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Vox Day: #GamerGate-rs “are the only defenders of freedom and Western civilization who are causing enemy casualties.”

But mom, I'm saving Western Civilization

But mom, I’m saving Western Civilization

Is there some sort of contest out there to see who can sing the praises of GamerGate in the most floridly self-important, over-the-top  and un-self-aware manner possible?

If so, we seem to have a new contender: the racist, woman-hating fantasy author and actual adult human being who goes by the name Vox Day, who may have even out-melodramatized 8chan’s pretentious pontificators in a post on his Vox Popoli blog today.

At this point, #GamerGate is about more than games now. It is a Schwerpunkt in the ongoing cultural war for the West. And the gamers of #GamerGate are the only defenders of freedom and Western civilization who are counterattacking and causing enemy casualties. That is why it is more than important, it is vital to see non-gamers joining the cause rather than sneering from the sidelines.

Because if the pinkshirts haven’t come after you and yours yet, they assuredly will so long as you have not submitted to them.

I know that Vox writes terrible fantasy novels for a living. Does he think he lives in one as well?

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The Top 22 Most Ridiculous Things Said by 8channers About Anita Sarkeesian’s Appearance on the Colbert Report

#GamerGate's worst nightmare come true

#GamerGate’s worst nightmare come true

Last night, as you may have heard, the woman known to #GamerGaters as “Literally Who 2″ pulled off a bit of a media coup, appearing on The Colbert Report for a brief interview by the sympathetic Colbert, who gently satirized some of the sillier “arguments” of the Gaters with a series of deliberatly obtuse questions. You know, his regular schtick.

When Anita Sarkeesian posted the picture above (well, a non-blurry version of it) to Twitter yesterday evening, thus alerting the world to her upcoming appearance on Colbert’s show, it set off a wave of panic and despair on 8chan’s /gg/ board, one of the central organizing hubs of the GamerGate “movement.”

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Reactionary racist woman-hating fantasy author Vox Day has some helpful advice for street harassers on how to harass more effectively

"Buck buck buh-kaw!" is not a compliment.

“Buck buck buh-kaw!” is not a compliment.

So everyone’s favorite reactionary racist woman-hating fantasy author Vox Day has weighed in on that street harassment video that’s been going around. And his comments will shock you.

At least if you’re easily shocked and have never read any of my previous posts about him.

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Angry GamerGaters Telling Brianna Wu to Shut Up and Make Games, Not Realizing That’s Already Her Job

Screenshot from Revolution 60, the game with women in it that Brianna Wu already made

Revolution 60, the game with women in it that Brianna Wu already made, dudes!

When women, in conversations online,  point out the ridiculously tiny percentage of video games that feature women as protagonists, they tend to get flooded with responses from indignant gamebros telling them that if they don’t like the games out there, they should just make their own.

The gamebros mean their comments to be conversation-enders. Just as Vivian James, #GamerGate’s imaginary girlfriend, tells game critics to “shut up and play,” these guys are telling critics of the retrograde gender politics in gaming to “shut up and make games.”

It never occurs to them that some of the women they smugly tell this to … might already be doing this.

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I Hate Lucy: This Redditor doesn’t know it, but he just came up with a great premise for a Red Pill sitcom

I Love Literally Hitler

I Love Literally Hitler

So a new Redditor has wandered into the Red Pill subreddit, that bastion of enlightened male thought, bringing with him a tale of woe:

58  Rant/VentingFeminism Has Destroyed My Family (self.TheRedPill)  submitted 21 hours ago by TiltMyBrain  Wife has been a screeching Hitler for 30 years. Sexless marriage since the wedding reception. Daughter went to college and became a self righteous social justice warrior. Son goes to college and now thinks he is gay. Other son is so disgusted with modern women he refuses to date the pigs.  Time to plan exit strategy pronto. There is no "family" in America.      121 comments

I don’t know about you, but I would totally watch that sitcom.

In the Red Pill subreddit, though, the fellas didn’t see much humor in his situation (and only a select few even suspected a troll).

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Completely Inexplicable #GamerGate Meme of the Day

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

Found on the Twitter. Here.

And a couple bonus pics that aren’t quite as inexplicable, but which are pretty ridiculous. From here and here. #WinningHeartsAndMinds #YesDudesImSureYoureAsBraveAsThatChineseGuyWhoStoodInFrontOfTheTanks

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Presenting Matt “How to Crush A Girl’s Self Esteem” Forney, the new king of #Gamergate!

Hail the king!

Hail the king!

GamerGate provides a rare example of rats climbing aboard a sinking ship.

As the “movement” stews in its own conspiratorial rage, a small army of reactionary misogynists, sensing opportunity, have joined the cause. Sure, right-wingers like Adam Baldwin and Milo Yiannopoulos have long been Gaters, but it’s only in recent days that they’ve been joined by some of the better-known manospherians, from angry lawyer and juice seller Mike Cernovich to the charming Roosh V.

The latest manosphere douchebag to take up the GamerGate cause is the lovely and talented Matt Forney, who has promptly claimed for himself the mantle of GamerGate leader and hero.

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Is the Men’s Rights Movement driven by the rage of the rejected?

Memorial in Marysville

Memorial in Marysville

Was Marysville school shooter Jaylen Fryberg trying to exact revenge on a girl who had rejected him? Various news accounts suggest that Fryberg was reeling from a recent breakup; a number of angry, anguished, and frustratingly enigmatic recent comments on Fryberg’s Twitter account seem to back this up.

So it may be that the shootings on Friday were yet another reworking of an old story.

It’s no secret that many men, for an assortment of reasons, react badly and often violently to romantic and sexual rejection. This can range from self-described “nice guys” of OkCupid sending vicious messages to women who say no all the way to angry men who stalk and harass and sometimes kill ex-wives and girlfriends. Women who leave abusive relationships often suffer greater violence at the hands of exes unwilling to let them go.

I’ve written before of the striking ways that Men’s Rights Activism recapitulates the logic of domestic abuse; it’s no coincidence that so much MRA “activism” consists of harassment of individual women. So the question naturally follows: does the rage that drives so many MRAs come from the same dark place in the psyche as the rage that so many romantically and sexually rejected feel towards their exes? Read the rest of this entry

#GamerGate question of the day: Does Davis Aurini own multiple skulls, or is he moving one skull from room to room?

Oh, why are the Sarkeesian Effect dudes so endlessly hilarious? It almost makes me want to donate to their Patreon.

I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately, but, come on, this one from hbomberguy is pretty good.

Last Thursday, Anita Sarkeesian noted that Twitter had officially verified her account. Here’s what happened next.

Actually I'm not sure if Anita Sarkeesian is Belieber Verified

Actually I’m not sure if Anita Sarkeesian is Belieber Verified

Over on Twitter, a small army of #GamerGaters and their pals have shown up in my mentions to assure me that the only reason Anita Sarkeesian was attacked after offering her opinions about the Marysville shootings was that it was somehow inappropriate for her to discuss the possible causes of the shootings so soon after the shootings, and so, naturally, people were angry at her.


And angry people, I guess, just can’t help but send rape threats and call women c*nts! There’s nothing misogynistic about it at all!

Well, this is an argument, I guess. Too bad it’s not really borne out by the facts.

Because, the thing is, Sarkeesian gets harassed pretty much every time she says anything.

Case in point: Last Thursday, she announced that Twitter had, after much delay, officially “verified” her account.  As you might imagine, she’s had to deal with innumerable malicious impersonators. Now people will have an easy way to confirm it’s really her posting.

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