A Voice for Men’s brilliant new money-making scheme: Translate Edwardian antifeminist E. Belfort Bax into hip and happening modern lingo, make eBook, roll around in sweet sweet cash

E. Belfort Bax ... TO THE MAX!

E. Belfort Bax … TO THE MAX!

Our old friend Paul Elam of Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men has promised his long-suffering and evidently increasingly broke donors that he would be looking into some exciting new money-making ventures in order to fund his lifestyle site.

We’ve already seen the the first of these get-rich-quick schemes in action: AVFM’s new publishing house. Elam evidently sees publishing as a sort of virtual ATM in which near-zero effort is repaid handsomely with cash.

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The British teenager who tried to kill 3 women because no one will date him has fans. But that’s not the scariest thing about him.

Ben Moynihan, adapted from the photo he sent police, and which led to his arrest

Ben Moynihan, adapted from the photo he sent police, and which led to his arrest

[CONTENT WARNING: Misogynistic violence, rape apologia]

His complaint was a familiar one:

I think every girl is a type of slut, they are fussy with men nowadays, they do not give boys like us a chance.

You can find nearly identical laments in the profiles of self-described “nice guys” on OkCupid, on Men’s Rights blogs, and on forums for self-described “Incels” comisserating about their “involuntary celibacy” and what they see as the shallowness of young women.

But these words actually come from a video filmed by Ben Moynihan, a British teenager who was convicted of attempted murder earlier this week after stabbing three women in an attempt to take a sort of revenge upon the “weaker” gender he felt had made his life miserable by denying him sex. Another young man trying to punish women with violence for the “crime” of not dating him.

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Feminism’s inevitable death spiral explained in simple infographic

Woah, dude. It's like it's actually spinning.

Woah, dude. It’s like it’s actually spinning.

Well, fellow members of the feminist sector, it’s been fun. But we’re all doomed, as this helpful infographic, prepared by Men’s Rights Edmonton, makes clear:


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Women Joking About Condoms: Part 297 in a series of Things That Totally Oppress Men For Real No I’m Serious

There's a condom big enough for every dick.

There’s a condom big enough for every dick.

In a sort of rebuke to men who complain that they’re “too big” to wear condoms, one Swedish gal pulled a condom over her leg and up nearly to her knee, and posted a pic documenting this feat to Instagram. This pic:

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The Men’s Rights Movement’s ugliest divorce is getting uglier by the day. And funnier.

It seems like only yesterday that a Voice for Men’s Paul Elam and John “The Other” Hembling were the bestest of friends, laughing and joking together as they plotted to take over the world. Now, after an ugly falling out, the two are the worstest of enemies, and this whole MGTOW thing is making their ugly divorce even uglier.

You know that little war that Elam has going on with the MGTOWers, or more accurately, the MGTOWFAFPE (Men Going Their Own Way Far Away From Paul Elam)? Mr. Hembling and his girlfriend/comrade Diana Davison have allied themselves with Elam’s many enemies in the MGTOW world, and, well, Elam doesn’t seem to like this very much.

I present to you three recent skirmishes in their little war.

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On the Viscosity of Women (Comments I Don’t Let Through, Part 327)

Women vs Men (Artist's Conception)

Women vs Men (Artist’s Conception)

This blog gets more than its share of drive-by comments by trollish sorts who deposit little turds and then wander back to their sad corner of the internet. I don’t let most of them through, but sometimes they are too good to keep to myself. And by “good” I mean whatever synonym for “terrible” this comment deserves:

Submitted on 2015/01/18 at 9:49 am  It is not acceptable to point out anything negative about women. It is also not acceptable to point out anything positive about men. Women are so coddled anymore in all they do that they have lost touch with reality. Women are viscous, miserable, self promoting, self proclaimed victims. They cry about anything negative they have to contend with and directly blame men for creating whatever it may be. Women suck. I love watching females fail. The best vindication is to watch them to do things on their own. Women are train wrecks, especially without guidance. They are worse than children because as adults they have the means to be real problems but still have the mentality of the children they never grew up from being. They deserve to be treated like the trash they are.

Say what you will about Love Being Right here, but unlike most of his misogynist buddies he’s awfully concise. He covers all the basics here, and then some! Whatever will we do about all these viscous women?

Paul Elam, you’re no MLK: A Voice for Men offers a $100 bounty for a clear photo of its latest feminist foe

Cartoon by Sage Gerard. aka "Victor Zen," AVFM's golen boy of campus activism

Cartoon by Sage Gerard, AVFM’s golden boy of campus activism

Today I’d like to share with you two quotations. One is from Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights leader whose legacy we honor today. The other is from someone who considers himself the leader of a human rights movement that follows in the footsteps of King.

The first quote:

Sooner or later all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace, and thereby transform this pending cosmic elegy into a creative psalm of brotherhood. If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.

The second:

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The New Statesman’s Margaret Corvid on the ways misogyny restricts male sexuality

Policing male sexuxality: a meme from A Voice for Men's Facebook page.

Policing male sexuxality: a meme from A Voice for Men’s Facebook page.

Check out Margaret Corvid’s fascinating piece in the New Statesman on male sexuality and the appeal of misogynistic movements to sexually frustrated men. As a professional dominatrix who’s also a feminist, she’s acutely aware of the ways conventional masculinity restricts and impoverishes male sexuality.

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Men Going Their Own Way tell Paul Elam to go away. BONUS: The terrible new MGTOW anthem

Men Going Their Own Way can't decide which way to go.

Men Going Their Own Way can’t figure out which way to go.

Oh dear. Paul Elam’s attempt to anoint himself King of the MGTOWs doesn’t seem to be going terribly well, mainly due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of those who call themselves Men Going Their Own Way would prefer it if he went his own way off a short pier.

His new ebook on MGTOW — despite receiving rave reviews from people who work for him at A Voice for Men — has not done quite as well amongst the MGTOW masses, many of whom are posting one-star reviews on Amazon.

Their complaints are a mixture of the reasonable and the ridiculous. On the one hand, they accuse him of being a con artist trying to cash in on their little movement with an ebook made up mostly of stuff that’s already been posted on the internet. On the other, well, they think he’s some kind of quasi-feminist supplicator to women who’s committed a sort of treason against his fellow men by not banning all women from AVFM. No, really:

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Roosh V warns: “Pussy Inflation is starting to force men out of the market.”

Inflated Pussy on parade

Inflated Pussy on parade

Noted pussyconomist Roosh Valizadeh offers these sobering thoughts on the rising costs — and decreasing quality — of vagina:

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