial, experience you are wrong on both of those assertions. Feminist women are certainly not asexual, as a class, and the one’s who have shared my bed have been anything but frigid. What they haven’t been is submissive.

    Of course, in the same passage you said, tatjna, I didn’t want to get nasty about this! Most feminists are either, as a rule, hypersexed and frantically promiscuous so I have no idea which is the truth.

    I’ve been in many mixed sex environments (even in combat, that “most manly” of places) and the presence of women wasn’t an issue. Maybe the problem is you.

  5. I could understand a teenage boy having issues focusing when there were women he found attractive around, but a grown man? Self control is one of the hallmarks of adulthood, Meller. You should look into acquiring some.

    (Or, you know, more dolls.)

  6. “He hemmed and hawwed a bit and then said it was all right, better than the crap she gets at school, but he didn’t know what effect they would have, as women are kind of inherently anti freedom and stuff XD”

    Women tend to be inherantly anti the idea of men having the freedom to do whatever they feel like to us regardless of our own feelings on the matter. Funny how that works.

  7. It’s interesting how someone who is so very P.C. on this blog “called me out” for invoking the term “prostitute,” chiding me that they prefer to be called “sex workers.” I live two blocks from Atlantic City. Where I come from, they do not prefer the term “sex workers;” rather, they refer to themselves as “‘hos.” (As a long time journalist who is well-acquainted with these ladies and gentlemen – yes, gentlemen – I should know.)

    The point is, no matter what you call this “profession,” I am of the opinion that it should be legalized. That way, the MRAs would be held accountable for patronizing these “sex workers,” and those who practice this line of work would be a heck of a lot safer from predators.

  8. I live two blocks from Atlantic City. Where I come from, they do not prefer the term “sex workers;” rather, they refer to themselves as “‘hos.”

    Anecdotal, I’m afraid. I live blocks from the Seattle Sex Positive Club with over 13,000 members and most of the professionals prefer to be called “Sex professionals.” ;)
    As a ten year member, I’m just as familiar as any journalist. :D

    So what if someone is too “PC” for your tastes? It’s common courtesy to address people as they ask to be addressed.

  9. How does one live 2 blocks from a city, anyway?

  10. First off surrendered wives really don’t want anything to do with a man that plays with dolls. I know quite a bit about the D/s community and what’s struck me is the difference between online blogs and relationships and people who actually work their relationships into a D/s sphere.

    My understanding of D/s relationships starts with coming of age in the early eighties before the internet. I’ve known many couples of any sexual persuasion who would fall under those guidelines. When they started their relationships by meeting each other, getting to know each other, slowly revealing their kinks and expectations to each other: I won’t say it worked every time but for the most part those relationships were the type that the couple grew into together and were for the most part healthy.

    From my kinked friends I have the understanding that a new breed of couple emerged into the lifestyle via the internet. That born from fantasy not reality. The submissive wanted everything the dominant does to revolve around them like a full time job and the dominant wanted the submissive’s lives to also completely encompass their own. I’m not saying these relationships never worked out but it was interesting to hear what happened once a baby or other obligations entered the mix.

    The reality DKM is if either party in a relationship is selfish in what they decide they need from the other the relationship is going to fail. Forget careers for a moment. You have a child with special needs, a child who gets sick. You have aging parents. You have friends that you love. All these things will take the focus off of you, and you could not handle that.

    On the other hand my husband and I in fifteen years have gone through a child with cancer, a parent dying. Strokes, heart attacks, a brain aneurism in people close enough that one or both of us were bedside during. Child rearing (which is a kick in the pants when you think you can dictate how life has to be).

    The first time we got hit with the life whammy was our daughter having cancer. Our first long conversation after included ” Stats are bad for marriages going through this, I hope we do o.k”. “I hope so too” was the answer.

    So we’ve done it. You haven’t. The best you can do is offering up what might be some sort of strange relationship advice is “I DKM will go play with my dolls because honestly they are the closest thing to a relationship I will have”.

    And that’s the longest post I think I’ll ever make. Bacon’s fried for the seven layer salad thing.

  11. @CassandraSays:

    “How does one live 2 blocks from a city, anyway?”

    The scenario that popped into my mind involves a shotgun and liberal usage of the phrase “Keep moving, city slicker”

  12. I think, “two blocks from Atlantic City” means, The Boardwalk” or whatever the local equivalent to, “The Strip” is in Vegas. That is the part the tourists come to visit.

  13. Was that me, alphalady? If not, it’s not a PC thing. I call any individual sex worker what she wants to be called. Even, in the case of radfem former sex workers who wish me too “prostituted women”. Sex Worker is still the preferred term among activists. This is not a PC thing. I grow very wary and weary when somebody who is a non worker does the whole WELL I KNOW THE PROSTITUTES! I HAVE SEEN THEM CLOSE UP AND TALKED TO THEM ON THE MEAN STREETS! ” Thing. A yawn and another yawn. You don’t get any “seen the real hard truth” cookies from me. Sex Worker is the preferred term among sex workers rights activists.

    Also, decriminalization is preferable to legalization, but this isn’t the advanced class.

    You go investigate on those mean mean streets and see that gritty realism, you hard nosed journalist you!

  14. It’s interesting how someone who is so very P.C. on this blog “called me out” for invoking the term “prostitute,” chiding me that they prefer to be called “sex workers.” I live two blocks from Atlantic City. Where I come from, they do not prefer the term “sex workers;” rather, they refer to themselves as “‘hos.” (As a long time journalist who is well-acquainted with these ladies and gentlemen – yes, gentlemen – I should know.)
    The point is, no matter what you call this “profession,” I am of the opinion that it should be legalized. That way, the MRAs would be held accountable for patronizing these “sex workers,” and those who practice this line of work would be a heck of a lot safer from predators.

    Sex work should be legalized regardless of it’s effects on MRAs, feminists, evangelicals or crocodiles,

    If you had trans friends who were okay with the word “tranny” would you then feel okay with using it here too? o_O I have sex worker friends who DO NOT prefer and ARE offended by “prostitute” being used by a supposed ally, does that change your opinion, or does invoking personal opinion only matter if it suits your word choice? o_O Choosing neutral terms (sex worker, trans person, etc) is the best way to go in mixed company. If people tell you they prefer or are okay with another term, then you can do that, but what’s the harm in erring on the side of sensitivity? :)

  15. By the way that’s not giving credence to the “I have XYZ friends” argument, just showing how silly is it. Does it then become who has the most friends? Is it some sort of weird oppression referendum? o_O

  16. AmiAngelwings… Yeah, seriously. I hate getting into it with people like this, because.. No. I am not going to drag the sex workers in my life into this argument with you, because they are not mine to score points with. Especially when they… You know, really ARE my friends? Who do FRIEND things with me? So they end up being the one going “BUT I KNOW THEM! I KNOW REAL LIVE HOOOOOKERS! “. Like they’ve got some “in” . And well, fuck that.

  17. My previous comment is awaiting moderation. I wonder which word triggered it o:

  18. It was the word “tranny.”

  19. Anti-Moron's-Rights

    Ugh. My partner was homeless at age 19 and actually did resort to sleeping with women a few times for shelter and food. It was not a mentally happy or healthy time for him. Taking advantage of desperate people is never cool.

  20. If women don’t wanted to be treated like whores they need to stop acting like them. When you see a sexy woman with an old ass fat bastard you know what its all about. All women wanted to fuck me when I was rich,then the economy turned.think I’m gettin any now? Women will screw any man who will pay their bills, paint their house and raise their kids. I know. My exs house just got totally remodeled by a man she made fun of. Wish I had tits and a wet hole, I would own this planet. Pussy is like having a neverending a t m between your legs.

  21. What happens if the guy is broke and needs and needs a girl to screw, how does he meet one?

  22. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Ever heard of fleshlights? Ever heard of using your hand? You don’t “need a girl to screw”. All you’re looking for is orgasm, and you can do that All By Yourself. Which, given you seem to think women are commodities, would be better for everyone. Sex, btw, is not a need. It’s a drive, or a desire. Food, water, oxygen, are needs: you’ll die without them. Nobody dies from lack of sex.

  23. Wow, this post is like a semiannual asshole parade.

  24. Wow, stephen, I’m floored that you have trouble getting dates these days. You’re such an insightful charmer.

  25. I don’t know, william, how does one find a member of the reclusive species known as half the human population.

  26. Wish I had tits and a wet hole, I would own this planet.

    You have a wet hole. Unfortunately, you never shut it…

  27. What happens if the guy is broke and needs and needs a girl to screw, how does he meet one?

    I talked to them. Treated them like people. Some of them liked me. Some of them liked me enough that it led to sexytimes.

    So if you are having a problem in this dept. I think the problem is personal.

  28. Man… I just realised I let him set the terms of debate. First thing is that I didn’t treat them as, “a girl to screw”.

    That’s probably the point at which the personal problem starts.

  29. What happens if the guy is broke and needs and needs a girl to screw, how does he meet one?

    Dude just pick up the power drill and do the job yourself.

  30. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Wow, Stephen, maybe in your case nobody’ll touch you now you’re not rich (cool story, bro) because the money was the only thing you had to recommend you. Whereas other guys who are broke have no problem having and maintaining loving relationships, because ::looks around to see if anyone’s listening:: they have this secret.

    ::whispers:: They’re decent, lovable human beings.

  31. kitteh’s: They don’t need to be lovable, just likable.

  32. Or at least they need to not actively inspire immediate dislike.

  33. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I was thinking more of long term relationships, hence lovable. Certainly likable or not actively dislikable is fine for short-term ones. :)

  34. What happens if the guy is broke and needs and needs a girl to screw, how does he meet one?

    I know this is probably a troll, because no one could seriously think THIS BLOG would be the right place for that question, but I’m 99% sure that being broke is not your major obstacle, dude.

  35. Good article. I was expecting you to promote this idea and was glad to find out you didn’t.

    That guy’s wrong about people trying to be white knights. A lot of those guys actually care about the safety of these women. They don’t want to see them taken advantage of or get hurt.

    I actually have experience with this too, as fucking surreal as it is. About a week ago I ran into an ex gf that I dated for 4 years, and lived with for 1. I hadn’t seen her in about a year and a half.

    Well after talking a bit I went over to her place to hang out and catch up. Turns out she left home a few months after we broke up, then she got kicked out of college. While at her place, a shitty motel, I noticed condom wrappers, baggies and syringes. I knew right away what was up. She wouldn’t talk about what she was doing for money, or that she was doing more than smoking pot. (when we dated she was a pot head and occasionally Molly or shrooms)).

    When I got home I got curious so I googled her email addy, unfortunately the things that popped right up were escort ads, with pics of her. :/

    Then I googled her phone #, and got even more backpage ads.

    I didn’t want to embarrass her so I haven’t said anything. I just let her know if she needed a friend or a ride or anything other than money that I’m here for her.

    Yesterday I looked her mom up on Facebook and sent her a message letting her know her daughter needs help, I gave her her email, phone#, & the name and room of the motel she’s staying at. I still haven’t heard back.

    It’s just so crazy. I spent nearly every waking moment for 4 years with this girl, and to see where she’s at now just breaks my heart. I just want to see her safe and happy, ya know?

    I honestly don’t care if a girl wants to sell her body, but when they’re doing it out of desperation because they think they have to, and they aren’t being smart about it, then I definitely see a problem. A heartbreaking one when it’s a person you loved.

  36. Did she ask for your help? You didn’t want to embarass her, you just FB messaged her mom. Your story is not quite adding up for me.

  37. Well, to be fair, even if she doesn’t want help with prostitution the heroin is still a problem that someone needs to know about.

  38. The idea that someone would use their regular email address, that they use for friends and family, in their Backpage ad is ringing my bullshit meter too.

  39. Auggz: if the heroin even happened. Most junkies do not leave their shit out for the world to see, especially not some ex they haven’t seen in years.

  40. And no, I don’t agree that anyone needs to know about it. forcing help very rarely works.

  41. That guy’s wrong about people trying to be white knights. A lot of those guys actually care about the safety of these women. They don’t want to see them taken advantage of or get hurt.


    I should be upfront that getting amateur women to have sex for money can be tricky as most of them believe that they are not whores.

    JC, did you even read the original post?

  42. … okay… do you, like, want a cookie? Admiration? Applause? Attention?

    What was the point of posting that?

  43. Argenti: I’m guessing a big fat cookie for that After School Special.

  44. hellkell – I’m not Argenti. :P

    Give me a few minutes, I’ll change it to a lighter avi.

  45. SHIT. I did again. I am so sorry.

  46. It’s the catvatar hivemind, that’s what it is!

  47. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Alice’s kitty really is a ghost kitty!

  48. You know, there’s a certain stage of life at which “I’m going to tell your mom” is no longer the solution to someone’s problems.

  49. kittehs – I’m GHOST KITTY FROM THE BEYOND! I hath come to bless the cat-lovers and the animal lovers alike! I promise that I won’t eat string or scratch up your furniture—really!

    hellkell – It’s okay. I mistyped your name too many times, and didn’t notice until someone else pointed it out. :P

  50. I’m guessing the family is not such a great support system if she’s living in a seedy motel. Yet JC seems rather surprised that mom hasn’t snapped to and updated him.

  51. Alice is the Archangel, the Messenger of Ceiling Cat!


  52. neuroticbeagle – :D Have a free tummy rub blessing!

  53. I was picturing this, personally.

  54. Dang it. If I were any good at actual Photoshopping, I’d ‘shop a halo just for the LULZ.

  55. This has nothing to do with anything but it’s another reason “you’ll end up alone with cats” isn’t a threat:


  56. You want me to do a halo for your gravatar, Alice?

  57. kittehs – Sure, go ahead.

  58. Here ya go:

  59. Argenti Aertheri

    Neuroticbeagle — do you have a source for that last one?

  60. kittehs – MEOW! I AM ARCHANGEL CAT!

  61. Argenti Aertheri

    Aw, damn. Oh well, I have a beaver and some otters to add to the cute queue. And a kitty banhammer!

  62. Well, that was weird.

  63. Greetings from 4chan

    there r no homeless where i live. just 10k of ppl live here, is not that much.

    Nuff said.

    returning to the fap cave

  64. I have no idea what you were trying to say, but I agree that it was enough.

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