The Parable of the Cupcakes and the Male Spaces

When did vagina cupcakes become a thing?

When did vagina cupcakes become a thing?

Welcome, my brethren, to the Church of Jesus Christ Going His Own Way From Icky Girls. Today’s sermon is a reflection on the Parable of Cupcakes Invading Male Spaces Because Vagina.

Please turn to MGTOW 2:8109 and read along with me.

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“To say that men and women are created equal is to deny that gorillas and humans are different,” and other observations.

Gorillas and women, what's the difference?

Gorillas and women, what’s the difference?

Today, another installment of “Comments I don’t let through.” The “trash” folder on my WordPress comments page is home to a motley assortment of comments that, for whatever reason, I just didn’t feel like approving. Some are violent, some are obscene, some are victim-blaming crap so noxious it might cause some readers to punch holes in their computer screens.

I’m not quite sure why I didn’t let this one through; looking at it now it doesn’t seem any worse than stuff I do let through, and, while mostly keeping to some familiar misogynist themes, it does have a few moments of genuine originality. Maybe I balked because it was one giant wall of text? Read the rest of this entry

Signal Boost: Important Men’s Rights Activism Opportunity (involves firemen)

Please help.

Activism opportunity!

I found this on the Men’s Rights subreddit today. PLEASE HELP!

In a lucky coincidence I am also looking for some pictures:

  • A librarian with an Animal Rights sign
  • An EMT with a “No Blood for Oil” sign
  • A cloak room attendant with a “Make Love Not War” sign
  • An orthodontist with an “I Like Ike” sign
  • A bunny pushing a tiny shopping cart full of carrots

Oh wait, I already have that last one. Never mind.



Exciting new opportunity for Sarkeesian Effect backers to flush more $$ down the toilet! (Also, funny video)

Tub Boy and Professor Skull

Tub Boy and Professor Skull

There’s some great news for supporters of The Sarkeesian Effect, the seemingly random collection of badly filmed interviews with assorted people who dislike Anita Sarkeesian that is allegedly being edited into a film of some kind!

In a new video, Jordan Owen — the hairier of the two Sarkeesian Effect impresarios — has announced an amazing new opt-out opportunity for the alleged film’s backers to donate money to him and his pal (then enemy, then pal again) Davis Aurini. Read the rest of this entry

The latest on Jeremiah True, accused groper, “MRA God” and self-proclaimed “most powerful man in the Free World.”

Jeremiah True, seated on floor, protests his exclusion from a class discussion section

Jeremiah True, seated on floor, protests his exclusion from a class discussion section

The story of Jeremiah True — the Reed College student who made headlines last month as a self-proclaimed free speech martyr, and who was arrested last week for harassment and sexual abuse — only seems to get stranger the more I look into it.

The latest development: On Friday, True pled not guilty to charges that he groped two young women on a high-school Rugby team who were practicing in a Portland park; he remains in custody.

We now have some more details on what he’s charged with. The Oregonian newspaper has reported that

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We Hunted the Mammoth responds to 4 1/2 Hours of Honey Badger Videos About #CalgaryExpo


(Not an actual video; do not click.)

(Not an actual video; do not click.)

The Honey Badger Brigade — the (mostly) all-gal A Voice for Men spinoff group that got booted from the Calgary Expo yesterday — would like everyone to know that they refuse to see themselves as victims, you know, like feminists.

Indeed, they are so devoted to not seeing themselves as victims that they and their allies at A Voice for Men have put out roughly 4 1/2 hours of videos about their expulsion since yesterday, including three videos that are longer than an hour each. No, really: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (I’m not including the two additional videos by Mundane Matt that AVFM has posted on its site.)

We here at We Hunted the Mammoth would like to respond to these videos with a video of our own:

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That ex-Reed College student who wouldn’t shut up about rape has been arrested for sexual abuse, harassment

True, in happier days

Jeremiah True, birds

Hey, remember that Reed College student who somehow got national attention for being booted from a class discussion section because he wouldn’t shut up about rape? The guy that right-wing news outlets — including The National Review and the New York Post — heralded as a martyr to free speech, even though it was clear to anyone who looked into the story even a little bit that the guy in question was a bit … off?

Well, Katie Baker at Buzzfeed now reports that Mr. True, now an ex-Reed College student, “was arrested on Thursday by the Portland, Oregon police for alleged sex abuse, harassment, and disorderly conduct” after, er, behaving inappropriately at a girls’ rugby game.

As Baker explains,

According to an employee at Rugby Oregon, a youth rugby organization based in Portland, True was arrested for disrupting a high school girls’ rugby practice. He was restrained by a coach who called the police, the employee said.

I wonder if the New York Post will be writing an editorial this time, like they did last time, demanding Congressional hearings and declaring that, well, whatever it was he was doing at the rugby game was a bold act of self-expression.

Rape-joke-loving Honey Badgers booted from #CalgaryExpo; highly ironic Tweets ensue

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not actually what happened.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not why you got booted.

Earlier today, the illustrious Honey Badger Brigade was booted from the Calgary Expo, a major Canadian fan convention devoted to all varieties of geeky pop culture.

The Honey Badgers — a mostly female A Voice for Men spinoff group known for its unlistenable internet “radio” shows — was sent packing after conventioneers complained about their connections to #GamerGate — a nine-month-long orgy of harassment targeting outspoken women in gaming and their supporters — and their alleged disruption of a panel devoted to women in comics.

According to Calgary Expo officials, the group was kicked out for “actively disregarding” the Expo’s efforts to provide “a positive and safe event” for attendees.  Read the rest of this entry

Women are “ruined by 23 in most cases. Especially if they went to college,” Red Pillers agree

This is what Red Pillers actually believe

This is what Red Pillers actually believe

This discussion on the Red Pill Subreddit is possibly the Red-Pilliest Red Pill discussion I’ve ever seen:  Read the rest of this entry

This dude grooving to MIA’s Bad Girls with a tiny kitten on his shoulder is the best dude grooving to MIA’s Bad Girls with a tiny kitten on his shoulder you’ll see all day

Even though I’m a dude, it’s hard for me to hear MIA’s “Bad Girls” without wanting to stop whatever I’m doing and strut.

Apparently I’m not the only dude who’s more into that song than perhaps we, as dudes, have a right to be.

BONUS! Here is another dude who’s really, really into it. Read the rest of this entry


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