Could gun control drastically cut male suicide rates?


Men’s Rights activists like to remind people that men commit suicide far more often than women.

But that’s not because men are many times more miserable than women. In fact, women are far more likely to attempt suicide than men. They simply don’t succeed at it as often as men do.

The reason for this is simple: men tend to choose more lethal methods of suicide than women. And that often means guns. Indeed, most gun deaths in the US are the result of suicide, not murder.

Could we reduce the number of suicides by making guns harder to get hold of? A new study in the American Journal of Public Health suggests the answer is yes.

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Women shopping for groceries secretly run the world, MRA suggests in incomprehensible memes



Apparently the Men’s Rightsers of the world think that they can defeat the forces of feminism by overwhelming them with incomprehensible memes.

I found the puzzling meme above on A Voice for Men’s Facebook page. I think it’s safe to say that it will not be winning any awards for logic.

But AVFM’s meme-makers manage to top themselves in incomprehensibility with this followup meme:

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Red Pill Redditor: Give women sexy tingles by calling them losers

Mean Girls: The Red Pill bible?

Mean Girls: The Red Pill bible?

Forget backhanded compliments and clever “negs.” The best way for Red Pill would-be pickup artists to seduce the ladies with words is to call them “losers.”

At least that’s the claim of one much-upvoted Red Pill Redditor who says he learned this devastating new seduction technique from Mean Girls. Yes, that Mean Girls, from which he learned that “women resonate with this feeling of never being loved or accepted.”

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Men’s Rights Activists still angry that they’re considered a joke, vow to do nothing to change this

Oh, Colorado, you make me sad. Can't you just search for Nickelback lyrics like normal people?

Oh, Colorado, you make me sad. Can’t you just search for Nickelback lyrics like normal people?

So the fellas on the Men’s Rights subreddit are kicking up a shine about a post one of them found on the internet that treats them like the joke that they are.

You see, a blogger on real estate site decided, out of sheer boredom, I imagine, to assemble a list of Each State’s Most Embarrassing Google Searches. 

As you can see from the map above, the searches range from terrible music (for some reason, Maine residents feel a need to track down Nickelback lyrics) to assorted penis-size related concerns.

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Feminism transforms women from useful, reasonably priced coat hangers to railroad spikes, new MGTOW graphic explains


I found this graphic on the Men’s Rights subreddit, linked with the comment “[a]nd here is what I say to feminism.” (It was actually in the thread discussing this brilliant MRA comic.)

I’m sure the women of the world are heartbroken that men who think they are basically the equivalent of inanimate objects have “decided” to remain single.

Also, dudes, would it kill you to proofread your graphics?

MRA comic totally nails feminism and its central demand that men pay for dinner


I sometimes make fun of Men’s Rights activists for their assorted misunderstandings of feminism. But this guy gets it! I’ve never seen the essence of feminism distilled into a comic as ably as this.

It brings back memories of the first time I read Andrea Dworkin’s classic “Intercourse: You’re Not Getting Any Unless You Pay for My Dinner.”

Found on the Men’s Rights subreddit, with 100 upvotes.

H/T — r/againstmensrights



Thank you, again, for all your support!


The somewhat-belated Second Quarter 2015 Pledge Drive for a New Improved We Hunted the Mammoth has come to a close, and once again I am humbled by your generosity.

Your contributions (monetary and otherwise) make it possible for me to not only continue with this blog but to improve it as well. Over the past year, this blog has been reaching more people than ever, regularly racking up more than a million page views a month.

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Breaking News: Girls Really Are Icky and Smelly, According to Man Who Hates Them

Ladies: They Are Stinky, New Study Shows

Ladies: They Are Stinky, New Study Shows

You may have heard that girls are icky and stinky and covered in cooties.

Well; it turns out that IT’S ALL TRUE!

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Dalrock: Men can help women by talking crap about them

Man helping woman

Man helping ungrateful woman

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The good folks at A Voice for Men have long made it clear that, as far at they’re concerned, yelling at feminists (and women in general) on the internet is their activism. Forget building shelters or setting up hotlines for men with the hundreds of thousands of dollars they claim to have raised over the years; talking shit about women is how, in their minds, they help men. 

Now reactionary Manosphere blogger Dalrock has done them one better. As he sees it, talking shit about women is how he and his commenters help women

Recently, a new commenter to his site — a woman — asked him a simple question:

I know this blog is about the destructive and weak behavior of women in their relationships with men. However, I was wondering if you can think of any comparable examples of behavior exhibited by men in their relationships with women.

Dalrock responded by telling her that, as far as he’s concerned, the biggest problem with male behavior is that men are insufficiently critical of women.

Men are failing women terribly by refusing to speak the truth about bad behavior of women.  Calling out bad behavior of women is difficult and feels uncomfortable, and men are taking the easy feel good path.  This hurts the very women men are refusing to speak the truth about.

Oh, and talking shit about women is the best way women can help women as well.

But there is another way that men’s failure here is hurting women.  Not all women are protective of a push to debauch the culture.  While all women (just like all men) face temptation to sin, some women are actively trying to push for better standards of behavior by women.  In a properly functioning society, much if not most of the day to day policing of female behavior is done by women, and this is a biblical role.

So whenever you hear someone ranting about how women are a bunch of dirty whores, just remember: they’re only trying to help!

8Channers are trying to pick up women on Tinder with a famous neo-Nazi slogan. It’s not going well for them.

Hitler demontrating his mastery of Nazi Game.

Hitler demonstrating his mastery of Nazi Game.

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So one Twitter Nazi recently had a bright white idea: Why not try to pick up women on Tinder using the neo-Nazi catechism known as “The Fourteen Words?”


The results so far? Let’s just say they’ve been mixed.

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