Pogo now says his misogynistic posts were an “experiment.” Then he denounces most self-described feminists as “hyenas” and “brats.”

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

So the musician who goes by the name Pogo, best known for his magical audiovisual mashups using snippets of old Disney movies, is now declaring that the awful misogynistic nonsense he recently posted on his blog and on YouTube was “somewhat of an experiment for myself,” intended to rile up

the enormous breed of hyenas out there taking gender equality and feminism hostage, and bending it into a social status to validate their feeling that the world owes them everything because of their gender.

As Pogo (real name Nick Bertke) explains it in a new blog post today, his attacks on women were intended to expose these fake feminist “hyenas … as the self contradicting brats they are.” To do this, he says,

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Seduce the ladies with phone chargers, calamari and toilet paper!

Works every time.

Works every time.

So our old pal Christian McQueen the ALPHA PLAYBOY has a prepared a list of “5 Essentials For Your Bachelor Pad (That Will Help You Get Laid).”

Along with some suggestions that are actually sort of thoughtful (baby wipes, a soft blanket), one that’s creepy (buy an assortment of phone chargers so she can’t use “I have to recharge my phone” as an excuse to not go home with you), and several that indicate a bit of a fetish for seafood (keep your fridge stocked with oysters, calamari and pre-made shrimp cocktails), he made a suggestion that, well, let’s just say it doesn’t exactly imply good things about his readership:

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“Cultural Marxism” explained in helpful infographic (that somehow manages to avoid using “Le Happy Merchant”) With BONUS CRAP PICS

It's all so obvious now!

It’s all so obvious now! (Click to enlarge.)

I‘m sorry, did I say “helpful?” I meant “so convoluted that the diagram-maker eventually gave up drawing lines between boxes because even he couldn’t figure out how all these things allegedly relate to each other.”

I should note that in addition to being a mess, this diagram is also complete bullshit, and that “Cultural Marxism” only exists in the fevered imaginations of neo-Nazis, conspiracy theorists, #Gamergaters and Bernard Chapin? For an actual history of “Cultural Marxism” as a boogeyman of the far right, see here. For more lovely “Cultural Marxism” infographics and memes, several of which do include “Le Happy Merchant,” see my earlier post on the subject.

Oh, ok. Here (after the jump) is a crapload of BONUS images I found by searching for “cultural marxism,” this time on Twitter.  [CONTENT WARNING: All the bigotries, actual pro-Hitler Tweets, cartoon semi-nudity.]

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Trouble! Internet mashup king Pogo reveals himself to be a misogynistic douchenozzle [UPDATED with links to archived versions of his posts]

I'm outta here.

I’m outta here.

[UPDATE 2: Pogo now says his misogynistic posts were an “experiment.” For my take on this, see here.]

[UPDATE: Pogo has taken down several of the blog posts mentioned in this post. I have replaced the links to the vanished posts with links to archived versions.]

So you know that dude Pogo, who makes all those amazingly perky-yet-somehow-also-ethereal music/video mashups using snippets of old Disney movies and the like?

Turns out he’s a bit of a misogynistic dickbag.

Yep. On his Pogomix blog, Nick Bertke (his real name) has been posting a bunch of tiresome and achingly unoriginal rants about feminism and the alleged privileges of women that might as well have been cut and pasted from the Men’s Rights subreddit or A Voice for Men.

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Monkey Hippo Like Goyim: What you get when you do a Google image search for “Cultural Marxism”

Cultural Marxism in action.

Cultural Marxism in action.

“Cultural Marxism” – the alleged conspiracy of alleged secret Marxists allegedly trying to destroy Western Civilization through Political Correctness and feminism and racial equality – is a favorite boogeyman of the far right.

That includes, of course, large sections of the “Red Pill” world. Roosh V’s Return of Kings site publishes reactionary diatribes with titles like Cultural Marxism Produces Matriarchy and Tactics For The War Against Cultural Marxism In 2015; Heartiste rails against the alleged evils of “cultural Marxism, feminism, equalism, and … racial self-annihilationism.”

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The Top 3 Reasons the All-Female Ghostbusters Will Suck, According to Some Dudes Who Hate Women

Yes, there's already a meme.

Yes, there’s already a meme.

Have you heard? The upcoming Ghostbusters reboot will feature women in the lead roles. Men who hate women seem to be taking the news hard.

And nowhere do they seem to be taking it harder than on MGTOW HQ, a forum devoted to men who are “Going Their Own Way” from women by talking about how much they suck online all day every day.

The assembled MGTOWers have not only determined that the movie will suck but have also figured out why.

So here are the Top 3 Reasons the New All-Female Ghostbusters Will Suck According to a Bunch of Guys Who Hate Women:

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7 Tactics of Highly Effective Harassers: How A Voice for Men’s Internet Hate Machine works

A Voice for Men mocks the fears of one of its targets of harassment

A Voice for Men mocks the fears of one of its targets of harassment

The self-described “Men’s Human Rights” site A Voice for Men is a hate site trying — admittedly not very hard, or convincingly — to pose as a human rights organization. In reality, as I and various other writers have documented in considerable detail, it’s an organizer and amplifier of hatred, directed at feminists and women more generally.

Much of this hatred is directed at specific targets, mostly though not always feminist women who have offended A Voice for Men’s founder Paul Elam. The aim is generally to terrorize feminists into silence.

I’ve written at length about AVFM’s campaigns of vilification and intimidation in the past; for a recent example as well as numerous links to discussions of past examples, see here.

Today I will  look at some of the specific tactics that AVFM uses against its targets – providing, in each case, a recent example.

This, in other words, is how AVFM’s Hate Machine functions. [TRIGGER WARNING for abusive language, discussion of abusive tactics]

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A Voice for Men’s brilliant new money-making scheme: Translate Edwardian antifeminist E. Belfort Bax into hip and happening modern lingo, make eBook, roll around in sweet sweet cash

E. Belfort Bax ... TO THE MAX!

E. Belfort Bax … TO THE MAX!

Our old friend Paul Elam of Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men has promised his long-suffering and evidently increasingly broke donors that he would be looking into some exciting new money-making ventures in order to fund his lifestyle site.

We’ve already seen the the first of these get-rich-quick schemes in action: AVFM’s new publishing house. Elam evidently sees publishing as a sort of virtual ATM in which near-zero effort is repaid handsomely with cash.

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The British teenager who tried to kill 3 women because no one will date him has fans. But that’s not the scariest thing about him.

Ben Moynihan, adapted from the photo he sent police, and which led to his arrest

Ben Moynihan, adapted from the photo he sent police, and which led to his arrest

[CONTENT WARNING: Misogynistic violence, rape apologia]

His complaint was a familiar one:

I think every girl is a type of slut, they are fussy with men nowadays, they do not give boys like us a chance.

You can find nearly identical laments in the profiles of self-described “nice guys” on OkCupid, on Men’s Rights blogs, and on forums for self-described “Incels” comisserating about their “involuntary celibacy” and what they see as the shallowness of young women.

But these words actually come from a video filmed by Ben Moynihan, a British teenager who was convicted of attempted murder earlier this week after stabbing three women in an attempt to take a sort of revenge upon the “weaker” gender he felt had made his life miserable by denying him sex. Another young man trying to punish women with violence for the “crime” of not dating him.

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Feminism’s inevitable death spiral explained in simple infographic

Woah, dude. It's like it's actually spinning.

Woah, dude. It’s like it’s actually spinning.

Well, fellow members of the feminist sector, it’s been fun. But we’re all doomed, as this helpful infographic, prepared by Men’s Rights Edmonton, makes clear:


Ok, maybe “clear” isn’t the word I was looking for. Also, I left out the first part of the diagram. Does this make it any clearer? Read the rest of this entry


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